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Seismic Competitors: The Best Alternatives: Highspot, Showpad, & ClearSlide

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This article explores Seismic competitors such as Highspot, Showpad, and ClearSlide. Advancements in sales and marketing technology create vast opportunities for businesses in all industries. But failing to adopt the latest digital tools can cause your business to quickly fall behind, missing out on vital leads and sales opportunities. 

From your contact management system (CMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) platform to document organization and communication tools, the modern business relies on several systems at once. A sales and marketing enablement platform is needed to bring all of your solutions together and create harmony among the teams in your organization working for a common goal. 

If you search for sales enablement tools, you will run across some of the major players in the market, including Seismic. These platforms include tools for content management, automation, content delivery, training, communication, and more. Using a platform like Seismic or one of the top Seismic competitors, you can streamline your sales and marketing efforts, stay on top of the latest digital trends, and boost your close rates.  

What Is Seismic – A Sales and Marketing Enablement Platform

Seismic claims to be the industry leader for sales enablement, offering a comprehensive platform with both sales and marketing tools. The company was started in 2010 and has expanded to include more than 900 employees worldwide in the last 11 years. As of 2018, Seismic positively impacted more than 22 million sales interactions across the globe. More than 600 companies use Seismic, including big names like IBM, Cisco, and American Express. 

Seismic Overview

Seismic Integrations

The only way to make the most of your existing sales and marketing solutions with Seismic is through quality integrations. If your current tools already integrate with Seismic, you can expect a smoother transition and less friction when it comes to adopting the solution. However, if your existing products are not integrated with Seismic, you may have to adopt new technologies or purchase additional systems. The following lists include the major existing integrations with Seismic. 

Seismic and CRM Integrations

  1. Microsoft Dynamics
  2. Oracle CRM On Demand
  3. Oracle Sibel 
  4. Salesforce
  5. Satuit Technologies 
  6. Sugar CRM 

Seismic and Marketing Automation Integrations 

  1. Adobe Marketing Cloud
  2. Salesforce
  3. Marketo 
  4. Oracle Marketing Cloud 

Seismic and Email Integrations

  1. Gmail 
  2. Outlook 
  3. Proofpoint

Additional integrations are available for content repositories, Microsoft Office Suite, Google, sales readiness, and third-party data sources. 

Seismic Pricing

Seismic is not quick to provide starting prices or additional pricing information. A total economic impact study for a US-based company with 1000 sales employees was released in 2016, providing a glimpse into Seismic pricing. The organization paid almost $700,000 in implementation costs and more than $1 million in annual licensing costs. 

Other reports include price ranges between $384 and $780 per user per year. Contracts are available on an annual basis, and there are additional administration and setup costs to consider. 

Seismic Seat Minimums

Seismic does not provide information on seat minimums for their contracts. However, they do cater to small, medium, and enterprise businesses. 

Seismic Features

Seismic offers solutions for sales teams, sales enablement, and marketing teams. Solutions from Seismic were designed with enterprise businesses in mind, helping large organizations overcome specific challenges. New tools are released every month to continually grow and enhance the solution. 

The analytics suite within Seismic is powered by AI, delivering insights in real-time and helping content reach higher engagement levels. Seismic also offers a one-month onboarding experience to get an organization up and running quickly. Onboarding includes a comprehensive success plan with KPIs and a monthly status report to check on current goals.  

Alternatives to Seismic 

While Seismic may be one of the most well-known sales enablement platforms on the market, it is certainly not the only option and there are three main Seismic competitors. Seismic was created for enterprise businesses, which means their solution may not be as conducive for small and medium-sized businesses. High pricing, limited integrations, and costly setups can also be barriers for entry, encouraging companies to search for Seismic competition. 

Top Seismic Competitors 

You know you need a sales enablement solution, but you are not sure Seismic is the right choice for your business. If you are searching for alternatives, check out the top Seismic competitors that offer sales and marketing enablement tools designed to help you streamline your processes and close more deals. 

Among the Seismic competition, there are three standouts that offer comparable solutions. ClearSlide, Highspot, and Showpad are sales enablement platforms worth looking into when researching the best option for your team. 

ClearSlide: A Seismic Competitor 

ClearSlide offers a sales engagement platform to organize content, integrate communications, and provide real-time analytics. Services from ClearSlide are cloud-based and similar to sales engagement and enablement tools from Seismic. The company was founded in 2009 and has been named a Leader by the Aragon Research Globe for Sales Enablement Platforms four times, including 2020. Big-name ClearSlide clients include Yelp, Refinery29, and Starwood Hotels. ClearSlide is part of the Corel Corporation, acquired by the organization in 2017.

ClearSlide Overview

ClearSlide Integrations 

ClearSlide integrates with multiple sales and marketing tools. Their ClearSlide for Salesforce integration pushes data between platforms quickly and smoothly. It is also the leading app on the Salesforce AppExchange when it comes to communication, guided selling, engagement insights, and content. The following features are available with ClearSlide for Salesforce:

  • Dashboard for engagement and insights
  • Enabled guided selling
  • Targeting tools
  • Engagement tools for easy communication 
  • Data capture within meetings 

Additional out-of-the-box integrations for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Slack, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and Gong. These integrations include bi-directional data sync and cloud content management. ClearSlide can be integrated with any content management system through their upload API. 

ClearSlide Pricing

ClearSlide offers plans and pricing for individuals and businesses. Individuals can utilize the Pro plan, which allows for up to 10 viewers in meetings, email engagement tools, and an integrated content library. Businesses can take advantage of the ClearSlide Group or Enterprise plans to meet their needs. ClearSlide does not provide upfront pricing information for corporate plans on their website without booking a demo. Individual ClearSlide plans start at $35 per month per user. 

ClearSlide Seat Minimums 

ClearSlide offers an individual plan, however this does not preclude the software from setting seat minimums. The Pro ClearSlide plan has a seat minimum of 10 and starts at $35 per user per month. Pricing can be discounted based on the terms of your agreement, and longer contracts or more users can result in lower prices per seat per month. Upfront yearly agreements typically cost less per month than month-to-month or quarterly invoicing.

ClearSlide Features

The Content Hub from ClearSlide provides organizations with a cloud content library for sales and marketing. Users can store and track materials including:

  • Marketing collateral
  • Sales content
  • Customer-facing materials 

Content can be created or recommended for specific stages of the sales process, and permissions can be set to limit access to sensitive or in-progress documents. 

Web conferencing from ClearSlide enables users to host meetings with prospects and customers online via a virtual meeting room. Sales reps can search for content within the platform during the meeting, without interrupting their conference. Meetings are tracked, so reps can recap important details and share insights with their team. 

The guided selling tool from ClearSlide is a rules-based engine that recommends content. Through integrations with Salesforce, Outlook, and Gmail, reps can find content within the right context, sharing the right messages at the right time. 

Seismic vs. ClearSlide

PricingUnavailableStarts at $35/user/month
Content ManagementYesYes
Content DistributionYesYes
Online MeetingsNoYes
Salesforce IntegrationYesYes
Microsoft IntegrationYesYes

Highspot: One Of The Top Seismic Competitors

Another popular Seismic competitor is Highspot. Highspot claims to be the top sales enablement platform in the world, enhancing the performance of customer-facing teams and organizations. Solutions from Highspot include marketing content storage and organization, sales enablement metrics, and virtual training within the platform. Started in 2012, Highspot employs more than 500 people around the world. In 2020, Highspot was listed among the fastest-growing companies in North America by Deloitte. 

Highspot Overview

Highspot Integrations 

Like Seismic and ClearSlide, Highspot integrates with many sales and marketing tools and platforms. There are more than 70 integrations currently available from Highspot, including platforms for CRM, email and workflow, file storage, and sales training. Some of the integrations available with Highspot include:

Highspot Pricing

Pricing information is not readily available from Highspot without a demo. However, some reports put pricing at an average of $600 per user per year. Highspot only allows for yearly contracts and charges additional setup fees in some circumstances. As a subscription service, pricing for Highspot will vary based on the number of users and the total length of the contract. 

Highspot Seat Minimums 

Highspot requires at least 50 users, a considerable seat minimum compared to other sales and marketing enablement platforms. The required minimum number of users may vary by pricing tier or contract.

Highspot Features

As a sales enablement platform, Highspot provides solutions for content management, guided sales, sales training, and customer engagement. Content management tools from Highspot are powered by AI to make searching and tagging content easy and quick, including semantic searches and transcriptions. 

With guided selling, Highspot puts marketing and sales content into perspective. Sales reps are guided through a play to follow through the sales process with confidence. Sales plays can integrate with email, social, and CRM platforms and can be used on mobile devices. 

Training capabilities are part of the core Highspot platform. Using a company’s content and training materials, Highspot creates formal training courses for sales reps. Smaller, informal guidance or learning opportunities can also be created as part of a sales workflow. 

Highspot vs. Seismic

PricingUnavailableAverage of $600/user/year
Content ManagementYesYes
Content DistributionYesYes
Online MeetingsNoNo
Salesforce IntegrationYesYes
Microsoft IntegrationYesYes

Showpad: Another Top Seismic Alternative

Rounding out the top Seismic competitors is Showpad. The company promotes themselves as the most complete platform for sales enablement, including tools for content, training, and engagement. Showpad focuses on improving the buyer experience in order to meet expectations and increase the success rate of sales teams. Showpad was started in 2011 in Belgium and opened a US office in 2013. Large Showpad users include Xerox, GE, Looker, and Sitecore. 

Showpad Overview

Showpad Integrations

Showpad integrates with CRM, marketing automation, and other sales solutions. Integrations are also available for Outlook and Gmail to share content via email and track interactions. As an open platform, users can integrate Showpad with their preferred solutions through API and SDK. Top integrations available for Showpad include:

  • Salesforce
  • Marketo
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • SAP C4C

Showpad Pricing

Like most software solutions, Showpad is not forthcoming with pricing without a demo. Showpad offers two pricing options: Showpad Content Pricing and Showpad Coach Pricing. For Showpad Content, essential, plus, and ultimate packages are available. For Showpad Coach, essential and plus packages are available. Companies can select the pricing tier or package that includes the features, storage, and reporting capabilities necessary for their business. On average, Showpad runs about $420 per user per year. Contracts are available on an annual basis. 

Showpad Seat Minimums

Seat minimums for Showpad depend on the pricing tier and package chosen. Exact seat minimum information is not available without scheduling a demo or selecting a package. 

Showpad Features

Content management solutions from Showpad tailor the sales process to fit the expectations and wants of the customer. Materials can be centralized and easily distributed among a team. With available integrations, companies can automatically sync content among their various platforms. 

Showpad Coach enables onboarding and training for salespeople. Tools are available to train reps, monitor their progress, provide opportunities for practice, and scale a sales team quickly. From recorded sales presentations to guided playbooks, Showpad refines the sales experience to positively impact the customer experience. 

With analytics from Showpad, companies can determine which content and materials make the greatest impact on revenue. Sales cycles can be shortened and prospect insights provides sales reps with valuable information. Analytics also help sales leadership use top seller behavior to train and coach their team. 

Showpad vs. Seismic 

PricingUnavailable/Contact sales or Contact UsAverage of $420/user/year
Content ManagementYesYes
Content DistributionYesNo
Online MeetingsNoNo
Salesforce IntegrationYesYes
Microsoft IntegrationYesYes

A Review Of Seismic Competitors

There are several options for sales and marketing enablement solutions on the market today. The best solution depends on the unique needs of a business. While Seismic is one of the leading sales engagement platforms available, it is not the only option. Companies can review the pricing, features, and integrations from Seismic, ClearSlide, Highspot, and Showpad to determine which platform meets their needs. 

Seismic Competitors Ranked

  1. Highspot
  2. Showpad
  3. ClearSlide

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