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HubSpot Competitors

Top HubSpot Competitors and Alternatives – CRM

Table of Contents

This article will review the different HubSpot competitors when considering a new CRM, as well as HubSpot alternatives if you’re in the market for a CRM.

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a software that connects different departments of the organization, from marketing to sales and customer service organizes their data like notes, activities, metrics, and more into one consolidated platform. The evolving business landscape with technological advancements has led to the increased incorporation of using a CRM. At this point, it’s table stakes. CRMs can help:

  • Can gain insights into the customer’s behavior
  • Organize sales and marketing operation
  • Integrate tools into workflow for centralized reporting
  • Increase productivity
  • Enhances customer experience

One of the leading CRMs in the market is HubSpot CRM, a free CRM to start, that offers numerous benefits to the organization with its wide range of features. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about HubSpot CRM, HubSpot CRM competitors, and alternatives to provide businesses with options that will help them make a well-informed decision.

What is HubSpot CRM?

One of the most popular and widely used apps, HubSpot provides a centralized database where organizations can align their marketing, sales, and customer service efforts to provide the best in class customer experience. It gives users the ability to expedite their sales and marketing workflow without having to make any changes to their existing structure. It is easy to use and has a plethora of features that unlike other CRMs are not as complicated. Users have the freedom to track their performance and communication on various networks and they can leverage a single dashboard to view all the activities of their team members. 

Two of the major problems that HubSpot solves are — keeping track of the leads, partners, and clients, and communication between customers. Users can access all the important information about their leads, clients, and partners in one place. With just one click, users can access all the information regarding communication like — deal status, contracts, and proposals. This ability to gain insight into the business relationship allows brand managers to keep the business ahead of their competitors.

HubSpot CRM Overview

HubSpot CRM Features

  • Contact Management-

Sales representatives can create contact records, and save personal information related to the prospects and customers. It gives users the ability to streamline contact data.

  • Dashboard- 

The daily dashboards allow sales representatives to see certain information daily like — which tasks need to be completed, what is the progress of certain tasks against quota, how many deals are left in the pipeline, and more. It also gives sales managers and leaders the ability to view categories for the sales team.

  • Task Management- 

Users can schedule, align and track tasks. Deals can be created and sorted in the pipeline. It allows users to schedule calls, emails, and meetings with the customers. With this feature, you can stay updated on which tasks require immediate attention.

  • Content Repository- 

An embedded search repository can save time that sales representatives otherwise spent on searching the content. They can save the collateral which is frequently sent to the prospects and customers and it also prevents them from the burden of sending emails to new contacts with customizable templates.

  • Automated Data Capture- 

With this feature, HubSpot CRM automatically saves the calls and emails that were sent which are then posted in a timeline view for ease. This saves time salespeople spend uploading call records or copying and pasting emails. With this feature, sales representatives can keep track of the customers.

HubSpot CRM Integrations

  • It seamlessly integrates with all the leading applications and third-party vendors. It streamlines the outreach process by integrating with Gmail or Outlook. 
  • It bridges the gap between lost information and opportunities by integrating with the marketing automation software. 
  • Users can integrate the HubSpot Meeting Scheduling application which eliminates the back and forth coordination by giving clients the ability to book a meeting with the business on their real-time calendar availability. 
  • The connector integration includes — Zapier,, Quickbooks, Paypal, Asana, and Trello
  • It can integrate with communication tools like Slack to improve team coordination and accessibility. 
  • It streamlines and automates posting by connecting with various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Data received through the form can be synced with contact data by integrating with Survey Monkey and Typeform.
  • Calling software integration includes Zoom, Uber Conference, Aircall, and CallRail.
  • Online shopping carts and eCommerce companies like Shopify, and Stripe can be integrated to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Sales representatives offering in-person or virtual events as a part of their service can integrate with event management software like Go To Webinar and Eventbrite.

When comparing HubSpot competitors it’s always important to consider how the integrations stack up because it’s critical whatever key software you use will fit into your daily workflow.

HubSpot CRM Pricing

While HubSpot CRM is free to use by n number of users, there are certain paid plans. CRM Suite also referred to as Hubs cost $45 per month, and includes Marketing Hub, Service Hub, and Sales Hub. These hubs are categorized into three different tiers — Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.  HubSpot pricing gets expensive which is why it’s important to look at HubSpot competitors and how they price things as teams grow.

CRM Suite (Includes Marketing, Sales, and Service Hub)$0/month1 free user- $50/month5 free users- $1780/month10 free users- $5000/month

HubSpot CRM Reviews


  • Extensive free plan which includes customer support, sales, marketing, and operations.
  • Flexible pricing starts at $23 per month.
  • A wide range of free, scalable, and modular tools.
  • Intuitive and easy to use.
  • Easy to create content.
  • Round-the-clock available customer support which is available through email, live chat, phone, and Twitter.


  • Customer support is not available for free plan users.
  • Limitations pertaining to the free plan like only 200 email tracking notifications per month.
  • Numerous pricing options and plans make it overwhelming to use.
  • HubSpot is often cited as the best free CRM for startups but it gets quite expensive as you scale.

HubSpot CRM Competitors – A Sampling

There are numerous HubSpot CRM competitors available in the market offering better features at a considerably lower price. This section will list out the pros and cons along with the pricing of these contenders-

ActiveCampaign – An Automation Focused Competitor

It is a marketing automation software that offers email marketing, automation, and other CRM tools to boost customer experience with the features like-

  • Website tracking
  • Lead scoring
  • Web personalization
  • Email Segmentation 
  • Marketing Campaign Management


  • Offers more than 300 integrations to third-party vendors like Salesforce, Facebook, Google Analytics, WordPress, and more.
  • Provides free migration, one-on-one training, and support, unlike HubSpot.
  • Available as an application for iOs users.


  • Similar to HubSpot, it doesn’t offer refunds.

Active Campaign Pricing Plans


For more details on ActiveCampaign, check out these ActiveCampaign Pricing and ActiveCampaign competitors.

EngageBay – All In One HubSpot Competitor

It offers a sales and CRM platform for small-scale businesses and start-ups by combining lead generation, email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM. Its features include the following-

  • Mobile marketing
  • Email marketing automation
  • Contact Management
  • Project Management
  • Reporting


  • Most of its services, including CRM are free, making it one of the best tools for small businesses and start-ups.
  • Abundance of great features, which are not available under the free plan of HubSpot
  • Provides in-depth insights through detailed reports.


  • Basic features are missing.
  • Cannot build customizable templates.
  • Doesn’t offer social software analytics.

EngageBay Overview

EngageBay Pricing


Insightly – A Sales Focused HubSpot Competitor

It is a comprehensive cloud-based platform that offers projection management, sales, and marketing solutions. It gives businesses the freedom to boost sales, deliver projects at the right time, strengthen relationships with the customers and securely manage customer data, all in one place. It has the following features-

  • Email Tracking
  • Lead Routing
  • Segmentation
  • Workflow Automation
  • Email Templates and embedded forms


  • Mobile application for iOS and Android users.
  • Integrates with several software like Zapier, Xero, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Mailchimp, and more.


  • Bundled solution has a higher cost than the regular plans of the competitors.
  • Expensive marketing plans.
  • Doesn’t offer much storage.
  • Limited data plans.

Insightly Overview

Insightly Pricing


We have more details here on Insightly pricing.

The #1 HubSpot CRM Competitor- Salesforce CRM

One of the leading HubSpot CRM competitors is Salesforce CRM.  It is seen as a top HubSpot alternative when it comes to the CRM functionality.

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM?

It is one of the leading cloud-based CRM solutions which provides a popular CRM tool for support, sales, and marketing teams in the organization. Built on the platform, it manages customer interaction through different modes like emails, phone calls, communities, social media, and more. From marketing to service, it holistically manages all the different aspects of a customer relationship with the organization. Salesforce can also be used as a call center CRM.

Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM Overview

Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM Features

The following make for Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM features-

  • Quote Management
  • Contact Management
  • Quote to Cash Management
  • OpportunityManagement
  • Trailhead
  • Lead Management
  • Mobility
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Channel Management
  • Partner Management
  • Territory Management
  • Email Integration
  • Workflow Automation
  • Sales Collaboration

Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM Integrations

It offers 2500+ integration with the applications to personalize CRM experience. Some of them are-

Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM Pricing

Its pricing options vary depending upon the size and requirement of the business.

Sales Professional$75/user/month
Service Professional$75/user/month
Marketing Cloud Account Engagement$1250/user/month

Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM Reviews


  • It can be tailored to any business environment.
  • It can be easily configured and programmed.
  • Unified code base leads to faster creation of Salesforce tools.
  • Intuitive interface which adapts as per the usage requirement.


  • Not suitable for small companies, considering all the expenses.
  • It can be overwhelming to use.
  • Too many integrations slow down the system.
  • Getting immediate technical assistance gets difficult during non-business hours.
  • Report generation is not user-friendly.
  • Over-customization makes the system clunky with extended loading time.

Zoho CRM – A HubSpot Alternative

What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM is one of the top HubSpot competitors and seen as an affordable alternative. It is an online CRM software that acts as a single repository for bringing the ales, customer support, and marketing activities together and streamlining the process for better customer experience and driving revenue. Its omnichannel capabilities allow businesses to reach the customers through every channel possible and get real-time notifications about when the customers interact.

Zoho CRM Overview

Zoho CRM Features

  • Sales Force Automation
    • Lead Management
    • Deal Management
    • Contact Management
    • Account Management
    • Workflow Automation
  • Process Management
    • Blueprint
    • Approval Process
    • Scoring Rules
    • Assignment Rules
    • Escalation Rules
    • Review Process
    • Validation Rules
    • Email Parser
    • Multi-page Layout
  • Omnichannel
    • Mail
    • Telephone
    • Social Media
    • Live Chat
    • Self-service portal
    • Web Conferencing
    • Real-time Notifications
  • Sales Enablement
    • Quotes
    • Wizards
    • Portals
    • Calendar
    • GSuite and Office 365 Integration
    • Document Library
    • Sell on the move
    • Partner Relationship Management
  • Performance Management
    • Sales Forecasting
    • Territory Management
    • AI prediction
    • Motivator
  • Marketing Automation
    • Customer Segmentation
    • Lead Nurturing
    • Marketing Attribution
    • Google Ads Integration
    • Event Management
  • Team Collaboration
    • Feeds
    • Chats
    • Notes
    • Tags
    • Group
    • Project Management 

Zoho CRM Integrations

With Zoho Connect, businesses can integrate all the applications and access the updates inside Zoho Connect without having to switch between the applications. There is a wide range of Zoho apps available for integration like —  Writer, Campaign, Calendar, Sheets, Doc, Cliq, Project, Showtime, Creator, and Flow. It also offers integration with Trello, Asana, Google Drive, Calendar, and RSS Feed. Through Zapier, it offers integration with Slack, WordPress, HubSpot, Twitter, and Gmail.

Zoho CRM Pricing

FreeFor EntrepreneursFree for up to 3 users
StandardSmall businesses can use it for sales tracking$14/user/month
ProfessionalCRM for small and medium scale businesses$23/user/month
EnterpriseCRM for multilevel organizations$40/user/month
UltimateCRM for large-scale organizations$52/user/month

We’ve got you covered for a full breakdown on Zoho CRM pricing if you need more detail.

Zoho CRM Reviews


  • Recommended CRM for customization.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Product design and functionality are easy to use and navigate through.
  • Adding and configuring third-party applications is easy.
  • Flexible and cross-vertical friendly.


  • Finding documentation and help videos can get confusing.
  • Lacks functionality for bulk emailing or scheduling.
  • Customer support is limited.

Pipedrive – Another Top HubSpot CRM Competitor

What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a pipeline CRM that focuses on strengthening customer relationships and making sales more profitable. It makes importing leads, assigning them to the salesperson, and moving through the different stages of the sale lifecycle easily. It is customizable and flexible, making end-to-end sales management effortless.

Pipedrive Overview

Pipedrive Features

  • Sales Pipeline
  • Leads Inbox
  • Sales Assistant
  • Email and Calendar Sync
  • Mobile CRM
  • Industry Agnostic
  • Insights
  • Scheduler
  • Smart Contact Data
  • Reporting
  • Automation Capabilities
  • Communication Tracking
  • Contact Management
  • Lead Management
  • Email Integration
  • Workflow Automation
  • Email Templates
  • Revenue Projection
  • Custom Column and Filters
  • Activities Overview
  • Visual Pipeline for Sales Stages

Pipedrive Integrations

It offers integration with a wide range of third-party applications like-

  • Email marketing:, Autopilot, SendPulse
  • Marketing automation: Zapier, HubSpot, Mailshake
  • Task management: Monday, Asana, Trello
  • Video calls: Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams
  • Resource management: Rippling, Gamifier, Sowise
  • Data management: Bardeen, Plecto, BuiltWith
  • Contacts, and Calendar: Calendly, Avoma,

Pipedrive Pricing

A full breakdown of Pipedrive pricing.


Pipedrive Reviews


  • Easy to use and learn.
  • It allows custom reporting.
  • Allows creating custom pipeline and deal stages.
  • Offers integration with a plethora of third-party vendors.


  • Lacks campaign panning and live reports.
  • It can be challenging to download leads.
  • Limited support for small accounts.
  • Does not offer integration with large companies.

Copper CRM – A HubSpot Competitor For SMBs

What is Copper?

Previously known as PaperWorks CRM, Copper CRM is mainly designed for integration with Google applications. For businesses that rely on Google Workspace for their operation, Copper is the best choice like — Gmail, Google Calendar, and more. It is used by small to medium-scale businesses operating in the industries like —  financial service, insurance, information technology, real estate, higher education, marketing, and advertising.

Copper CRM Overview

Copper Features

  • Lead Capture
  • Contact Management
  • Communication Channels
  • Deal Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Reporting
  • Integration
  • Mobile and Security
  • Opportunity Management
  • Sales Management
  • Pipeline Management
  • Sales Process Management

Copper Integration

It expands the functionality of the CRM by integrating with third-party applications like:

  • Google Workspace
  • Zapier
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Shopify
  • Intercom

Copper Pricing

It offers three pricing plans- all come with a 14-day trial period. More Copper CRM pricing details.

PlanSuitable forPricing
BasicNew users and small teams$25/user/month
ProfessionalSmall to medium-scale organizations$59/user/month
BusinessLarge organizations$119/user/month

Copper Reviews


  • Simple to use.
  • Intuitive sidebar.
  • Automation reduces manual dependence.
  • Two-way sync between Copper and Googe contacts 
  • Automatically sets up new leads.
  • Setting up or switching to Copper is easy.


  • Lacks advanced features offered by the competitors
  • Not suitable for companies that are not using Google Workspace.

Sugar CRM – HubSpot CRM Competitors You Haven’t Heard Of –

What is Sugar CRM?

Sugar CRM is an open-source CRM that helps businesses execute effective marketing programs, boost sales, retain customers, and create customized business applications. Since it is an open-source platform,  which means the source code is available and can be customized by users, developers, or the customers of the product. It is designed for businesses of all sizes- start-ups, mid-scale businesses, and enterprise-level organizations.

Sugar CRM Overview

Sugar CRM Features

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Operational CRM Management
  • Multi-channel Marketing
  • Commercial Follow-up
  • Reporting
  • Dashboard
  • Workflow Automation
  • Mobility
  • Quote Management System
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Campaign Management
  • Project Management
  • Case Management
  • Bug Tracking
  • Self-service Portal
  • Knowledge Base Management
  • Sales Lead Management

Sugar CRM Integrations

It offers integrations with the following third-party applications like 

  • QuickBooks
  • Zendesk
  • Shopify
  • Marketo
  • Acuity
  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Xpressdocs

Sugar CRM Pricing

Market$1000/month for 10k contacts

Sugar CRM Reviews


  • Easy to find information with filters and tags.
  • Creating posts and monitoring record updates is easy.
  • Self-service porta; reduce the customer service workload.
  • Automation saves time.


  • The mobile app does not offer reporting capabilities.
  • UX could use improvement.
  • Importing accounts and contact can be challenging.
  • Cache needs to ensure that it is working properly.

Microsoft Dynamics – A HubSpot CRM Competitor You Know

What is Microsoft Dynamics?

It is a CRM by Microsoft that aims at driving sales productivity and making marketing campaigns effective by taking control of the customer support chain and providing in-depth social insights, business intelligence, and more. It is available as a part of the Microsoft 365 environment and offers complete mobile support for CRM on tablets and mobiles. CRM is offered in two ways by Microsoft- one is online, and the other is on-premise.  CRM online is cloud-based where the CRM is provided as a subscription-based service, with all the backend tasks managed by Microsoft servers. In on-premise, a more customized CRM is offered with the application and database deployed on the organization’s server.

Microsoft Dynamics Overview

Microsoft Dynamics Features 

  • Sales Insights
  • Mobility
  • Email Integration
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Connectivity
  • Customer Service Dashboard
  • Smart Search
  • Activity Log
  • Virtual Entities
  • Web API
  • Web Select Refresh

Microsoft Dynamics Integrations

It offers seamless integration with the following applications:

Microsoft Dynamics Pricing

Depending on the type of agreement a business sign with Microsoft, the pricing can be customized for- Enterprise, Education, Government or MPSA. It is important to note that businesses can not mix and match enterprise and professional licensing. If any user requires Enterprise, then the business will have to purchase the entire Enterprise level licensing.

Microsoft Dynamics Reviews 


  • Visual dashboard helps in understanding which areas need improvement and where the investment would be more profitable.
  • Easy to connect with any device using the internet.
  • Easy to configure and completely scalable.


  • Training is challenging.
  • The interface is not user-friendly.
  • The mobile application doesn’t offer all the features.
  • Low data storage limit.
  • System and customization can get expensive.

Other HubSpot Alternatives and Competitors

○ Close: It is an all-in-one CRM designed for start-ups and small to medium-scale businesses. It s best known for its ability to manage relationships with the leads like contacting, nurturing, or closing leads without any technical issues. The various features offered by Close includes calling, email marketing, reporting, and API integration.

○ Sage CRM: It is a cloud-based CRM that is designed for small and medium-scale businesses to help them optimize their relationship with the customer and provide a better experience. Some of its features include- the ability to track the performance of sales, automation of repetitive tasks, tracking new opportunities, forecasting sales performance, reporting, analytics, and social CRM.

○ Keap: It is a cloud-based CRM platform that is designed for service-based businesses with custom requirements. It offers built-in invoicing and various payment processing integration which boosts the conversion rate and average cart value. All the contact information is stored in one place and interactions with the contacts are automatically added to the account for a quick review. It offers pre-made templates which makes automation easy. It offers integration with over 2500+ applications, natively as well as via Zapier premium.

○ Salesflare: It is a CRM and email outreach platform designed for small and medium-scale B2B businesses. It comes with built-in email tracking, social integration, analytics, lead scoring, and an automated address book. It is mainly used for its automation capabilities, email tracking, and the ability to generate leads. 

HubSpot CRM Competitors Ranked

When evaluating the different CRM software to pick the ideal one, it is important to keep the following things in mind:

  • Budget
  • Size of the company
  • Third-party Integrations
  • Business Goals
SoftwareBest for
SalesforceSales CRM for Professional Sales Organizations
Zoho CRMEasy to use
KeapSmall businesses
Engage BayMarketing automation
PipedriveCustomizable pipelines

2 HubSpot CRM Competitors For Sales Teams Compared

● HubSpot CRM vs Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM 

HubSpot CRMSalesforce Sales Cloud CRM
It is an all-in-one CRM that offers services for sales, marketing, customer service, operation, and more.It is a sales management platform that provides sales automation tools, reporting, and analytics capabilities.
The user is only required to pay for additional revenue-generating sales leads. All features are available in the different plans.Charges are levied on the basis of per user. Additional features are chargeable.
Implementation and maintenance can be done by users with limited technological backgrounds.It requires well-trained IT engineers and administrators for implementation and maintenance. 
HubSpot’s free CRM is made for small and medium-scale businessesWhile it is designed for businesses of all sizes, Salesforce is ideal for large organizations.

● HubSpot CRM vs Pipedrive

HubSpot CRMPipedrive
It is suitable for businesses planning to scale.It is suitable for businesses starting from scratch.
It is designed for the sales and marketing team.It is designed for the sales team.
While it offers a free CRM, its paid plans start at $50 per monthIt offers a 14-day free trial, after which users can start with a $15/month plan.
It offers Gmail and Outlook integration in its free plan.Two–way syncing is only available in the Advanced plan.
Complicated pricing structure.Plan and pricing are easy to understand.

Are there more competitors and alternatives to HubSpot you’d like us to cover? Drop the suggestions in the comment section below.

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