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What is ZoomInfo

What is ZoomInfo – Everything You Need To Know

Table of Contents

If you’re wondering what is ZoomInfo, all you need to know is that it’s a category leading, sales intelligence platform that is a foundational sales tool for many sales and marketing teams.

2024 Product Update

ZoomInfo has added some incredible features for 2023 and 2024, including the integration of GPT into its go-to-market platform. As the future of software, the generative AI technology built into the platform will help you identify surging contacts who are most likely to help you and your business reach your goals.

What Is ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo is a sales intelligence platform that was previously called DiscoverOrg. It allows sales and marketing teams to obtain the contact information of prospects. When companies are looking to buy business leads, they often think of ZoomInfo as the first choice because you can obtain work emails and phone numbers, including work and mobile numbers. Mobile numbers are crucial for SDRs who need to get in contact with remote workers.

ZoomInfo isn’t only a platform that offers contact data, they offer many other features because one of the strategic goals of their product is to consolidate the sales stack which could include tools like a sales engagement platform, conversational intelligence, intent data, and more. For those reasons, ZoomInfo is well worth the cost – see our ZoomInfo pricing review page here.

ZoomInfo could eventually be a one stop shop for all your sales tool needs. In the future, you may see more acquisitions of sales software like sales demo software and commission software given the popularity of those solutions in the modern sales stack. ZoomInfo is considered one of the best sales outreach tools to add to your stack.

With ZoomInfo you get:

  • 103m+ Contacts
  • 105m+ Companies
  • Enriched data and a lot more…

With that volume of data, you can build a cold calling list and use Salesloft to fill the top of your funnel.

What Isn’t ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo isn’t the video conference platform that exploded in use during Covid. That would be Zoom and people who haven’t heard of ZoomInfo often confuse it with Zoom.

Who Is ZoomInfo for?

ZoomInfo is for sales and marketing teams that do outbound sales because of their focus on contact data. They have other offerings like Chorus and ZoomInfo Engage but there are other options in the category for those products.

If your team is doing outbound sales and needs high quality contact data, you should consider ZoomInfo. Your deal size and close rate also needs to be high enough to justify the cost. Early stage startups should know who their customer is, have some predictability with their outbound sales motion, and confidence that they can close meetings generating via cold calling.

Small companies, startups, and Fortune 500 companies use ZoomInfo. It’s less about your company type and more about your go to market strategy. Over 25,000 businesses use ZoomInfo..

ZoomInfo has their solutions broken down into four categories to help buyer’s understand how their products can fit the roles and responsibilities at their respective organizations.

  1. Sales OS
  2. Marketing OS
  3. Operations OS
  4. Talent OS

Sales Teams

This is focused around sales teams. The core here is the company and contact search. This can be used for cold emails and cold calling. Their intent data is another offering that helps inside sales teams target ripe prospects. ZoomInfo also offers a product called ZoomInfo engage, although reviews haven’t been very positive, and you’re better off considering one of the Outreach competitors and alternatives. There is also their website chat product, similar to LiveChat but not as advanced. And their conversational intelligence product, Chorus, which is one of the top Gong alternatives.

ZoomInfo for Marketing

As the name says, this is focused around marketing teams. Company and contact search is a fit for Marketing teams as they often have to create lists for SDRs and part of their strategy is account based marketing. You can also create targeted advertisements with the display search feature because of intent data, which can also be used across social channels like LinkedIn and Facebook. Website chat, website form enrichment, and website visitor tracking are useful for marketing to identify who is on their site and provide an opportunity to quickly respond to leads at the top of the funnel.

Another reason why ZoomInfo is Great for Marketers:

Dynamic Audience Targeting:
ZoomInfo’s data and tools enable marketers to create precision-targeted lists of accounts and contacts that match their ideal customer profile. The dynamic nature of the data means these target lists can be kept up-to-date as people change roles or companies.

    Operations Teams

    For operations teams, most likely Sales Operations, data enrichment is key to managing a clean CRM with up to date contact and company information. ZoomInfo also offers APIs and webhooks, plus data services to help operations teams succeed in their under-appreciated role.

    Talent Teams

    Sales and marketing teams aren’t the only ones who need contact data. If you’re on the talent team, you also need company and contact information to reach out to potential job candidates. Having a large database of contacts that can be searched by job title and company, allows Talent teams to more efficiently recruit new employees.

    So, Can ZoomInfo be Used for Recruiting?

    Overall, the search results indicate that ZoomInfo can be a valuable resource for recruiters, providing several key benefits:

    1. Comprehensive Contact Database:
      • ZoomInfo has a very large database of over 100 million business contacts, including names, job titles, email addresses, and phone numbers.
      • This extensive data coverage can help recruiters efficiently identify and reach out to qualified passive candidates,
    2. Workflow Efficiency:
      • ZoomInfo Recruiter (now ZoomInfo TalentOS) integrates with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to streamline the recruiting process. 
      • Features like automated email campaigns, pre-recorded voicemails, and performance tracking can boost recruiter productivity.
    3. Competitive Advantage:
      • Access to personal contact information, rather than just work emails, allows recruiters to bypass gatekeepers and directly reach candidates.
      • This can give recruiters a competitive edge, especially when trying to recruit passive candidates or senior-level executives.

    What Are ZoomInfo’s Products?

    • Contact Data – 130M contacts
    • Company Data – 105M+ companies
    • Enrichment – ZoomInfo Enrich
    • Intent Data – ZoomInfo Intent and Streaming Intent
    • Conversation Intelligence –
    • Sales Engagement – ZoomInfo Engage
    • Pipeline Forecasting – Chorus Momentum
    • Conversational Marketing – ZoomInfo Chat
    • Data & Orchestration Management – RingLead
    • Digital Advertising – Targeted Audiences
    zoominfo products

    What Is ZoomInfo Data Like?

    ZoomInfo Phone Numbers

    • 63M+ Direct Dials
    • 32.4M+ Mobile Phone Numbers

    ZoomInfo Emails

    • 150M+ Email Addresses

    Companies and Contacts

    • 105M+ Companies
    • 4.9K+ Unique Company Attributes
    • 140M+ Contact Profiles
    • 4.3M+ C-Level Contact Profiles

    ZoomInfo Intent Data

    • 101M+ IPs
    • 3.5M+ Intent Data Signals

    ZoomInfo Technographic Data

    • 31K+ Individual Technologies Profiled
    • 8.5K+ Technology Vendors Profiled

    Does ZoomInfo Offer a Free Trial?

    Yes, you can find more out about ZoomInfo’s free trial.

    What Makes ZoomInfo Different?

    The volume of their contact and company data, quality of the data, the product consolidation within the sales tool category, and focus on innovation in the sales intelligence space.

    How Does ZoomInfo Get Their Data?

    ZoomInfo gets their data from people using their chrome extension by acquiring signature details from the inbox of users. They likely have other methods including buying and scrubbing leads, using technology and humans to verify company and contact data.

    ZoomInfo has 300 human researchers in their data training lab. The contributory network collects 100mm contact records daily. 45M web domains are monitored daily.

    What Is ZoomInfo Pricing?

    When it comes to pricing, we’ve got you covered so you can learn more about ZoomInfo pricing.

    What is ZoomInfo’s Top Competitor and Alternative?

    We’ve got you covered if you’re looking to see who the best alternatives to ZoomInfo.

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