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VICIdial pricing

VICIdial pricing – Actual prices for all plans, including alternatives

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What is VICIdial?

VICIdial pricing isn’t easy to find and if you’re looking for an open-source contact center solution, you may want to consider VICIdial. Starting from inbound calls to outbound calls and other call logistics regarding customer service. The VICIdial cost is possibly one of the better among its competitors for its ease of access, use and affordability.

It is also one of the most popular open-source contact center solutions in the world with customer sales reaching up to 14,000 installations. Additionally, the versatility of this program does not stop at large entities, you may be able to rely on VICIdial even if you’re a startup.

Open-Source Contact Center Solution

VICIdial Pricing

VICIdial can provide you solutions from their own site at a cost, however, the software itself is free. You will be obliged to pay a bill for using their services nevertheless. With the additional VICIdial pricing, you will be given basic training along with a few features you would not be able to access on the free software.

Given the complicated nature of the software, a certain level of expertise is required to use it and that is not very intuitive and training is required on a mass scale for anyone who will interact with the service on a long-term basis.

VICIdial Pricing Plans

Since VICIdial is open-source software, there are no particular VICIdial pricing plans. However, acquiring training and other benefits come at a cost. 

In the first month of using their service and to acquire the training and set up, you will have to pay a fee of $1,000 USD. In the VICIdial pricing package you will find the following:

  • Configuration & setup of the dialer.
  • 8 hours of support to train your administrators on how to manage the dialer.
  • Copies of the Agent & Manager manuals.
  • Zoiper Webphone license (use is optional).
  • $25 portal credit for test calling.
  • Cell phone scrubbing and filtering.
  • Exclusive access to the VICIdial agent soundboard system.

VICIdial Enterprise Pricing

There is no separate enterprise VICIdial pricing. However, to continue using their services and keep the paid features you will have to pay a fee of $400 USD in the following months. With this additional fee, VICIdial will give their support for the webphone license if you wish to work with it.

They also offer a competitive SIP trunking service at 1.5 cents per minute which is conveniently

billed in 6-second increments, which is extremely affordable for any institute or company, start-up or otherwise.

VICIdial Product Comparison

VICIdial has a few competitors on the market. They are equally affordable but offer different packages and deals and features. Some of them may align perfectly with your needs while VICIdial cost may not be the best for you. Here are some comparisons:

Zoho meeting

It is a great alternative that has the same features as VICIdial

  • Free plan
  • Subscription
  • Free trial

Other software and solutions, however, are not free or affordable and generally meant for larger entities.

How much does VICIdial cost?

VICIdial software is free but you will be charged to use their Zoiper functions which come at a cost of €39.95 or $42.04 USD and if you use Zoiper 5 for Windows, Mac & Linux, you will be charged €39.95 + €7.99 (total €47.94 or $50.46 USD).

For other services such as training, the VICIdial pricing for the first month will be $1000 USD and the monthly subscription after the first month will be $400 USD for each additional month with an extra hour of support.

If VICIdial Pricing is Too High, Check Out These VICIdial Alternatives

If the VICIdial cost is not something you are comfortable with, there are plenty of VICIdial alternatives. Granted you will not get the same exact features as VICIdial.

That would be the case if VICIdial pricing was comparatively more expensive, which is not. VICIdial is one of the more affordable service solutions on the market, only a couple may be less expensive compared to VICIdial.

You can check out services like RingCentral competitors, Talkdesk, Vonage, Five9, Aircall, 8×8, 3CX, Grasshopper, Dialpad. While they may not be more affordable, they might be more efficient and user-friendly for your needs.

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