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10 Tropic Alternatives and Competitors Worth Considering

Table of Contents

Looking for Tropic alternatives? We’ve researched the top alternatives to Tropic and summarized the best options here. Our brief comparative study on Tropic competitors based on parameters like features, reviews, use cases, and pricing will give you a thorough insight into weighing each of the Tropic alternatives wisely as per your needs. In the below article we will walk you through an in-depth study of Tropic and its alternatives.

What is Tropic

Tropic is a tech enabled SaaS procurement service. Provide your team with benchmark data and manage SaaS providers. Manage any of the SaaS contracts, regardless of size. Save time and money. Tropic helps purchase SaaS products and manage SaaS renewals. Tropic tracks software contracts and collects the necessary data to negotiate with vendors and offer better deals. Tropic acts as a procurement manager by managing all interactions between stakeholders, teammates, and vendors to purchase software and renewals.

Use Cases

Tropic use cases can be applied across different teams of your organization and in turn, they can reap benefits from Tropic’s rich feature set. 

  1. Procurement and Finance teams like the Vice President of Finance, can use Tropic for buying and renewing software. It provides data-driven information that informs the optimal start time for renewal conversation and also guides in making a cost-effective purchase.
  2. Companies can use Tropic to determine if licenses and spending should be increased or decreased based on SaaS utilization. Security and IT teams also maintain compliance by automatically collecting security questionnaires and documentation from Tropic.

Key Features

  1. Supports finding new vendors and optimizing your SaaS stack
  2. Standardizing purchasing and renewal processes 
  3. Organize contracts, extract key data and never miss another renewal
  4. Assisted Purchasing enables end-to-end software procurement services led by our team of experts.
  5. Helps streamline internal approval processes and templatize your workflows
  6. Spend Control by continuous software monitoring 


The pricing varies based on the Annual Software Spend of the organization.

Annual Software SpendPricing
$250k to $1M$3,750 monthly
$1M – $2.5M$5,000 monthly
$2.5M – $5M$7,750 monthly
$5M and above$11,750 monthly

Tropic Reviews


  1. Gives users a deep understanding of SaaS models and contacts with comprehensive reports.
  2. Dashboard is easy to use across multiple devices.
  3. Tropic’s claims of saving money on SaaS and seeing a solid ROI increase are true.


  1. Some users think the interface is simple, while others think it needs serious improvement.
  2. Since pricing is based on annual spend consumption, the minimum spend is one of the criteria needed here even for its base plan.
  3. Frequent confusing changes to the interface and processes.
  4. Tropic is far too expensive for their target demographic of startups and small businesses, requiring a minimum spend of $250,000.
  5. Customer coordination capabilities lack the personal touch needed to secure a contract.
  6. Solutions are limited to being spend-related and some users wish there were more options for correspondence with contacts.

List of Tropic Alternatives and Competitors

There could be many reasons why organizations could actively be looking for Tropic alternatives when looking for SaaS Spend Management Software solutions. And in this list the products that are reasonable, productive, sophisticated, and secure top the list. 

Often the most popular Tropic competitors are noted to be BetterCloud, Vendr, and Torii, but we have a few more added below that are potential, current alternatives to Tropic. Some of the other Tropic competitors that are more focused on SaaS management software are Zluri, one of the most powerful SaaS Management platforms, then we have Zylo which helps organizations optimize their SaaS investments by providing insights around Spend. 

Productiv software which is again a comprehensive SaaS management platform is designed for enterprises to have the data they need to ensure compliance and security for their products. Let’s dive into the details of each one of them and others.


Vendr can buy and renew your SaaS applications and theoretically get a lower price by negotiating. It’s a SaaS procurement service that can help you cut costs and save money if you’re overpaying for software. Vendr provides data-driven insights based on thousands of transactions to get clearer pricing. Vendr helps to automate approvals whether they require approval from legal, financial, or security stakeholders. Pricing is based on annual spending consumption, there is a prerequisite of having a minimum spending amount even for its base plan.

G2 Track

G2 Track is a simple and secure SaaS spend management platform that helps IT, Finance, and Procurement teams right-size the SaaS stack and associated licenses, contracts, and spend so organizations can sustainably grow and strengthen their ability to thrive. G2 Track lets you manage software costs, contracts, account usage, and compliance.  


Zylo is full-featured asset management software designed for businesses and start-ups. Zylo offers an end-to-end solution for Windows. This online asset management system provides vendor management, license management, shadow IT detection, contract/license management, and subscription management in one place.


Torii is a SaaS management solutions built to streamline control and understand industry SaaS usage and costs from a single hub. It supports vendor management, compliance management, and spend management, and provides users with performance metrics and access control.


BetterCloud is a SaaS management platform that discovers, manages, and protects SaaS applications. Gain visibility into unsanctioned apps (shadow IT) and protect your business from malicious threats.


Spendflo provides visibility, control, and optimization of enterprise SaaS spending. It offers a centralized SaaS purchase function for handling customer negotiations and renewals. The platform enables tracking of SaaS spending and usage across the enterprise.


Productiv analyzes more than 50 dimensions of software engagement in actual time. This allows IT, leaders to visualize, rationalize, and maximize their SaaS software portfolio in a manner that benefits their budget, and their business. Productiv software engagement analytics are added to shape the cloud, require no setup to your enterprise, and offer actionable insights from day one. 


Zluri is a platform used for SaaS management for enterprise needs. The software gives works in real-time and screens contracts/renewals with an approval system to maximize ROI. It integrates with Intercom, Slack, Zapier, and more. Mid size companies use Zluri.


Airbase is changing the way small businesses think about spending money. It’s a spend management platform that integrates automated accounts payable, corporate card programs, and refunds.


LeanIX is software for enterprise architects. LeanIX provides a collaborative enterprise architecture designed for modern IT. From agile to multi-cloud and beyond, architecture teams using LeanIX have the opportunity to strategically support their business and dramatically accelerate their time to value. There are specifications for APIs, customizations, mobile support, mobile apps, and more. LeanIX works on desktop and mobile platforms.

Tropic Competitors and Alternatives

Vendr – The #1 Tropic Alternative

Given the similarities of Vendr as the top alternative to Tropic, we have a dedicated breakdown comparing Vendr vs Tropic.

What is Zylo

Overview of Zylo

Zylo is a SaaS management solution designed to help businesses manage their entire SaaS footprint, including licensing, renewals, and usage. Zylo combines technology with benchmarks and expertise to ensure you get the most value from your SaaS investment. By syncing with business intelligence, software asset management, and other systems, Zylo gives SaaS context for a total cost of ownership or spending trend analysis.

Use Cases

Zylo customer – MOZ

Example 1: 

  1. Zylo enables  the MOZ team to identify duplicate and redundant applications and help reduce spending to potentially support a new headcount. 
  2. With Zylo, it was possible to evaluate SaaS spending, negotiate discounted pricing and also analyze Moz’s spending on the entire range of Google applications and services, and in total find a significant cost.
  3. Helped speed up turnaround for technology integration with acquired teams.

Key Features

  1. Audit Management and contract/license management
  2. Cost Tracking and inventory management
  3. License Management and license tracking
  4. Procurement, subscription, and supplier management
  5. Renewal Management
  6. Shadow IT Detection
  7. Spend Management
  8. Usage Tracking/Analytics


Zylo pricing.

Zylo Reviews


  1. Email reminders for subscription renewals
  2. Functionality to track critical data for each software, such as contract terms and license number


  1. Reliant on integrations – only the SaaS that can be integrated can be tracked. 
  2. Only identifies ad hoc SaaS activity – it does not prevent it
  3. Does not integrate the purchasing of SaaS
  4. Heavy reliance on usage getting derived from Okta. Thus softwares not compatible with Okta can not be easily tracked.

What is Torii

Overview of Torii

Torii is a SaaS management solution built to streamline control and understand industry SaaS usage and costs from a single hub. It supports vendor management, compliance management, and spend management, and provides users with performance metrics and access control. Torii provides a detailed view of your software licenses and technology stack from vast data resources that update in real-time. Torii software helps industries take back control of their IT business, manage IT-related activities, processes and systems more effectively, lower unnecessary expenses, and improve compliance and security of their SaaS stack. 

Use Cases

Torii can be used by different types of teams in your organization, some of the use cases are as follows

  1. Torii can be used by IT teams by saving time and reducing risk by having visibility into what cloud applications they’re using, uncovering all applications, including Shadow IT, and also gaining control to ensure security and help us meet requirements for GDPR and ISO audits.
  2. Helps Finance teams in finding cost savings hiding in plain sight, comparing application usage and optimizing licenses, offboarding under-utilized apps, etc.

Key Features

  1. Provides complete visibility into your SaaS applications in one place.
  2. Helps you see how different applications are being used and to whom licenses are assigned, giving you a more detailed view of your applications.
  3. Provide a self-service portal.
  4. Enable audit management, node management, cost management, and SLA management. access control
  5. Enable sending and receiving notifications
  6. Torii’s cost analysis report helps you identify your most expensive software investments.


Torii has not published its pricing, it offers custom pricing but it quite expensive. It is focused on larger organizations.

Toirii Reviews


  1. Has responsive customer support
  2. It offers seamless integration with all major tools to allow tracking of spending and license management
  3. Easy-to-use interface and easy to set up


  1. Some screens in the software are not fully optimized for mobile view
  2. Little expensive 
  3. Issues with softwares integration connectivity, especially when 2FA is involved.
  4. At times the software hangs
  5. The software is a bit clunky on onboarding
  6. Does not integrate with all SaaS tools
  7. No way to bulk edit users

What is BetterCloud

Overview of BetterCloud

BetterCloud is a SaaS Management Platform (SMP) that permits IT, experts, to discover, manage, and stable their cloud applications. With BetterCloud, customers can check out safety threats & boom controls, and proactively mitigate safety dangers thru computerized granular coverage enforcement, monitoring, and remediation with configurable alerts, key-word search, and content material scanning to increase visibility & make data-pushed decisions. 

Use Cases

  1. Enables IT teams to automate onboarding and offboarding processes and trigger other one-off automation that makes their team’s job easier. 
  2. Helps manage Google apps for your business domains by setting different permission levels within the tool.

Key Features

  1. Provides API integrations that provide terrific visibility, control, and automation.  
  2. Construct granular granular rules to cope with important protection threats, without disrupting private workflows. 
  3. Offers an action engine that helps boom the productivity of corporations who resource a couple of SaaS package deals by making it easy to govern ordinary updates, make bulk changes, and expedite remediation of protection threats.  
  4. Delivers contextual alerts that maintain your understanding of impactful private sports activities and incidents.


Pricing is quotation based. But the estimated cost can range from a starting price of $3/user/month to $10/user/month. The pricing may vary based on the feature-specific package/plan opted by the customer. The subscription is billed annually

BetterCloud Reviews


  1. Automated and bulk administration tools that allow admins to spend less time managing tasks efficiently and give more time to work on important new things.
  2. Drive reporting allows for content-based scanning of G Suite Google Drive to empower admins.
  3. Easy to use – even for those with limited computer proficiency


  1. The interface can be quite cluttered depending on what you want to do. 
  2. Written documentation for workflows and API is a little tough to follow.
  3. The software is a bit clunky, and often lags or fails

What is Spendflo

Overview of Spendflo

Spendflo is a SaaS spending and procurement platform that gives high-growth companies visibility, control, and optimization of their SaaS spending. You become the customer’s centralized SaaS purchasing operation, negotiating and renewing. Spendflo can purchase and renew SaaS on your behalf. Increase vendor visibility, automate procurement, and reduce spending on tools. Their solution automates most SaaS procurement requests, approvals, and renewals with real-time visibility into current batches, costs, and savings.

Use Cases

Spendflo can be used by Finance and procurement teams to help centralize their contracts and visualize expenses, it helps develop a purchase roadmap based on the organization’s needs to curb excess spending. It enables optimizing budgets, faster approvals, compliance, and support. Helps IT and security teams to keep track of all requests, purchases, and renewals, and manage all contracts and licenses from a centralized platform.

Key Features

  1. Spendflo finds new products to meet your business needs.
  2. Manage all contracts, offers, and licenses from your SaaS providers in one place.
  3. Helps save time on all purchases and renewals on Spendflo.
  4. Adjust spending based on active usage trends.
  5. Provides insight and visualization for data-driven purchasing decisions. Track approvals quickly with a simple workflow.


Annual SaaS SpendPricing
$250k to $1M$2,500/month (Billed Annually)
$1M – $2.5M$4,200/month (Billed Annually)
$2.5M – $5M$8,000/month (Billed Annually)
$5M and abovePricing available on request

Spendflo pricing varies based on the annual SaaS spend of the organization. Spendflo allows you to book a free savings analysis which is a good benefit for companies for decision-making in their purchase journey.

Spendflo Reviews


  1. Good and responsive customer support
  2. Proactive notification of upcoming renewals


  1. Require improvements in analytical abilities
  2. Heavy service component

What is Productiv

Overview of Productiv

Productiv is a SaaS control platform that allows you to simplify, plan, secure, and get the maximum ROI from your SaaS portfolio. It’s a bit different and not a one to one competitor when compared to other Tropic alternatives.

Use Cases

Reduced SaaS Costs

HashiCorp wanted to find a way to control SaaS costs and maximize business value. They used Productiv to analyze application and feature usage.

Example: They added a time limit to determine if an employee hasn’t used the app for a period of 90 days. This visibility and upcoming renewals feature capabilities were very important to IT teams. This helped them have data-driven conversations with both finance and vendors to negotiate the right level of licensing and SaaS spending.

Key Features

  1. Real-time insight into Miro usage at the user or team level with HR data
  2. A user-based analysis of logins/views, Milo boards, projects, and templates
  3. Optimized license management


Productiv offers two plans as follows:

EssentialsFree for everyone
EnterprisePrice available on request. Offers demo.

Productiv Reviews


  1. Easy to use and intuitive interface 
  2. Ability to customize usage criteria


  1. Only a limited number of connectors are available
  2. Not able to configure email sends on the platform

What is Zluri

Overview of Zluri

Zluri is a SaaS operations management platform for IT teams. IT teams can discover, manage, secure, and comply with multiple SaaS applications from a single dashboard. Zluri helps uncover shadow IT, proactively monitor and manage SaaS spending, and automate end-to-end application update management. Zluri is data-driven and helps IT teams simplify, plan, secure, and get the most out of their SaaS app portfolio. Zluri is less of a procurement as a service platform when compared to the other Tropic alternatives.

Use Cases

Cost savings through identification of under-utilized SaaS tools: With Zluri organizations can identify under-utilized SaaS tools at a user level leading to immediate subscription savings. Managers can also keep track of the usage of softwares by mapping critical SaaS tools using analytics.

Key Features

  1. Offers smart application discovery
  2. Easy renewal monitoring
  3. Application cost optimization: Monitor, measure and control application spend 
  4. Vendor Management: Pre-built database of popular vendor apps
  5. Application utilization data: Deep-dive application usage analysis
  6. Real-time insights and reports


Zluri offers three plans as follows:

Features includedComplete SaaS discovery
Unlimited App Integrations
Unlimited financial Integrations
Complete user and app management
All financial transactions
Basic Reports and more.*
Complete license management
Complete vendor and renewal management
Cost optimization insights
Budgeting & chargebacks
Advanced Reports and more.*
Workflow Automation
Employee App Store
Security and Compliance
Dedicated account manager
Audit logs
Custom Reports and more.*
PricingPrice on request Price on requestPrice on request
*Detailed feature list is available on Zluri’s website.

Zluri Reviews


  1. Provides renewal alerts and the visibility of your SaaS stack
  2. Simple and intuitive navigation
  3. Top-notch customer support


  1. Has a couple of bugs. UI can sometimes be buggy. 
  2. The software can be a little fiddly to get the integrations set up and working properly.
  3. Quite an amount of effort is needed for the initial setup

What is Airbase

Overview of Airbase

Less of a one to one, Tropic alternative, Airbase is an expense management platform that combines bill payment, corporate card issuance, expense approval, employee reimbursement, and more. Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android devices. The platform integrates with Quickbooks Online, Xero, Sage Intacct, and Oracle NetSuite. Airbase allows managers to customize employee spending management based on expense policies. Controls can be set by department, spending threshold, or spending category. 

Use Cases

The solution can be used by CEOs/CFOs, Vice Presidents of Finance, Controllers, Controllers, and other company employees. To improve accuracy and save time, Airbase uses accounting automation that covers the entire transaction lifecycle from start to finish. It also can be used to make for maintaining compliance and security. Airbase provides an audit trail into every transaction and approval for physical cards which are unique features to ensure overall compliance.

Key Features

  1. Automated approval workflows
  2. Automatic GL sync
  3. Real-time reporting
  4. Notifications via the web, email, mobile app, and Slack
  5. Mobile app
  6. Full audit trail of supporting documents


Airbase offers three plans. The plans are priced based on tiers. The plans vary based on features included and organization suitability. The plans are as follows:

PricingFreePrice on request – Quotation-basedPrice on request – Quotation-based
Best suited forVC-funded companies, 10+ employees Small to mid-market companies.Typically 50 – 300 employees.Pre-IPO and beyond.Typically 300 – 5,000 employees.

Airbase Reviews


  1. Supports creating virtual cards for each specific vendor.
  2. Super user-friendly
  3. Requires minimum to no training 
  4. Great customer support and service


  1. No mobile app
  2. Does not manage the entire purchase cycle
  3. Expensive annual fee
  4. The expense reimbursement feature is not available
  5. Lack of integration with budgeting.

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