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Are you searching for a solution to enhance your sales and marketing data and looking for the ZoomInfo free trial ? If you want to generate more leads, target specific audiences, and automate your sales and marketing workflow, you have likely come across ZoomInfo. The robust business database makes a lot of promises when it comes to accurate data and boosting sales, but does it live up to the hype? Keep reading to learn how you can try ZoomInfo for free and make the right decision for your organization. 

What is ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo is a business database and intelligence platform designed to support salespeople, marketing teams, and recruiters with lead generation. The platform provides global data and profiles on companies and contacts to help businesses go to market with their products and solutions. Data from ZoomInfo can be directly integrated within a team’s workflow to identify and connect with contacts, close deals, improve ROI across marketing channels, and recruit the best candidates. 

ZoomInfo Overview

What data does ZoomInfo offer?

As a B2B business intelligence solution, ZoomInfo’s platform relies on robust and accurate data. The company combines contact data with engagement software to identify leads and actively engage potential buyers. The ZoomInfo database offers a global reach to support a company’s go to market strategy. 

  • 100M+ Company records
  • 150M+ Contact records
  • 50M+ Direct dials
  • 41M+ Mobile numbers
  • 129M+ Email addresses

ZoomInfo’s database is not limited to the United States. The company offers ZoomInfo Data Passports with information from across the globe, including North America, Europe, and world-wide contact data.

Company RecordsContact Records Direct DialsMobile NumbersEmail Addresses
North America25M+126M+41M+39M+105M+

For companies in Europe, or those dealing with European clients, the ZoomInfo Data Passport Europe is 100% GDPR compliant. All business data across European companies is legally obtained and shared, so you can feel confident with your data. If you do not require global data and want to focus your attention on a specific region, you do not have to use ZoomInfo Worldwide. Instead, you can utilize the data specific to your region or country. 

How does ZoomInfo get its data? 

ZoomInfo collects data through a network of voluntary contributors, which involves more than 100 million contact record events each day. The platform also scans more than 38 million online sources each day. Utilizing machine learning, the platform can find information from websites, news articles, business filings, and additional sources to update contact records. 

More than 300 people make up the human research and development team for ZoomInfo. They are tasked with verifying the performance of the platform’s algorithm and enhancing the available data on the platform. ZoomInfo also relies on five third-party expert partners to provide additional automated data across a variety of sources. 

ZoomInfo sources unstructured public information, generally available information, and contributory data from their community of users. ZoomInfo assures customers that all data is compliant with relevant legislation and privacy regulations, and the company follows its own rigorous Code of Community to collect and publish data that is ethically sourced. 

Who uses ZoomInfo?

More than 20,000 businesses utilize ZoomInfo for B2B business intelligence, including Google, Zoom, Amazon, and T Mobile. ZoomInfo breaks its solutions down into three main categories: Sales, Marketing, and Recruiting. Salespeople, marketing teams, and recruiters across the globe rely on ZoomInfo for accurate data. 

For salespeople, ZoomInfo promises to help teams achieve revenue goals and enjoy better results at each stage of the sales process. Solutions for salespeople or sales teams include:

  • Discovery Platform: Data-driven insights to target ideal customer profiles and company attributes, up-to-date contact information, and advanced search features 
  • Buyer Intent: Identify and track buying signals, identify companies researching similar solutions, and real-time intent signals
  • Conversation Intelligence: AI tools to evaluate performance on calls, meetings, and emails, identify winning behaviors or areas for improvement, and compile the best strategies for success 
  • Email & Phone Automation: Tools to create sales cadences via phone and email communication with integrated contact data 
  • Website Chat for Sales: Chat bot tool that relies on ZoomInfo data to engage buyers and automate follow up interactions 
  • Insight-driven Workflows: Use data insights to trigger actions based on ideal customer profiles
  • Relationship Intelligence: AI tools to find hidden leads, manage the sales pipeline, and oversee the entire sales process 

For marketing teams, some of the ZoomInfo solutions overlap with sales while others are unique for marketers. Buyer Intent and Insight-driven Workflows are both available for marketing teams as well as solutions including: 

  • Demand Platform: Data tailored for marketers to boost demand and target prospects
  • Digital Advertising: Target specific audiences with digital campaigns though third-party integrations or ZoomInfo’s Demand Platform
  • Chatbot for Marketing: Nurture website visitors with an automated chatbot that uses real-time data and tracks on-page behaviors
  • Web Form Optimization: Create low-risk email web forms to increase conversions and enhance contact data
  • Website Visitor Tracking: Identify website visitors who do not fill out your webform and convert an IP address into a buyer profile
  • Lead & Contact Enrichment: Remove inaccurate or stale data to ensure all records are fresh and valuable 

For recruiters, ZoomInfo offers a unique product called ZoomInfo Recruiters. This platform helps recruiters find the best candidates for their company through quality business intelligence data. With data from ZoomInfo, recruiters can find potential candidates, create email or phone cadences to reach out, and personalize communication with each candidate. 

Recruiters can find qualified candidates based on a variety of data points, including: 

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Job functions 
  • Titles
  • Years of experience
  • Professional certifications
  • Academic background
  • Affiliation or membership with organizations
  • Military or veteran status 

What is the ZoomInfo user interface like?

ZoomInfo prides itself on ease of use, combining global data and tools into a single user interface. Users can work out of the ZoomInfo dashboard to search for contacts or companies, create emails and phone calls, and more. While many users cite that the ZoomInfo user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, there are concerns with load speed. Users also note that it might take some time to check out all of the tools and features available with the user interface because it is very robust. 

Below are pros and cons of the ZoomInfo user interface based on customer reviews and online testimonials. 

Pros of ZoomInfo User InterfaceCons of ZoomInfo User Interface
Easy to useSlow load speeds
Intuitive navigationTakes time to find all of the features and capabilities
Customizable searches Some sections are cluttered
Robust data across the globeSome outdated information 
Easy to access customer service or supportNeed to clean up files on export

What is the ZoomInfo free trial?

ZoomInfo offers three subscription tiers for their platform: Professional, Advanced, and Elite. Each tier offers specific access to ZoomInfo’s features and services. The Professional tier is the only subscription tier with a ZoomInfo free trial option. 

With the Professional tier from ZoomInfo, you can access the database of professional and company profiles, direct phone numbers and verified email addresses, and tailored lists of prospects and alerts. Some data is only available with higher tiers, though, including organizational charts, personal contact information, intent data, company attributes, and data-driven workflows. Additional native applications from ZoomInfo are available for a fee, including the Global Data Passport, website chat, automated email and calling outreach, and data-as-a-service.

ZoomInfo also charges users for ZoomInfo credits. Credits are consumed when a professional or company profile is exported from the platform, and one export uses one credit. Each subscription tier includes a certain number of credits. If an organization uses all of their monthly credits, they can purchase more. Credits are only used when users export data, not when data is viewed within the platform. 

Sign Up For Your ZoomInfo Free Trial

What is the ZoomInfo Community Edition?

In addition to the ZoomInfo free trial of the Professional tier, ZoomInfo offers another way for companies to access the ZoomInfo platform for free. The Community Edition is a program from ZoomInfo that offers limited access to the platform at no monetary cost. Instead of paying a monthly or annual fee, users can access the database by sharing their own business contacts. 

Anyone can use the ZoomInfo Community Edition if they have a supported device, including Microsoft Outlook or Google Apps for Business. However, if you are a current or past subscriber to ZoomInfo’s paid services, you cannot create a Community Edition account. Each company in the Community Edition can have up to three employees with access to the ZoomInfo Database. 

In order to utilize limited ZoomInfo features for free, users must allow ZoomInfo to access their email account and share their current contacts. ZoomInfo’s Contact Contributor software connects directly with Microsoft or Google Apps for Business and enables users to submit their business contacts. The Contact Contributor siphons specific contact data from your business email account, including:

  • Name 
  • Company
  • Title
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

The Contact Contributor only pulls information for business contacts. Personal emails and contact information are filtered out. ZoomInfo also only has access to content information through your email address. It cannot access the body of your email or review your correspondence. 

If you choose to use ZoomInfo’s Community Edition, your business contacts will not know that you shared their information with ZoomInfo. All data shared through the Contact Contributor is anonymous and not linked to a specific source. When contacts are added to the ZoomInfo database, they receive an email with the option to opt out. 

While some people may be wary of sharing business contact information and violating the privacy of their contacts, ZoomInfo adheres to all privacy standards. Contacts can also access ZoomInfo’s privacy center to opt out of the database at any time. However, it is important to note that users do not have control of which contacts ZoomInfo collects. If you join the Community Edition program, you have to share all business contacts in your business email account. 

ZoomInfo offers the Community Edition program as a way to build their database and enrich their data while providing valuable services to other organizations. If you join the Community Edition program, you can choose to unsubscribe at any time. The Contact Contributor can be uninstalled from your email account, and you can revoke ZoomInfo’s access within your email account settings. 

How long is the ZoomInfo free trial?

If you do not want to share access to your business email account through the Community Edition program, you can sign up for a ZoomInfo free trial of the Professional paid subscription. The ZoomInfo free trial for the Professional tier is available for 14 days, at which time you will be charged for services. 

If you are willing to grant ZoomInfo access to your business email account through the Community Edition program, you can access the database for free for as long as you like. You have access to the ZoomInfo Database until you leave the Community Edition program or deactivate the Contact Contributor from your email settings. 

Why are free trials important?

The most obvious benefit of a free trial is that you get to try before you buy. With a free trial, you can personally experience a product or service before investing in it. This allows you to better determine whether or not the product or service is worth your time and money. Users are often hesitant to invest in software if there is uncertainty. A free trial of a product, like the ZoomInfo free trial, helps users to make a more informed decision when purchasing and feel more confident in their decision. 

Free trials are also important because they allow managers and decision makers to receive feedback from their team. A manager may like a product and invest in it only to check out that it is not compatible for his or her team. If employees do not utilize the software, their company loses money on their investment. By allowing employees to access the software during the ZoomInfo free trial, decision makers can receive specific feedback on the product. This provides incredible insights for managers to determine whether a product is the right fit for their team. 

It is important to note that free trials typically provide only limited access. With ZoomInfo, only the Professional tier has an available free trial. If you need expanded services or additional access to ZoomInfo’s features, the free trial may not fully highlight the capabilities of ZoomInfo. 

ZoomInfo Free Trial Features

ZoomInfo only offers a free trial for their Professional ZoomInfo pricing package. The Professional tier offers limited access to the ZoomInfo database, including professional and company profiles, business phone numbers and email addresses, and prospect lists and alerts tailored to meet your needs. There are also plug-and-play integrations available with the Professional tier. 

If you require additional insights and go-to-market features, the Advanced or Elite pricing tiers may be better suited to your needs. 

ZoomInfo Free Trial Integrations

ZoomInfo offers a variety of plug-and-play integrations to quickly connect your sales and marketing tools to the database. Top ZoomInfo integrations include: 

Review of the ZoomInfo Free Trial

The ZoomInfo free trial is great for users that intend to purchase the Professional subscription package. If your company requires only surface-level business data and minimal automation tools, the Professional package meets those needs. You can utilize the 14-day free trial to ensure that the ZoomInfo database meets your expectations. However, if you are willing to allow ZoomInfo to access your business email account, the Community Edition program offers free access to the ZoomInfo database for a longer period of time. 

What other free trials are there like ZoomInfo?

There are several ways to find business contact information and email addresses for free in addition to the ZoomInfo free trial. A variety of programs and software platforms offer free trials or free plans to access email addresses. If you combine all of the available free trials and free plans, you can gain access to a considerable number of email addresses at no cost. Here is a list of free email finders.

What does ZoomInfo cost?  

ZoomInfo does not provide pricing information on their website, and you must contact their sales team to receive a quote. Information is available on ZoomInfo starting prices, and you can learn how much does ZoomInfo cost.

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