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What is Gong

What is – A Full Overview of Gong, Features, Use Cases, and More

Table of Contents

After reading this article, you’ll have a good understanding of what is Gong. When it comes to the topics we’ll cover, you’ll get a full overview of these key items:

  • What is Gong?
  • What is Gong used for?
  • Who uses Gong?
  • What does Gong do?
  • How does Gong work?
  • Gong features
  • What does Gong Integrate with?
  • Who are Gong’s competitors?
  • What is Gong’s pricing?

For what feels like an eternity, sales teams have been doing everything they can to hit their quotas, match on target and drive their top line revenue up year over year. From attending conferences and cold-calling to taking future prospects out to dinner and collaborating with the marketing team to drive inbound sales, revenue is black and white. Without revenue, companies will run into financial challenges, but with revenue, companies have unlimited potential.

Regardless whether a company is a startup that is attempting to blitzscale or a seasoned fortune 500 company with decades of strong customer relationships, the burden of sales and growth impacts almost every company. Time and time again, employees, managers, and companies as a whole are looking for new insights into how they can perform better. This means they are trying to understand their customer profile better and what improvements they need to implement with their team to stimulate growth. 

In particular, AI and ML have led to the creation of a new wave of business management called revenue intelligence (as Gong describes it). is excelling at bringing their clients new insights around sales conversations to increase sales conversions, secure deals, and better their company overall.

What is

You might be asking, what is Gong is a platform that uses AI and ML models to track, list, and analyze customer interactions within a company. The technology that deploys allows business-to-business (B2B) companies to learn about their customer profile, develop new sales strategies, helps sales team members improve their selling skills, and track the performance of key team members. 

What is Gong Used for? is used for several different sales team initiatives. Although, is focused primarily on addressing the problems that sales employees experience within their sales processes. The following is a list of key issues that what is commonly addresses in sales teams: 

  • Slow new hire processes for sales teams. 
  • Understanding what is preventing sales conversions. 
  • Ineffective demo presentations and large knowledge gaps. 
  • Inconsistency among presentations by key account executives and associates.
  • Identify representatives that have not benefitted from the latest company sales trainings. 

The end goal, is for Gong is to optimize sales processes, improve sales outcomes, and see valuable growth in and outside of your team. 

Who uses 

Gong primarily serves sales teams in the B2B industry. Given this new generation of virtual interaction with tools like Zoom, Gong intends to serve teams that sell by phone and web conferencing. Gong makes an effort to provide value and benefit for all sales members across the spectrum, regardless of job titles. More specifically, it targets sales leaders (e.g. vice presidents of sales), account managers, account executives, and sales development representatives. For a complete list of team members what is serves, read the list below. 

  1. Vice President
  2. Sales Manager
  3. Account Manager
  4. Account Executive
  5. Sales Development Representative
  6. Business Development Representative

What Does Gong Do?

Gong performs a myriad of functions. From helping out the vice president of sales to aiding sales development representatives with generating outbound meetings, is able to provide insight for every team member. For more information about what is can do for you, take a look at the list below. 

  • Sales Managers can track performance across the board and work with each individual to maximize revenue opportunities, even for new employees. 
  • Sales teams can review calls and provide each other with call coaching to become more efficient and effective in the future. 
  • Gives account managers and sales development representatives the ability to review film from their latest sales call to identify gaps and prepare for the next meeting. 

How Does Work?

The Gong platform is built to sync seamlessly with your company’s calendar and task manager platform. Learn more about how Gong is able to work harmoniously with your sales team with the five steps below. 

  1. Calendar: Once signed up for, you simply connect your calendar with its built in interaction. After connecting, Gong’s AI looks through your scheduled meetings to identify sales calls, demos, or team meetings to record. 
  2. Record:  Hop into a meeting and let the ‘Gong bot’ take control. The bot will work in the background to record sound and screen sharing. 
  3. Transcribe: When the meeting is complete, Gong will automatically transcribe audio into text, so that you can closely analyze the phonetics, language, and information you are using with clients. 
  4. Analyze: Gong will compile all recorded information, analyze it, and present key insights to you on your dashboard. Making it simple for you to identify new sales strategies. 
  5. Past Recordings: If you have past recordings, Gong is able to analyze those also. Simply upload them into what is platform where they are stored and transcribed exactly like real-time meetings. Features

Gong offers various features that are integrated into your sales team’s day to day processes. The goal of Gong is to provide its customers with features to optimize their sales processes for scale. Below is a table of some of the key features that what is has to offer for their partners. 

Call MonitoringDashboard
Call RecordingNatural Language Search
Call Scripting Sales Trend Analysis 
Competitive AnalysisVisual Analytics 

In addition to the features above, there are other benefits that are gained from using the Gong platform. 

What does Integrate with? integrates with over 100+ applications. Many of these applications are used heavily by experienced and reputable sales teams. Below is a list of the top integrations that Gong can be used with. 

  1. Zoom
  2. Salesforce 
  3. Webex
  4. Hubspot 
  5. Microsoft Outlook
  6. Dialpad
  7. Aircall
  8. Talkdesk

Gong integrates with the popular sales tools used by sales teams Whether your team is looking to integrate with a contact or communication platform, Gong is able to do so with just a few clicks. 

Who are’s Compeitors? is a leading company in the revenue and conversational intelligence industry, the industry is not short of competitors.,, Wingman, Salesloft, and many more are the top competitors that Gong faces off against everyday. 

  • Simply records notes at all video or voice meetings. 
  • Salesloft: Focuses on optimizing marketing messages to drive inbound meetings. 
  • Wingman: Wingman is focused on providing real time sales feedback and was recently purchased by Clari.
  • Works inside each sales call to develop key understandings by summarizing each insight found in the call. 
  • A platform focused on behavioral insights in the sales industry by recording meetings, calls, and analyzing emails to provide maximum impact. The number one Gong competitor, you can

We’ve got you covered with a complete list of competitors and a comparison between Gong vs Chorus. Pricing  

The pricing table below details how much it might cost for your company to partner with use a per user pricing model that can support a range of 3 to over 250+ sales members that may be a part of your team. Every subscription consists of the same benefits which include, but are not limited to training offerings, app integrations, unlimited data storage, unlimited exporting, analytic insights, and more. 

UsersPer UserDiscount
3 – 49$1,600/yr0%
50 – 99$1,520/yr5%
100 – 249 $1,440/yr10%

For further information on what is pricing

Gong Overview

After reading this article you should now have a good understanding of what is Gong. It’s a category-leading product that has helped sales teams ramp their sales team in faster time, improved the conversion rate of sellers, and helped to drive new revenue. It is also used by sales management to coach sales team members more effectively and by individual sellers to improve their selling skills.

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