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The Best Call Center CRM Software

The Best Call Center CRM Software

Table of Contents

A call center CRM software is a technology that helps sales reps or agents to enhance customer service and improve user experience through access to customer interaction and account repositories. They can manage, modify, and track communication over multiple channels. It also enables employees to streamline sales and marketing processes.

A CRM for call centers can help you automate call routing processes so that the right caller reaches the right department. You can use the recording feature for training and issue-resolving purposes. This functionality is especially helpful to assist agents in efficiently catering to caller needs by pulling up their profile from the database. Such guided interaction not only solves issues faster, but also contributes to the overall customer experience. 

Why Is A CRM Important In A Call Center?

A comprehensive CRM software for call centers helps you to stay competitive in the market and essential for quality assurance. Businesses can streamline multiple day-to-day functions using this tool. 

A key metric to measure brand reputation is the quality of customer service. As the seismic shift to cloud made accessibility to goods and services easier, customer centrism has proven to be of paramount importance for continued growth. 

A study by Salesforce found that 83% of customers expect to immediately engage with an agent when contacting a company. The same study concluded that 91% buyers are likely to repurchase after a positive customer service experience while 78% will make a purchase decision based on the quality of service. Given that acquiring a new customer costs more than keeping them, it is more important than ever to invest in a call center CRM solution. 

Customer care is not the only concern for businesses. Every enterprise, irrespective of the industry type or size, wants to boost their sales revenue. Sales associates are required to increase the existing customer base by targeting potential leads. They can achieve this by responding to pre-sales queries based on buyer persona repositories stored in the CRM’s cloud. Access to purchase habits and buying behavior patterns is useful to proactively push new products and ensure uninterrupted buying cycles. 

While you would want your sales revenue to increase, you would want operation costs to decrease. Delay in response to queries longer than it is appropriate, unresolved issues even after multiple contacts and lack of adequate employees to cater to an increasing customer base are just some of the drawbacks that may negatively impact your bottom line and brand image. 

Call center CRM tools help you address these gaps by improving operational efficiency. The ACD (automated call distribution) directs calls to the concerned department based on the sequence of menu options they select. This functionality saves the time for both caller and agent as it eliminates the need for multiple rounds of manual issue identification. Lower resolution time means higher customer satisfaction.  Better service even helps you to reduce product returns.

Automated call recording is another beneficial feature of call center CRM software. Access to recorded communication helps you identify key areas of weakness by analyzing most frequent complaints. It provides valuable insights into latest trends so you can launch high demand products into the market. Finally, you can leverage recorded calls to improve sales pitch or work on a better strategy to build lasting customer relationships. 

Call Center CRM Software Options











Nextiva – Call Center CRM Software

What is Nextiva’s Call Center CRM

Nextiva is an AI based customer support software with a centralized platform. It is designed for remote work and can be deployed on mobile and desktop. It combines multi-channel communication platforms from a single interface to simplify agent tasks. Automatic traffic adjustment system combined with intelligent virtual agents allows agents to proactively handle inbound and outbound calls. 

Nextiva Overview

Nextiva CRM Features For Call Centers

VoIP service: Intelligent call routing system directs calls to the right person based on a defined set of policies. It allows you to announce working hours, route calls to live qualified agents, manage long wait times by allowing callers to leave a voicemail. Call pop displays the reason for incoming calls before it is answered. 

Sales tools: Tracks and manages sales processes from a single workspace. Shows progress on deals and cases that require attention in real time. Organize tasks, prioritize deals based on each stage and keep leads moving down the sales funnel by automatically managing tasks and sending personalized messages. 

Smart automation: Automatically sends welcome emails and surveys after an interaction, escalates cases with negative feedback and sends reminders for unattended tasks. Aids agents to make faster conversation by making real time suggestions based on chat subjects to help build better relationships. 

Analytics: Provides useful insights into workflows to help you make better decisions. Scheduled reports give a real time overview of organizational activities. Monitors performance with real time data to identify and address issues. Analyses and compares latest trends and marketing campaigns. 

Nextiva CRM Integrations For Call Centers

Nextiva can be integrated with all major CRM platforms like Zoho, Salesforce and Hubspot. It integrates with a total of 19 existing tools. Pre-built or custom APIs and SDKs can also be connected with ease. 

Nextiva CRM Pricing

Nextiva offers flexible pricing plans based on annual or monthly subscriptions and has three types of plans – essential, professional and enterprise. The cost also depends on the number of users. Refer to the table below for detailed pricing plans.

Number of users
Plan Level1 – 45 – 1920 – 99100+
Essential (Monthly)$30.95$29.95$25.95$24.95
Essential (Billed Annually)$23.95$21.95$18.95$17.95
Professional (Monthly)$35.95$33.95$30.95$29.95
Professional (Billed Annually)$27.95$25.95$22.95$21.95
Enterprise (Monthly)$45.95$43.95$40.95$39.95
Enterprise (Billed Annually)$37.95$35.95$32.95$31.95

Nextiva CRM Pros

  • The platform is easy to use and agents can perform everyday tasks without assistance from IT professionals. 
  • Contacts are easy to import and the customer service CRM integrates with the VoIP and sales CRM. 
  • Leverages artificial intelligence to assist agents to enhance engagement with callers, run conversational IVR, and provide sentiment score. This helps you improve the overall efficiency. 
  • Support team is helpful, highly knowledgeable, and provides help in real-time as compared to organizations with long wait times. 

Nextiva CRM Cons

  • Several customers have complained that Nextiva requires high bandwidth internet connection to run smoothly. 
  • Multiple bugs and glitches in both mobile and web systems interrupt business workflow. 
  • Issues like call quality, audio, and call dropping has been a persistent drawback for several users.

Five9 – Call Center CRM Software

What is Five9s Call Center CRM

Five9 is a cloud based intelligent call and contact center tool that enhances both customer and agent experience. It streamlines critical business operations using AI to address customer queries and automates repetitive tasks. Their reporting and analytics solutions provide a comprehensive set of reporting tools that enables users to visualize contact center metrics and achieve business goals.

Five9 Overview

Five9 CRM Features For Call Centers

Intelligent virtual agent: Smart, AI driven IVA that interprets and assists customer needs across all communication channels engagingly and conversationally to deliver a human free but human like experience. 

Global voice: Offers enhanced experience to agents working from any location through high quality carrier grade voice using globally located points of presence (PoPs). This facilitates clear and zero delay conversations. 

Supervisor desktop: Monitors key metrics, provides real-time feedback, and assists workers across departments from a single interface. The dashboard allows supervisors to monitor agent state, make adjustments and ensure that KPIs are met. 

Contact center: Performance management tools allow users to make alignments, keep teams informed on performance metrics through continuous feedback and help workers improve productivity. 

Five9 CRM Integrations For Call Centers 

Five9 offers pre-built integrations with major CRM platforms like Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft, Oracle, and Zendesk. This enables you to manage customer interactions from a single console. 

Five9 also offers Agent Desktop Toolkit Plus (ADT+) that allows you to integrate custom built solutions. 

Five9 CRM Pricing

Five9 offers four solution bundles to cater to dynamic business needs. These include Core ($149), Premium ($169), Optimum ($199) and Ultimate ($229). Charges are calculated on a monthly basis. 

You can integrate add-on features such as artificial intelligence, digital engagement, workforce optimization and more to boost the functionalities offered in the bundles. 

Five9 CRM Pros

  • Features are straightforward and easy to use for technical and non technical users alike. Intuitive UX that is continuously improved. 
  • Leverages practical AI that continuously learns from mistakes and improves over time to handle complex changes and enable broader application. 
  • Provides round the clock, proactive customer service that quickly resolves issues. 

Five9 CRM Cons

  • While the reporting feature worked seamlessly for many, some users reported inaccuracies, difficulties in setting it up and lack of flexibility. 
  • Occasional connectivity issues caused productivity issues for some users. 
  • Many reported issues with Salesforce integration and inconsistencies in data between the two softwares. 

Talkdesk- Call Center CRM Software

What is Talkdesk’s Call Center CRM 

Talkdesk is an end to end cloud based contact and CX (customer experience) platform. It enables businesses to make exceptionally high quality conversations to enhance customer relations and drive faster growth using AI. 

It allows agents to customize contact centers, workspace applications, customer journey flows and reports. Omnichannel engagement allows agents to interact with customers on their preferred platform. 

Talkdesk Overview

Talkdesk CRM Features For Call Centers 

Customer experience analytics: Provides actionable insights from contact center interaction data to help you identify and address pain points using a custom dashboard that compares performance in real time. Voice of the Customer (VoC) tool creates surveys to analyze feedback. 

Security compliance: Provides deep visibility into workflows to mitigate risks associated with distributed work environments using an AI driven cloud compliance solution. It alerts agents engaging in suspicious behavior, protects customer data from fraudsters using voice biometrics and continuously monitors for threats using a rigorous security framework. 

Global communication network: Talkdesk Global Communications Network™ (GCN) covers eight key data center locations globally and connects agents with the closest one for better accessibility. It offers secure communications and uses low latency architecture to ensure minimum delay, call drops or other issues.  

Automated response: Offers automated self service for customers using AI that transfers the conversation to a live agent only when needed. Analyses interactions to find patterns and detect user sentiments to enhance customer intelligence. The agent assist tool provides contextual suggestions for faster issue resolution and responds to search queries by pulling up the right information. 

Talkdesk CRM Integrations For Call Centers

Talkdesk can be integrated with popular systems like Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. A total of 23 platforms are compatible with it.

Talkdesk CRM Pricing

Talkdesk pricing falls into four categories. These include CX Cloud Essentials ($75), CX Cloud Elevate ($95), CX Cloud Elite ($125) and CX Cloud Experience (Submit a request for quote for details). All costs are charged on a monthly basis for each user. You can integrate add-on packages to boost the capabilities already offered in these packages for additional charges. 

Talkdesk CRM Pros

  • The platform has great user experience. Agents found the platform easy to use and learn. Employee workflow is easy to manage. 
  • Integrates well with other platforms like Salesforce.
  • Call monitoring and reporting features function well without any issues. 
  • Provides detailed reports on agent performance. 

Talkdesk CRM Cons

  • Does not allow users to hold or transfer calls. 
  • Does not offer adequate flexibility to customize calling features.
  • Some users faced issues with call quality due to disconnections.  

Dialpad CRM – Call Center CRM Software

What is Dialpad’s CRM

Dialpad is an AI powered, cloud based customer relation management platform suitable for small businesses and enterprises. They offer unified communication based services (UCaaS), contact center as a service (CCaaS) and VoIP services. 

It uses AI to help businesses to improve their CSAT (customer satisfaction score) by collecting data from every interaction and providing predictive insights. Built in speech recognition and natural language processing capabilities allows agents to automate workflows and improves customer experience. It leverages transcription engines to accurately analyze all interactions across customer touchpoints. 

Dialpad CRM Overview

Dialpad CRM Features For Call Centers

AI based contact center: Analyses user sentiment, assists agents by automatically displaying the right script for difficult queries, offers customizable IVR to create interactive responses and provides interaction summaries from a dashboard. 

Sales tools: Autologs calls, transcriptions and CRM notes. Agents can improve their emotional IQ using real time assist cards and switch between calls, conversations and meetings using a single platform. Tracks call metrics to analyze agent performance and allows managers to create a library of successful interactions for training. 

Digital customer engagement: Always on support across digital channels enables agents to engage round the clock and automates complex self services for faster issue resolution. Machine learning enables the system to continuously learn and humanize interactions. Automate complex pathways and interactions without the need for IT or coding. 

Conversational chatbot: Conducts deep semantic search across knowledge bases such as call history, PDFs, FAQs, and more to provide instant and accurate responses. Creates personalized, guided customer journeys and website dialogues to engage more users. 

Dialpad CRM Integrations For Call Centers

Dialpad allows users to integrate popular productivity software such as Slack, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Prodoscore, and more. Popular CRM integrations include Salesforce, Customer and Hubspot. Apart from these, users can also integrate a number of platforms of various categories. These are: 

  • Customer service – Zendesk, Helpwise, and Happyfox.
  • Sales engagement – Outreach, Mixmax, and Wingman.
  • Collaboration – Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
  • Cloud computing – Azure
  • Identity management – Okta and OneLogin
  • Legal software – Clio and DataGrail
  • Workforce engagement – Playvox WFM and Playvox QM

You can use Dialpad’s open API and Zapier integration to integrate a tool of your choice if it’s not available off the shelf. 

Dialpad CRM Pricing

Dialpad offers multiple packages for four types of CRM requirements. 

  • The Business communications plan includes voice, meetings, and messages. Packages include Standard ($23/month per user or $15 if billed annually), Pro ($35/month per user or $25 if billed annually and Enterprise (fill out a form to get a quote).
  • The meetings plan includes a free ($0) and business package ($20/month per user or $15 if billed annually).
  • The contact center plan for AI powered customer support includes a Pro and Enterprise plan. You can fill up a form to request quotes for each.
  • The sales dialer plan for AI based sales outreach also includes a Pro and Enterprise package. The process to get a quote is the same as above.  
  • Dialpad Pricing

Dialpad CRM Pros

  • Calling features like making and receiving calls, voice quality, and level of connectivity. 
  • Easy to use, friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Competitive pricing and value for money.

Dialpad CRM Cons

  • Transcription functionality does not work seamlessly in other languages.
  • Technical support specialists often fail to adequately resolve issues. 
  • Calls may drop due to low ethernet signals.

Genesys – Call Center CRM Software

What is Genesys’s Call Center CRM

Genesys is a contact center solution and omnichannel customer experience platform that helps businesses to deliver personalized, empathetic experiences to customers and reduce issue resolution time. It automates repeat tasks and provides useful insights from data. 

Users can leverage open APIs and native components to create a custom platform. It is deployable on public and private clouds to allow granular control over the infrastructure and administration.  

Genesys Overview

Genesys CRM Features For Call Centers

Call center software: Enables omnichannel interaction and provides relevant context for enhanced engagement. Matches callers with suitable resources (ACD) and allows agents to set rule based prioritization. Intelligent insights predict issues and enable agents to provide solutions for complex queries with uninterrupted collaboration between the contact center and rest of the organization. 

Workforce management: Provides performance data to help you identify employee skills and assign roles accordingly. Enables employees to manage performance and training materials from a centralized dashboard. Forecasts staffing needs with AI powered algorithms and automates shit allocation to streamline scheduling. 

Predictive engagement: Enables agents to view visitor touchpoints and interactions across channels to easily resolve issues. Customer experience maps provide context on what they might need. Identifies behavior patterns to automatically trigger engagement or personalized campaigns based on outcome probability. 

Voice services: Cloud based telephony that secures communications using Transport Layer Security. Connects existing telephonic systems with your own carrier or SIP trunking provider, shifting from on-premise to cloud-based communication. Increase flexibility, mobility and gain more control over your system.

Genesys CRM Integrations For Call Centers

Genesys call center CRM can be integrated with your existing tools. Public REST APIs enable developers to continuously upgrade your existing system by adding new technologies. You can choose from a number of off the shelf integrations like case management, business intelligence, market automations, voice enhancements and more. 

Genesys CRM Pricing

Genesys offers flexible pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes looking to add a call center CRM. You can choose from five packages. Three of these have fixed costs – Genesys Cloud CX 1 ($75), Genesys Cloud CX 2 ($110), Genesys Cloud CX 3 ($150). The costs are calculated on a monthly basis per agent and billed annually. 

If you want the flexibility to choose custom features, Genesys Choice allows you to choose from all capabilities. With Genesys DX, you can select an option between agents or bots. 

Genesys CRM Pros

  • Simple to use and has an intuitive design. The web based interface is simple to comprehend.
  • Features like call routing and chatbot work sufficiently, and do not have many issues. 
  • Easy integration with the option to add pre-built add-ons allows users to customize the tool. 

Genesys CRM Cons

  • Steep learning curve and expensive training. 
  • Some features such as reporting are not easy to customize.
  • Poor customer support.

Keap – CRM Software for Call Centers

What is Keap CRM

Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) is an end to end client management platform that combines CRM, sales, and marketing operations from a centralized console. It enables businesses to effortlessly capture and nurture leads and automate personalized email campaigns using behavioral data. They offer extensive training programs through free online courses and user community central. 

Keap CRM Overview

Keap Features For Call Centers

Sales and marketing tools: Quickly responds to leads with automated messages and captures lead data like behavior or preferences. Allows users to customize workflows that nurture leads through personalized sequences. 

Client management system: Organizes leads using custom forms or landing pages and triggers response sequences based on activity. Allows users to visualize data and take action from a single dashboard. 

Sales pipeline management: Keep leads moving through the sales funnel using organized and customizable pipelines. Track and manage leads till they reach the final stage and forecast revenue on each deal. 

Ecommerce tools: Processes invoicing and payments through CRM and billing solution that functions without third party tools and connects existing data to Gmail, PayPal, and Paybooks. One click selling feature combined with promotional offers boosts order calur. Track sales reports and view metrics from a single dashboard. 

CRM analytics and reporting: CRM analytics dashboard enables users to make data driven decisions through visualization of sales numbers, click through rates, and marketing campaign performance. Gain insight into transaction trends, weekly or monthly growth rates and click on specific analytics for more details and take action on reports. 

Keap Integrations For Call Centers

Keap enables businesses to connect their existing data, applications, and devices to boost overall efficiency of the solution. Users receive optional paid setup and support post deployment to maintain a seamless connection. You can integrate a number of business crucial apps from categories that includes but is not limited to ecommerce, landing pages, lead generation, mail, reporting, scheduling, and more. 

Keap Pricing

Keap offers a free trial period of 14 days that does not require credit card details. Their paid packages include:

  • Pro: Costs $129/ month and $1548 if billed annually. This covers 1500 contacts and 2 users while additional users would cost you $29 each.
  • Max: Costs $199/month and $2388 if billed annually. It includes 2500 contacts and 3 users with $29 for each additional user. 
  • Max Classic: This package is for advanced marketing and sales requirements. Contact sales to get a quote. 
  • Keap Pricing

Keap Pros

  • Custom automation features for lead capturing and marketing processes.
  • Easy to run email campaigns.
  • Management capabilities for clients, contacts, tasks, and customer relations. 

Keap Cons

  • The learning curve is steep for certain features like setting up automations and requires professional help. 
  • Ease and options of setting up emails.
  • Lacks granularity in setting up some features.

Freshsales – CRM Software for Call Centers

What is Freshsales CRM

Freshsales is cloud based sales automation and customer relation management tool. It empowers business to personalize interactions, automate time consuming tasks, and reduce IT complexity with a user friendly solution. 

It facilitates users to generate leads with communication tools in the website, reduce sales cycle by prioritizing leads with high conversion probability through predictive contact scoring, and improve conversations using AI powered insights.

Freshsales CRM Overview

Features For Call Centers

Contact management: Provides detailed insight into the chronology of customer activities to enable marketers strategize personalized campaigns. Leverages AI to identify top prospects, triggers alerts when specific actions are performed, and automates lead to prospect conversion by sending inbox emails to CRM mail list. 

Cloud based telephony: Engage through voicemails, calls or messages via phone and laptop. Access call logs and recordings to follow up on previous conversions and transfer calls to teammates with full context. Measure sales performance to identify scope for optimization and train new sales professionals through extensive call analysis. Call masking allows agents to build customer relations by using personal numbers.

CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) tool: Generate, share, and sync documents for invoicing, price quotation, contracts, product catalog, and more. Manage product information and auto update deal value. Eliminate calculation error using CRM that configures final price in multiple currencies taking discount rates and taxes into account. 

Sales and lead nurturing tools: Streamlines lead generation and qualification processes by leveraging AI to reduce risky deals, recommend most qualified prospects, and identify patterns in data by learning from historical data. Use sales forecasting to track sales numbers, mark deals ready to be closed, and make monthly or quarterly predictions. 

AI powered chatbot: Sets up automated conversations for website visitors and enables self service for users by providing instant and precise responses to queries and continuously learns from previous interactions to understand variance in questions.  

Sales performance analytics: Generate reports on team performance, campaign success, time limit of sales cycle, compare efforts, analyze trends, and more. View sales metrics by teams, agents, and revenue. Use the customizable dashboard to keep track of most used sales records, create reports on accounts, contacts or opportunities.

Freshsales Integrations For Call Centers

Freshsales can be used as a call center CRM and be integrated seamlessly into your existing system including a host of native and non native applications. 

Native integrations include Freshdesk, Freshmarketer, Freshchat, Freshconnect, Freshcaller, Mailchimp, and more. 

Few examples of non native integrations are Facebook, GetAccept, Toky, 24Sessions, Paperlite, and more. 

Freshsales Pricing

Freshsales pricing includes three paid and one free plan. The paid packages include Growth ($18/month or $15 if billed annually), Pro ($47/month or $39 if billed annually), and Enterprise ($83/month or $69 if billed annually). All plans serve one user only. 

Freshsales Pros

  • Lead management, organization, tracking, and automation.
  • Well designed, intuitive, and easy to use interface.
  • Running and monitoring email campaigns. 
  • Sales pipeline is easy to maintain, visualize and develop. 

Freshsales Cons

  • Technical support is inadequate and often unresponsive.
  • Lack of options for email templates.
  • Does not offer enough options for integration into third party applications. 

HubSpot – CRM Software for Call Centers

What is HubSpot CRM

HubSpot offers an array of functionalities to operationalize marketing, sales, and services workflows. Businesses can deliver seamless customer experiences, generate leads by boosting organic traffic, and efficiently launch marketing campaigns. 

It offers a free and flexible CMS hub for content marketers, a suite of tools that automates tasks, and a centralized dashboard to monitor progress and track performance. 

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot Features For Call Centers

Marketing software: 

  • CMS solution: HubSpot’s blog editor allows writers to create content, format, and preview how it looks on any device. Provides on page SEO suggestions and analyzes performance metrics post publishing. 
  • SEO and Ads tools: Shows pages that require optimization, suggests relevant and popular topics, and generates reports on search trends. Create, track and measure the performance of personalized ads based on customer journey stages. 
  • Social media management software: Publish content on social media platforms, get suggestions on the best time to engage, monitor interaction by keywords. 
  • Lead conversion & management: Build and launch personalized landing pages based on user metrics and analyze their performance. Use the form builder to create custom forms using templates. Visualize lead data and take action from a centralized dashboard, prioritize buyers through lead scoring. 
  • Email marketing tools: Automate email campaigns using conditions based on prospect type by leveraging CRM data. Automate workflows like lead scoring, webhooks, lead routing, and more. Know when prospects become leads by email tracking insights. 
  • Analytics: Triggers workflow automation based on user interaction on websites and provides deep insight into reports to check out trends. Analyses website traffic based on source, location, conversion rates, and session time. 
  • Data customization: Organize data that cannot be categorized and trigger automation or custom workflows to handle it.
  • ABM (Account Based Marketing) software: Cater to high value accounts using AI powered suggestions, personalize content and track their journey till the final funnel stage. 

Sales software: Enables users to automate and streamline everyday sales processes.

  • Document tracking: Triggers alerts when a prospect engages with content to enable timely follow up. Surfaces top performing documents and allows agents to build and share a content library to improve accessibility. 
  • Conversation intelligence: Leverages AI to provide detailed insight into trends and common queries by analyzing customer conversation. Search for terms within calls, track its performance and trigger workflow automation on tracked terms. 
  • Revenue growth: Provides automated payment based workflows and shares payment links directly with buyers, on websites, landing pages, emails and more. 
  • Sales playbooks: Create and access handy sales playbooks to streamline daily tasks, train new team members, view most common sales collaterals. 
  • Reporting: Provides deep visibility into sales metrics to help reps forecast revenue, analyze deal pipeline and view progress on funnel stages. 
  • Sales pipeline: Enables reps to create new deals and auto populate relevant fields, customize pipeline based on progress and track performance metrics of the pipeline. 

Customer service software:

  • Customer portal: Enables customers to access a shared inbox, track or manage tickets, and access a self help knowledge base on any channel to solve queries and reduce dependency on live agents. 
  • VoIP: Facilitates voice calling directly from CRM, automatically records conversations, leverages CRM data to queue calls based on priority. 
  • Customer feedback: Deploys feedback tools across channels to capture Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, and customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys to identify trends and spot opportunities.   
  • Live chat: Connects prospects to the right agent and saves communications to provide context on each interaction, and assists agents to answer common queries and book meetings. 

CRM solution: Enables content marketers to build custom websites with integrated CRM. test the site pre launch through performance testing and continuously optimize strategies by testing campaigns, contents and sources. 

Site security: Continuously monitors sites for threats, handles high traffic load using custom CDN configuration, enables teams to motor changes and make security adjustments, tracks the site for errors or outages and facilitates external hosting on a single domain. 

HubSpot Integrations For Call Centers

HubSpot integrates with a number of tools for marketing campaign apps, customer service, workflow integrations, customer service, productivity, and more. Some integrations are free of cost while others charge monthly or yearly fees. 

HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot offers a number of free and paid tools for marketing, sales, service, CMS, and operations. The paid ones include:

Starter Professional Enterprise 
Marketing $50/month or $45 if billed annually. Includes 1,000 marketing contacts. Additional contacts, sold in increments of 1000 cost $50/month.$890/month or $890 if billed annually. Includes 2,000 marketing contacts. Additional contacts, sold in increments of 5000 cost $250/month.$3,200/month. Includes 10,000 marketing contacts. Additional contacts, sold in increments of 10000 cost $100/month.
Sales $50/month or $45 if billed annually. Supports 2 users. Each additional user cost $23/month.$500/month or $450 if billed annually. Supports 5 users. Each additional user costs $90/month.$1,200/month. Supports 10 users. Each additional user cost $120/month.
Customer Service$50/month or $45 if billed annually. Supports 2 users. Each additional user costs $25/month.$500/month or $450 if billed annually. Supports 5 users. Each additional user costs $100/month.$1,200/month. Supports 10 users. Each additional user cost $120/month.
CMS$25/month or $23 if billed annually.$400/month or $360 if billed annually.$1,200/month.
Operations $50/month or $23 if billed annually.$800/month or $360 if billed annually.$2,000/month.

HubSpot Pros

  • Clean, easy and intuitive interface.
  • A number of free tools and features make it affordable compared to top HubSpot competitors
  • Customized report generation and advanced reporting capabilities. 
  • Flexibility to build and launch landing pages. 
  • Easy to analyze, filter, and track data.

HubSpot Cons

  • Email marketing features could be more flexible. 
  • Analytics feature is basic and lacks granularity. 
  • Lacks seamless integration with third party tools. 

Salesforce – CRM Software for Call Centers

What is Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is a cloud based platform that offers end to end capabilities to streamline sales, customer service, IT, and marketing processes. It empowers businesses to create customized and scalable applications to connect systems or to deliver a personalized user journey. 

Users can automate complex processes and improve workflow efficiency using an array of collaboration tools. Real time analytics and AI powered insights allow users to make data driven decisions. 

Salesforce CRM Overview

Salesforce Features For Call Centers

Customer 360: Combines analytics and data integration capabilities to facilitate a single source of truth across applications. Centralized customer data like user activity, interests, and issues enables faster decision making through AI powered suggestions, real time data analytics, and visualization. 

Sales tools: Sales cloud integration with slack streamlines various sales processes to boost growth and enable flexibility: 

  • Contact management: Access decisive customer data and social feed to check out valuable insights into their requirements and proactively resolve issues. Manage, share, and collaborate contact data on cloud for better accessibility. 
  • Opportunity management: Tracks customer journey by stages and notifies agents to take action when needed. Customize CRM tools to align sales and forecasting stages in a way that drives productivity. Create quotes, automatically update relevant details and easily share with customers. 
  • Lead management: View source of marketing lead, automate lead scoring to ensure no prospect is overlooked, set up omni channel campaign tracking system to boost results of marketing effort. 
  • Dashboard reporting: Build sales forecasting reports and track team performance from a customizable dashboard. Monitor key business metrics using the customer analytics tool from any device. 
  • Mobile app: Access data, improve productivity without computers and collaborate with teams using a customizable mobile application. 
  • Activity management: Email integration allows reps to gain a detailed view of customer interactions, sync email, contact data and calendar across devices. Automate processes like organizing and capturing relevant data.  
  • Pipeline management: Comprehensive and real time visibility into the end to end pipeline combined with data insight and predictive AI to drive better business decisions. Forecast based on business specific KPIs and leverage sales insights to analyze trends and make adjustments accordingly. 
  • Territory management:

Marketing tools: Helps agents to effortlessly manage campaigns and streamline marketing efforts. 

  • Customer data platform: Collect customer data to a centralized dashboard and link unorganized data to unified profiles. Build and manage customer audience segments using drag and drop features from a single interface. Leverage AI to create precise and intelligent segments. 
  • Customer interaction management and automation: Leverages AI to deliver contextually relevant suggestions unique to customer needs and allows agents to strategise custom marketing approaches and define policies. 
  • Email & search engine optimization: Automated email marketing and allows agents to create customizable landing pages using templates. Provides insights on revenue using SEO tools and tracks all details from a centralized platform. 
  • Marketing intelligence: Provides deep cross channel analytics and reporting capabilities and connects market data using AI. Automated visual guides and natural language processing provides better insights to enhance decision making.

Ecommerce tools: Create innovative and custom brand experiences to enhance cross channel engagement using headless APIs. enable omni channel shopping and provide full transparency to buyers.

Productivity tools: Offers products and guidance that improves workplace efficiency.

  • Ensures workplace safety with regular wellness checks, manages arrival time with shift management, and helps employees adjust to a changing work environment. 
  • IT service centers assist employees to quickly resolve issues and maintain compliance. 
  • Prevent crowing in physical locations using queue management and share customer and employee location using broadcast messaging.
  • Quickly respond to health crises and allocate essential resources using emergency response management.

Salesforce Integrations For Call Centers

Salesforce enables seamless integration of data from any application through an API platform. Users can integrate both cloud based and on premise systems without coding. You can even re-use assets and scale existing applications by building on those. Secure applications in build mode through advanced protection policies and enable privileged access through rule based policies.

Salesforce Pricing

  • Sales: Four packages priced per user/ month and billed annually – Essentials ($25), Professional ($75), Enterprise ($150), Unlimited ($300). 
  • Service: Same as sales.
  • Marketing: Offers 10 types of marketing solutions to cater to various business requirements, all priced per month.
    • Salesforce SDP: Corporate ($12,500/), Enterprise ($50,000), Enterprise Plus ($65,000).
    • Loyalty management: Starter ($20,000), Growth ($35,000), Advanced ($45,000).
    • Marketing cloud account engagement: Growth ($1,250), Plus ($2,500), Advanced ($4,000), Premium ($15,000).
    • Email, Mobile, and Web Marketing: Basic ($400), Pro ($1,250), Corporate ($3,750), Enterprise (based on specific requirement, request a quote)
    • Marketing cloud advertising: Basic ($2,000)
    • Marketing cloud intelligence: Starter ($3,000), Growth ($10,000), Plus (based on specific requirement, request a quote).
    • Content management system: Salesforce CMS ($10,000)
    • Google marketing platform: Google Analytics 360 ($12,500), Google Analytics 360 + Optimize 360 ($17,500). 
    • Marketing sites and content: Salesforce CMS ($10,000).
  • Offers three types of solutions.
    • Employee productivity: Starter (free), Plus ($10).
    • Workplace command center: $5
    • Contact tracing: $200
  • Small Business: Essentials ($25), Sales Professional ($75), Service Professional ($75), Pardot Growth ($1,250)
  • Platform: Starter ($25), Plus ($100).
  • Analytics: Offers two analytics solutions.
    • Tableau: Creator ($70), Explorer ($42), Viewer ($15).
    • CRM analytics: Einstein Predictions ($75), Tableau CRM Growth ($125), Tableau CRM Plus ($150).
  • Enablement: Sales Enablement ($25).
  • Engagement: Hobby ($7), Professional ($4,000), Enterprise ($40,000).
  • Communities: Offers 3 solutions.
    • Self service: Customer community ($2/login or $5/member), Customer community plus ( $6/login or $15/member).
    • Partner relationship management: $10/login or $25/member.
    • External apps: $15/login or $35/member.
  • Industries: Offers five solutions.
    • Financial services: Starter Enterprise ($225), Starter Unlimited ($375), Growth Enterprise ($300), Growth Unlimited ($450).
    • Health: Enterprise ($300), Unlimited ($450).
    • Consumer goods: Contractor ($50), Merchandiser ($75), Field Sales ($150), Strategic Sales ($300)
    • Manufacturing: Enterprise ($250), Unlimited ($400).
    • Public sector solutions: 
  • Licensing, Permitting, and Inspections Bundle: ($30,000)
  • Grants Management: ($200).
  • Emergency Program Management: ($200).
  • Employee Experience: ($265).
  • Health: Enterprise ($250), Unlimited ($400).

Salesforce Pros

  • Easy to manage, share and visualize data.
  • Customizable fields that can be set to specific needs and offers great visualization capabilities once set up.
  • Automation tools for marketing, sales and other business processes. 
  • Affordable solution with highly flexible pricing modules suitable for a number of industry types and sizes. 
  • Flexibility to create or generate custom business reports. 
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface. 

Salesforce Cons

  • Despite the flexibility for customization, it can be overwhelming at times and often requires help from a specialist to gain its full benefits. 
  • Implementation is not easy and may require professional help. 
  • Customers often complain of lack of prompt responsiveness and support. 
  • Steep learning curve that is challenging for beginners. 

Zoho – CRM Software for Call Centers

What is Zoho CRM

Zoho is a cloud-based tool that helps small businesses and enterprises to efficiently manage customer relations, marketing and sales from a centralized platform. It leverages AI to boost productivity and assist agents to make better decisions. 

It allows users to customize the interface, enhance customer engagement, automate and reduce sales cycle, facilitate client collaboration, manage marketing campaigns, analyze business performance using real time reports, organize customer data and more. Zoho CRM can be used as a call center CRM.

Zoho CRM Overview

Zoho Features For Call Centers

Marketing automation: Align sales and marketing processes and boost efficiency through various automation tools. 

  • Personalized campaigns: Enables you to launch custom campaigns by segmenting customers based on location, requirements, and engagement. Measure performance levels and ROI on each campaign based on specific ads or keywords.  
  • Lead nurturing: Provides detailed insight into every interaction and level of journey. Build landing pages using the web to lead forms and send captured data into CRM.  Scan business cards using leads apps and automatically upload to the CRM. 
  • Event management: Enables client interaction and event organization. Maintain communication timeline and analyze event success based on number of attendees. 
  • Email automation: Schedules and follows up on emails. Analyzes email performance based on clicks or bounce rate.

Team collaboration: Facilitates easy communication with teams or customers through a centralized platform. Integrate chat tools and create commands within chat to surface data resources. Set up event reminders, real time sales updates and sync data within teams. Efficiency manage multiple projects by syncing processes and assigning tasks in a unified, comprehensive console. Organize records and easily pull up files using tags to label categories, events, and more. 

Remote sales tools: Integration with major conferencing applications enables real time engagement and VoIP calling. Get notified for upcoming calls, automate call logging and transfer calls to teammates with full content. 360 view of customer interaction points enhance decision making and offline CRM access allows data modification in real time. Use the analytics dashboard to compare sales performance. 

Data security: Secures sensitive data using AES and protects servers from data leakage using AES-256 protocols. Maintain compliance and prevent data theft using vault storage. Protect corporate networks using IP restrictions to enable privileged access and add a layer of security by enforcing two step authentication. 

Custom operation management: Zoho CRM’s REST APIs and SDKs facilitate data unification from sources to maintain a single source of truth, personalize engagement and improve workflow. Improve and build upon the CRM interface by embedding widgets through open source web technology. Enables developers to see changes in real time before deployment through sandboxing.

Sales tools:

  • Lead scoring: Automates lead generation from multiple sources and assigns scores based on interaction, demographics, survey responses and more. 
  • Task automation: Operationalizes time consuming tasks using workflows, eliminates manual routine activities using macros, routes leads to most suitable agents, and standardizes processes for approval management.
  • Data verification: Maintains data integrity by allowing teams to define validation rules to approve or reject information entering the system. 
  • Finance management: Zoho finance suite integration allows instant generation of quotes, sales or purchase orders. Access inventory and subscription data without switching applications. 
  • Collaboration portal: Sales enablement tools allow agents to manage, access and edit vendor or partner details. Customers can edit billing preferences or update addresses.
  • Planning system: CRM calendar shows customer availability time slots to allow reps to contact them when convenient. 
  • Task dashboard: HIghly customizable sales dashboard shows task status and allows reps to compare previous and current deal amounts. Translate numbers to visually appealing and easily absorbable representations like graphics or charts using the report templates.

AI powered assistant: Assists agents to quickly surface data, take notes, create reminders, predict sales based on probability of conversion, provide real time updates on sales deviations. It enriches customer data by extracting useful insights, offers personalized suggestions, triggers alerts on mention of competitors in emails and analyzes prospect sentiment. 

Analytics: Analmonly detector compares sales performance with projections, offers granular analysis of business aspects, and identifies high revenue generating products or processes using quadrant analysis. It identifies growth opportunities, accurately forecasts and measures overall sales efficiency by calculating conversion rates. 

Zoho Integrations For Call Centers

Zoho seamlessly integrates with an array of popular applications for marketing, collaboration, finance, automation, social media, productivity and more. You can also build a custom extension for free using their development platform and add it to Zoho marketplace

Zoho Pricing

Zoho offers four pricing modules and a free trial. Users have the flexibility to cancel or switch plans anytime. The packages include Standard ($20 monthly or $14 if billed annually), Professional ($35 monthly or $23 if billed annually), Enterprise ($50 monthly or $40 if billed annually), Ultimate ($65 monthly or $52 if billed annually). 

Here’s a full breakdown of Zoho CRM pricing.

Zoho Pros

  • Lead and contact management works seamlessly. 
  • Email integration, personalization, automation and management.
  • Easy to set up and run marketing campaigns.  
  • Easy to communicate with employees and customers. 
  • Streamlines sales processes and sales pipeline management. 

Zoho Cons

  • Too many features makes the learning curve steep, especially for beginners. 
  • User interface is not adaptive and could improve with an upgrade.
  • Limited and slow support team. 

Call Center CRM Software Ranked

Most CRM solutions offer more or less similar set functionalities with differences that are often big, mostly small. There is no way to measure which platform is objectively the best, but we can create a list based on user reviews and popularity for CRMs and call center CRM software. Remember, each business has a unique set of needs and what works great for others may just work fine and not fit all for you, so keep these parameters in mind while making a purchase decision.  When buying a call center CRM, you’ll want to evaluate a few options. Pricing is of course a major consideration given the number of users usually required to be licensed in a call center.

  1. Freshsales 
  2. HubSpot 
  3. Nextiva 
  4. Talkdesk 
  5. Dialpad 
  6. Genesys 
  7. Salesforce 
  8. Keap 
  9. Zoho 
  10. Five9 

Five9 vs Nextiva For Call Center CRM

Not very pocket friendly. Core solution; their cheapest package costs $149 per user/month.Priced competitively. Basic package (Essential) ranges between $18 to $24 depending on the number of users per month. 
It is a cloud based solution; users need steady internet connection to conduct business functions. It can be deployed both on cloud as well as on desktop. 
Does not integrate with Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft teams but offers Salesforce integration.Integrates with Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft teams. Does not offer Salesforce integration.
Offers advanced AI and machine learning capabilities that continuously learns and improves over time.Does not offer advanced capabilities like AI and machine learning. 
Cannot be deployed on linux but runs on windows. Can be deployed on windows systems but not on linux.
Offers call disposition, call list management, call screening, call scripting, call tagging. Does not offer these functionalities. 

Talkdesk vs Dialpad for Call Center CRM Software

Talkdesk Dialpad 
Cost is steeper than many CRM tools in the market. Basic package starts at $75 a user/month. Affordably priced. Package plan starts at $15 a user/month. 
Integrates with Salesforce, Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.Integrates with Salesforce, but not with Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. 
Serves communications, media & internet, financial services & insurance, government, education, healthcare, life sciences, retail, consumer goods, transportation, & hospitalityServes education, healthcare, real estate, technology, legal, professional services, & retail industries. 
Unique features include Contact Center Quality Assurance, ServiceNow Store Apps, Call Center Infrastructure, and Contact Center Workforce.Unique features include UCaaS, CCaaS, and outbound call tracking. 
Leverages AI to provide insight into calls but not have the capability to calculate CSAT. Provides Ai-powered CSAT on every call. 
Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Web based platforms.Compatible with Windows, Mac, IPhone, IPad, Web based systems.

Have any questions about what call center CRM software is best for your needs? Contact us via the form to the right.

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