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BetterCloud Alternatives and Competitors

10 BetterCloud Alternatives & Competitors Worth Considering

Table of Contents

Are you looking for BetterCloud alternatives and competitors to consider during your evaluation phase? We’ve got you covered with alternatives to BetterCloud that you should consider during your buying cycle.

BetterCloud helps companies manager their SaaS. It is an enterprise level SaaS management platform that offers an array of features and functionalities to help companies. Similar platforms such as Productive, Zylo, LeanIX, Zluri and others have established themselves as BetterCloud alternatives. While choosing, businesses must keep certain considerations like benefits, features, price, support, customization, and more in mind.

SaaS management platforms are becoming more and more popular. Let’s take a look at the different SaaS management platforms you might want to consider.

What is BetterCloud

BetterCloud is a SaaS management platform for people in operations, IT and security roles. Procurement managers and finance leaders can also use it. It enables users to operationalize workflows, protect data from a centralized console, and enhance employee experience. Users can set up automated workflows without the need to code by leveraging open APIs.

BetterCloud Use Cases

User management: Gain a detailed view of individual users across all SaaS applications. You can see each profile, membership, take actions like adding or removing from channels, view files that belong to them and do a lot more. 

Security alerts: Triggers alerts to notify users in cases such as new DropBox admins being added or Slack admins have disables their two factor authentication. Users can send a message via Slack to ask admins with disabled two factor authentication system to set it up. Change member roles by surfacing information using the operational insight functionality. 

Key Features

Comprehensive visibility: Offers multiple discovery methods to allow users to identify used and unused applications to improve operational and cost efficiency by removing redundant licenses. Automatically eliminate risky third party apps. 

Easy onboarding: Automate onboarding processes to reduce manual tasks. Create workflows that improve accessibility for new employees to use systems and devices. Provides support for common possible actions to reduce IT dependency. 

Easy offboarding: Automate offboarding processes to secure company data and save time. Automate access revoke processes by leveraging audit logs. 

Security: Automated granular control prevents leakage of sensitive data and scans files to trigger alerts on detecting risky access or exposure. Leverage automation to ensure consistency in security across the environment and automatically revoke unauthorized access.

Easy compliance: Enables IT personnels to prove that security compliance is met. Easily set privileges access and remove access when the limit is met. Monitor for regulatory violations like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

Automate: Leverage no code automation to eliminate time consuming tasks, manual processes and update bulk changes. Use pre-built templates to create workflows using best practices for common policies.


BetterCloud pricing depends on features. Fill out a form on the “request a demo” page to get pricing details. Pricing is expensive.

BetterCloud Reviews


  • Easy to use interface that makes automation simple
  • Custom API detects all apps by ignoring the authorization method
  • Quickly onboard and offboard employees to save time


  • Limited native integrations
  • Understanding feature implementation can take some time
  • Difficult to edit workflows in the workflow editor

List of BetterCloud Alternatives and Competitors

BetterCloud offers an array of functionalities to help companies address these gaps. Similar platforms such as Productive, Zylo, LeanIX and others have established themselves as BetterCloud alternative SaaS management platforms.

  • Tropic
  • Vendr
  • Zylo
  • Torii
  • BetterCloud
  • Spendflo
  • Productiv
  • Zluri
  • Airbase
  • LeanIX

BetterCloud Competitors and Alternatives

Tropic as a BetterCloud Alternative

Overview of Tropic

Tropic is an end to end platform to purchase and manage SaaS products. It is a centralized solution that assists users to make smart buying decisions and automatically approves purchase requests using dynamic and automatic workflows. Software spend control helps users to track utility and saving opportunities. The contract management functionality automatically organizes existing and future contacts. It’s a SaaS procurement platform. Tropic, like Vendr is a BetterCloud alternative, not as much of a direct BetterCloud competitor.

Use Cases

Procurement Process Efficiency: Procurement and contract management processes make it easy to prevent non-system updates and significantly save time. Purchase, renew, and cancel software usage by integration user approval systems.

SaaS Savings: Save on operational budgets by understanding your SaaS usage. Reduce your software library by discontinuing useless subscription software.

Key Features

Search simplification: Gain insight into latest market intelligence on new products, compare hundreds of products using benchmarks, and compare SaaS platforms using Tropic guide. 

Finance management: Manages the complex process of software purchase and renewal, automatically alerts users for software renewal, and continuously monitors for security threats. 

Vendor management: Provides detailed insight into customer requirements and purchase information and provides continuous updates throughout the purchase process.

Contract organizing: Organizes contract information after each deal closes, triggers renewal alerts for contracts, centralizes agreements and ingests for all vendors. 

Assisted purchasing: Surfaces key contract information from scattered sources, manages interactions between all involved parties, and automates buying processes. 

Spend control: Identifies management providers and connects SaaS apps to gain insight into software usage metrics. Provides software utilization data for used apps to identify savings and growth opportunities. 

Tropic Pricing

Tropic’s pricing models are based on annual software spend. Savings estimates are as follows:

Annual software budgetSavings Price, billed annually 
$250k to $1MUp to $200k$3,750 monthly
$1M – $2.5MUp to $500k$5,000 monthly
$2.5M – $5MUp to $1M$7,750 monthly
$5M and aboveGreater than $2M$11,750 monthly

Tropic Reviews


  • Dashboard is easy to use across multiple devices.
  • Comprehensive analytics and reports.
  • Ideal for SaaS management.


  • Too expensive for most startups and small businesses.
  • Customer support is lacking in most scenarios.
  • Frequent changes to the interface makes it difficult to use.

ZyloA BetterCloud Competitor

Overview of Zylo

Zylo is an enterprise SaaS purchase and risk management platform. It combines advanced technology and benchmarks to deliver high value from saas investments. Businesses can check out and monitor more applications, improve purchase efficiency, gain data driven insights to reduce redundant solutions, boost employee productivity and ensure compliance.  Zylo is also a BetterCloud alternative and competitor.

Use Cases

SaaS License Optimization: Manage all the licenses for your entire SaaS stack and rightsize them instantly using automated workflows based on the usage metrics. Compare and classify software to identify redundancies during mergers and acquisitions.

SaaS Compliance: Detects unauthorized apps in your organization and reduces compliance risks instantly. Get a single dashboard with clear visibility of the app usage by team members, department, daily usage, and more.

Key Features

Investment optimization: Suggests actionables to optimize portfolio based on priority. Monitors spend and usage of saas across the environment to increase efficiency and user satisfaction. Triggers workflows to optimize saas licenses based on required parameters. 

Purchase and license management: Offers centralized saas visibility to enable procurement teams to make data driven decisions. Manages saas subscriptions on a large scale using alerts to notify.  

Asset management: Continuously monitors to check out unused software and shadow IT and eliminates redundant licenses. Leverages usage data to streamline intra departmental software chargeback and records every data tied to applications.

Zylo Pricing

Price is based on the features you select. Request a customized quote on the pricing page for details. See Zylo pricing.

Zylo Reviews


  • Simple and easy to use with a dynamic user interface.
  • Tracking upcoming renewals is super easy.
  • Finds and eliminates shadow IT.


  • Limited reporting capabilities.
  • Workflow needs improvement.
  • Lack of powerful integrations.

Torii – A Top BetterCloud Alternative

Overview of Torii

Torii is a cloud based platform that facilitates users to check out software used across the organization, optimize spend, monitor usage, renew subscriptions, and automate workflows of Saas applications. It integrates with a wide range of expense management, collaboration platforms, ERPs, browser extensions and HR systems.  Torri is one of the top BetterCloud competitors and one of the more popular BetterCloud alternatives.

Use Cases

Risk management: Smallpdf wanted to ensure consistent employee productivity by giving them the flexibility to use a technology suitable to enhance efficiency. Strict IT regulations often interrupted this process due to security requirements. They initially used Google sheets to keep track but failed to keep up when employee count surpassed 100. 

Torri used a real time discovery method to uncover thrice as many hidden applications as previously estimated. It used a browser extension to seamlessly gather information without disclosing employee search history, provided a centralized platform to boost visibility, and meet all required compliance. 

Reduced time on saas management: Productboard helps businesses market their products faster. Their workforce relies on saas applications to boost productivity and ensure workflow continuity. They did not actively manage the applications adopted by employees, thus increasing security risk due to the growing number of shadow IT. Lack of automation also hampered their productivity. 

Torri addressed these gaps using 100+ integrations to check out shadow IT and provided deep visibility into user metrics to help them understand risks. They also set up automations to streamline complex workflows to save time and revenue. 

Key Features

App usage optimization: Continuously monitors the environment to detect shadow IT to eliminate user configuration errors and attacks against the cloud. Deep search functionality finds applications with second degree connections and identifies risky apps based on access to sensitive data. 

Onboarding and offboarding: Streamlines employee processes using autopilot to eliminate repeat, manual tasks and improve application accessibility. Shows employee interaction with applications and continuously monitors risky apps. 

Spend optimization: Offers centralized visibility for SaaS expenditure and contract data. Allows users to take action on apps, users, or licenses from a single platform. Combines license cost and user adoption data to measure app ROI. Advanced workflows facilitate quick recovery of wasted licenses and identifies those left by former employees.  It can help with SaaS spend management.

Torii Pricing

Fill out a form in the request a demo page to get pricing details. Pricing is expected to start around $40K a year.

Torii Reviews


  • Quick and easy discoverability of the apps.
  • Monitors and minimizes the application licensing cost.
  • Minimizes onboarding and offboarding time with custom API integration.


  • Workflows are difficult to modify and change.
  • Lack of integrations result in manual effort.
  • Very expensive software.

Vendr – A BetterCloud Alternative

Overview of Vendr

Vendor provides SaaS management services for the complete product purchase lifecycle. It leverages data and user requests to suggest products, uses price benchmarks to empower procurement teams, and provides comprehensive visibility across the SaaS environment.  Vendr is seen as a third party procurement manager of sorts and BetterCloud alternative.

Use Cases

Procurement: Streamline your procurement process by automatically managing your contracts in a central dashboard. Track user, portfolio, and benchmark data and renew contracts with confidence.

Accounting: Track, identify, and eliminate excess SaaS spends across your organization. Reduce costs on unused SaaS and apps in real-time.

Key Features

Centralized SaaS visibility: Empowers purchase process through comprehensive visibility into the tech stack, purchase lifecycle, and transaction data. Surfaces upcoming SaaS renewal, identifies apps with similar functionalities and automates approval alerts. 

Cost optimization: Streamlines purchases by ensuring compliance and correct price benchmarks. Empowers purchase decisions with historical transaction data expert insights. Reduces data noise using centralized view of historical context and supplier contracts.

Security and compliance: Facilitates secure SaaS purchase by ensuring compliance, assessing risks from a centralized platform, identifying irregularities, managing security priorities and maintaining audit log.

Purchase optimization: Provides comprehensive visibility for purchase process, approval process, buying preferences, negotiations. Reduces sales cycles, provides status updates, and helps to create an efficient pipeline.

Vendr Pricing

Vendr Pricing is available on their website.

Vendr Reviews


  • Low procurement costs and increased savings.
  • Strong relationships with all listed SaaS platforms make negotiations easier.
  • Comprehensive records and contacts for almost every SaaS company.


  • SaaS stack cannot be imported to other recording tools, like Excel.
  • Complicated customer contract processes.
  • No clear way to report bugs.

SpendfloA Spend Focused BetterCloud Alternative

Overview of Spendflo

Spendflo is a SaaS procurement, management, and optimization platform. It enables users to purchase, subscribe, renew, and negotiate software spendings using benchmark data and insights from organizations. It streamlines purchase requests, approvals and contracts from a centralized platform.  If you’re the VP of Finance, you may want to consider Spendflow as a BetterCloud alternative but not if you’re in charge or IT or procurement.

Use Cases

Finance: Eliminate paperwork and manage your SaaS spends from a centralized dashboard. Monitor app usage statistics and get detailed reports on how to spend less on unused apps.

Procurement: Manage contract data and cut down on the negotiation time in every procurement cycle. Resize and streamline your existing contracts to optimize your company’s tech stack.

Key Features

Contract management: Offers centralized access to contracts, key data, documents, and more. Provides on time notifications for approval and renewal through slack integration. 

Data visualization: Enables data backed decisions by consolidating procurement, purchase, savings, department wise spendings, pricing and usage in a single platform. 

Team coordination: Allows users to create rule based workflows, facilitates stakeholder collaboration for approval processes and requests approval from a central console across channels. 

Saas visibility: Provides deep visibility into licenses and users to enable data backed spending, role and department based usage, unauthorized expenses, and historical usage data. 

Spendflo Pricing

Annual software budgetSavings Price, billed annually 
$250k – $1MUpto $300k$2,500/m
$1M – $2.5MUpto $750k$4,200/m
$2.5M – $5MUpto $1.5M$8,000/m
$5M and aboveGreater than $2M

Spendflo Reviews


  • Responsive customer support.
  • Offers transparent reporting on all processes.
  • Integrated notifications to improve engagement and conversions.


  • The web app is not easy to use.
  • The Analytics suite is extremely limited.
  • Does not offer multiple tool comparisons.

ProductivA BetterCloud Competitor

Overview of Productiv

Productiv is a SaaS management platform that empowers IT teams to gain operational efficiency and optimize cost by combining usage data, vendor contracts, and organizational data. It centralizes crucial data, facilitates collaboration for enhanced decision making, automated workflows, and secures applications.  Productiv is a BetterCloud alternative and BetterCloud competitor.

Use Cases

Information Operations: CIOs make better decisions by understanding how the team members use SaaS apps.Use the insights to automate, monitor, and control internal costs.

IT Management: Get better visibility into shadow IT and app usage with the help of SSO, CSAB, HRMS, expense, and finance systems integrations.

Key Features

Comprehensive visibility: Combines organizational and employee engagement data to provide deep visibility into app usage, spend, and engagement. Detects new apps in the environment, shows granular details on app usage and analyses data across segments to provide deep insights. 

Spend management: Enables users to view spend by app, vendor, category and employee. Recommends products based on engagement and leverages engagement data, price, benchmarks and system integrations to optimize portfolio planning. 

Smart automation: Offers centralized platform to manage application lifecycle, metadata, policies and more. Automates approval workflows and enables users to manage licenses based on usage and app.

Security evaluation: Identifies shadow IT and provides useful suggestions to eliminate risks. Allows users to manage app status based on compliance and see certifications from a single console. 

Productiv Pricing

Fill out a form in the request a demo page to get pricing details. 

Productiv Reviews


  • Ensures GDPR and CCPA compliance.
  • Offers transparent SaaS spending overviews with contextual insights.
  • Easy to set up and get started.


  • Expensive and only allows third-party automation.
  • Limited list of software connectors.
  • Few tools directly integrate with the dashboard.

Zluri A BetterCloud Competitor

Overview of Zluri

Zluri enables enterprise IT teams to manage, discover, ensure compliance, and optimize Saas products from a centralized console. Users gain deep visibility into their saas environment, eliminate apps with similar functionality, manage licenses and automate onboarding and offboarding processes. Zluri can be seen as either a BetterCloud alternative or BetterCloud competitor.

Use Cases

Procurement: Negotiate Software contracts better with real-time insights on their usage metrics. Save money by managing your app usage and decommission unused apps instantly.

IT & Security Management: Get a central dashboard to manage your entire SaaS usage across the organization. Block or terminate unauthorized app usage right from the dashboard.

Key Features

Employee app store: Control information shown to employees, set roles in the approval process, and allow users to request new apps. Assists employees to make informed decisions, provides real time updates for every process, and automates custom workflows.

Employee process automation: Automates employee onboarding and offboarding processes and provides useful suggestions for new employees with high accuracy. 

App discovery: Enables employees to gain granular details on the app environment, eliminates unauthorized apps, provides deep insights into SaaS usage, and eliminates redundant applications.

Application management: Provides a comprehensive knowledge-base of applications to enhance decision making. Smart calendar helps to manage renewals and easily renew, create approval processes, and access data to negotiate. Provides a single platform for vendor collaboration and management. Usage monitoring facilitates license cost optimization.

Zluri Pricing

Zluri offers three pricing models; Growth, Scale, and Enterprise. The final price depends on the plan selected and the features required. 

Zluri Reviews


  • Workflow is automated.
  • Tracks license usage, vendor contracts, and spending.
  • Offers tool budget tracking by department.


  • No historical spending comparison.
  • Workflow standards are subpar.
  • Expensive and buggy software.

AirbaseAn Alternative of BetterCloud For Spend

Overview of Airbase

Airbase is a cloud based comprehensive spend management platform that helps organizations with three products that offer easy bill payment, employee reimbursement, and corporate card program. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes and can be deployed on the web, android devices, iPhone and iPad.  This is more of a spend management focused BetterCloud alternative.

Use Cases

Budget Optimization: Get real-time visibility, insights, and control into how the team spends its budget across the organization.

Flexible Financial Operations: From a CFO to an Accounting Manager, everyone can use the consolidated dashboard to monitor and manage finances easily.

Key Features

Bill payment: Offers a centralized, comprehensive platform that supports all payment types. Creates bills by scanning invoices using OCR technology, enables vendors to manage payments, and surfaces relevant invoice data to eliminate manual search. Sends timely payments and provides support for international transactions.

Corporate card program: Generates complete audit trail and auto books transactions for payments through virtual cards. Offers granularity to physical cards of in person purchases, allows users to set limits on card spend, and triggers alerts for detected suspicious behavior. 

Employee reimbursement: Automatically scans and fills up expense reports using optical character recognition, routes purchase requests to the appropriate handler, and allows users to block unnecessary expenses. 

Airbase Pricing

Airbase offers 5 packages that include Bill Pay+, Reimbursements+, Essentials, Growth, and Enterprise. Request a quote on the pricing page to get pricing details for each. 

Airbase Reviews


  • Smart amortization and classification features.
  • Tracks tool spends in a single dashboard.
  • Centralizes AP, reimbursements, and credit cards.


  • QuickBooks integration is not great.
  • Limited reporting capabilities make it a bad choice for SaaS management.
  • The web app looks clunky and is difficult to navigate.

LeanIXA BetterCloud Competitor

Overview of LeanIX

LeanIX offers comprehensive visibility into their software infrastructure, provides a single source of truth across departments, helps to eliminates risks, and provides a detailed insight into software landscape of a company as a BetterCloud alternative.

Use Cases

App Portfolio Management: Use built-in integrations to import your entire application portfolio and link application support to business capabilities. Establish relational data by importing raw or already related data directly into your dashboard.

User Experience Optimization: Understand the impact that your software stack has on your customers and offer a better experience. Allows you to get contextual insights by analyzing connections between people, data, and architecture.

Key Features

Enterprise Architecture Management: Allows you to optimize your Enterprise Architecture and increase overall productivity by giving you real-time snapshots of your entire IT stack. Manage your apps, technology risk profile, cloud migrations, and post-merger IT integration from an easy to use dashboard.

SaaS Management Platform: Offers a centralized platform to manage all your SaaS subscriptions. Optimize your SaaS costs and identify where you can save finances on your SaaS subscriptions. Get usage reports to understand if you’re using your software in the most optimal way.

Value Stream Management: Streamline your product documentation and API usage. Set standards for governance and manage your API usage using low code integrations. Quickly identify security vulnerabilities and empower your engineering team.

LeanIX Pricing

Schedule a demo in the home page to get pricing details. 

LeanIX Reviews


  • Easy to use dashboard and low-code custom API.
  • API automatically detects apps and integrations no matter how it is authenticated.
  • Create workflows, automation, and feedback loops easily.


  • Needs better user documentation for their database.
  • The learning curve is quite steep because of the sheer volume of features.
  • Not enough native integrations.

Additional Reading on BetterCloud Alternatives and Competitors

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