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Sendoso Competitors and Alternatives

Sendoso Competitors and Alternatives

Table of Contents

If you’re looking for a breakdown of Sendoso competitors and alternatives, we’ve got you covered.

When it comes to sales, nothing is more important than building relationships. Customers have countless options when they make B2B and B2C purchases, and a personal connection could be the deciding factor. For this reason, many digital platforms have been developed to help sales teams stand out. 

Sales platforms are designed to streamline prospecting, facilitate relationship building activities, and track key sales metrics. Sendoso is one of the leading corporate gifting platforms, supporting B2B sales teams. Keep reading to learn more about Sendoso, including Sendoso alternatives. 

What is Sendoso?

Sendoso is a gift sending platform that enables sales teams to send direct mail, gifts, emails, gift cards, and more. The platform combines tools for direct mail, marketing automation, and email marketing to help improve prospecting and drive revenue. Sendoso boasts big names on their client rosters, including Comcast, eBay, and Nasdaq. 

Sendoso Features

Sendoso is a very popular gifting platform because it combines a lot of features into one product. The Sendoso platform is very robust, but their top features are listed below. 

Address ConfirmationRecipients can confirm or update their address before gifts are sent.
Dashboards & AnalyticsTrack items sent, received, and redeemed. Measure campaign performance and ROI. 
eGiftsSend digital gifts and gift cards via email. 
International SendingReach global prospects and customers with global warehouses and international address confirmation. 
Sendoso DirectChoose gifts from a network of local small businesses and customize gifts with branding.
Sourcing, Storage & ShippingSendoso warehouse experts and gift curators source, store, and package items.
SwagStoreBuild a custom store with branded gifts for prospects, customers, and employees.
Virtual ExperiencesGift online or in-person experiences. 

Sendoso Integrations

Sendoso integrates with dozens of other tools and platforms, so sales teams can work seamlessly across all their solutions. Top Sendoso integrations include:

Sendoso Pricing

Sendoso offers four pricing options: Essential, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise. Pricing is not available on the Sendoso website, and you must request a demo to receive custom pricing information. View Sendoso Pricing.

Sendoso Reviews

Reviews for Sendoso are largely positive. Users cite how easy the platform is to use, including out of the box and with customizations. Users note that gifts are easy to send and there is a good variety of gifts available. Chief complaints include the total cost of Sendoso and limited seats for users. 

Top Sendoso Competitors

As one of the top gifting platforms for sales teams, Sendoso has its fair share of competitors. Software and platforms for sales teams are numerous because each team requires unique solutions that align with their workflow, clients, and goals. You can find a few well-known Sendoso competitors on the market today as well as a few niche Sendoso alternatives. 

The #1 Sendoso Competitor (tied) – Alyce

The top Sendoso Competitor on the market is Alyce, another B2B gifting platform. Like Sendoso, this solution is designed to help salespeople make connections, better prospect, and grow sales. Alyce is built around the importance of personalization in the sales process, using gifts and direct mail to help organizations stand out from the crowd. 

What is Alyce?

Alyce is a Sendoso alternative, offering a gifting and direct mail platform for sales and marketing teams. Alyce enables users to book meetings, send invitations, mail personalized gifts, and more. Both Alyce and Sendoso are ABM tactile marketing solutions that offer comprehensive gift sending options. Alyce customers include Salesloft and Lenovo. 

Alyce Features

Alyce offers a robust platform, making it a suitable Sendoso alternative. The features and capabilities are on par with Sendoso, and some features may be more enticing for users than Sendoso. Top Alyce features are described below. 

AI-Powered Highly personalized gifts, invitations, direct mailers, and more through. 
Personal GiftsTactile gifts, swag, and kits for recipients.
Direct MailCreate and track direct mail campaigns. 
#5to9AI suggestions for gifting based on prospect’s interests.
Power of ChoiceAllow recipients to exchange gifts or donate them to charity.
AnalyticsTrack campaigns and ROI through your funnel. 

Alyce Integrations

Like Sendoso, Alyce integrates with big-name sales and marketing tools. These integrations enable sales teams to streamline their processes and continue utilizing the tools they rely on every day. Alyce offers fewer integrations than Sendoso, but most sales teams will find what they need. Top Alyce integrations include:

Alyce Pricing

Alyce offers four pricing ties: Essentials, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise. Alyce does not display pricing on their website, and prospects must request a demo to receive personalized pricing. While many features are available with the lowest pricing tier, users must be on the Growth tier to access the most popular Alyce features. 

Alyce Reviews

Alyce has extremely positive reviews with very few complaints from users. Alyce users appreciate the capability to book meetings and use the platform as a first touch to break the ice. Users also enjoy the variety of gifts available and the ability track gifts and manage campaigns. Complaints largely center on missing or desired features, such as sending multiple gifts at once or better search features for gifts. 

A Sendoso Alternative – 

Another Sendoso competitor is calls their platform an offline marketing automation solution, designed to personalize and automate gifting and direct mail. is well-known but not quite as popular as Sendoso or Alyce. The company is based in San Luis Obispo, California and has won multiple G2 awards for growth and customer satisfaction. 

What is is another Sendoso competitor that offers a gifting platform for sales teams to boost prospecting and sales. The platform has capabilities for personalization, automation, and scaling direct mail campaigns. Branded swag and personalized gifts are also available. While Sendoso relies on rich features and Alyce offers AI-powered features, focuses on automation and ease of use. Features has a variety of features designed to make corporate gifting easy and boost prospecting. Some top features from are described below. 

Direct MailAutomate direct mail campaigns.
eGiftingSend electronic cards, gifts, and donations instantly. 
Corporate SwagDesign company swag and manage a swag store.
BudgetingTrack and manage spending for gifts and events in one place.
Address ConfirmationVerify addresses and capture addresses for your contacts. 
Concierge ServiceAccess help to source, design, and store custom items. 
Virtual EventsGift, host, or manage virtual events or hybrid events. Integrations

Like Alyce, is a Sendoso alternative that offers key integrations. While their integrations list is not as robust as Sendoso’s, it covers the bases for most sales teams. Top integrations for include: Pricing does not provide pricing on their website. You must request a quote for personalized pricing information. does offer unlimited seats, sends, and events for all users. Users can also access the full marketplace with more than 500 vendors and retailers. Users can request their personal favorite vendor or a local retailer as well. Reviews has fewer online reviews than Sendoso and Alyce, but it has largely positive reviews. Users appreciate the ability to source quality items from local businesses and request additional items for the marketplace. Users cite the fast onboarding experience and the ease of use as benefits of the platform. Complaints include a lack of international items and bugs related to integrations.  

Another Top Sendoso Competitor (tied for #1) – Reachdesk 

There is no shortage of gifting platforms available for sales teams today. Sending a physical or virtual gift helps break the ice and allows the salesperson to get their foot in the door. Gifting platforms are excellent for prospecting because they facilitate conversations that may have been difficult otherwise. For this reason, there are many Sendoso competitors on the market, including Reachdesk. 

What is Reachdesk?

Reachdesk is a direct mail and gifting platform and another Sendoso alternative. The platform enables users to conduct data-driven gifting to increase their sales and boost their prospecting. Reachdesk focuses on the data behind gifting and the analytics of ROI and campaign performance. Sales teams do not have to guess when it comes to which gifts to send and when. Reachdesk also offers global gifting for scalable strategies. 

Reachdesk Features

Reachdesk calls itself a global gifting platform with a goal of building connections. The platform offers a variety of features that are common for prospecting gifting solutions. Top features for Reachdesk are described below. 

InsightsAccess analytics for performance, ROI, spend, etc.
Address ConfirmationEnsure gifts make it to your recipient. 
MarketplaceChoose from a variety of vendors across the globe.
Global SendingSend gifts and direct mail to international prospects.
Storage & ShippingDesign custom swag and store it in a global warehouse for easy shipping.
eGiftsSend digital gift cards in all major currencies and pay when the gift card is redeemed. 
Sourcing & Project ManagementAccess support for sourcing unique gifts. 

Reachdesk Integrations

Reachdesk integrates with the standard sales and marketing platforms, like Alyce and Reachdesk does not have a long list of available integrations, but it includes many of the common solutions utilized by today’s salespeople. Top integrations for Reachdesk include:

Reachdesk Pricing

Reachdesk does not provide pricing information for their platform online. They also do not have any pricing tiers or subscriptions listed. Prospective users must contact the company for a demo to receive information on pricing and packages. Their website does offer an ROI calculator to help estimate the cost savings available with Reachdesk. 


Reachdesk Reviews

Reviews for Reachdesk are mainly positive, and the platform has a fair number of online reviews. Customer support and service are cited as positives for Reachdesk as well as ease of use. Users appreciate the ability to create landing pages and conveniently send gifts. Complaints include high pricing for gifts and shipping as well as a limited marketplace for gifts. 

Check out this full comparison of Reachdesk vs Sendoso.

Niche Sendoso Competitors and Alternatives

Sendoso is a major gifting platform that offers many robust features. For some organizations, those features may be unnecessary or even overwhelming. If you want to cut costs or save time when it comes to gifting platforms, you may want to investigate niche Sendoso alternatives. These Sendoso competitors focus on specific aspects of gifting, so you can choose the features you want and avoid the features you don’t need. 

Gift Card Sendoso Competitor – Tremendous 

For some organizations, gifting is as simple as popping a $10 gift card in the mail. Niche Sendoso competitors that only handle gift cards can help automate this process and provide visibility into your ROI. Gifting platforms for gift cards allow salespeople to send a digital gift card quickly and easily to a prospect. This creates an instant connection and opens the door for conversation. Tremendous is one of these platforms.

What is Tremendous?

If you are only interested in sending gift cards, Tremendous is a Sendoso alternative focused on gift cards. The platform is designed solely for sending digital gift cards, prepaid cards, cash payouts, and charitable donations. Salespeople can access a global catalog with more than 600 options for digital gifting, including multiple currencies. Messages can be customized with the company’s branding and analytics make it easy to track gifts and ROI.

Tremendous Features

Tremendous offers limited features compared to Sendoso because the platform is only built for gifting with gift cards. Top Tremendous features are described below. 

Gift CardsSend a gift card from one of 600+ retailers.
Prepaid CardsSend virtual cards with multiple currency options.
Cash PayoutsSend cash gifts to more than 80 countries.
Charitable DonationsRecipients can donate their gift to the charity of their choice.
Custom BrandingCreate a custom message with your logo and branding.
Bulk OrdersSend gifts in bulk to multiple recipients.
Advanced ReportingGain insights for customer support, fraud prevention, taxes, and more.
International CoverageProvide gifts in the correct currency for your recipients. 
Developer FriendlyThe Tremendous API enables users to automate their payouts.

Tremendous Integrations

Tremendous does not offer a traditional integrations list. However, they do offer gift cards and prepaid cards from a variety of major retailers. They also have a robust list of approved charities if recipients want to donate their gift. Users can automate their reward delivery with the gift card API. The Tremendous API enables users to create a customized gifting or rewards program. 

Tremendous Pricing

Tremendous is a free platform for all users. You can create an account and start sending gifts in just minutes. There is no fee if you pay by bank transfer, but there is a 3% fee for credit card transactions. For digital gift cards, you pay the face value cost. Enterprise pricing is available for users that spend more than $200,000 per year in gifts. This status may offer discounted pricing or custom pricing options to save money. 

Tremendous Reviews

There are not a lot of online reviews available for Tremendous, but the existing reviews are mostly positive. Users appreciate that the platform is easy to use and efficient for sending gift cards. Users also appreciate the global gifting opportunities and the ability to send high volume gifts. Complaints include a lack of visibility into gift card redemption and a lag on the availability of funds.

A Sendoso Competitor You Haven’t Heard Of – Loop and Tie

With so many gifting platforms out there, there are bound to be a few you’ve never heard of. More obscure or lesser-known gifting platforms can offer unique benefits for some companies. You may be able to find more hands-on customer support, cheaper pricing, or a more customized experience by going with a Sendoso competitor you haven’t heard of, including Loop and Tie.

What is Loop and Tie?

Loop and Tie is a corporate gifting platform that features collections inspired by artisans. They also provide carbon offsets for all gifts. The platform is very niche, focusing on social impact and responsibility. 

Loop and Tie Features

Loop and Tie offers a limited feature set, but they do provide the basics for corporate gifting. Top Loop and Tie features include campaign management and analytics, surveys, meetings, warehousing, and fulfillment.

Loop and Tie Integrations

Loop and Tie integrates with Salesforce and Zapier. There are not many integrations available with the platform, but Zapier can help facilitate some of those connections. 

Loop and Tie Pricing

Loop and Tie offers three pricing tiers, including a free tier. Users can pay as they go and access insights for their gifting program. More features are available with the Professional and Enterprise pricing tiers, but pricing is only provided upon request. 

Loop and Tie Reviews

Loop and Tie has very few online reviews, but there is some positive feedback about the company. Users find the platform easy to use and enjoy working with the customer support team. While users like the available options for gifts, they cite a lack of international gifts and shipping.  

Sendoso Competitors Ranked

When it comes to ranking Sendoso competitors, there are few platforms that stand up to Sendoso. The top three Sendoso alternatives are:

  1. Reachdesk
  2. Alyce

These platforms offer similar features, integrations, and capabilities to Sendoso. Users can find the tools they need without sacrificing quality or ease of use. 

Sendoso Competitors Compared

When comparing Sendoso competitors, it is important to consider the unique needs of your organization and salespeople. How you conduct your daily sales tasks will impact how you use a gifting platform. 

Sendoso vs Alyce

Sendoso offers more features than Alyce, but some users may not miss those features. Alyce focuses on the power of AI to personalize gifts and experience, but capabilities are limited. Sendoso might be the better option for medium or large companies that need more robust features. Alyce might work well for organizations that want to pay less and access AI-powered features. 

Sendoso vs Reachdesk 

Users find Reachdesk easy to set up and appreciate the flexible pricing options. However, Sendoso wins out in terms of features again. If your organization needs a quick and easy to use gifting platform without any frills, Reachdesk might be the better option. If you are looking for a feature-rich gifting platform, Sendoso is the better choice. Sendoso tends to be more expensive given they add margin to items sent, whereas Reachdesk does not. Please see this comparison of Sendoso vs Reachdesk for a more thorough comparison.

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