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Clearbit vs ZoomInfo

Clearbit vs ZoomInfo – Which is better and Why?

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When it comes to deciding between Clearbit vs ZoomInfo there are many factors to consider. Both are strong options but it may come down to your specific needs.

What is ZoomInfo? 

Founded in 2000, ZoomInfo is one of the top names in subscription-based, software as a service (SaaS) companies used for B2B marketing. Its platform runs on the model of selling access to their large database of information on businesses and business people across the world, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to connect businesses with important contacts. ZoomInfo boasts a remarkably large database, including over:

  • 100 million company records
  • 150 million contact records
  • 50 million direct dials
  • 41 million mobile phone numbers
  • 129 million email address

ZoomInfo states that all of these contacts are from voluntary contributors (which is helpful considering that businesses and individuals that do not want to make connections are useless) and that company information is regularly updated via automated machine learning, which does so by scanning outside sources, such as news articles, corporate websites, job postings, SEC filings, and more.

Though ZoomInfo states that their contacts come from all over the world, the majority of these contacts come from companies and individuals in North America and Europe. 

ZoomInfo’s massive database does come with a larger price tag, but it is an invaluable tool for those working in recruiting, marketing, and sales at large companies that are looking to acquire “big fish” contacts that are mid-market and above. The larger the company, the more information ZoomInfo’s database contains about them, meaning that smaller businesses may not have as much detail.

ZoomInfo Overview

What Is Clearbit? 

Like ZoomInfo, Clearbit is a SaaS company that focuses on serving companies who practice B2B marketing. Founded in 2015, Clearbit has a smaller contact database than ZoomInfo, hosting the information of over:

  • 150,000 companies
  • 220,000 community members
  • 200 million contacts
  • Information from 165 countries

Though their database is smaller, Clearbit claims this is due to a focus on quality over quantity, refreshing and verifying information. Clearbit claims that the reason for this is the ever-changing business climate, claiming that every 30 days:

  • 30,000 companies will be registered.
  • 60,000 companies will move to a new address.
  • 122,400 executives will have new job titles.

Clearbit asserts that all of the records in their database go through a two-step verification process, which first involves refreshing data every 30 days, then verifying whether or not that information is correct. Due to this process, Clearbit has a high accuracy level, boasting a 94% email deliverability for the contacts in their database.

Clearbit’s focus is less on providing contacts for salespeople, instead giving companies the tools they need to bolster their marketing data. Matt Sornson, Clearbit’s CMO, describes this best by saying, “Clearbit is best suited for B2B SaaS companies who have a velocity sales motion or have both freemium and sales-assisted customer flows. Clearbit is less optimized for outbound only sales teams whose primary motion is driven by buying lists and calling them.”

Clearbit Overview

ZoomInfo vs Clearbit Features 

When comparing ZoomInfo vs Clearbit offer their users appealing features to get the most out of their service depending on their needs. Both software have features that can be tailored to the individual’s role in their company, such as sales, marketing, or recruiting, making it easy to get the most out of their services.

ZoomInfo’s features fall into multiple categories that can be useful no matter the individuals’ role, offering different ways for users to analyze their database. It should be noted that not all of these features come with a standard ZoomInfo subscription, and may have additional costs. These are some — but not all — of ZoomInfo’s best features.

Buyer Intent

Because ZoomInfo employs the use of machine learning, their artificial intelligence “intent engine” is able to recognize buying patterns and identify buyer intent. This data is useful because it helps sales teams identify which contacts have been recognized as being ready to buy and swoop in to make a deal.

ZoomInfo Engage

ZoomInfo Engage is a user-friendly tool that is designed to automate sales. With both phone and email automation capabilities, this feature is intended to maximize efficiency and is helpful for large sales teams who have a large number of contacts. Technically, this software is considered an integration, but it is a valuable feature nonetheless.

Conversation Intelligence

Again, using artificial intelligence and machine learning, ZoomInfo’s Conversation Intelligence captures and studies meetings, emails, and calls with customers and contacts. This feature is great for individuals and companies who foster a lot of communication, as it can help put their connections into context.

As mentioned, Clearbit is not as focused on sales as ZoomInfo, but that does not mean Clearbit does not have useful features for sales teams. Some of Clearbit’s best features help companies analyze the database in multiple ways, leveraging information so that it is useful in multiple settings:


Clearbit’s Prospector feature, while not the first of its kind because it operates similarly to an advanced search, is unique in the sense that it allows users to acquire all the information they need, without any thing they don’t. Depending on the user’s needs, for example “Clearbit sales”, Prospector will generate and analyze a targeted list of contacts (or accounts and lead lists) complete with all of their necessary information.


Reveal is a feature that “deanonymizes” website traffic. Typically, companies have no way of knowing who is visiting their website, only that it had been visited by an individual or company, but Reveal can show users exactly which companies have visited their website, the industry they work in, and when they visited. Reveal is a must-have for marketers using Clearbit, as it helps them better understand their traffic and the effect of their B2B campaigns.


Clearbit’s enrichment feature allows users to search customers and leads in real-time, without the need to sift through mountains of data, even if they aren’t sure that the individual in question is included in Cleabit’s database. Using Enrichment, Clearbit users can enter any company email and gain important insight about that person or company, such as their name, location, role at the company, a short biography, and what time it is in their location. 

ZoomInfo vs Clearbit Integrations 

Integrations are an important part of any business, as they assist users with their efficiency and workflow. In today’s day and age, nearly all software, especially those catered to businesses, need to have a large number of integration options as there is no standard when it comes to plug-ins and optimization services. With so many types of integrations on the market, no two companies use the exact same software combinations, meaning that lead generation services like ZoomInfo and Clearbit must be accessible for all of their customers.

When considering ZoomInfo vs Clearbit offer a number of compatible integrations for their software to ensure that their users have all the tools they will need. However, users should know that many of these integration options are also subscription-based software, and their price is not included or bundled with that of ZoomInfo or Clearbit. This can get expensive, so it is paramount that companies only subscribe to the tools they require, ensuring that they are not unknowingly subscribed to multiple softwares that have the same function.

Being a larger company, ZoomInfo offers a gargantuan amount of compatible integrations, ranging from the most to the least popular softwares, including many of ZoomInfo’s own integrations:

Clearbit, on the other hand, has the exact same number of available integrations, focusing both on the tools that are most commonly employed by their users and those that differ from ZoomInfo. For some of the most well-known names in company software, Clearbit offers the unique service of native integrations — integrations that are built into the Clearbit application and provides a direct means of communication between the two — a feature that ZoomInfo does not make clear whether or not it is offered. Some of Clearbit’s native integrations include:

  • Salesforce
  • Segment
  • Marketo
  • HubSpot
  • Clearbit APIs
  • Pardot

Clearbit also has a number of other compatible integrations, some that ZoomInfo does not offer, but they are not native integrations. The additional integration options include:

  • Chili Piper
  • Workato
  • Mutiny
  • G2
  • Idio
  • Clari
  • Uberflip
  • LeanData
  • Integromat
  • Intercom
  • Outgrow
  • Hull
  • Reactful
  • Drift
  • ServiceBell
  • MadKudu
  • Qualified

Clearbit vs. ZoomInfo Pricing 

Just like with any other decision, price is an important factor when selecting new software. Because both services offer packages that cater to a wide range of customers and have a selection of optional add-ons, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact price users will actually pay.

For the larger of the two software services, ZoomInfo offers three different packages; professional, advanced, and elite. Each package comes with their own customizable options and price tags to match. However, ZoomInfo does not display a set cost for any of these packages on their site.

However, we have pricing here: ZoomInfo Pricing & Clearbit Pricing

Clearbit does not have tiered pricing, instead basing its cost on CRM database size, monthly web traffic, and monthly content creation. Pricing reports show that Clearbit’s pricing ranges anywhere from $12,000 to $24,000 a year, but it appears that users have access to all of Clearbit’s databases.

Free Trial

It’s always important to “try before you buy” which is why both ZoomInfo and Clearbit offer potential users a free trial to test their services before making a decision.

We have a full breakdown on the ZoomInfo Free Trial.

Clearbit vs ZoomInfo Reviews 

According to review sites like G2, both Clearbit and ZoomInfo are well-liked by their users, both earning 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on the site.

With 514 reviews, many Clearbit reviewers state that it is a valuable and time-saving tool, and that most companies and individuals are using the software for its data leveraging abilities. Unhappy reviewers feel that the biggest issues with Clearbit arise simply because the software does not fit the user’s needs, saying that it is best tailored for smaller companies.

ZoomInfo has more reviews, almost ten times as many as Clearbit. Positive reviews state that ZoomInfo is great for business leads and informing campaigns. However, as of late, ZoomInfo has earned a number of negative reviews, citing “shadiest business practices” and that ZoomInfo is a “soulless company” that cares about the “bottom line and nothing else.”

Conclusion for Clearbit vs ZoomInfo

Though ZoomInfo and Clearbit offer many of the same benefits for their users, there are a number of differences that make them best suited for different uses. Because this type of software is not a small purchase, it is important to make an informed decision before onboarding these programs. Check out our table to compare and contrast the features of both B2B softwares.

Software# of ContactsContact Location# of Integration OptionsBest for this type of userBest for these companiesFree Trial
ZoomInfo– 100 million company records – 150 million contact records 50 million direct dials – 41 million mobile phone numbers – 129 million email address
Majority of contacts in North America and Europe25Individuals looking to make “big fish” connections and sales leadsBig companies with large revenue and large sales teamsYes
Clearbit– 150,000 companies – 220,000 community members – 200 million contactsGlobal contacts from over 165 companies25Users looking to leverage data for marketing and salesSmaller businessesYes

Alternatives To Clearbit vs ZoomInfo

If you’re not satisfied with Clearbit or ZoomInfo and want to explore other options, check out these articles you may find useful.

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