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Non-Profit CRM Software

The 14 Best Non-Profit CRM Software Options

Table of Contents

When it comes to selecting non-profit CRM software, there are a lot of choices. Understanding what CRM is the best fit for your non-profit is an important decision before buying.

What is Non-Profit CRM Software?

A non-profit CRM is a platform that helps organizations understand and maximize their donor relationships. Also known as a “contribution relationship management” system, this software is synonymous with a non-profit database or donor management system. It helps organize donor data, identify donor trends, determine the likelihood of receiving future donations, and allows making recommendations to increase. 

Non-profit CRM softwares are used by non-profit organizations to manage their contacts, donors, and other supporters. This is a central data source that you can use to understand and maximize your relationship with your donors. Not only can you track incoming donations, but you can also get information about the donors themselves. A nonprofit CRM brings all this together in one place: a single platform that streamlines the information that matters.

Why Does a Non-Profit Need A CRM?

While the purpose and functionality may not seem particularly relevant from a non-profit perspective, CRM functionality is actually very beneficial for mission-driven organizations. CRM for non-profit organizations is useful to efficiently manage their data. More specifically, a CRM helps a nonprofit to

  1. Save time through CRM automation: Automating administrative tasks such as general emails, sending marketing and follow-up emails, calls, leads & fundraising tracking, etc.
  2. Managing cash flow: Helps keep track of all the contributions and cash flows. The nonprofit or NGO has to keep in touch with a variety of people including donors philanthropists, service recipients, other givers, and stakeholders and this is where a non-profit CRM software can help track the fund transfers and accounts. 
  3. Save data in a single location with a centralized database: Maintaining data centralization for ease of access and activation. A CRM software for non-profits helps manage and maintain historical data of various fundraising campaigns and donor details. 
  4. Easily schedule, organize and manage events: With non-profit CRM software organizations can plan events that span multiple sessions, days, and locations.
  5. Improve internal communication: The profitability of the business decreases when there is a low level of communication between employees and departments, but having a non-profit CRM software facilitates effective interaction and exchange of information with management, staff, volunteers, and others involved in the process.
  6. Planning: CRM software is capable of providing statistical information and conducting complex data analysis necessary for making strategically important business decisions. Thus a CRM for non-profits will be of great advantage for in-depth analysis of supporter information, identification of bottlenecks in business processes, and analysis of their fundraising system. 

How Much Does a Non-Profit CRM Cost?

Above we’ve discussed the reasons why non-profits need and could benefit from CRM software. The next thing that comes is the budget. Let us take a brief look at the most common pricing structures. Most CRMs are SaaS platforms or Software as a Service. In plain language, it’s a subscription. Therefore, most CRMs include 

  1. Implementation or Setup Fee: This is a one-time fee to implement the system and set it up the way you want to use it. It starts as the simplest package for all customers and scales as your organization grows in size and complexity. 
  2. Monthly SaaS Fee: This is the monthly fee for your subscription. These are the “base costs”. Should include unlimited system users, core database functionality, forms,  email marketing, or automation. 
  3. Recommended Add-ons: Add-ons let you customize your solution with modules and features such as shopping carts and e-commerce.

Most of the non-profit CRM software is subscription-based, and usually has pricing based on user or feature on a monthly or yearly basis. The following factors affect the cost of the software.

  1. The set of features and functionalities opted 
  2. Number. of users
  3. The number of contacts.
  4. Any customizations or integrations if needed
  5. Monthly maintenance costs (Inclusive or added)

Usually the pricing of a non-profit CRM software can range from $9 per month to $700 per month. 

What Features To Look For In A Non-Profit CRM

Ease of Use

A non-profit CRM must most importantly be user-friendly. The users of the CRM system could range from administrators to volunteers, and other staff. The user profile for non-profits does not only consists of the executive or office-level employees, so having software that can efficiently pull off tasks and functions of any commercial CRM and that too with easy-to-use capabilities would be a greater advantage for the users of NGOs. To select an appropriate CRM software for your non-profit organization here are a few basic usabilities features you must look for like a user-friendly contact management system, easy search capabilities for donor details, intuitive interface, quick and easy-to-use reporting capabilities, and querying and dashboard functionalities.

Donor Management

To convert donors into loyal supporters, it’s important to let them know how much your organization appreciates their donations. For example, most donors expect tax revenue. They certainly deserve and appreciate their generosity as well. A good non-profit CRM can automatically generate these two documents and email them to donors right away. Contributors appreciate this kind of prompt and fast service. Clearly, the best nonprofit CRMs actively help organizations build relationships with donors. Your CRM should track offline and online donations, as well as event attendance, phone calls, and other touchpoints. Also, the ability to schedule tasks ensures timely follow-up actions. These features help you connect more with your donors and improve internal communication and organization among team members.


With the world evolving rapidly with technological advancements,  CRM software for non-profits has become a necessity. A CRM can help in maintaining strong relationships and streamline the fundraising process, CRM helps nonprofits achieve all of their goals. However, the cost factor can often be a hindrance for smaller organizations. So the factor to be considered most important is how affordable the solution is. To look out for affordable solutions you can initially start by assessing your needs, understanding if your need is being met with softwares offering some common features, and looking for affordable integrations such as if they come within pricing or are a low-cost add-on. Few common features such as donor profiles, donations management, supporter relationships, engagement tracking, email automation, search and sort functionalities, insights, reporting, etc,  are the features that any affordable CRM software for non-profit will definitely offer. And you can as well look out for higher software with advanced features and functionalities as per your organization’s budget.


Every nonprofit has unique needs and workflows. Furthermore, no company wants to change processes just to meet software limitations. This makes a customizable CRM an ideal solution for non-profit organizations that don’t have the budget for a custom system. Customizable CRM software makes it easy to personalize donation pages, add new data fields, and set up custom processes. As time goes on and certain aspects of your business evolve, your CRM can evolve along with it. Ultimately, this level of flexibility saves you money and increases your productivity so you can focus more on your fundraising.

Non-Profit CRM Software Options

Salesforce CRM software is an end-to-end platform built for fundraising organizations, educational institutions, and other nonprofits to digitally extend their reach, connect with people, and streamline internal controls. It is a comprehensive CRM software for non-profits. Being a leader in the CRM space, its feature set expands from collaboration capabilities to managing funds, program management, marketing, and. This gives organizations and NGOs a unified view of ongoing work and activities.


Hubspot is an all-in-one CRM for non-profits, from attracting visitors to completing conversions through the fundraising process, HubSpot pulls together your entire marketing funnel to show you which marketing and communications are effective and which efforts are not. Hubspot helps nonprofits manage content, channels, and marketing performance while giving them a complete view of who matters most to their campaigns. By providing centralized data and analytics and robust publishing tools, Hubspot helps nonprofits improve marketing and communications to attract donors, build engagement and build an advocacy base.


Nutshell is an all-in-one CRM and email marketing platform that helps B2B organizations work together to close more deals. Simple enough for any user and sophisticated enough for any business. Launched in 2010, Nutshell serves thousands of businesses around the world and is recognized as the best he CRM for its ease of use and affordability. 


Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) is a CRM platform suitable for small business owners and those new to this software category. This platform combines sales and marketing automation and is especially useful for new e-commerce businesses looking for an all-in-one solution. Keap’s CRM not only stores all donor and volunteer contact information in one place, but also organizes all types of communication in one place: email, text, phone, 1:1, mass emails, automation, and more. You can also send it from your location, with a record of each message.


Bloomerang is cloud-based donor management and fundraising CRM software for non-profit organizations of all sizes. Its core features include a donor database and CRM (membership relationship management) system, dashboards and custom reports, engagement gauges, email marketing tools, data analytics, and an integrated online donation form. Organizations can also connect Bloomerang to different softwares via Zapier-enabled integrations.


Kindful is a cloud-based online fundraising and donor management solution built specifically for growing nonprofits. The solution allows the nonprofit to manage the three main aspects of fundraising: managing online donations, building a donor database, and generating insights about donations. Kindful helps nonprofits create unlimited interactive online fundraising sites. 

Network For Good

Network for Good is a non-profit CRM software that enables small non-profits to manage various activities like event tickets, task scheduling, data migration, donor communication, and other administrative processes on a single centralized platform. It also allows employees to create mobile-friendly fundraising pages with custom forms and surveys. Network for Good allows team members to create and maintain a donor database containing information such as name, address, phone number, email ID, and donation history. It also offers built-in dashboards with filters that managers can use to generate reports and track the performance of fundraising campaigns in real-time.


DonorPerfect offers comprehensive fundraising and donor management solutions to help reduce your workload and build relationships with voters. It helps with achieving the tasks such as managing constituency contacts and donor development, sending personalized communications, tracking all types of donations, reporting and analyzing results, managing all your information in one complete source, integrating with the best products and services, and fund management, and managing information online.


Virtuous is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, and donor management solution for nonprofits aimed at building lasting relationships with donors and increasing donations. Includes tools for donation tracking, online donations, predictive ingredient scoring, email marketing, and more. Virtuous includes a donor database that gives users access to a rich data view of contacts and donors, enabling relationship management. An integrated map view shows nearby donors to help build local connections. Virtuous also provides users with insight into send, open, and click stats at the campaign and donor levels. 


Neon CRM, one of the great charity CRMs available is a CRM software  that helps organizations manage their fundraising, memberships, events, and websites with extensive workflow automation capabilities. for non-profits enables collecting more, saving time, and getting things done with this non-profit CRM platform that fits your needs. It allows the creation of online forms, supports donor engagement, scheduling events, managing members, tracking volunteers, and gaining insights with key metrics from built-in dashboards – all in one click. 

Salsa CRM

Salsa is the world’s first supporter engagement platform. By bringing together online supporter engagement software and member relationship management software into one unified toolkit, nonprofits have what they need to engage communities, raise funds, rally supporters, and make a difference in the world. Salsa helps nonprofits target and segment rich supporter profiles, connect with relevant online and offline news, use online forms to respond to supporter interests, and use built-in best practices to reach out. Allows you to maximize your reach. With access to these powerful tools and award-winning customer support, nonprofits around the world are increasing employee efficiency, deepening supporter relationships, and accelerating fundraising growth.


iMIS is cloud-based software that helps nonprofits manage volunteers, fundraisers, donors, and more in a unified platform. An integrated contact management system allows professionals to collect and store contact, address, and demographic information for members, organizations, or groups. The platform allows users to verify donor or member addresses during data entry with a batch address cleaning function. Members can use this application to join or renew their membership, create and manage their profile, and view their real-time purchase history. 

Little Green Light

Little Green Light is flexible donor management and fundraising platform that can be customized to the needs of non-profit organizations thanks to the wide range of software that can be integrated into the platform. Its feature set consists of accounting Integration, volunteer management, donor tracking, data import, event management, custom reports, and fundraising tracking. It is one of the best CRM for fundraising.


DonorDock is a fundraising and marketing software solution that helps small nonprofits simplify fundraising, marketing, outreach, and more. It is a non-profit CRM and a fundraising CRM software. Its wide range of feature set expands from contact, gift management, creation of donation pages, reports & visual dashboards, email marketing, activity tracking, volunteers, events, grants, memberships, and campaign management. It supports Integrations with popular software like Quickbooks, Zapier, and more.

Non-Proft CRMs Reviewed

There are quite a few CRMs, some specifically for non-profits, some regular CRMs that can be used by any type of organization. Below, we’re covering various CRM options, explaining the Pros and Cons of each, and who is the best fit for each type of CRM.

What is

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is a CRM system specifically tailored to the needs of nonprofits. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is an affordable, customizable CRM platform that connects nonprofits with donors and volunteers, making it easy to track progress towards their goals. Nonprofits can set up and manage fundraising efforts, and communicate and track volunteer efforts through this single platform. Organizations also have the option of using Salesforce to track and manage their donors and constituencies, including donations and volunteerism. One thing to note is that this is strictly cloud-based. So if you’re looking for an on-premises software solution, this probably isn’t for you. Overview


  1. Great reporting capabilities
  2. Helps you gain insights from popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  3. Trusted brand and leader in the space
  4. Supports everything from custom fields to custom reports and communication tools.
  5. Salesforce allows its users to see where contacts are in this journey enabling them to review campaign messaging and tweak as necessary


  1. Heavy deployment cost
  2. Tech help or Salesforce expert needed to set up and integrate with all the other Salesforce tools.
  3. Steep learning curve
  4. Not designed as non-profit-specific CRM.

Who is best for?

This software is best suited for large, national, or international/global non-profits?

HubSpot For Non-Profits

HubSpot CRM is a CRM software that readily eliminates manual work and really empowers your sales team. Designed for the modern world to help users start selling and start selling. HubSpot CRM handles all the details in a very intuitive way, whether it’s logging emails, logging calls, or managing data, freeing up valuable sales time in the process.

HubSpot Overview


  1. The software also allows you to A/B test your email campaigns
  2. Hubspot allows you to have unlimited users
  3. Comprehensive Database
  4. Intuitive tools
  5. Easy to deploy 


  1. Only a limited number of custom fields can be added

Who is HubSpot best for?

This software is best suited for small to medium-sized non-profit organizations.

Nutshell CRM for non-profits

One of the most flexible CRM software for non-profit organizations is Nutshell. Nutshell’s contact management and pipeline automation tools are built for sales organizations but can be easily customized to meet the needs of nonprofits. With this non-profit CRM software, you can scan a donor’s business card and they’ll be instantly added as a new contact in your system, and can quickly track potential donors. It enables you to store contact information, call notes, and email conversations all in one place. What makes Nutshell stand out is the automation of donor maintenance tasks. In particular, the fully featured Nutshell Pro tier allows teams to create and deploy email sequences that are sent out until potential donors respond. 


  1. Ease of use
  2. Easy integration capabilities 


  1. Poor integration capabilities 
  2. No offline desktop apps

Who is Nutshell’s non-profit CRM best for?

This software is best suited for small and medium non-profits.

What is Keap’s non-profit CRM?

Keap (formerly known as Infusionsoft) a non-profit CRM that helps small businesses grow with three highly customizable plans. Keap CRM includes built-in invoicing and numerous payment processing integrations and offers checkout cart functionality to increase conversion rates and cart averages. The platform’s simple automation eliminates manual tasks like sending text messages and email follow-ups and capturing new leads right after filling out forms on landing pages and social media accounts. Setting up your CRM is quick thanks to a dedicated customer success manager and a simple drag-and-drop sales pipeline builder.


  1. Clean and easy-to-use interface 
  2. Advanced marketing capabilities 
  3. Technical support and customer success manager is included in every plan
  4. Sales and marketing automation in a single easy-to-use platform.
  5. Enable automatically collecting and scoring leads for a more efficient sales process.


  1. Many available software integrations require a monthly fee.
  2. Contact-based pricing indicates monthly base price increases as the contact list grows.

Who is Keap best for?

This software is suited for micro-enterprise, small, medium-sized companies, or large non-profit firms.

What is Bloomerang All Around Non-Profit CRM

Bloomerang is cloud-based donor management and fundraising software for nonprofits of all sizes. Its core features include a donor database and CRM (membership relationship management) system, dashboards and custom reports, engagement gauges, email marketing tools, data analytics, and an integrated online donation form. Organizations can also connect Bloomerang to 2,000+ other apps via Zapier-enabled integrations.


  1. User-friendly and aesthetically pleasing CRM
  2. Responsive customer service
  3. Tracking capabilities 


  1. Limitations in dashboard views and reporting
  2. Lack of ability to do mass updates
  3. Poor integration customization capabilities

Who is Bloomerang best for?

This software is best suited for small and growing non-profit organizations that is it’s basically suited for organizations of any size.

What is KindfulEasy to use CRM for Non-Profits

Kindful offers one of the most modern and easy-to-use non-profit CRMs without sacrificing the features your organization needs most. One of the most notable features is the intelligent data management module that automatically tracks all donor interactions in real-time and presents key information in an easy-to-access dashboard.


  1. Responsive customer service and support
  2. Donor follow-up task option 
  3. Effective donor tracking and communication
  4. Appealing and easy-to-use user interface


  1. Lack of ability to set up and link different payment accounts to respective campaigns
  2. Poor event/travel management capabilities

Who is Kindful best for?

This software is best suited for small, medium, and large non-profits or non-profits already using any basic CRM and looking for increased efficiencies.

Network For GoodFundraising & Donor CRM for Non-Profits

Network for Good is non-profit fundraising software that helps you raise funds and reach more donors. It also has an Online Fundraising Platform Training Program that helps you master the tactics necessary to become an online fundraiser. It has built-in editing tools that allow users to choose layouts, add images, and generate personalized emails. It also allows non-profit organizations to send direct mail campaigns, manage text-to-give and text-to-pledge operations, and handle data migrations. Network for Good provides APIs that allow businesses to integrate the system with several third-party solutions, including QuickBooks Online.


  1. Easy to use software with intuitive navigation capabilities
  2. Excellent customer service
  3. Offers useful built-in tips and help guides
  4. Donation tracking capabilities
  5. Intuitive reporting capabilities
  6. Seamless integrations
  7. Reasonable pricing


  1. No manual card processing feature
  2. Web pages are not quite customizable

Who is Network for Good best for?

This software is best suited for small and growing nonprofits.

What is DonorPerfect Comprehensive Non-Profit CRM

DonorPerfect is a comprehensive CRM solution available both web-based and on-premises. Its easy-to-integrate and robust reporting engine allows nonprofits to collect disparate data in one place to get a complete and detailed picture of their donors. Plus, DonorPerfect’s world-class support team is well-prepared to help you reach your goals.


  1. Good with searching and reports capabilities
  2. Easy to do customizations and integrations 
  3. Reasonable pricing
  4. Simplifies donor outreach
  5. Easy-to-use
  6. Fast and secure payment processing


  1. Reporting and event management capabilities are a bit complicated 

Who is DonorPerfect best for?

This software is Ideal for non-profits serving their local community to large, international, or global organizations.

Virtuous CRMDonor Management CRM for Non-Profits

Virtuous CRM is donor management software designed to build and strengthen donor relationships. In a world where individuals are bombarded with thousands of messages every day, your nonprofit needs to stand out from the crowd. This is where Virtuos comes into play. No details are lost when using the donor data software. Track donation history, team steps, event participation, and more through robust donor profiles.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Excellent query tools
  3. Great customer service and support capabilities 


  1. Poor data migration capabilities 
  2. Longer response waiting time
  3. High-price – Starts at $400/mo
  4. Lacks scheduled reports
  5. It May take time to convert if you’re using a simpler nonprofit CRM

Who is Virtuous best for?

This software is best suited for non-profits that depend on donations from individual donors

NeonCRM All-In-One Donor Management Non-Profit CRM

NeonCRM is an all-in-one donor management system. Start your supporter relationship on a solid foundation by managing all aspects of your donation cycle in a single system. When a person donates, NeonCRM will process the donation, create a profile, and start creating a donation history. From there, your team can do everything from creating targeted email segments to managing volunteer opportunities, creating supporter surveys, and even automating receipts.


  1. Quick tracking using dashboard capabilities 
  2. API functionality is easy to use
  3. Affordable pricing


  1. Poor customer service
  2. Less training documentation is available 

Who is NeonCRM best for?

This software is best suited for growing organizations of all sizes from small local community groups to large national organizations.

Salsa CRM  – Innovative Donor Management CRM for Non-Profits

Salsa CRM + Salsa Engage is innovative donor management and engagement platform designed to help nonprofits optimize their campaigns, reach, and overall fundraising strategy. Salsa’s innovative SmartEngagement technology harnesses the power of machine learning, marketing automation, intelligent reporting, and more to advance your mission. Salsa CRM comprehensively tracks each donor’s history and provides a robust donor profile for informed future predictions. With built-in donation pages, peer-to-peer fundraising tools, multi-channel advocacy, and more, this CRM has everything you need to accelerate fundraising in one place.


  1. A good amount of training material is available
  2. Great customer support
  3. Marketing automation capabilities along with a CRM
  4. Ability to track multiple emails and address 
  5. Ability to track membership renewals


  1. Reporting capabilities are not quite intuitive
  2. Unintuitive processes to sort data, and build queries.
  3. Offline donations cannot be easily added
  4. A bit disjointed and clunky

Who is Salsa CRM best for?

This software is best suited for start-up charities, mid-size nonprofits, to global organizations, 

iMIS – CRM for Non-Profits & Other Organizations

Designed for the way you work, iMIS is designed to meet the unique management needs of associations, unions, clubs, and other non-profit organizations. Whether you want an all-in-one solution that meets your core needs or a platform with the flexibility to scale as you grow, find a way to configure iMIS with confidence.


  1. Ease of use
  2. Responsive customer support
  3. Ability to create customized reports


  1. Technical expertise is needed at times for some customization
  2. Third-party support is expensive

Who is iMIS best for?

This software is best suited for  small, medium, and large non-profits.

Little Green Light – A Non-Profit CRM For Small & Mid-size Non-Profits

Little Green Light helps small and medium-sized nonprofits manage their fundraising and development efforts by providing a cloud-based database for civic relationship management, event planning, activity tracking, email merges, and queries. Little Green Light can meet the needs of a variety of non-profit organizations, including religious ministries, arts and cultural organizations, and environmental groups.


  1. Comprehensive and flexible software
  2. Responsive customer service and support 
  3. Ease of use
  4. Search capabilities 


  1. Poor user interface

Who is Little Green Light best for?

This software is best suited for small & mid-size non-profits.

DonorDock – A CRM Specifically Designed for Non-Profits

DonorDock is a fundraising CRM and donor management software specifically designed for non-profits. It provides users with an easy-to-use platform with extensive functionality. These features include campaign management, contact database, contact management, CRM, donor management, email management, and more. The software was developed as a tool that can be used on a daily basis to support NGOs in all their fundraising management tasks.


  1. Intuitive and easy to navigate
  2. Responsive customer support
  3. Includes email template builder, membership tracking, and donation tracking capabilities 


  1. The software has a steep learning curve 

Who is DonorDock best for?

This software is best suited for small & medium nonprofits that need a more simple, more powerful tool to manage and improve their donor relationships, donations, contacts, fundraising, marketing, communication,

CRMs that offer discounts for Non-Profits

Following non-profit CRM softwares offer discounts or special discounted pricing plans for non-profit organizations. 


Salesforce has launched Salesforce for Nonprofits, the Salesforce CRM solution for nonprofits. It’s available through their Power of Us program, which gives nonprofits great discounts on all Salesforce products.  This allows employees and partners to use social and mobile technologies to get a complete view of the organization and collaborate with employees, volunteers, supporters, and service users to achieve results anytime, anywhere and measure the impact. 

The Power of Us Program includes 10 free subscriptions of Sales & Service Cloud Enterprise Edition for all eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Power of Us Edition for online fundraising with no upfront costs, and fees based on funds raised per transaction. Below are the other available plans offered by Salesforce under their Non-profit Cloud capabilities.

PlansPricing (USD/user/month) Billed annually
Sales Cloud – EE: Nonprofit Success Pack adds powerful fundraising and constituent engagement features to Sales Cloud.$36
Sales + Service Cloud – EE:Sales and Service Cloud licenses ensure service and support for any constituent.$48
Nonprofit Cloud – EE:New capabilities for all teams to capture and cleanse data, give predictions, and align with accounting systems.$60
Nonprofit Cloud – UE:Adds increased data, sandboxes, and 24/7 support.Quote-based


Keap does not offer any specific discounts or pricing for non-profits but has a 14-day free trial. It may be possible to inquire about a discount.


HubSpot offers NGOs and non-profits to avail of a 40% discount. In order to qualify for the 40% discount off the HubSpot CRM’s current list prices, the non-profits must check their eligibility based on the conditions mentioned on their official website.


Nutshell does not offer any specific discounts or pricing for non-profits but has a free trial. It may be possible to inquire about a discount.

CRMs Designed for Non-Profits

Sales CRM systems are used by nearly every retail employee who uses systems to interact with prospects and customers. In the case of non-profit organizations, key fundraisers and executives who personally interact with prospects and donors rarely use such systems to capture valuable notes, thoughts, and resulting face-to-face communications! is forced to either actually destroy its primary goal above, or to stray far from it in essence. The real difference between different CRM solutions is how each software solution leverages and applies data. Different software solutions prioritize features that help apply donor data to different aspects of your strategy. CRMs designed for Non-Profits include non-profit-specific modules that align with the tasks and goals of NGOs. Below we have discussed certain features that are unique to CRM software for non-profits.

General CRM features

Marketing Tools, Customized Dashboard, Integrations, Customized Reports, etc.

Non-profit CRM software-specific features:

  1. Donor Profiles:  Includes relevant donor details such as fund information, history, contacts, etc.
  2. Online Donation Pages: Integrated donation pages which capture gifts and contributor information.
  3. Engagement Meter: The engagement meter measures the interactions of your supporters that enable you to re-capture potential lapses, identify prospects and develop relationships.
  4. Generosity Score: A unique but essential feature that can help you identify a donor’s philanthropic giving potential showing who your major and mid-tier donors are.
  5. Supporter Timelines: Timelines can help you understand the donor history i.e when they gave donations, volunteered, or attended events. This can be represented chronologically as a visual representation of their timelines.


Bloomerang was built to help nonprofits solve their toughest challenges. It is a sales CRM solution tailored specifically for nonprofits and it exclusively includes some quote necessary non-profit CRM-specific features such as 

  1. Provides robust donor profiles, customized to meet the organization’s exact needs
  2. Supports social listening capabilities that enable you to monitor your organization’s social media presence
  3. Smart reports, configurable to highlight the most relevant information for you and your stakeholders
  4. Integrations with top solutions like Qgiv, QuickBooks, Mailchimp, TrueGivers, DonorSearch, and Fundraise Up.


Kindful is a non-profit CRM software that helps to grow in both memberships and donations. The platform makes online donations easy with plenty of templates for designing and customizing landing pages and donation pages. One-click social media integration allows donors and volunteers to share their efforts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Kindful has many fundraising features, including tools for creating donation pages and donation forms. Some distinctive and useful features are as follows:

  1. Collects peer-to-peer donations, donor account creation with sign up.
  2. Event management tools such as registration, donation tracking, and reporting. 
  3. An option to manage recurring donations allows the system to automatically accept donations from regular donors on a regular basis. 
  4. One-click integrations with major social media platforms allow activists and donors to share their activities on their Facebook and Twitter. 

Network For Good

Network for Good, non-commercial contact management software, is a good option depending on the price. It can be used by any non-profit organization, even if it has few contacts to start with. A few of its most useful features are as follows:

  1. The contact management part is very solid. Duplicate contact prevention, grouping, and filtering make this a very useful non-commercial CRM. 
  2. Easy-to-record video messages, custom filters, and targeted mailing lists to ensure the right message reaches the right people. 
  3. Fundraising campaigns can also be easily created from scratch and saved for reuse. 


DonorPerfect gives nonprofits unlimited access to comprehensive  CRM software for nonprofits. Store data in detailed profiles, build relationships, collect donations, and automate activities across your organization. It includes the following features: 

  1. A mobile-friendly donation form that captures the attention of supporters and encourages donations 
  2. Donation confirmation gift sent automatically as soon as a supporter makes a donation 
  3. Auction management capabilities for running company silent, live, mobile, and online auctions


The features set making this non-profit CRM software stand apart are as follows:  

  1. Predictive analytics scores donors based on their social and financial data to identify strong opportunities and generates suggested gift asks to prompt users to make the right requests at the optimum time. 
  2. Segment donors into groups for personalized communications, based on their persona, passions, group affiliations, or communication preferences, using customizable tags. 
  3. Email marketing features in Virtuous allow users to automate follow-ups with donors and track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. 
  4. Drag-and-drop tools enable the design of custom, mobile-responsive emails, while best practice automation templates assist users in automating their email marketing. 


The features set making this non-profit CRM software stand apart are as follows:  

  1. Get common reports out of the box or set up customizable reports. 
  2. Donor Management, to easily track donations, set up targeted marketing campaigns, and get advanced relationship-building tools. 
  3. Fundraising provides form templates with custom fields, automation of the donation process, and follow-up tools to manage recurring donations. 

Salsa CRM

Salsa CRM comes with Salsa Engage as part of Salsa Labs SaaS. It’s some of the best nonprofit client management software to grow your network and engage your followers. The level of detail for data of donor profiles is very rich plus you can create custom fields. Automations do things like suggest the next time you should reach out to or send a gift to a constituent. You can build fundraising campaigns for email outreach and social media. It then tracks email open rates and analyzes social media engagement levels. The software offers key features like

  1. Creating donor profiles to store notes, allows the creation of touchpoints, and unlimited custom fields.
  2. Supports multi-channel advocacy campaign pages.
  3. Offers customized dashboards and reports for tracking important information.


The features set making this non-profit CRM stand apart are as follows: 

  1. iMIS allows administrators to email gift receipts, donation receipts, and automatic reminders of scheduled payments and deadlines to donors.  
  2. iMIS provides APIs that allow companies to integrate their systems with multiple 3rd party platforms such as A2Z Events, Microsoft Dynamics, QuickBooks, Clowder, Web Scribble, Open Water and Reside. 

Little Green Light

Little Green Light (LGL) may sound like a nice little company, but this is a great CRM for fundraising that means business. It’s packed with features and does a great job of analyzing  data to get insights and suggestions. With the LGL, you get a package of required features  and then  access usage-based optional features. Following are some noteworthy features of LGL:

  1. Customizable dashboards with superior data import, contact and member management
  2. Fundraising gift tracker, and advanced search and storage features. 
  3. Data grooming and segmentation, membership management, data analysis, and scheduled reports. 


Following are some noteworthy features of DonorDock:

  1. Tracking & CRM, activity tracking, gift tracking,  and contact tracking
  2. Data Management, Membership Management
  3. Reporting
  4. Fundraising, accepting donations, campaign & appeal management,  financial management
  5. Fundraising automation, fundraising letter creator, grant management
  6. Marketing mail creator, receipts & acknowledgment.

If you have any questions about which non-profit CRM is best for your organization, please contact us or use the form to the right.

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