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signNow Pricing

signNow Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans, Enterprise Too

Table of Contents

Are you in the market for an eSignature tool and looking to better understand signNow pricing? We’ve got you covered with a breakdown of signNow pricing plans, as well as alternatives for signNow if it’s not a fit.

What is signNow?

signNow was founded in 2011 and is known for providing cloud-based electronic signature technology. It is targeted towards individuals as well as businesses by allowing them to sign and manage their documents from any device. The aim of the company is to empower businesses to “digitize their approval process’ and ‘create productive teams.”

SignNow has helped over 20 million people and businesses worldwide to sign and send documents and has grown immensely over the years to provide a number of solutions to departments such as: Healthcare, construction, real estate and insurance amongst others.  Wether you’re an Account Manager or Account Executive, signNow can be a useful piece of software to add to the stack.

signNow’s product include:

  • eSignature
  • Document generation
  • Web forms
  • Payments
  • Contract management
  • airSlate eSignature

signNow pricing

signNow is a subscription based model. The signNow cost can increase depending on the number of users that are a part of the plan.

signNow offers a free 7 day trial for users to test their product and are able to choose from one of their four plans, these include: Individual plan, Business plan, Business Premium, airSlate Business Cloud and enterprise plan.

signNow provides access to a range of tools within each subscription and also caters for individuals.

Their individual plan starts at $9.99 per month which is billed as $119.88 yearly or $14.99 billed monthly.

The pricing for Salesforce is different and starts at $12 per user per month and allows documents to be sent, tracked, signed and saved in Salesforce which will enable sales departments to work more efficiently.

As there is a limit to how many documents can be signed per month, users are given the option to upgrade their subscription to access more signatures. signNow also has special packages for businesses and global enterprises that cater to their needs.

signNow Pricing Plans 

Business plan

  • $8 per month per user (yearly)
  • $20 per month per user (monthly)
  • You can buy this plan for up to 10 users, for more users you need to contact the team directly.

signNow Cost for a team of 6 users:

If you have a small business and want to test the basic version of signNow’s features then this is the ideal option for you. 

For $8 per month per user, you would be billed yearly. This means that $96 would be the cost per year and for a team of 6 you’d be paying a total of $576 for the business plan annually.

If you decide to pay as you go and want to test the product out first, it may be better to go for their pay monthly plan which is at $20 per user monthly. If a team of 6 used this plan for 6 months, the total cost would be $720.

Business Premium

  • $15  per month per user (yearly)
  • $30 per month per user (monthly)

This signNow plan advertises to hold the best value in terms of pricing and the features that you receive.

signNow Cost for a team of 9 for Business Premium:

This could be ideal for a small/medium sized business which is looking to personalise their documents and add their own logo to documents.

If a team of 9 users purchased this plan at $15, the total cost for one year would be $1620 (£180 x 12).

If a team of 9 purchased this signNow plan for 3 months, the total cost would be $810 (30 x 9 = $270 x 3)

Here we can see that there is a big discount for a larger team to purchase yearly, as the total cost for three months is half of what is payable for the whole year.

airSlate Business Cloud

  • $50 per month per user with a minimum of 5 users within the plan.

signNow Cost for 5 users within airSlate Business Cloud plan:

A team of 5 users who buy this plan at $50 each per month, would be paying $250 per month and $3000 annually. However, this depends on whether signNow has a monthly payment option and if there are any discounts within this plan.

signNow Enterprise pricing

  • $30 per month per user if billed yearly.
  • $50 per month per user if billed monthly.
  • For up to 10 users. For a personalised plan, businesses can contact the company directly and set up a meeting with one of their sales representatives.
  • It is unclear what the pricing would be for 100 seats as signNow offers personalised plans for large corporations and it would be best to speak to them for more information.

Cost for 10 users for the signNow enterprise pricing plan:

If a team of 10 purchased the $30 plan for the year, the total cost would be $3,600 (30 x 10 users x 12).

If they were to buy the monthly plan at $50, the total cost would be $500 per month (50 x 10 users).

signNow product comparison

The main difference between the four types of plans comes down to the features included, the technology involved and the support.

Price planNumber of signersAdditional featuresType of support available
Business1Basic featuresLive chat
Business Premium2+Unlimited teamsSend in bulkDocument groupsSigning link invitesKiosk modeLive chat
Enterprise2+Personalised brandingCalculated fieldsAdvanced threat protectionAdvanced authenticationSmart fieldsLive chat
airSlate Business Cloud2+Organisational dashboardHIPAA complianceAdvanced threat protection21 CFR Part 11 complianceSSOBusiness protection automationUS Legal Form libraryPhone support
Personal integration support

How much does signNow cost?

If a business had 10 seats at $30 per user the total cost would be $3600 per year.

We can see from the different pricing plans that the one which offers the biggest saving is the Business premium plan as a team can save the most by selecting their yearly option.

The different price plans reflect the technology involved within each plan as well as the features that are offered. Therefore, it is best to carry out some research on what your business needs are, the number of users that you want to add as well as the budget for the service.

Alternatives to signNow

This is a crowded category with many DocuSign competitors and PandaDoc competitors to consider.

  1. DocuSign
  2. GetAccept
  3. HelloSign
  4. ZohoSign
  5. RightSignature
  6. Signaturely
  7. PandaDoc
  8. AdobeSign
  9. Proposify
  10. DocSend
  11. Dotloop

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