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Torii vs BetterCloud

Torii vs BetterCloud – Which Is Better And Why?

Table of Contents

If you’re looking for a comparison of Torii vs BetterCloud, you’ve come to the right place.

Torii and BetterCloud are SaaS management platforms (SMP) that help organizations manage their SaaS stack. A SaaS Management Platform, also called as SMP is a platform that allows IT operations managers in organizations to manage the daily operations that happen on various software such as Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, and other commonly used SaaS applications. SMP allows IT administrators to manage the application policies, implement corrective actions, mitigate software risks, identify risky softwares, track application usage, and automate IT administrative tasks.

There are many SaaS management solutions available in the market. Two popular ones are Torii and BetterCloud. We’ll explore what are the differences between BetterCloud vs Torii? 

By the end of this article, you will have all a better understanding and overiview of Torii vs BetterCloud. In this article, we have compared these two softwares by various parameters such as their pricing, features, reviews, and other relevant information when evaluating the tools.

What is Torii

Torii is a SaaS management solution built to streamline control and understanding of SaaS usage and costs from a single view. Torii gets a detailed view of your software licenses and technology stack from vast data resources that update in real-time. 

The tool includes cards to optimize and track software contributions by connecting to accounting, ERP and payroll systems. This dedicated SaaS management software helps companies like Instacart and Payoneer. Torii software follows a supply-based pricing strategy.

Torii Overview

What is BetterCloud

BetterCloud is a SaaS management platform that discovers, manages, and protects SaaS applications. BetterCloud provides visibility into unsanctioned apps (shadow IT) and can protect your business from malicious threats. BetterCloud provides an end-to-end solution for Windows. This SaaS management system provides compliance management, usage tracking/analysis, user activity monitoring, event logging, and SaaS operations management in one place.

BetterCloud being a suite of enterprise cloud office platforms, has various solutions that provide automated management, critical insights, and intuitive data security. BetterCloud allows users to leverage open APIs to seamlessly connect data from any source and get a secure way to maintain complete control without the need for cumbersome setup.

BetterCloud Overview

Torii Vs BetterCloud

Torii Product Overview

Torii, a cloud-based platform that supports tracking, controlling, and optimizing usage and spend management for various SaaS applications, including identity management, communications, CRM, marketing, human resources, finance, and accounting. 

This software provides tools to automate tasks and workflows, giving IT departments continuous insight into application usage and optimization opportunities. It allows users to connect their existing source of data to Torii and access thousands of applications including Salesforce, GitHub, Trello, Asana, Zapier, Zendesk, and various identity managers and financial systems.

Applications are automatically recognized and mapped by Torii. Users can keep track of which applications are being used, by whom, and how often. It also enables users to identify anomalous financial activity, surface new applications, and external users, and uncover optimization opportunities such as Similar applications in use. 

Automation tools in Torii enable users to automate many routine tasks, such as assigning product owners. Notifications of upcoming SasS renewals are automatically generated, and onboarding and offboarding workflows can be automated as well.

The solutions Torii offers are as follows:

  1. Shadow IT: Enables identifying risky apps by putting them under shadow IT portfolio, get the apps out of shadow IT portfolio.
  2. SaaS Onboarding and offboarding: This includes tools and features that enable accelerating the application process, and building dynamic offboarding checklists. Offers native HRIS integrations. Provides compliance-ready audit trails.
  3. SaaS Spend Optimization: This includes tools and features that enable measuring App ROI, auto license reclamation, proactive planning, and renewals.
  4. SaaS Renewal and Vendor Management: Allows measuring true SaaS ROI, and helps eliminate waste and redundancy. Supports maintaining a complete contract lifecycle within Torii. (Inception to Renewal). Offers automated alerting and messaging and a visual renewal calendar.

BetterCloud Product

BetterCloud provides insight, automated management, and intelligent data security for your cloud office platform. BetterCloud provides solutions for Google Apps and Office 365 and is trusted by IT teams around the world. BetterCloud can provision users’ accounts, modify them in the middle of their lifecycle, and listen to these activities from existing identity or HR systems such as OneLogin and Namely. 

When these activities occur, BetterCloud triggers a series of automated actions (zero-touch automation) to fully onboard the user, make changes to the board, remove them from the board, grant permissions, You can set preferences, memberships, and more. 

BetterCloud can help to eliminate potential user errors and strengthen security by automatically setting granular controls for new users and revoking access to all data objects for departing employees. BetterCloud keeps a report of each workflow, so the security team logs every action taken against new and former employee accounts. 

Multiple discovery methods such as OAuth and SSO, BetterCloud Check out provide complete, centralized visibility into all sanctioned and unsanctioned applications in your IT environment.

BetterCloud gives IT and security teams visibility into insider behavior and automated alerts to suspicious behavior. Identifying threatening user behavior is one way to go, but your security posture is still at risk if you can’t effectively respond to these alerts. For example, blocking or revoking access to files, logging a user out of an application or SSO, revoking admin privileges, etc.

The solutions offered by BetterCloud are as follows:

  1. BetterCloud Discover: Provides a complete view of all SaaS applications in your environment to better allocate SaaS spending and reduce security risks. It offers features that help you to understand the SaaS apps that are in use in your organization and find opportunities for standardization and improved communication. It helps address security concerns by automatically removing redundant or non-approved third-party apps that users bring into the SaaS environment. It lets you identify and consolidate applications that are redundant and eliminate idle licenses to improve operational efficiency and cost efficiency.
  2. BetterCloud Manage: Coordinate effective and efficient automation of time-consuming and error-prone tasks so you can focus on what matters most. This ensures all new hires have immediate access to the devices, apps, data, and groups they need to deliver value in their new roles. Included features allow you to efficiently manage employee turnover by automatically removing user access and transferring files to save time and protect corporate content. By integrating BetterCloud automation with an ITSM, you can eliminate manual, time-consuming employee requests, so you can focus more energy on higher-value activities.
  3. BetterCloud Secure: It provides features that let you automatically prevent threats and protect corporate data with comprehensive, centralized, and in-depth security capabilities. Simplify risk identification by easily scanning SaaS data for a variety of preconfigured and custom data types and notifying you of unwanted access and disclosure. Instantly send and receive alerts when too much internal, external, or public data is being shared, and trigger automated workflows to maintain consistent security policies across your environment. It has the ability to set unified roles and permissions that ensure delegated administrators have access only to the resources they need to perform their intended function.

BetterCloud Vs Torii

BetterCloud Key Features

  1. Depth of integrations- API integrations offer extraordinary visibility, management, and automation  
  2. Bespoke regulations- Build granular regulations to deal with vital safety threats, without disrupting personal workflows  
  3. Customizable orchestration- Reduce organizational chance thru automatic multi-step, cross-software remediation paths  
  4. Automate tedious paintings- Free up your group to recognition on higher-effect initiatives. Save time and decrease human mistakes via way of means of automating repetitive tasks, which includes onboarding and offboarding  
  5. Eliminate time losing coping with more than one admin console- With one manage center, you benefit from a breathtaking view of your environment, sell statistics integrity throughout apps, and expedite your reaction to threats  
  6. Support best-in-magnificence SaaS- Empower your business enterprise to paint quicker via way of means of turning in speedy aid of SaaS apps. Regain management of your SaaS sprawl, reply faster to habitual requests, and without difficulty make bulk modifications to settings and statistics  
  7. Action engine- Action Engine is a primary repository of over 250 administrator movements designed for everyday SaaS management. Action Engine will increase the productiveness of groups who aid more than one SaaS package via way of means of making it smooth to control habitual updates, make bulk modifications, and expedite remediation of safety threats  
  8. Delivers contextual signals that preserve your knowledge of impactful personal sports and incidents.

Torii Key Features

  1. Provides complete visibility of your SaaS applications in one place. It helps you see how different applications are being used and to whom licenses are assigned, giving you a more detailed insight into your applications.
  2. It’s easy and intuitive to use, so you’ll get used to it quickly.
  3. Torii automates repetitive IT tasks like license renewals, employee onboarding, and more.
  4. It helps you stay compliant. Alerts you to non-compliant apps automate offboarding and eliminate the risk of data breaches by ex-employees. Optimize your SaaS spend by eliminating duplicate applications and reducing the risks associated with shadow IT.
  5. Provides a Self-Service Portal.
  6. Enables audit management, node management, cost management, and SLA management. access control
  7. Insight: One of Torii’s main goals is to avoid wasting money on unnecessary software. On the Insights page, Torii gives an overview of the entire software library. This includes the total number of users, applications, and spending over the last 12 months.
  8. Torii identifies app owners: Today’s business app users are increasingly making unilateral decisions about tool selection. As a result, IT departments cannot fully own the technical solutions in their area of ​​responsibility. However, Torii works by identifying an internal “owner” of each software product. This team member is the IT contact for all decisions and activities related to the use of the product. Knowing who owns each application your company subscribes to helps you better understand how it fits into your business.
  9. Workflow: Torii comes with a built-in workflow builder. This allows IT managers to understand everything that happens in their company’s software stack. The most common use of workflows is to recognize added apps. This makes it a great software gatekeeper as it can monitor all new cloud-based applications. Once detected, IT administrators can set the status of the software. For example, “Discovered”, “Under review”, and “Approved”.
  10. App owners receive a notification that the IT department has discovered a new application. App owners also receive a form to complete for IT approval.
  11. Reports: Torii not only gives you data and dashboards to make changes, but it also helps you make data-driven decisions with actionable reports. These provide a clear overview of your company’s application usage and spending. There are currently two types of reports that Torii can generate.
  12. Risk Analysis: Managing SaaS in a software ecosystem with hundreds or thousands of apps carries cybersecurity, governance, and compliance risks. Cost Analysis: You can comb through Torii’s cost analysis report to identify your most expensive software investments.
  13. User: Speaking of owners, each user can be associated with countless applications on the Torii platform. This applies to app access, use, and ownership. You can easily see which user owns which app by looking at the app icons in the Owner column.
  14. Expenses: Go to the Expenses page to view the financial aspects of your software infrastructure. This will give you a complete overview of your company’s expenses.
  15. Torii if you have an ERP like NetSuite.

Torii Vs BetterCloud 

Torii Pricing

Customer pricing for software is available upon request. Estimates for pricing are that it starts around $50,000+ a year.

BetterCloud Pricing

Pricing is quotation based. But the estimated cost can range from a starting price of $3/user/month to $10/user/month. The pricing may vary based on the feature-specific package/plan opted by the customer. The subscription is billed annually and may have a platform fee.

Torii Vs BetterCloud

Torii Reviews


  1. Simple to use
  2. Good automation and workflow functionality


  1. Application detection is not accurate. Torii detects fewer applications than other SMPs on the market. Due to the small size of the application library, Torii cannot find many SaaS applications.
  2. Fewer direct integrations: The number of direct integrations with Torii is lower than other solutions present in the market, providing deep insight into a limited number of applications that enables you  to optimize and use all your apps. In other words, only some apps can find less used apps. Secure and compliant: The low number of direct integrations means that policy enforcement is difficult to monitor for most apps. After offboarding, you may still be wondering if your ex-employee is accessing your app.
  3. Onboarding takes time: Manual input is required during setup, and initial setup can be cumbersome unless you streamline your application information.
  4. Relient on integrations
  5. Doesn’t integrate SaaS purchasing
  6. Reporting needs improvement

BetterCloud Reviews


  1. It has automation capabilities and bulk administration tools that allow admins to spend less time on tasks that need bulk updates, and others and more time working on important new things.
  2. Drive reporting allows for content-based scanning of G Suite Google Drive to empower admins.
  3. SaaS automation not only allows admins to build workflows and carry out actions in multiple pre-connected systems but also allows admins to connect systems via API. It’s very extensible.
  4. Supports delegation management, whereas Google Admin does not.
  5. Provides the ability to centrally manage signature.
  6. Provides a wide variety of canned reports and also allows users to create reports with easy drag-and-drop functionality.


  1. The interface can be quite cluttered depending on what you want to do. 
  2. There are a lot of tools.
  3. Documentation can be improved. The written documentation for workflows and API is a little tough to follow.
  4. The software is a little clunky, and often lags and or fails
  5. Too generic software.
  6. Less available options and choices to make email signature stand out.
  7. Only SaaS activity ad hoc, detection but doesn’t support prevention of it.
  8. Due to its steep learning curve, you may need extra training sessions to take full advantage of this platform.
  9. Limited direct integrations are available.
  10. Expensive software. To make the most out of BetterCloud software, you must go for the Enterprise plan, which is quite expensive compared to the other options available in the market.

Torii vs BetterCloudWhich Is Better?

Your company may have hundreds of SaaS applications in its tech stack. That means you may need a SaaS management platform that helps you track costs, manage permissions, and understand app usage. This will help when you need to start procurement negotiation.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive SaaS management platform that increases visibility through robust dashboards, the ability to create custom workflows, and the option to automate routine tasks using triggers and actions, go with Tori. 

Although BetterCloud software has native integrations for various SaaS apps, but it just scratches the surface of the thousands of SaaS apps out there. Automating them helps, but many of them have to be built from scratch. This means there can be a steep learning curve and can lead to user error.BetterCloud is also an expensive option, so SMP shouldn’t be your first choice unless your company uses enterprise-level SaaS applications.

When comparing the quality of ongoing product support Torii can stand as a preferred option. For feature updates and roadmaps, reviewers preferred the direction of Torii over BetterCloud also is quite valid. 

Lastly based on suitability, BetterCloud is kind of more suitable for IT and Security teams of all sizes and industries who need to manage their SaaS application portfolio and secure the sensitive data stored in those apps. It may not be the best fit for startups and smaller enterprises. 

While Torii is best suited for IT professionals, Finance and Procurement teams and CISO organizations.

Torii Vs BetterCloud Alternatives

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