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Top Gong Competitors and Alternatives For 2024

Table of Contents

Gong competitors are numerous and varied. Depending on your needs, Gong or one of its alternatives may be a better fit. Sales management, inside sales teams, marketing, and product can take advantage of the insights provided by Gong. Depending on your needs and budget, one of the Gong competitors below may be a better fit

What is Gong?, or Gong, as this article will refer to it, is an artificial intelligence-based platform that analyzes communication with customers to provide unnoticed business opportunities, sales coaching, insights, and more. While that might sound quite complicated, Gong makes it simple and easy to understand through its platform. The company takes incoming and outgoing communication and provides deals, market insights, and team information. 

All of this is part of Gong’s conversationally intelligent platform. For those unfamiliar, conversational intelligence takes subtle clues and information from conversations and provides insights. Gong does what a talented sales leader will, but with hundreds of thousands of data points at a time, using AI to determine critical opportunities. It’s impossible for modern sales management to join all their sales teams calls. With Gong, not only do you record everything, you obtain insights previously not possible. This can lead to more deals closed, happier customers, and a better customer experience.

For a deeper dive on what is Gong, we’ve got you covered.

Gong Overview

Gong Features

Although Gong is an all-in-one platform, a few critical solutions take full advantage of Gong’s features. These include:

  • Sales 
  • Customer Success
  • Marketing
  • Coaching
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Deal Execution

Each solution connects into the one-use Gong service, taking all available CRM data and crafting quick, on-the-spot responses to help with at least one solution. Every action can be quickly automated and optimized, letting the reactions from your customers take immediate precedence over anything else while not sacrificing other pieces of work.

Gong utilizes its AI-powered services to view insights towards significant actions, forecast behavior, increase efficiency and quality of representatives, ramp new hires, and more. Again, Gong’s systems’ fundamental headlining aspect isn’t necessarily the wide variety of services, but rather the one’s adaptability to nearly any situation.

Gong Integrations

As such, Gong is heavily integrated within most major CRM and information platforms, including:

  1. Google Workspace
  2. HubSpot CRM
  3. Salesforce
  4. Slack
  5. Zoom
  6. Microsoft Teams, Office, and Outlook
  7. And over 100 other platforms.

Gong Pricing 

Gong’s pricing is entirely customized. The company’s prices aren’t public or easily accessible, and each potential client receives special pricing. Nonetheless, many users on major social media platforms have researched and concluded at $5,000 upfront and $1,200 per user/year.

That, however, is the minimum figure, with some estimates reporting upwards of $2 to $3 thousand per user per year, for up to $300/month/user, atop a $5,000 fee just for accessing the company’s platform.

UPDATE – for confirmed: Gong Pricing

Gong Reviews

Past Gong’s prohibitive price tag, people have no other complaints: review sites give the platform a 4.7/5, 9.3/10, 5/5, 4.7/5, and the company itself has a 4.6/5 on Glassdoor. Overall, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive and a great sign that Gong’s products can outdo its high cost.

Top Gong Competitors

Below are the a list of the top Gong competitors and alternatives to consider. When considering if one of the Gong competitors below is a fit, it’s important to consider your specific needs and budget. Integrations are critical.

The #1 Gong Competitor – Chorus

What is Chorus?

A direct competitor to Gong, operates an incredibly similar platform, utilizing AI capabilities and CRM results to create new and optimized recommendations. While Gong focuses primarily on the minute-to-minute operations, Chorus moves further into the long-term, results-based approach to CRM and overall statistics.

Additionally, Chorus offers many products, from call recording to team performance measurements. Yet again, the company takes a much broader approach to the concepts brought forward by Gong, making it one of the top Gong competitors.

Chorus Overview

Chorus Features

While that might seem confusing, Chorus’ features and services aren’t. The company’s most significant product is its namesake “#1 Conversation Intelligence Platform,” in addition to quite a few other services and products. In all, Chorus offers:

  • Call Recording,
  • AI for Revenue Teams,
  • Onboarding and Skill Development,
  • Momentum,
  • Measure Team Performance
  • Market Intelligence,
  • Mobile,
  • Roles and Permissions,
  • And other Integrations

Chorus Integrations

Although the list of integrations is shorter than Gong’s, Chorus still boasts heavy integration with some of the most popular platforms. The list includes Fuze, G Suite, Gmail, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Salesforce, Slack, Zoom, Zoom Phone, ZoomInfo, and more. 

Chorus Pricing

Like Gong, Chorus’ pricing is primarily a case-by-case decision. To access your specific pricing, the company requires information about your company and an email to send a potential contract. However, in a situation like Gong, users online have determined the general pricing range between $100 and $200 per user per month. Additionally, there is a base cost in the field of a few thousand, although there’s an essential factor to know.

Chorus charges exclusively for active users engaged in meeting recording/analytical software. The company allows other company members or business members to utilize the recordings, conclusions, or data points for no additional cost. However, a subscription is required to gain those data points.

We do have Chorus Pricing as part of the ZoomInfo pricing package.

Chorus Reviews 

Chorus is reviewed well, especially for its recording and saving capabilities. The platform has a 4.5/5, 8.9/10, 4.7/5, 4.6/5, and many more high-leveled ratings from online sources. Most sources seem to have a consensus view that Chorus is a great option, especially for its ease of access and ease-of-use with a detailed platform.

Gong vs

For a full breakdown, check out this article on Gong vs Chorus.

A More Affordable Gong Alternative – Wingman

What is Wingman?

(Wingman was purchased by Clari in 2022)

Although like most platforms on this list, Wingman takes things a little differently. Instead of focusing on automation and convertible programs, Wingman prioritizes live sales representatives through what they call “actionable intelligence.” While most services automate the process, sending out customized offers and negotiables in response to CRM data, Wingman instead informs live humans at a business.

Additionally, the company prioritizes ease-of-access and availability, automatically transcribing and informing staff of any critical pieces of information. Likewise, Wingman focuses primarily on tapes and recordings, with later actionable points revealed to whoever needs them.

Wingman Mobile Overview

Wingman Features

Six features cap off Wingman’s platform:

  1. Call Recording Software
  2. Real-Time Sales Coaching Software
  3. Sales Performance Analysis
  4. Game Tapes
  5. Deal Central
  6. Battle Cards

These are heavily integrated within Wingman’s services, allowing for automated transcription and relaying of important data throughout whatever necessary programs. After a call, for example, is transcribed, it’s forwarded to a sales rep with real-time coaching recommendations and critical points for optimization. Wingman provides instant feedback with suggestions to keep a customer interacting at their best during live conversations.

Wingman Integrations

Like many other options on this list, Wingman is decently varied with its integration capabilities. However, it is still home to a few significant integrations: Google Apps, Microsoft Apps, Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoom, Slack, and more.

Wingman Pricing

Fitting with our title of “a more affordable Gong alternative,” Wingman offers fixed pricing for most of its users. Additionally, it’s at a fraction of Gong or Chorus’ pricing, leading to a much more budget-conscious solution to conversational intelligence. With a fixed rate at a fraction of the cost that other competitors include plans, Wingman is one of the best alternatives to Gong, especially from a budget standpoint. Their plans include:

Max # of UsersUp to 10UnlimitedUnlimited
Automated NotetakingYesYesYes
Coaching as a ServiceNoNoYes
Customer Service ManagerNoNoYes

Wingman Reviews 

Wingman hosts many great reviews, quoting its “unbeatable value for money,” “extremely complete platform,” and superb usability. The platform boasts a 4.6/5, 4.5/5, 9/10, and other great reviews online. Chorus and Wingman are top Gong competitors.

New Gong Competitors

As the revenue intelligence space becomes fully mainstream, more platforms will be popping up. Below are a list of new Gong competitors and alternatives.

Up and Coming Alternative to Gong – PickleAI

What is PickleAI?


While other services offer a widespread, encompassing approach to conversational intelligence, Pickle has just one focus – Zoom. Keeping as such, the company focuses primarily on an AI platform, interpreting and producing transcriptions of Zoom conversations for assistance in productivity and performance “before, during, and after with each conversation.”

Pickle takes the raw data produced during a Zoom conversation and analyses it during and after, completing automated suggestions for improvements in conversing to boost sales, conversions, deals, and more.  

PickleAI Features

The company focuses primarily on Zoom; its most outstanding feature is the built-in connection and streaming off Zoom. Using this ability, Pickle allows companies to tag specific areas of a conversation as it happens, time-stamp notes, automatically organize to-dos, build an everyday workflow, and give on-the-fly recommendations for improving a conversation.

Pickle boasts heavy integration with Zoom, allowing for dozens of unique conversation-centric add-ons like their smart notes and PowerSearch, which provides the ability to search virtually anything in a conversation and have it appear transcribed, and noted. The company’s most significant advantage is its quick thinking and inability to actively interrupt a discussion with bothersome notes.

PickleAI Integrations

Unfortunately, heavy integration with Zoom means that only Zoom and Google Calendar are available as integrations. Pickle does have plans to bring Zapier to the platform, although that’s currently listed as “Coming Soon.”

PickleAI Pricing

Like Wingman, Pickle pricing offers a monthly cost per “seat,” although in a much less defined manner. The company provides two unique offerings, split between Spear and Pickle Jar, with Enterprise pricing. The company’s offerings include:

SpearPickle Jar
Pricing$80/month/user ($68/month annually)Enterprise pricing
Conversation TemplatesYesYes
Enhanced NotesYesYes
Cross-team CollaborationNoYes
Available Listen-Only LicensesNoYes
PickleAI pricing

PickleAI Reviews 

While Pickle is almost exclusively locked to Zoom, that doesn’t stop the positive reviews from flowing in. Online, the company boasts four 5-star reviews and a 4.9 star out of the first five website reviews. While Pickle’s AI services aren’t the most popular yet, the reviews so far praise its interconnectivity with Zoom and quick integration capabilities. It will be interesting to see if PickleAI can breakthrough and become one of the top Gong competitors.

Gong Competitors You Haven’t Heard Of – Jiminny 

What is Jiminny?

Jiminny is a recent entry to the conversational intelligence market, bringing “the easiest way to build smarter sales teams.” Not quite one of the top Gong competitors yet. The company focuses heavily on detailed insights and analytics within a minimalist package, “accelerating your team’s learning and conversations.” There is a significant focus on immediate visuals and quick interpretation to make conversations immediately understandable.

While Jiminny isn’t nearly as well-known as Gong and some of its other competitors, the company boasts some superb solutions built to analyze an entire CRM history within just a few minutes. Intelligent transcription and recognition top off Jiminny’s entry as a startup intelligence platform.

Jiminny Overview

Jiminny Features

Four features headline Jiminny’s abilities, including:

  1. Call Recording and Analytics
  2. Conversation Intelligence
  3. Deal Insights and Visibility
  4. Measure and Grow

Call recording and analytics is Jiminny’s proprietary recording and analysis program, integrating within a company’s tech stack to automatically review and interpret conversations for insights into potential deals and opportunities. Conversation intelligence analyzes the recorded data for important events, utilizing voice recognition and sales performance data to create customized insights in a colorful outline.

Deal insights and visibility utilizes both recording, analytics, and intelligence to provide visibility and opportunities for deals. Additionally, Jiminny uses its analysis programs to ensure that arrangements are what they need to be. The company boasts an adapting program to track improvements and areas of potential improvement for sales reps to build human talent alongside its programs.

Jiminny Integrations

Jiminny boasts 26 integrations, with stalwarts like Cisco, Office, Google Workspace, Zoom, Salesforce, HubSpot, and more. Additionally, Jiminny is constantly adding new integrations, with an area to request additional integration capabilities.

Jiminny Pricing

Jiminny offers one tier to their services: Pro. Pro serves as a complete collection of the company’s products, and the only other pricing option is Enterprise. There are only two differences between the two subscriptions: the pricing per user and the ability for custom integrations. Excluding those two additions, the Enterprise subscription is the same. Both tiers include these features:

  • Pricing | $100/month/user, $85/month/user annually
  • Call Recording
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Exports
  • AI-Based Transcription
  • Custom Tracking and Insights
  • Video Conferencing and CRM Integration

Jiminny Reviews

Online, Jiminny holds 4.7/5 stars, 9.7/10, 4.5/5, 4/5, 4.8/5, and 5/5 off the front page of results. Most comments focus positively on the company’s practical meeting tools, coaching platform, and robustness to progress using the same communication methods and ideas already established. Not all Gong competitors are household names as Gong and Chorus do an excellent job of marketing themselves which is why you should some of the lesser known names.

A Gong Alternative for Coaching – ExecVision

What is ExecVision?

ExecVision prioritizes coaching. The coaching is automated, helping to provide robust insights to improve sales representatives’ overall quality and work standards. Compared to other services that give and act from insights, ExecVision focuses on building quality reps to catch the small details themselves which is how it differentiates itself as one of the coaching focus Gong competitors.

Additionally, the company offers conversation intelligence alongside coaching, utilizing the program’s small details during normal conversation to improve representatives’ decisions and abilities. Overall, ExecVision is primarily a coaching platform with conversation intelligence as a building method for employees.

ExecVision Features

The company boasts three services: conversation intelligence, coaching, and conversation libraries. ExecVision’s conversation intelligence works through intelligent alerts and performance dashboards, analyzing conversations and providing actionable advice quickly and near-instantaneously.

ExecVision’s coaching creates customized coaching plans with built-in annotation integration. Using results and missed opportunities, the company builds projects with recommended actions, used to help improve sales reps’ skills and abilities when put on the spot with a customer.

Using these recommendations, ExecVision constructs a conversation library containing the data and examples needed to train and onboard new employees, build specific skills, and manage campaigns.

ExecVision Integrations

ExecVision boasts over 50 integrations, from Amazon Web Services and Box to Cisco, Fuze, Google Drive, and Microsoft Teams. Virtually every central platform is available for integration, and as for the ones not listed, they’re easily accessible through ExecVision’s integration with some of the major cloud services providers.

ExecVision Pricing

Like Gong, ExecVision offers no insight into their pricing structure or per-service cost. Instead, estimates are yet again provided by the internet, which has a rough consensus of $1,250 as a starting cost. Furthermore, while it’s not guaranteed, ExecVision prices likely sit between $100 and $300 per month, per user, with different prices depending on the company size and what services are wanted.

ExecVision Reviews

With an emphasis on user-friendliness and ease-to-understand, ExecVision has received multiple ratings of 4.4/5 stars and 4.3/5 stars. Additionally, customers point out ExecVision’s ability for quick comprehension and the addition of notes on an active conversation for later view.

Complete Gong Competitors –

What is

Although is a diversified platform, most people know its RingDNA Dialer software, allowing greater incoming call volume with automated intelligent conversations and insights. Nonetheless, also boasts multiple conversation platforms, onboarding software, prospect abilities, and more. Everything from automated sales engagement to sale cycle optimization is available through’s platform. Overview Features has four categories as its top features:

  1. RingDNA
  2. Moments
  3. Conversation AI
  4. Guided Selling
  5. CallerDNA

RingDNA is primarily a sales engagement platform and Salesloft alternative, allowing for quick conversational captures and processing, explicitly constructed for optimization and time-saving. Additionally, RingDNA is a rapid onboarding platform, allowing for onboarding within just a few minutes.

Next is Moments, which uses artificial intelligence to build responses to common objections and provide sales representatives with quick answers to any complaints or issues during conversations. After being utilized, the software remembers it and reminds reps whenever needed.

Conversation AI is’s real-time and post-processed intelligence platform, analyzing responses and conversation quality to provide actionable insights. While that’s like Gong and many others on this list, Conversation AI was explicitly listed as the most robust current offering and third strongest strategy as part of Forrester’s Conversation Intelligence Wave.

The fourth is Guided Selling, which guides representatives to the highest-likelihood revenue possibilities. Guided Selling provides recommendations for the most likely and profitable options out of all the actionable situations, atop being a quick training tool with its automated system.

Lastly is CallerDNA, which tracks returns on investment, inbound calls, and marketing data for optimized recommendations and automatic captures. CallerDNA integrates directly with external platforms and’s software, allowing quick and accurate intelligence. Integrations focuses primarily on its Salesforce integration. Pricing’s five services are split into four unique pricing categories. Each one contains a different combination of the service, although unfortunately at an undisclosed price. Like other options, keeps its pricing under wraps, with the only possible way to learn through a “Get Pricing” button. Nonetheless, here are the four services:

RingDNA + MomentsYesYesYesYes
Conversation AINoYesNoYes
Guided SellingNoNoYesYes
Primary FocusSales ProductivityConversation IntelligenceSales Playbook ExecutionRevenue Acceleration pricing Reviews 

With thousands of reviews, is likely the most popular option on this list. Moreover, the company boasts one of the most substantial overall ratings, with several 4.7/5 stars, 8.6/10, 4.4/5, and other high ratings. Most positive reviews quote’s easy-to-use software, call management systems, and powerful tools, even when previously limited by a few design choices.

Another Gong Alternative – Invoca

What is Invoca?

Invoca is an active conversation intelligence software utilizing six unique services for a heavily integrated, end-to-end platform. The company provides marketing, sales, customer experience, eCommerce, and pay-per-call uses.

Invoca offers more than a few services designed to build around its Signal AI program and combined conversation intelligence platform. With a focus on engagement and scalability, Invoca moves for a minimalist approach to a complicated offering like conversation intelligence and CRM interactions.

Invoca Overview

Invoca Features

The company offers six significant services: Attribution, Media Optimization, Multi-Location and Franchise, Automated Quality Assurance, Agent Coaching and Collaboration, and Lost Sales Recovery. Invoca’s main product is Attribution, attaching visibility with major campaigns for improved attribution and performance.

Media optimization moves further, utilizing attribution results to create automated campaigns to keep reps working on connecting to customers. Invoca uses media optimization to decrease campaign costs, increase conversions, and prevent unnecessary expenses and waste, using your campaign and CRM results.

Multi-location and franchise are Invoca’s solution for local and international companies alike, providing a heavily integrated platform for overall results. Additionally, this widespread nature allows Invoca to push customer experience solutions, boosting market insights and competition knowledge.

Lastly, in eCommerce and Pay-Per-Call, the company uses insights from past data to improve conversion and value from stores and calls by eliminating past issues using Invoca’s artificial intelligence platform for optimizations.

Invoca Integrations

Invoca’s integrations primarily focus on marketing and social users, with featured additions like Google Analytics, Facebook, and Slack. Nonetheless, the company boasts over 50 integrations, although many are additional connections within companies like Salesforce, Microsoft, or Adobe.

Invoca Pricing

Invoca’s pricing starts at $1,000 as a flat rate, with the plans’ monthly costs starting around $100-$200. Again, Invoca is another company that doesn’t provide any information on its pricing or charges. Instead of relying on a “Talk to Sales” button, which includes additional information on the costs involved.

Nonetheless, the company oddly provides the features and abilities within each of its subscription tiers, which include Pro, Enterprise, and Elite:

Recording and ClassificationYesYesYes
Data CaptureStandardCustomDynamically Driven
Commenting and TaggingYesYesYes
Invoca Pricing

Invoca Reviews 

Alongside Glassdoor company reviews of 4.7 stars, Invoca also boasts 8.4/10, 4.5/5, 4.8/5, and more outstanding results. However, there was a noticeable drop on other sites regarding company practices, with a 3.8/5, although most customers praised Invoca’s AI capabilities, “fun to use,” intuitiveness, and more. 

All-in-One Competitor to Gong – Salesken

What is Salesken?

A so-called “GPS for sales success,” Salesken is an artificial intelligence platform designed around assisting sales representatives in improving their skills and conversational talent. The company boasts “lead scoring insights,” “real-time sales coaching for salespeople,” “conversational analytics,” and “automated playbook execution.”

Unlike other platforms that prioritize optimizing conversations as they go, Salesken sets up individually powered guides to build the optimal conversation before it even starts. That’s accomplished through the company’s artificial intelligence platform and rich experience in customer intent and effectiveness.

Salesken Overview

Salesken Features

Salesken focuses on four featured things for its platform: intent, objections, needs, and context. Its platform qualifies leads from inferred meaning, provides cues for real-time protests, creates an outline for each customer using stated requirements, and captures every conversation to provide context and greater engagement.

Salesken is a heavily optimized platform, relying on one service for all its abilities. This AI-powered platform performs all the company’s audience-based actions, integrated heavily into whatever medium you use. Additionally, the company’s analysis works across:

  1. Phone Calls,
  2. Emails,
  3. Web Conferences,
  4. And Chats.

Salesken Integrations

While not in a solid list, Salesken features a shortlist of integrations, including some options like Skype, Zoho, RingCentral, Pipedrive, and BlueJeans. There’s a noticeable gap in the larger companies such as Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, and more. However, customers don’t seem to be too affected by this decision compared to the rest of Salesken’s abilities.

Salesken Pricing

Unfortunately, Salesken’s pricing is entirely unknown. The company doesn’t offer any information about plans or costs, including when it comes to tiers. Although many believe it runs off the standard price/month/user, there is no data on what the platform costs, with a base fee. Still, there’s no information on any of those, although Salesken’s service is likely available under one base plan.

Salesken Reviews 

As foreshadowed, even with a lack of heavy integration towards external platforms and a lack of pricing information, Salesken manages to boast some high ratings. Reviewers have given the platform a 9.1/10, 5/5, and 4.9/5. 

While there aren’t nearly as many reviews as for other platforms, Salesken still boasts several hundred across multiple platforms, all completed by customers who love the company’s inclusive AI conversation intelligence, features, and heavily compact service.

A Gong Competitor for Call Centers – Cresta

What is Cresta?

Cresta is primarily a call-center support platform, improving live performance through live prompts. The company uses conversation intelligence, as do most others on this list, although live, resulting in much higher efficiency and conversational effectiveness.

While alternative solutions might teach following or in advance to events, Cresta takes the live approach, commanding quality responses within just a few seconds. Cresta pops in with recommendations and reasoning to increase performance and convert sales when it comes to problematic scenarios or issues on a call.

Cresta Overview

Cresta Features

Cresta is divided into three categories:

  1. ChatBots 
  2. Chat 
  3. And Voice.

ChatBots are as they sound – bots designed by Cresta to suit your company, specifically, and provide potentially deal-making service. They’re much more advanced than many on the market, although they focus on building a connection before letting a representative take over.

Next are Chat and Voice, offering similar services. Both provide instant recommendations and live feedback to better communicate with customers and push conversions. While they differ in the method of communication, they’re both heavily influenced by Cresta’s platform to increase revenue, improve customer relations, reduce churn, and automate many aspects of work.

Additionally, Cresta offers coaching and quality assurance programs, taking advantage of their platform to record responses to recommendations and utilize that information for later situations. All this is packed into Cresta’s one-stop conversational insight and analytics panel, which quickly integrates with a CRM, knowledge base, chat and voice platform, and contact center.

Cresta Integrations

While Cresta doesn’t reveal its specific integrations, sources online list seven major integration platforms: Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, Twilio, Genesys Cloud, Five9, Genesys DX, and Amazon Connect. Fortunately, these seven connect to many other platforms, and Cresta’s heavy integration alongside other services makes the overall experience much more open and less limited in comparison.

Cresta Pricing

Although Cresta is yet another company that provides no information on pricing or the contracts necessary to use its services, there is good news in the form of no setup fee. While other significant platforms like Gong have a thousands-volume setup fee, Cresta doesn’t have one.

While that doesn’t affect the rest of its services’ costs, it does mean that talent planning to utilize its platform won’t have to include a few thousand dollars extra in their budgeting.

Cresta Reviews 

Not necessarily the best reviewed, Cresta boasts a 4/5, 4.6/5, 4.2/5, and 7/10 on multiple platforms. However, that shouldn’t be too much of a concern, as even the worst reviews still give Cresta’s control of quality AI services and expert, realistic responses in live conversational situations. 

Another Gong Alternative – Avoma

What is Avoma?

Avoma is the “#1 meeting lifecycle assistant,” managing automated agendas, recording, transcription, note-taking, AI-generated topics, intelligent analytics, and more. Avoma serves as an all-in-one alternative to Gong, although focusing on transparency and cohesion.

All the company’s services are accessible through one central dashboard, everything easily accessible and easily contained within a well-designed environment. Avoma has taken extra care to ensure that everything you need and will ever need is incredibly managed and expertly packaged within one set area.

Avoma Overview

Avoma Features

Avoma’s features revolve around one another, providing one combined experience. In all, the company offers four significant services with their sub-products:

  • Meeting Management
    • Shared Templates
    • Collaborative Notes
    • AI-Generated Comments
    • Augmented Notes
  • Meeting Assistant
    • Auto Recording
    • Real-Time Transcription
    • Voice/Speaker Identification
    • AI-Powered Topic and Keyword Detection
  • Meeting Collaboration
    • Transcript Search
    • Comments and Suggestions
  • Meeting Intelligence
    • Activity Dashboard
    • Interaction Intelligence
    • Topic Intelligence
    • Competitor Intelligence
    • Deal Intelligence

While more than a few products are listed above, they’re all incredibly well-managed and packed. Avoma has taken extra care to ensure that all its products are heavily integrated, working for a great overall experience tied together by central services and a dashboard to rule them all.

Avoma Integrations

Additionally, Avoma offers 21 integrations, heavily augmented by hard-hitting names, including Google Meet, GoToMeeting, HubSpot, Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, Salesforce, Zoom, and more. Each integration has its own explained connection, and Avoma does a great job of explaining how its services work with individual products.

Avoma Pricing

Fortunately, however, Avoma is also one of the most budget-conscious options and the only free tier. Divided into said Free tier alongside a Starter, Plus, Premium, and Business tier, Avoma’s prices top out at $90/month/user, excluding 6-month and yearly subscription discounts. The company’s decks go as follows:

Collaborative NotesYesYesYesYesYes
Call ListeningYesYesYesYesYes
Transcription10 meetings/month40 meetings/monthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Recording35 mins/meet60 mins/meet90 mins/meet2 hours/meet4 hours/meet
Max Licenses110UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
AI AssistanceYesYesYesYesYes
Conversational IntelligenceNoNoNoYesYes
Revenue IntelligenceNoNoNoNoYes
Avovma Pricing

Avoma Reviews 

In a surprise to few, Avoma also boasts excellent reviews. In collaboration with ideas of great meeting recordings, screen recordings, AI-powered reads, and recommendations, reviews sit at 4.7/5 stars, 5/5, 4/5, and 3.7/5 on Glassdoor. Excluding the Glassdoor review, Avoma sits as one of the highest reviews on this list, praised for all the above and its ability to be used free.

Cloud Phone System Alternative to Gong – JustCall

What is JustCall?

JustCall is a cloud phone system primarily for sales and support teams, offering similar, “real-time AI-powered call insights.” Like its competitors, JustCall transcribes conversations and gives recommendations, although additionally serving as the platform to communicate from. 

While other platforms rely on a third-party/CRM to take information from, JustCall handles every part of the conversation, from start to end. Additionally, the company operates as a standard cloud phone system, allowing for a two-prong approach to the idea of an AI-powered analytics and operations platform.

JustCall Overview

How it Compares to Gong

JustCall is incredibly like Gong, although also entirely different. They both operate primarily as real-time, AI-powered communications assistants and training devices, although JustCall takes the approach further by taking care of the conversational part.

They’re both very well-received, although for very different reasons. Gong is well-known and received for its high-quality integrated and intelligent platform, while JustCall is known for its budgetary kindness and ability to serve as an end-to-end phone system. Additionally, while Gong is primarily a conversation intelligence platform, JustCall serves primarily as a cloud phone system that happens to have AI-powered conversation intelligence.

As such, it’s not too easy to compare the two – Gong is an intelligent conversational analytics platform first and foremost. At the same time, JustCall is primarily an affordable cloud phone system that also handles many similar functions. Even the prices tell a different story. While Gong costs upwards of $10,000 in its first year, JustCall starts at just $300. 

Gong Alternatives as a Feature or Integration


Salesloft is one of the top sales engagmeent platforms. To get more information on Salesloft, check out our article here comparing Salesloft vs Outreach.

What is Salesloft?

Salesloft is a sales engagement platform heavily engaged in sales automation, quick dialing and texting, opportunity forecasts, conversation coaching, and analytics and reporting data. The company focuses on four packages, built around generating leads, managing closing opportunities, providing excellent post-sale customer service, and the rest of the process.

Like Gong, Salesloft provides analytics-based solutions to complicated sales scenarios, although as a backup to its primary goal to provide a single platform for every service a revenue team needs. In Salesloft’s words, they want to provide everything required to “execute digital selling tasks, find deal-specific insights, get the coaching needed, and keep customers engaged – all from a single place.”

Salesloft Overview

How Does the Conversational Intelligence Compare?

According to many online, Gong has the better overall experience – out of ten points, up against each other, the companies recorded scores of (with the respective winner):

  • Call Recording | 9.6 vs 9.1 | Gong 
  • Machine Learning | 8.8 vs. 8.6 | Gong 
  • Call Analysis | 9.1 vs. 8.7 | Gong
  • Lead Qualification | 8.6 vs. 8.6 | Salesloft

Gong had a run-away success for training, agent performance management, and feedback, excluding a 0.3 loss in speech-to-text, which could prove helpful to specific customers. Salesloft is primarily a revenue team product, underperforming against Gong in many key conversation intelligence areas.

Outreach – Not One Of Gong Competitors

What is Outreach?

Outreach is a prospect management platform built around improving sales execution, deal risk management, and predictability. The company has many products dedicated to sales engagement and deal management, alongside building revenue operations within Outreach’s services.

Primarily, the company is also an outreach/revenue team product. While there is integration with analytics and conversational tools, Outreach is still an execution guide at its core. This means that those looking for quality sales platforms will likely enjoy Outreach, while conversation intelligence players might be less inclined to use the company’s services.

Outreach Overview

Outreach Integrations

However, in terms of integrations, Outreach is incredible. While the company offers an impressive list of overall integrations, you can also use their services in juncture with some of the conversation intelligence platforms listed on this list. These platforms include:

  • Chorus
  • ExecVision
  • Avoma
  • Tribyl
  • Jiminny
  • And Wingman

It’s important to note that while Outreach doesn’t per se offer its own analytical/AI-powered platforms, it has connections and integrations with many companies that take care of the processing and analytical power necessary. Outreach will handle the connections and conversations, and these platforms will provide tips and recommendations, alongside analyzing the data to provide better overall additions to your communications.

Cheap Gong Alternatives

None of the Gong alternatives below are direct Gong competitors. They have some overlap in what they can do if you can’t afford to Gong or wouldn’t get enough value out of the product.


Firefly is a Gong alternative, coming in at just $29/month/user at its most significant price. While it offers many of the services available with Gong, there are some fundamental changes. The first and most important is that Fireflies is a transcription and search service. Compared to analytical/conversational ideas, Fireflies exclusively takes recorded footage, transcribes it, and lets you search it.

There are no recommendations for future options, no additional information, and deal building. However, it’s an incredible price for transcription and search features often locked behind several hundred or several thousand-dollar gaps.


Grain is another Gong alternative, offering the ability to record, clip, and share footage from a Zoom call in real-time. Yet again, it serves as an alternative to a critical Gong service, although not in an entirely similar method.

Grain comes with a free tier (like Fireflies), with a top price of $45/month/user, letting teams take Zoom footage and craft conversational memories around it. Like Fireflies, there isn’t any analytical advantage or anything like that, although Grain does serve as a budget way to record and transcribe Zoom calls for future analysis.


As explained earlier, Avoma is a primary alternative, although also in another category. Avoma is primarily a collaborative tool, focusing on bringing together creative aspects around conversations. While Avoma does come with some conversation intelligence tools, which are incredibly helpful, the company primarily offers tools that allow teams to work together in a conversation.

The secondary is conversation intelligence, taking the collaborative work and providing some backup information and future goals from it. Compared to Gong, Avoma is much more limited in its thinking, although it fulfills more than it set out to do.


MeetRecord is much more of a traditional Gong alternative, collecting meeting information and libraries to then be analyzed and used to close deals, help coach, and provide a way to search transcribed calls for ease down the road quickly.

MeetRecord’s top pricing comes in at $39/month/user, with a $15/month/user base. Primarily focusing on recording and transcription of video meetings, the company also dabbled in collaborative work and performance analytics. As the subscription scales, it grows in abilities and serves as a full Gong-alternative with revenue, deal, CRM, and dialer intelligence.

Zoom IQ – The Newest Gong Competitor

The massively popular has launched a Gong competitor called Zoom IQ for sales teams. With many salespeople already using Zoom, adding the Zoom IQ option for AI call analysis could be a game changer. Unfortunately, it’s too early to know how good this product will be. It is a definite competitor to Gong because it already fits within a user’s workflow.

Gong Competitors Ranked

Although not a precise art, this part of the article will attempt to rank the competitors to Gong based on their overall usefulness and how close they get to the company’s services as a full on replacement. This won’t be in full detail, but rather a list which you can use in combination with the above descriptions to see how they compare to Gong, specifically. And so, here’s the ranking of Gong competitors:

  1. Chorus
  2. Wingman
  4. PickleAI
  5. ExecVision
  6. Avoma
  7. Salesloft
  8. Invoca
  9. Jiminny
  10. Salesken
  11. Cresta
  12. JustCall
  13. Outreach

Remember that this list corresponds to the details in their respective portions. Additionally, it’s important to note that this is by no means a complete list or an accurate ranking. These are opinions based on the research done before writing, and you should always do your research. Nonetheless, these were our top Gong competitors and alternatives.

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