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What is

What is – Reviews, Pricing, Alternatives & More

Table of Contents

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of what is so you can get a complete understanding of the offering. If you realize it’s not a fit for your needs, we’ll even share alternatives worth considering.

What is offers a suite of online accounting services involved in invoicing and bill payment. Bills can be paid electronically or through paper checks once the copies are automatically scanned. It integrates with a wide range of applications like Xero and QuickBooks. Alongside creating AR and AP solutions through automation, it simplifies record payment and document storage. is also available as a mobile application to iOs and Android users. Some of the services it offers include- invoicing, approval process, sorting, payment history overview, payment adjustment, audit trail, and passcode authentication. We’ll get into more details below.

What Is Used For? is used for the following (not limited to):

  • ACH payment processing
  • Accounting
  • Access Control
  • Accounts Payable
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Accounts Receivable
  • API 
  • Contingency Billing
  • Compliance Management
  • Expense Tracking
  • Forecasting
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Fraud Detection
  • Invoice Processing
  • Overpayment Processing Products 

  • Accounts Payable eliminates the need for manual entry by offering various options to input the invoices in the system. Users can tailor their business workflow according to the requirements and take care of the routing management. It offers a wide range of payment options and is connected with leading payment networks which leads to enhanced flexibility and control over payment processing. automatically syncs data related to invoices, accounts, and payments between and the accounting software. It boosts visibility and offers a complete picture of the money that is coming in and going out of the organization, which helps in making an informed decision. It simplifies the tech stack by eliminating the need for two software to sync.

  • Accounts Receivable lets the user create professional invoices aligning with the brand and the services they offer. They can create invoices using a wide range of templates available with, customize them and reuse them whenever they need. The automatic unique numbering makes tracking invoices an easy task. boasts flexibility in sending mail by giving the option to either send the mail through their respective inbox or using US mail. Users can either send the mail immediately or schedule them for a certain date. It allows setting up recurring invoices for regular customers. I’s monitoring feature allows keeping a track of the invoices, filtering them by status, and automated reminders help in informing the regular customers about their pending invoices. Invoices, accounts, and classes can be synced manually or they can be automated. With auto-charge and auto-pay, users can put the accounts receivable on auto-pilot.

  • Credit and Expense Management

Divvy, a company manages credit and expense management. It provides credit accessibility to any business, regardless of its size to enable smart spending among the companies. It works as a one-stop platform to track all the different expenses- from invoices, card charges, subscriptions, and reimbursements. It ensures that the month end becomes a quick and hassle-free process by coding the expenses in a few taps and syncing them quickly with the accounting system.

It offers automatic receipt matching, and rule-based auto-categorization, and automates expense reports to simplify the expense management process. It gives the organization complete control to minimize fraud and overspending by offering real-time insights into the expenses. Solutions 

  • Payment Automation automates payment and offers auto-data entry to automatic sync with the accounting software thus boosting efficiency by streamlining AP and AR. The accountant console centrally manages all the data and provides easy access to all the clients. Accountant Resource Centre offers essential tools like templates and tips to standardize the payment practice.

  • Automating Accounts Payable, Managing Invoices lets the users optimize control and reduce manual errors by automatically syncing AP with integrated accounting software. They can keep a track of and monitor the cash and payables in real-time. The cloud system offering unlimited storage manages invoices, bills, and contracts while automatically capturing AP activity in a time-stamped audit trail. The AI-driven software streamlines AP workflow and payments leaving the team with more time to focus on tasks that add value to the business. The role-based separation of duties, limits who can access the data. It allows the creation of custom roles depending on the requirements of the business.

  • AI Invoice Capture, Audit Trails

AI-driven invoice capture minimizes manual data entry and reduces the possibility of errors. Users can track expenses by the fund and automatically sync them with the accounting software. It allows tracking of the approval status with in-app team communication and automated approvals. Separation of duty and restricted access to data and information minimizes the possibility of misuse of funds and the risk of fraud. Automated timestamp of audit trails creates permanent records, bills, and payments. Paperless electronic payment options like ACH, credit card, and virtual cards overcome the challenges associated with vendor payment and expense reimbursement. It simplifies audits by granting read-only access to documents to enhance remote accessibility.

  • Privacy and Security

It has electronically protected health information installed within to ensure privacy and security of data with automated AP and AR workflow. It enhances control with role-based permission and offers limited access to invoices and payments. It minimizes the use of paper and provides an audit trail of the activity with unlimited document storage. makes payment flexible for users by offering a wide range of options like  ACH, credit card, virtual card payment, and international payment. The cloud solution with the mobile app makes it easy to review, approve and pay invoices. 

  • Digital Workflows and Approval Policies

AI-driven invoice capture and duplicate invoice detection eliminate the need for manual data entry. The digital workflow and unlimited cloud storage make it easy to manage AP processes and help in the proper organization of invoices, bills, and payments. digitizes payments with ACH, credit card, virtual card, and international payments and allows keeping a track of the payment status. Approval policies can be managed and controlled by limited access to the invoices, and payments to the approvers and payers with role-based separation. The automation across teams, vendors, and customers can be deployed easily.  The cloud connectivity lets review, approve and process payments on the go.

  • Organizing and Mobile Apps

Organizing invoices, bills, and the contract is easy with unlimited cloud data storage and digitized workflow. The AI-driven software simplifies AP workflow and frees up time for the team to focus on strategic tasks. The mobile app gives the team freedom to review, approve and manage invoices from any corner of the world, as long as there is a stable internet connection. automatically syncs with the accounting software and offers AI-driven invoice capture and duplication detection to minimize manual entry. Role-based separation of duties lets create and customize roles according to the business’s landscape and scale as the requirements change.

  • Cloud Based, Secure, Payment Options

The cloud-based solution five the freedom to review, approve and manage payments anywhere on the. AI-driven software minimizes manual data entry and takes care of invoice capture and duplication detection. By automating and streamlining bill pay workflow, it simplifies AP workflow and management. offers multiple payment options like ACH, credit card, and virtual card and lets the users make the payment same day or another day with pre-approaved payments. It enhances security and control with integrated Transport Layer Security and manages client accessibility with 2-step verification. Pricing pricing is based off the type of business; offers two pricing structures based on the type of business- one is for general business functions and the other one is for accounting firms.

There are 3 plans offered

General Business

GoalPay bills and get paidPay billsGet paid
Plan with Price and FeatureCorporate- $79 user/month
Centralized inboxInvoice Data captureCustomized Invoice TemplatePayment Status TrackingAuto-charge and auto-pay
Essential- $45 user/month

Centralized inbox360-degree vendor inboxCustom user rolesWire transfer through ACH, credit card, and international paymentUnlimited document storage
Essential- $45 user/month
Payment status trackingACH, credit cardAutomated email remindersAuto-charge and auto-payCustomized Invoice Template
Custom Pricing
Single Sign-onDual ControlAPI AccessMulti-entity, multi-location accounting file capabilitiesPhone support
Team-$55 user/month
Standard approval policiesCustom user roles360-degree vendor infoUnlimited document storageCentralized Inbox
Team- $55 user/month
Single/ recurring invoiceAutomated email remindersAuto-charge and auto-payCustomized Invoice TemplateACH, credit card payments

For accounting firms:

PlanPricingFeaturesTrial available?
Accountant Partner Program$49 per monthProduct TrainingOne-on-one coachingAccountant Resource CentreAccountant ConsoleYes (no need to enter credit card details)

Bill.Com Reviews 2022 Pros 

  • Quick and easy setup.
  • Fixing sync issues is easy.
  • Intuitive and makes managing the accounting system smooth.
  • Ease of communication regarding the bills and payments in progress.
  • Bills can be created, approved, and paid anywhere from any device. 
  • It enables efficiency mapping with QuickBooks.
  • It automates the AP and AR process, making it paperless and efficient. Cons 

  • Customer support needs to be more responsive.
  • Tracking bills at the time of the annual audit can be difficult because the bills are paid the same day.
  • Syncing invoices and proof of payment with Quickbooks online is challenging.
  • Account gets deactivated for no reason.

Now that we have provided you with an overview of what is and what are its features and solutions, let us have a look at some of the competitors and alternatives. When considering a tool like it’s important to do your homework before committing to a solution. Competitors and Alternatives 


Stampli is an AP automation and invoice management software that aims at enhancing control and visibility of the spending from different sources in one place. It offers 3 products- Stampli Card, AP automation, and Stampli direct pay. AP automation centralizes communication to boost collaboration and facilitate better communication with stakeholders, vendors, and approvers, thus speeding up approvals.

Stampli makes use of artificial intelligence to identify the buyer’s behavior, pin out duplicates, and simplify the coding associated with General Ledger. Stampli Direct Pay streamlines payment runs by providing quick and easy access to all the documents and details related to the payment. While the other reconciliation methods require the person to log on a different portal outside the bank, Stampli direct pay batch processes ACH payments. Stampli Card is integrated with AP automation software to offer users complete control and visibility of their credit card spending.


Airbase is a spend management platform for AP automation, bill payments, corporate reimbursements, and real-time reporting. It aims at replacing manual workflows with automated spend management software. By automating workflow, it helps the team spend their time on value-added tasks. It works as a single source of truth for the entire company, eliminates reconciliations, creates audit trails, and standardizes practices.

Airbase as a alternative offers a single platform for various types of payments be it card, check, ACH, vendor credits, and more. It lets the users create virtual cards for one-time or recurring payments. This results in generating audit trails and the transaction get automatically booked to the GL. Reimbursements can be submitted regardless of the location and the device, with an OCR technology scan that auto-populates the details. The reimbursement is deposited directly to the bank account once the details are approved.


Tipalti is a payment automation system and account payable software that manages, executes, and reconciles the process of making outbound payments to suppliers and partners. Its self-service portal enriches the supplier’s relationship by enhancing the web-based payment experience. The Supplier Hub minimizes the time spent by AP in onboarding vendors by automatically collecting and maintaining accurate data on the suppliers. It comes with a built-in fraud prevention system and global payment intelligence.

This alternative minimizes the error associated with payment by promptly identifying the issues beforehand. OCR and advanced data extraction eliminate manual data entry. Payments can be scheduled in batches and invoices get captured through email or a web portal. It offers a single end-to-end AP automation platform to capture, approve, pay and reconcile which enhances the standardization. It combines all the information related to payment like subsidiaries, regions, methods, and currencies all in one place for easy and instant reconciliation.

SAP Concur

SAP Concur as a alternative provides all the information regarding expense, traveling, and vendor invoice in one place. It automates, connects, and simplifies all the expenses, travel, and AP processes. The expense management tool eliminates the need for manual logging and lost receipts by automating and integrating expense management. It endorses and changes the spending policies and automatically captures the receipts and process reports. By making use of e-receipts, it automatically populates expense reports.

SAP Concur keeps track of the expense data and offers a complete picture of the business by integrating with the business’s ERP. The invoice management system automates the invoices and offers enhanced visibility into spending by reducing manual tasks. It helps minimize the possibility of fraud by ensuring compliance. It enables better decision-making by controlling the cost of vendor spending. The travel management automatically captures data and offers a consolidated view of the travel data on a single dashboard. Users can book air, rail, hotel, and more by using a single platform which gives the employees the freedom to book travel plans on their own.


AvidXchange is an AP automation and competitors. This software aims to minimize the manual efforts that go into paper-based invoicing and payments by automating the process with a few clicks. With its cloud-based invoice-to-pay solutions, users can automate their accounts payable by automatically syncing the GL codes, invoices, and payments. It minimizes the cost associated with paper invoices and payments.

AvidXchange ensures that the data is accurate by creating and maintaining custom workflows. It minimizes the risk associated with financial transactions by offering an e-payment option. It makes auditing and reporting easy with online records. Suppliers can choose from the method they prefer to pay which improves the business’s relationship with them. It offers a host of products to streamline and simplify invoice and payment processing-  AvidInvoice, AvidPay, AvidBuy, AvidUtility, AvidStrongroom, AvidAscend, TimberScan, TimberScan Titanium. 


MineralTree is an accounts payable automation software that aims at helping finance professionals streamline AP with AP and payment automation solutions. It minimizes the processing cost by automating the AP process whilst taking advantage of cashback and early pay discounts from virtual payments.

MineralTree manages invoice capture, approval, payment authorization, completion, and analysis which results in the team focusing on high-priority tasks that add value to the business. It can connect with more than 100 different types of ERP and accounting systems to automate the AP process and reconcile the information between the different platforms. It offers different solutions like TotalAP, TotalPay, Virtual Cards, and ERP Integration to different sectors like healthcare, non-profit, retail,  education, food, and beverage.

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