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Affinity Pricing Pricing – Actual Prices To Understand Cost

Table of Contents

Are you looking to get an understanding of Affinity Pricing? We’ve got you covered as we’ve acquired basic pricing so you can see if the starting cost is a fit. is a relationship intelligence platforms that enables teams to leverage their network to close deals and manage relationships by auto-populating your CRM.

What is

Affinity is a relationship intelligence platform for dealmakers. More than 2000 organizations have closed deals with Affinity. helps to find and drive deals with relationship intelligence based on your whole team’s network and activities. By doing so, Affinity helps manage your team’s time management and manpower.’s vision is to create a world where anyone can cultivate and fully harness their network to succeed. is building a new kind of infrastructure to power all relationship-driven industries and applications. Relationship Intelligence Platform

Affinity Pricing has many products and services that they offer. For instance, they have Affinity CRM, Affinity Analytics, Affinity Alliances, Affinity Integrations, Affinity MObile and Affinity Extensions. pricing starts from $150/user per year. However, for more detailed information, you can contact sales team or contact us.

Affinity Pricing Plans

There are a number of features available with every version of Affinity.

Here is a the list of what each service in can provide to their clients:

  1. Affinity CRM helps users deliver relationship insights, deal management and fully automated data entry.
  • Automate Every Contact and Company Profile
  • Easy Pipeline Management
  • Close Deals Faster With Relationship Intelligence
  1. Affinity Analytics allows users to easily surface real-time insights and drill into the trends that will shape the future of your business.
  • Understand and Optimize Your Deal Pipeline
  • Extend Your Analytics Beyond the Pipeline
  • Build Stakeholder Confidence in Your Team
  1. Affinity Alliances help connect networks with close partners and allies to unlock the paths to your biggest opportunities.
  • Connect and See a Bigger Universe of Relationships
  • Grow Your Opportunities Further with Alliances for Groups
  • Get Relationship Insights Where You Prospect
  1. Affinity Integrations allows users to connect many popular tools with Affinity to increase users’ efficiency and show up smarter.
  • You can integrate with other softwares and platforms such as:
  1. Affinity Mobile enables you to build your network, drive deals forward and collaborate from anywhere be it using iOS or Android.
  • Manage Your Pipeline From Anywhere
  • Engage the Right People While You Travel
  1. Affinity Extensions allows you to access your relationship intelligence in the tools you use daily. In Affinity Extensions, they offer services such as:
  • Affinity Meeting
  • Affinity for Email
  • Affinity Pathfinder
  • Affinity for Mobile Product Comparison

Among other customer relationship management that can compete with is Nutshell. Nutshell is an all-in-one CRM and email marketing platform that helps businesses and organizations work together to secure more deals. Nutshell’s interface is simple enough for any individual user and sophisticated enough for businesses. 

However, there are many differences in the features that make a few steps ahead of Nutshell. For example, Affinity provides key features such as automate your pipeline, increase data flow and use data intelligence. Affinity has been reviewed to have better features for businesses compared to Nutshell.

How Much Does Affinity Cost? pricing starts from $150/user per year. However, for more detailed information, you can contact sales team.

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