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The Best B2B Sales Tools – You Should Know in 2024

Table of Contents

Sales tools have evolved over the past decade and many have become table stakes for any forward thinking sales organization. If you asked a veteran salesperson what they used fifteen years ago, they’d most likely say their computer, the phone, a cold call list, and email. That was it for most sales tools and sales software.

Now the sales tools used by salespeople are highly specialized. They can help with everything from improving sales coaching by recording sales conversations using AI to sending a gift and having the ROI tracked in your CRM

With the recent explosion of SaaS tools for businesses, including sales tools and sales software, buyers can become overwhelmed with the different options. There are dozens of categories of sales tools, with many similar tools in each category.

Even experienced buyers of these software products can be intimidated. For example, a startup founder may know he needs his salespeople to have a more consistent and predictable approach to booking meetings with new customers. However, he may not know the 20+ different options or that this sales tool category is often described as “sales engagement platforms.”

In the sales tool list below, there will be a few things we hope to clarify so you’ll more easily understand what sales tools you may be in the market for. We’ll name the categories, but we’ll also mention  

  • What does this sales tool help with and/or what problem does it solve?
  • We’ll do our best to describe what stage a company should be at when purchasing a tool in this category.
  • And we may mention some things you might not know about the sales tools in the category

What Are Sales Tools?

Sales tools help salespeople with different aspects of their job. As mentioned above, there are a wide range of tools. Some sales tools are foundational like the CRM. These help to keep salespeople organized and provide a view for sales management to see what’s going on in the business. Other sales tools like intent data (some might argue this is a marketing tool) help salespeople more accurately target the right prospects, at the right time. In every case, the sales tools when used properly will help salespeople do their job more effectively. 

However, a bad salesperson with the best sales tools does not become a good salesperson. Sales tools amplify behavior. For example, a salesperson who is bad at cold calling will not become better if they have a power dialer. They’ll burn more leads, faster. A salesperson who is making manual dials and is a good cold caller, will see enormous ROI if given a power dialer.

You can think of sales software much like a golfer with golf clubs. Give the worlds worst golfer the best golf clubs and they’ll still be terrible But they’ll have nice clubs. Give Tiger Woods the best clubs and he’ll do even better. Sales tools can help your team hit their OTE and beat their goals.

Considerations When Buying Sales Tools

  • Does this product solve a problem?
  • Does this product fit our current workflow or integrate with our current tools?
  • Does this product fit our budget?
  • Does this product offer a free trial?
  • Will we actually use this product?
  • What benefit will this product provide? Do we save time, money, or effort?
  • Does this product require an annual contract or month to month?
  • Does this sales tool provide a free trial?
  • How long will this take to implement?
  • What kind of supporting resources are available?

One thing to remember when buying a sales tool is that every sales tool promises a return on your investment. If it was that easy, you could buy a bunch of sales tools and fill out your sales tech stack with the guarantee of a huge return on investment. It’s critical to understand that not every sales tool is worth purchasing. Some tools are better fits depending on your company stage, problem, personnel and internal resources.

If you have any questions about buying sales tools you can submit your information in the box to the right and we’ll help you make a purchase or contact us.

Sales Tools By Category

One challenge of figuring out what category fits your sales tool is that there are no official category definitions so we put together a list of categories below that covers that popular variations.

  • B2B Database – Buy Leads – Sales Intelligence
  • Sales Engagement Platforms – Sequencers – Prospecting Tools
  • Intent Data – Account Based Marketing
  • Sales Compensation Software – Sales Commission Software
  • Conversational Intelligence – Call Recording Software
  • CRM – Customer Relation Management Software
  • Sales Demo Software – Interactive Demo – Demo Platform
  • Sales Enablement Software – Content Sharing and Management
  • Power Dialers – Sales Dialer Software
  • eSignature Software – Contract Management – Proposal Creation
  • Revenue Operations Software – Sales Forecasting Software – Business Intelligence
  • Buyer Enablement – Mutual Action Plan Software – Customer Onboarding Checklists
  • Video Conferencing Software – Cloud Phone – Webinar Software
  • VoiP – Cloud Based Call Center Software
  • Direct Mail Prospecting Platform – Gifting Platform Software
  • Video Prospecting – Video Tools For Sales Prospecting
  • Email Warm Up Tools – Email Warm Up Services
  • Website Chatbot – Conversational Marketing Chatbot
  • CRM Updater – Tool to Update Salesforce
  • Sales Management Software – Sales Gamification – Sales Performance Management Software
  • Lead Management – Lead Routing Software – Lead Distribution
  • Meeting Scheduling – Lead Routing Software – Calendar Software
  • Relationship Intelligence
  • Email Writing Assistant – Email Writing Software
  • Human Intelligence For Selling To Companies
  • Technographic Spend Data – Technographic Data

Sales Tools: B2B Database – Buy Leads – Sales Intelligence

When it comes to B2B sales tools that are table stakes, every B2B organization needs a sales tool that is a B2B database. More specifically, a tool that contains the contact information of prospects.

Many providers in this category offer a variety of additional features (intent data for example) but for a majority of buyers of B2B sales tools, they need these core offering:

  • Work Emails
  • Work Phone Numbers
  • Mobile Phone Numbers

As far as which vendor to consider, the main criteria is to see if they have the contact information of your prospects and the accuracy of the information.

Here are some of the best B2B Sales Intelligence providers in this category. If you need to learn more about the category, check out our article on What is B2B Data and who are B2B data providers.


ZoomInfo is a provider of B2B Database and company and contact intelligence which includes 3 platforms – intelligence, orchestration, and engagement to sales, marketing, operations, and talent acquisition of the company. The pricing plans of ZoomInfo have different tiers. It offers B2B contact data like direct dials, and email addresses to help the business connect with the customers when they are engaged and ready to make a purchase. It also provides insights into the company’s health like their employee and revenue growth, org charts, and the technology used by the prospects and how they use it.

Users can access various information about the contact like professional profile, job titles, social media profile, experience, and more. Availability of organization charts, direct mail, and email addresses of the decision makers help in securing deals of significant value and renewals. Its advanced B2B search engine provides more than 300 company attributes which result in optimal refinement from multiple data combinations, CRM, and engagement filters. Real-time notifications inform the users about the information that can impact the existing relationship or lead to more opportunities like job roles or company changes. Its search functionality helps businesses create and strengthen relationships as it provides information that determines whether or not the business is the right fit.


Uplead is a B2B database and business contact data provider that offers insights into the prospect’s details from over 200 countries and 85 million contacts. It builds the prospects list in real-time. It offers more than 50 filters to help the user identify contacts and companies that fit their buyer’s profile. It provides information like contacts’ email addresses, phone numbers, the technology they use, and how they use it. Uplead’s email verification is done in real-time which ensures that the user always has correct and updated information in their hand.

Users only have to pay for the verified data and it offers a bulk email verification service. Uplead gives the users full control over which email they want to download and they don’t have to pay for the ones that are not downloaded. It offers real-time email verification and cleansing, ensuring that the list is clean before it is used for outreach. It eliminates the possibility of manual data entry by pushing the leads into the CRM, CSV file, or the chosen outreach tool. It offers integration with some of the leading third-party integration tools like Zapier, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Outreach, Mailshake, Reply, and more. Users can make use of intent data to find out engaged leads, then segment, prioritize and reach out to them at the right moment.


Lead411 is a B2B direct sales and email leads provider that provides verified emails of the decision makers of the prospect’s company. Its buyer intent is powered by Bombora which helps in identifying the companies and the decision-makers who are looking for products and services offered by the business based on 5-25 different topics. Users can find and directly reach out to the opportunities using the Reach Email/SMS Engagement Automation. They can set up email/SMS, cadences, and campaigns which makes reaching out to the prospects quick and easy. It combines data with sales intelligence to provide key information about the company and result in the growth of the intent data.

It offers various sales intelligence data points like company location, IPO announcement, hiring plan, job opening, new employee hire, promotion, executive employee hire, company awards, and more to refine the result and build a healthy pipeline. It displays the companies with multiple combined growth intent indicators that are growing by using an algorithm to give them a score. It integrates with more than 25 leading third-party applications and CRM like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Outreach, Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Microsoft dynamics, and more. With its proprietary algorithm, AI, and human verification, it offers a triple verified data platform, which re-verifies data like email addresses, direct dial phone numbers, social profiles, and main and direct phone numbers every 90 days. It licenses data from third-party resources which confirm the authenticity of the previously uploaded companies and profiles. It also ensures that the data points match on multiple levels like location, URL, domain, and name match.


Slintel is a data warehouse and Go-to-market sale intelligence software that offers technographic powered buying intent to B2B businesses to help them find active buyers in the market. It enhances transparency by evaluating more than 100 data points and analyzing various metrics like the patterns in which the technology is adopted, customer journey, digital footprints, and more. It helps businesses drive more revenue by identifying active buyers, thereby empowering the go-to-market team to build pipelines at a faster rate. It provides direct dials and verified email addresses of the active, high intent buyers in the target market. The insights into the prospect’s problem areas, preferences, and needs help in establishing and strengthening the relationship.

Users can check out which products and services are being used by the customers and develop a strategy to fix the problems customers might e facing in using them. The sales intelligence tool helps in identifying the technology stack used by the customers and understanding how the product fits into the customer’s buyer journey. It integrates with the leading CRM software like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, and more. With its buyer intent score, the sales team can understand which users are active and interested in buying the product in the early stage of their buyer’s cycle.


Cognism is a sales intelligence platform that provides businesses with premium contact information to help them find, engage and close deals. It offers unrestricted access to the decision maker’s mobile number and email address, ensuring there’s always plenty of data to connect with the prospects. The phone numbers and email address is verified to eliminate the possibility of dialing wrong or non-existing numbers. Its intent data is powered by Bombora which offers contextual data which lets the users know which buyer is most likely to go ahead with the purchase.

It empowers sales professionals to prioritize and customize their outreach for the in-market accounts. It captures warm opportunities and speeds up the sales cycle by encouraging the sales professionals to only focus on the active and engaged buyers. Cognism checks and provides a do-not-call list for customers residing in the US, Canada, and Europe. It captures warm opportunities and boosts relevance by combining the intent data with technographic and firmographic data which helps create customized messages for the buyers and increases engagement. Its Chrome extension quickly identifies multiple entries into the target account and prioritizes the prospect list using a combination of company fit, designation, level of seniority, and availability of the mobile number.


Clearbit is a B2B activation platform for marketing intelligence that appends more than 100 data points on a company, the technology it owns, and the employees to speed up discovering, engaging, and converting the leads into customers. It integrates with leading third-party applications like Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot, Segment, and more to automate the workflow. Its data activation platform provides a comprehensive view of the market, prospects, and customers. It offers an intent signal in real-time that can be used to reach and target audience, and create a personalized buyer’s journey. When combined with data within the existing data in the go-to-systems help in defining and activating the ideal customer profile.

Users of this sales tool can leverage intent signals and 100+ B2B attributes to build the target audience, identify the accounts browsing through the sites and customize communication with the customers. With Clearbit Reveal, users get to know which companies are viewing their website, which actions are they taking,  and which products or services are they interested in so that they can initiate an engaging conversation. It helps users understand how the target audience is engaging with the businesses, and which sales and marketing efforts are driving more results. Users are notified of the target account’s action immediately in real-time which helps to take the right step to engage them at the right time.


Lusha is an ISO 27701 certified sales intelligence solution that is designed to help the sales and marketing team, build and strengthen relationships with prospects by providing them information such as the email addresses, and phone number of the key decision-makers. With the Lusha extension, prospecting is made simple and all the relevant information about the prospects be it email address or phone number can be accessed with just one click, whether it’s through LinkedIn, Gmail, or any other website.  It provides globally compliant data and ensures the highest magnitude of data accuracy. It offers a wide range of filters to create a list of more than 1000 prospects in one go like company name, company location, industry, revenue, number of employees, title, seniority, contact location and more.

Users can utilize the advanced search filters to find and build a list of prospects. Based on the past searches, Lusha offers actionable insights regarding the customer’s profile. It has a seven step verification system called Lusha 7 Trust filters that offers verified data on the decision-makers. The self-serve platform empowers the sales and marketing team to onboard the team within minutes without any training. The dashboard helps the team understand how the credits are being used, and it offers an enhanced transparency into how the team is performing.


InsideView is a part of the Demandbase company that is designed to help the sales and marketing team with intelligence solutions directly into their CRM. it is a marketing and sales intelligence tool aimed at helping small to medium-scale businesses. It serves as a proficient tool in prospecting companies and individuals. It provides the sales and marketing team with aggregated and curated information about their segments, target market, and the company. Users can make use of their database to find relevant prospects. They can also filter them using different metrics, custom attributes, and social signals. Representatives get real-time alerts and notifications on any interaction initiated by the customers along with other aspects like changes in the decision-makers, company size change, acquisition, relocation, and more.

This B2B sales tool eliminates the possibility of duplicate contacts, incomplete lists, and inaccurate data by providing the sales and marketing team with a database against which they can match their data. It provides social data and business insights to minimize data inaccuracy, scores leads, and strengthen the lead records. It creates contact profiles and delivers marketing intelligence by integrating with leading third-party applications like Salesforce. Users can also access marketing intelligence through API which offers tailored solutions. 

D&B Hoovers

D&B Hoovers is a sales acceleration and intelligence platform that is designed to help sales and marketing speed up the prospect to revenue relationship by offering data and analytics. It empowers the sales and marketing team to target more strategically by accessing comprehensive intelligence on more than hundreds and billions of company records. AI, insights, and audience visualization help the team elevate customer engagement by providing them with relevant and personalized communication. With a personalized dashboard that is updated in real-time, buyer’s intent, and lead list, it boosts sales productivity. It aligns sales and marketing and offers function-specific outcomes by offering customized solutions for sales and marketing.

This B2B sales tool combines D&B Intent models with Bombora-powered intent data that builds a comprehensive list of signals. It combines 3 intent solutions — Bombora, D&B predefined, and D&B customs to identify the spike in the signals and offer maximum flexibility around scale, purpose, and precision. It makes use of D&B Data Cloud to offer a sales intelligence solution that is packed with insights. With D&B, users can leverage more than 50 search filters to  develop highly-targeted lists. The Smart List gives users the power to create their list of opportunities which is updated periodically in real-time.


RocketReach helps businesses find verified email, social media links, and phone numbers of the contact. The Chrome Extension comes with an email finder tool that finds information about the contact within seconds. It verifies data for more than 700 million professionals across 35 million companies. Users can check out leads on Google, Angellist, Crunchbase, and LinkedIn. Its Advanced Search feature help finds personal emails, professional emails, and direct dials by offering various search filters. Users can check out various actionable insights like revenue, funding,  industry, competitors, employee size, and more along with the list of decision-makers of more than 35 million companies.

RocketReach makes use of REST API to automate lead generation, contact discovery, people search, and company search among other use cases. It verifies contact information in real-time. With Compose, users can directly send emails from the mailbox. Email analytics tracks and segments the performance of the email sequence to fine-tune the conversations. It integrates with a large number of leading CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and various application tracking systems. It provides up-to-date emails, phone numbers, and social media links to strengthen the sales team’s strategy making. With lookup, the sales team can customize their brand messaging and outreach campaigns to engage the client.

Seamless is a sales tool that helps the sales and marketing team find verified sales leads, email addresses, phone numbers, and direct dials. Its real-time search engine helps connect with and build a list of decision-makers in the market. Its free Chrome Extension converts the browser into a lead generation engine and helps find mobile numbers, direct dials, and email addresses of the key contacts of the company. The extension works on any B2B company website including LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter. It makes use of AI to research, find and verify email addresses and contact numbers in real-time. as a is common with many B2B sales tools integrates with the leading third-party applications like Salesforce, HubSpot, Salesloft, Outreach, and other engagement platform that increases productivity and efficiency by eliminating manual data entry. The link-building task is automated to help the team focus on important tasks that will result in  building a pipeline faster, speeding up the conversion process, and increasing the possibility of garnering better ROI. Users can gain access to bulk email addresses and contact numbers which they can directly import to their chosen engagement platforms which boost the connect rate. AI further helps in building a hyper-targeted advertising audience through Facebook or LinkedIn audience, which enhances the ROI. is an email-finding tool that helps the sales and marketing team by finding and verifying the email addresses of the contact. A sales tool for finding contact info. With the Chrome Extension, users can immediately find the email address of the contacts they are browsing on the websites. With the Domain Search, users can find publicly available email addresses along with the confidence score, department filters, and other sources in detail. Users can perform a domain search, by uploading a file on the dashboard after which they get a list of targeted email addresses. They can also find contact email addresses from the domain name by making a call through API.

The email finders all the information like email formats and email addresses and verifies it to ensure accurate and up-to-date data is provided to the users. The email verifier validates email on multiple levels like format, domain, and the response of the email server and this is then compared with the database of professional email addresses saved in Hunter. Users can also verify email addresses by uploading the spreadsheet or with an API call. It gives users the freedom to create and launch outreach campaigns and schedule follow up from Outlook or Gmail. Hunter provides email templates and messages which can be customized according to the customer to give a personal touch. Users can schedule campaigns and set a daily quota for the email that will be sent to the customers. It gives users the freedom to link multiple Google or Microsoft with a single Hunter account.


LeadGenius is a Software as a Service company that makes use of machine learning and a wide range of human researchers to help B2B sales and marketing teams find, qualify, deliver and transform leads. It’s a sales tool that helps businesses eliminate the time-consuming process from their dailies and update and enhance existing databases whilst identifying new customers. It offers contact and account monitoring for signals and triggers. Account signals include — ad spend, press releases, inventory status, updates in price, product announcements, and social media presence. Contact signals include — social media interaction, changes in job titles, downloads, and the intention to make a purchase.

LeadGenius makes use of competitive intelligence to check out when the leads are inclining toward the products and services offered by the competitors and empowers the sales team to reach out to the buyers at the right time with the right message. The Intent Data provides context to the data which helps capture the target buyer at the right time and boosts the chances of conversion. It automates time-consuming tasks like prospecting, repetitive sales, marketing, and customer success to boost profitability. It integrates with leading third-party applications like Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more to automate go-to-market workflows. It simplifies tasks like finding prospects, verifying emails, and adding prospects to current tools.


LeadIQ is a sales prospecting automation tool that is designed to help the sales team by capturing and sequencing the contact information of the prospects with just one click. It eliminates the burden of having to input multiple data entered by empowering the sales team to capture leads while they are browsing LinkedIn or another website. The analytics dashboard helps them keep an eye on the team’s prospecting, filtering them by title, region, company size, and industry. It ensures that the sales tools always have accurate and up-to-date data by giving them control of which quality of data will be captured, how credits will be spent, and which integrations should be used. It offers integration with leading third-party applications like Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, LinkedIn, Outreach, GSuite, and more and eliminates manual entry.

This B2B sales tool automatically updates the existing records and enriches new records with a single click. It maintains clean data hygiene by ensuring clean workflow and minimizing duplicates and the time spent in merging them. The job change notifications alert the users in real-time regarding new promotions, position changes, and company changes to ensure data accuracy. It makes sure that the data accuracy is further enhanced by verifying contact numbers and email addresses in real-time by using a proprietary algorithm.


Mattermark helps businesses check out and reach out to growing companies and investors using data-driven strategies. It offers more than 80 fields to identify and build the right company profile like geography, revenue, industry, employee growth, and more. Users can identify the right contact by factoring in the title, function, and seniority. It provides an extensive list of data points for millions of businesses. Fields like revenue range and zip codes can help users define and manage their opportunities. It aims at boosting the sales outreach by keeping track of the team size, web traffic, mentions in media, and more.

Mattermark makes use of machine learning, web crawlers, and natural language processing to find data from news articles and websites which is then human-verified. This B2B sales intelligence tool empowers the team to make an informed decision by providing features like Saved Searches, Custom List, and Notifications which help keep a tab on the millions of companies in the market. It offers an API with which businesses can create their models, rules, and algorithm to close deals at a faster rate. Live data like growth score, location, funding, employee, and more can be directly imported from Mattermark to Spreadsheet. Users can rank leads and prioritize outreach by using the Mattermark score and historical growth rate.


Vainu is a company information platform that provides real-time data about the organization to the sales and marketing teams. It collects raw data about the companies from social media, websites, news outlets, press releases, legal filings,  public registry, and other sources and unifies them to provide actionable insights to the businesses. It also provides real-time updates on the companies that are most likely to convert. It provides more than 100 million filters to narrow down the search for the ideal prospect. Vainu keeps track of the status of the companies and in case it converts into an opportunity, the user is notified via email or a new task is added to the CRM.

This B2B sales intelligence tool eliminates the need to clean up data regularly by providing accurate company information directly from the source. Users can create a detailed list of the companies and tailor their messages according to the company profile and recent changes that it might have undergone. It helps in creating a strong database for data modeling by connecting with the company’s internal data. The Chrome extension helps in keeping track of the changes without having to switch the tab. It offers integration with leading third-party applications like HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zapier, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.


Wiza is a data enrichment tool and email finder for LinkedIn that is designed to help the sales, marketing, and recruitment team. It provides contact information that is verified in real-time to instantly convert them into prospect leads. Users can generate more than 2500 contact lists from verified email addresses and phone numbers. It gives users access to more than 50 million  phone numbers which include direct dials and mobile numbers. The recruitment team can directly reach out to the prospects by leveraging private emails for better outreach. With more than 30 data points like social media links, education, career, industry, company headcount, founding date, and more, users can widen their area of search. With its Chrome Extension, users can directly launch scans from the search results page.

This B2B database tool can also be used to scrape the list directly from the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It makes use of AI to clean data by removing prefixes, suffixes, or any other emoticons, and deduplication of the contacts is done automatically. It normalizes people’s names and removes “Ltd”, and “Inc” from the company name to simplify the search. Data can be exported from Sales Navigator and to CSV format. It offers integration with leading third-party applications like  HubSpot, Salesforce, Cooper, and more.


SalesIntel is a B2B contact data provider and sales intelligence tool that is designed to help sales and marketing professionals find high intent accounts and important information about the decision makers of the business. Users can filter the data by intent, firmographic, technographic, industry, department, location, and more. It also offers a free Chrome Extension,  Revdriver with which users can access the SalesIntel database whilst checking the LinkedIn profile of the prospect or their website. Their Research on Demand team is available to help the users find information about the contact. The VisitorIntel tool helps the users know which buyers are looking at their products and services.

SalesIntel helps sales teams become proactive by providing them with the direct dials, mobile phone numbers, and email addresses of the decision makers of the business. The human-verified contact details improve the connection rate and the enrichment tool integrated with the tech stack. Its intent tool is powered by Bombora, which displays the score of the accounts that help in prioritizing the ones which are looking for solutions offered by the businesses.  It ensures that the business has up-to-date and reliable data and minimizes data decay by verifying the contact data every 90 days.

Other B2B Database Options

Sales Tools For Lead Generation – Sales Engagement Platforms – Sequencers – Prospecting Tools

This category of B2B sales tool is used to organized outbound sales prospecting efforts. Often an inside sales team made up of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) or BDRs who do cold outreach to prospects with the goal of booking meetings for Account Executives.

Given the number of prospects they need to try to book meetings with, there are sales tools like Sales Engagement Platforms that can make the process more efficient and make salespeople more productive.

Key Features:

  • Email Sequencer – send cold emails out with templates/scheduled
  • Create a cadence – steps for outbound
  • Reporting – See results for the individual salesperson and for the sales manager


Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that helps the sales team generate more revenue with Modern WorkSpace. Prospect is the package offered by Salesloft for lead generation activities. Its data-driven and multi-channel approach helps sales representatives understand which strategy will work in interacting with the clients and which won’t.  It promotes the quicker conversion of leads to opportunities by connecting the team with the buyers faster while maintaining a personalized experience with the prospects.

This package includes three tools — Cadence+Automation, Dialer+Messenger, and Analytics+Reporting. Cadence+Automation is a sales execution guide that manages the entire sales process — pipeline generation, lead nurture to customer renewals. It automatically syncs all the processes from — calls, and emails into the CRM. It helps sales representatives offer an automated yet customizable experience to the prospects. is a sales intelligence and engagement tool that strengthens the sales team’s ability to prospect, engage and bring in more revenue. One of the features of this sales intelligence platform is Prospecting and Intelligence.  Its database has more than 220 million contacts which help sales representatives make better sales at a faster rate. The database consists of important information regarding the contacts like —  direct-dial phone numbers, email addresses, and job titles.

Apollo provides sales representatives with up-to-date information by keeping track of the hiring data, job changes, funding, Alexa ranking, and more. It provides more than 200 attributes with each contact and company to help the business make n number of permutations list and contacts group. It’s quick integration with the CRM sync activities in real-time and ensures maximum accuracy. Its personas lookalike creates personas based on specific traits that the business is looking for and then makes suggestions based on them. The LinkedIn prospector helps find verified email and direct dial contact numbers, which are instantly synced with the CRM.

Outreach is a sales engagement tool and automation software that is designed to bridge the sales execution gap and empower the sales team to approach the prospects with their full potential. Engage is the prospecting product of Outreach which aims at increasing prospecting productivity and optimizing sales execution. It simplifies and automates the workflow to ensure sales representatives have optimized pipeline generation. It empowers sales reps to personalize the buyer’s journey by providing them with tested templates, snippets, and account-based marketing workflow. The sales intelligence feature provides real-time insights into the customer’s behavior which aids in crafting a responsive interaction with the buyer. The AI empowers sales reps with cognizance that guides them through every sales process. By automatically capturing data across the sales workflow, it brings transparency into the revenue cycle. Real-world tested playbooks, workflows, and engagement tools strengthen the sales team’s ability to develop and scale new strategies.


Yesware is a sales engagement and productivity that offers an email scheduler, email tracking, and integration with Gmail and Outlook to the sales team. It has a wide range of sales prospecting and lead generation features that help qualify leads generated with the lead generation software. Its email template feature relieves sales representatives from the burden of repetitive tasks by automating and sending high-converting emails.

These ready-to-go templates can be customized in seconds and sales reps can schedule a time when they want to send the mail when the prospect is engaged. The campaign features give sales reps the freedom to customize and automate their outreach, which can be created on multiple channels with call and social buttons. Its meeting scheduler which integrates with Gmail and Outlook both allows inserting links in the email templates and marketing campaigns. Reporting and analytics help sales reps understand which type of content is working right for the audience so that customers’ experiences can be personalized.


Mixmax is a sales engagement tool for Gmail that automates and customizes cold email outreach. It is primarily used by SaaS business owners and sales teams to analyze prospect engagement by scheduling and monitoring email campaigns. The tool provides an insight into which messages get replies, contents are downloaded or links are clicked with real-time reporting and engagement alerts. Boost engagement and click-through rates with link preview.

The Mixmax sidebar helps create the right message for the contact being send the email. Sales representatives can set up meetings with a one-click meetings scheduler. Depending on the value the customer is bringing and the past interactions, it automates workflow by creating rules across the applications like Slack, Pipedrive, DocuSign, and more. The beast mode offers a one-click dialer, and bi-directional Salesforce sync ad automation to streamline task creation and completion.


Reply is a sales engagement and automation platform that helps the sales team acquire new customers by automating and scaling multi-channel outreach. It has 3 tools under lead generation —  email finder, email validation, and email warm-up. With the LinkedIn email finder extension, sales reps can look for a prospect’s emails in seconds. It fetches contact details from LinkedIn, Gmail, or CRM. Reply sequences automate sales outreach by automatically sending messages on LinkedIn, making calls, and sending emails.

Reply identifies leads that are ready for sales so that all that the sales rep has to do is book an appointment. Its built-in validation system verifies emails and phone numbers by their bounce rate, deliverability, and other such criteria. It strengthens the sales rep’s ability to deliver right to the prospect’s inbox with email warm-up, which boosts deliverability. Available for GSuite and Outlook, it uses peer-to-peer sending to ensure email warm-up is safe and effective.

Inside Sales-Playbook

Inside Sales Playbook is a sales engagement and automation tool that drives business revenue by providing actionable insights into the buyer’s journey. It offers lead follow-up, outbound prospecting, and opportunity management solutions. It boat engagements by guiding sales reps with predictive data about the lead and automates tasks like assigning lead enrolling records, and alerting the sales rep about the customer activity. The sales rep can engage the lead with a multi-channel approach. It helps understand when and how a lead is most likely to engage.

Reply is a B2B sales tool that automates how the opportunities progress by factoring in the sales stage and then triggers the engagement. Time-based prompts on the activities taking place make sure no opportunity is missed. AI-based scores help in identifying which opportunity is most likely to close. Buyers Hint identifies which level of influence on a customer and their engagement preferences. SmartSend automates outreach and enhances email opening and response rate. Sales reps can engage prospects with automated and personalized multi-channel contact sequences which include email, phone, social media, alerts, templates, and tracking. is a sales engagement and conversation intelligence platform that offer a RevOps solution to help the business sell more and spend less time on sales-related activities. The AI-powered RevOps platform provides real-time insights into the customer’s journey to guide sales reps toward better engagement. Ring DNA offers an AI-based dialing service that helps sales reps call more prospects and all the call activities get captured in the Salesforce automatically. Conversation AI empowers sales managers to scale sales coaching activity and reduces rep ramp time with real-time intelligence. offers real-time conversation guidance “Moments”, which ensures that sales reps have the right contextual information regarding the competition, objection, influence, and pricing. offers a guided selling engine built for Salesforce which provides a multi-channel cadence solution to the sales reps. It boosts the productivity of the inbound and outbound sales management by automating lead and account prioritization. It automates the actionable metrics which empower the sales managers to monitor the playbook execution and offer real-time optimization.


VanillaSoft is a cloud-based sales engagement platform that is designed to help the sales team effectively manage the regular operation with lead management, telemarketing, and CRM solution. It offers an integrated application that allows lead and sales tracking, auto-dialing, VoIP, call recording, scripting, appointment setting, lead routing, email and SMS marketing, and sales intelligence. Its queue-based sales engagement technique help reps engage more prospects and close more deals.

VanillaSoft is a B2B sales tool that comes with an in-built contact database which is verified for both email and phone numbers. It makes locating the right customers and adding them to the engagement campaigns, quick and easy. The logical branching scripting ensures that the right message is sent to the customer at the right time. Lead and sales tracking provides enhanced visibility into every lead. Sales reps are provided with meaningful and actionable insights through call recording software and auto-dialing results in more calls and fewer mistakes.

ZoomInfo Engage

Engage is the sales automation vertical of ZoomInfo that integrates with ZoomInfo’s B2B database to enable sales reps to prospect and reach out to more customers on a single platform. It lets the sales team create a sales workflow that includes — emails, calls, and SMS messages that can be triggered automatically based on the common market signals. Actionable insights into the buyer’s journey help tailor the conversation which boosts account-based selling.

ZoomInfo contacts can be directly imported into the Accounts view in Engage which makes sure that the sales team is reaching out to all the key contacts. Detailed insights into the team’s performance help in boosting the response rate. Real-time insights into the organization — from the latest executive hire to global expansion, help the sales team approach the contacts with the right conversation. It helps make the prospecting calls and follow-ups more productive with the auto-dialer feature and pre-recorded voicemail minimizes the connection time. 


Mailshake is a sales engagement and automation tool that is designed for modern sales teams to generate leads and strengthen their relationship with customers. Its features include — AI email writer, link building, mail merge, follow-ups, lead catcher, and dialer. It auto-generates 3 email copies for the sales team to select and work their campaign on. There are in-built link templates that help personalize the outreach and sales reps can schedule automatic follow-ups based on the replies, clicks, and opens.

Mailshake has automated and triggered follow-ups save time and increase the response rate for cold email campaigns. Sales reps can define who qualifies as a lead and they can be accessed and managed from a single place on the dashboard. Mailshake phone dialer integrates cold calling into the sales cadence. The sales team can also make calls to the prospects who are not in the campaign. The analytics help identify the most effective cadences and provide a bird’s eye view of the team’s activity — dialer and email.


Autoklose is a sales automation software that is designed to make more sales and close deals faster by automating every process through the sales cycle. It offers various solutions like — email campaign management, email sequence template, real-time reporting and analytics, sales intelligence, contact management, and team management. Its email campaign management solution helps sales reps convert email campaigns by automating customized and engaging emails.

The sales team can A/B test the emails to identify what works best and save it for the future. This personalizes the outreach and saves time otherwise spent on re-writing. Detailed reports and real-time analytics help in tracking emails, the click-through rate, reply, and bounce rates. It enriches sales contact with its large database comprising of verified, complete, and up-to-date phone numbers and email addresses. Sales reps can directly access all the relevant information about the contact from the dashboard. It empowers managers with task management capabilities wherein they can monitor the activities of the team and keep track of the open and click-through rates of the emails.


Klenty is another B2B sales tool that is a sales engagement platform. Klenty is designed to help the sales team scale by sending personalized emails and automated follow-ups. It equips the sales team with a multi-channel approach with which they can engage prospects on mail, calls, and LinkedIn from one place. Klenty Dialer allows the sales reps to place calls and pre-record voicemails. With Playbook’s intelligent sales approach, businesses can detect the prospect’s intent level based on which they send the right message at right time.

The sales team can hyper-personalize emails by using images and videos to catapult’s prospect’s attention. Contacts are imported and exported from CRM via any sales pipeline. With the auto-import functionality, new leads get added every 6 hours and are automatically updated to the sales campaign. Email deliverability is ensured by custom domain tracking. Reports and dashboards provide detailed insights into how the email is performing which helps modify the strategy and enhance the team’s performance.

Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight is a sales engagement platform that is offered as a plugin for Gmail and Outlook to boost productivity and speed up email campaigns. It minimizes the possibility of missed opportunities by automating all the processes — from buyer’s signal to sales cadences. It aims at boosting the conversion rate by automatically syncing emails to the right contact or lead in Salesforce. Automated scheduling and personalized booking pages keep the pipeline in the right shape.

Cirrus Insight has a sidebar and mobile interface optimize the pipeline by managing scheduling, work tabs, and Salesforce records. It standardizes reporting by syncing calendars, emails, and tasks directly to the Salesforce platform, thus eliminating manual entry. It automates scheduling with a unique calendar link to personalize the scheduling experience for the customers. By tracking how customers interact with the business — through email, links, or web visits, it provides actionable insights to encourage the sales team to take the right action. It strengthens customer relationships by automating pre-scheduled actions like- calls, emails, and follow-ups.


PersistIQ is an email and sales automation platform that boosts the productivity of the sales team by enabling them to send personalized emails. It offers bi-directional sync to keep the system up to date. Its rule engine helps customize the workflow by connecting triggers to actions like lead status. The sales team can opt for semi or full automation, depending upon the persona-based selling or customization for account-based selling.

Names, emails, titles, and other crucial information from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator are imported automatically to customize emails direct from the source. It integrates with the leading third-party applications like Zoho, Zapier, and HubSpot and it also provides a Chrome extension that adds leads directly from LinkedIn or any other source to the campaign. 


Outplay is a sales engagement and automation platform that combines multi-channel outreach with sales automation to help businesses reach their revenue goal. The sales team is free to add email, phone, SMS, LinkedIn, or even Twitter to personalize their sequences. They can leverage a host of features like link tracking, sequence automation, built-in templates, and more by sharing their calendars inside the email. It offers real-time updates on the level of influence of the customers to help the sales team take the right action.

This B2B sales tool enables the sales team to create more opportunities by tracking when the customers have opened the email or replied to a conversation. Sales reps can personalize customer interactions by keeping track of which pages they view. Detailed analytics through metrics like open rate, click rate, and meetings booked help understand the performance of the team, which further aids in modifying the sales strategy for a higher success rate. Outplay Connect is an extension that encourages sales reps to record prospects from LinkedIn and Gmail and boost their productivity.


Koncert is a sale engagement tool designed to increase sales productivity and drive revenue with multi-channel communication and personalization. It encourages B2B managers to optimize their sales process by prioritizing the qualified leads and sequence engagement through phone, email, or social media. With sales connectivity and lead nurturing solutions, it provides the marketing, sales, and lead generation teams with the ability to identify the right prospects, record correct contact data and speed up communication.

Their patent cloud technology solution, built on predictive AI intelligence, helps recognize and prioritize the prospects that are more likely to convert. Koncert Dialer offers 3 dialers — click, flow, and agent-assisted that help the sales team work towards increased productivity. The sales manager can record calls and coach the sales reps to say the right thing at the right time. Automated and targeted sales cadences ensure that the right message is sent to the right prospect, increasing the possibility of conversion.


Amplemarket is a platform designed for modern sales teams to boost sales performance and generate more revenue. It empowers the sales team to create campaigns across different channels like email, and LinkedIn through its multi-channel integrated outreach approach. It provides the sales team with 200 million contact databases, 20 million companies, and over 40 million direct dials, incurring accurate business data to prospect from.

This B2B sales tool comes with a smart template that automatically adapts the messages and sequences to the prospect’s requirements. It boosts domain reputation and email deliverability score by adding variability to the sales communication. AI-driven reports and insights help in a better understanding of the sales team’s performance. AI optimization saves time and minimizes the possibility of error through Smart Actions. Competitive intelligence provides the sales team with contact level data so that they can understand the buyer’s intent and sell the services to them when they need them most.


Interseller is a prospecting and outreach platform designed for sellers and recruiters. Its Chrome extension help the team finds contact information — like phone number and email address, customize their messages, and add them to the sequences. Its algorithm and API make it easy to find and verify a contact’s email addresses. Using CSV import, the team can import contact lists and map custom field data to email sequences. It ensures that the team’s email directly goes to the customer’s inbox by connecting with the email service to send a 1-on-1 email.

This B2B sales tool gives the freedom to customize email according to the contact’s data and test the tag lines to measure their performance. Contacts that come into certain genres are automatically archived to declutter the inbox. It makes sure that users reach out to the right contact by providing safety settings at both team and individual levels. The insightful reports help keep track of the performance of the team. Although considered a sales tool, Interseller is often used by Talent Development professionals.


SalesBlink is a full-stack sales outreach, cold email automation, and lead generation platform that is designed to connect the sales team with the correct contact ensuring most prospective leads. It offers the following services to help businesses land the best leads — lead generation, outreach, and closing solutions. The in-built CRM manages prospects and communication history from a single place.

Teams can schedule meetings by syncing the SalesBlink meeting scheduler with the Google Calendar. It enhances engagement and maximizes the possibility of response with mail merge and email personalization. The visual campaign builder helps build a multi-channel campaign with a drag and drop feature. Personalized call scripts, call recording, and power dialer makes the cold call outreach effective. Reps can save time and remove uninterested prospects from their list by tracking the email — opens, clicks, and replies and focusing on modifying a better outreach strategy.


SalesHandy is a cold email outreach platform designed to boost customer acquisition and generate and qualify more leads by sending out personalized-automated cold emails to the prospects. It also improves the reply rate with automated and personalized follow-ups and nurtures the prospects with multi-stage sequences. It works towards improving the deliverability and reputation of the sales team by automatically warming up the emails.

Maximum deliverability is ensured by verifying the contacts, personalizing templates, and email warm-up. Sales reps can track the number of recipients who have opened or replied to the email for Gmail and Outlook. The analytics helps in understanding the level of interest of the prospect so that the reps can move forward with the right conversation. It also has a Chrome extension, which can capture and find verified contact details of the professionals from LinkedIn.  


Datananas is a SaaS-based platform that offers lead relationship management services that are designed to engage prospects and drive more revenue by sending targetted, personalized, and automated emails. Datananas Connect extension imports contacts from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. A segmented list of contacts can also be imported and engaged in prospecting sequences. Clearbit and Briteverify integration ensure data cleaning, enrichment, and verification. It personalizes prospect and follow-up emails by making use of variables.

This B2B sales tool enables personalized sequences ensure that the opening and response rates remain the highest. It informs when a customer has opened or clicked on a link, thereby helping the sales team generate an appropriate immediate response. With Tasks, users have the freedom to define triggers and actions, which are automated. The reporting tool centralizes and monitors commercial prospecting which helps evaluate the performance. 


Lemlist is an email outreach and sales engagement platform that is designed to create and start conversations that ensure an immediate response. One thing different about Lemlist in this B2B sales tool category is the use of personalized image outreach. It ensures high open rates and deliverability by warming up the email addresses with Lemwarm. Its warm-up tool ensures that emails don’t end up in spam. It warms up the domain by sending personalized emails consistently to achieve the right deliverability.

Lemlist eliminates the possibility of the user getting penalized by consistently sending emails according to the defined rules. GSuite users can measure engagement by tracking links and openings. It lets the team personalize emails with custom introduction lines and catchy call-to-action. Spin syntax offers different variations of the email to help reps select and send the best one. The campaign can be started and stopped automatically once the prospect replies to the email. It implements a multi-channel sequencing approach that boosts engagement and closes the deal at a faster rate.


Autobound is a sales engagement platform that makes use of hyper-personalized messages to target and engage prospective customers. Messaging is personalized either through external data points or internal data points. Internal data points could be a persona, previous interaction, or opportunities that have been closed because they were lost. External data points include contact level, mutual interest, technologies, and real-time events. It conducts an in-depth analysis of the buyers as well as sellers to ensure that the sales team sends the right message to the customer.

This sales tool’s proprietary algorithm captures actionable insights which help in better understanding the target audience. These insights help in preparing an effective prospecting strategy. Depending on whose likely to become a customer, the algorithm prioritizes the prospects. It offers content optimization which ensures that sales reps are not repeating the template and are customizing the interaction with the customer to improve the chances of conversion.


Bloobirds is a sales engagement and all-in-one outbound management tool that is designed to help sales development reps benefit from precise prospecting. It guides sales reps from start to finish of the sales process — qualifying inbounds, creating targets, and managing cadence. The in-app playbook builder lets the sales manager craft a process that can be followed by the team. It makes use of real-time analytics to identify which pitch works best and accordingly, makes suggestions to the sales team. It helps the sales rep maximize the relevance and personalization to convert more leads into opportunities by offering email and LinkedIn snippets and marketing content and sales collateral.

Sales development reps are provided with intuitive prompts that guide them throughout the process. It gives real-time alerts on — new leads, marketing activities, calls, and emails opened and replied to help the sales rep take immediate action. A full account-based view ensures that the reps have up-to-date knowledge of the opportunities and leads within each company. It gathers conversational data and looks for results depending on the insight to empower the sales team to make more sales. is a sales engagement platform truly native to Salesforce. This means it’s built on Salesforce and does not require any bi-directional sync and thus eliminates manual logging. It automatically tracks the various touchpoint of the prospects. It offers a real-time holistic view of omnichannel interactions including the voice. Based on real response patterns, the sales team can modify its omnichannel strategy. Conquer Cadence is a native Sales Engagement Platform that creates unique designs and omnichannel communication strategies through voice, email, SMS, videos, and social channels directly from Salesforce.

Users of this B2B sales tool can improve their sale cycle and boost revenue by accessing the omnichannel applications directly from the Conquer interface. It offers guided selling by letting the sales managers create reusable templates and touchpoint instructions that can be shared with the team. It automates repetitive tasks like organizing lead campaigns, creating sales opportunities, and linking activities, and accurately tracks all the data related to customer interaction in a single place for better reporting. Conquer Voice is native to both Salesforce and Microsoft and it connects with any power dialer to provide single-click calling and voicemail drop through — VoIP, desktop, or cell phone. It automates the disposition associated with every call to help better understand the different outcomes of each call.


Cliently is a sales engagement application designed to guide the sales team through their journey. It is made for small and medium-scale enterprises and makes use of multiple actions to engage the prospects. It offers real-time updates on which prospects are engaged and how and recommends suggestions on how should the sales rep respond to the prospects. Sales teams are instantly notified when a lead opens a message, sends a reply, or checks the attachments being sent to them. It lets the users manage, reassign and reply to conversations from different inboxes in a single view. It has filters that can be saved as custom, so that leads can be prioritized according to their importance.

The sales team can use filters to check location, job titles, engagement, and any other custom field. It automates workflow and lets the sales team send more than thousands of sequences in one click. Sequences can be edited anytime even after they have gone live. The analytics helps in understanding which content is performing well. All the sales conversations are managed in one place and it automatically prioritizes replies sent by the client. Cliently channel allows sales reps to automate workflow and send personalized messages- videos, handwritten notes, gift cards, and postcards within 60 seconds. is a B2B sales engagement platform that is designed to empower the sales team in engaging prospects and closing more deals. Real-time data enrichment makes multi-channel outreach simple and effective. The sales team can make use of its internal, fully customizable Pipeline or connect with a CRM of choice to manage prospects with two-way sync. Its intelligent automated data enrichment provides the sales team with verified work email, personal email, direct phone number, company phone number, and company funding to help define outreach strategies. Users can leverage the automated, multi-channel reach sequencing to target and enrIch their LinkedIn Sales Navigator Search.

This sales tool offers reports in real-time providing key metrics and insight into the sales performance. It automates email warm-ups to ensure a strong sender reputation and avoid the impact of sending limits. It informs when the messages are opened, clicked, and replied to, which helps in modifying the sales strategy for maximum profitability. Buzz video, a first-of-its-kind integrated platform, automats video activities into the outbound sales campaign to boost their effectiveness with video communication. Video outreach enhances the capability to connect with the target audience. It gives users the freedom to create personalized hybrid videos which aim at improving the response rate.


FrontSpin is a cloud-based sales communication tool and power dialer which boosts  engagement with the prospects by implementing its playbook through all user channels in a single platform. The power-dialing tools consist of a prioritized call list, pre-recorded voicemail, and single-click dialing which increases the connect rate. It enhances the visibility of the team activity by integrating with the chosen CRM and automatically logging in and syncing the data. It empowers sales reps to send personalized emails with custom templates.

Users of this sales tool can get real-time notifications on the emails that have been clicked and opened. Account-based Playbook aims at streamlining workflow and enhancing quality lead generation by letting sales reps set priority calls, email lists, cadences, social communication, and more. Sales reps can leverage FrontSpin SMS to check and respond to incoming messages, which get automatically logged to the FrontSpin and the chosen CRM. 


Growbots is an outbound sales platform that is designed to minimize the manual process of prospecting and outreach by providing an AI-based platform. It allows tracking information regarding the customers, and customized field mapping gives them the freedom to choose the information the sales team would like to update in Salesforce or HubSpot. It ensures that the outbound campaign does not reach out to the existing contacts. Warmbots, which is currently in Beta mode, prevents cold emails from landing in the spam folder of a customer’s inboxes.

Growbots improves deliverability by testing the templates. Warmbots inbox monitoring system provides an insight into the status of the email accounts. Sales reps can check where their email lands and optimize its content until it goes live. Growbots email time optimizer suggests the best time to send an email to the customer factoring in the job position, the year the company was founded, industry, company size, and time zone. It provides insights into the customer’s behavior with short and easy-to-read reports. 


Salesvue is a Salesforce native sales engagement platform that aims at boosting the sales team productivity through automation and analytical insights, by providing them with a playbook. The cadence and single interface help in understanding how engaged are the customers. With email scoring, sales reps won’t have a hard time prioritizing clients and prospects. Real-time insights on team performance help the sales managers to understand what precise coaching is required and which strategy needs adjustments.

Playbook includes — CallConnect, click-to-call, call recording, tracking, live agent power dialer, dialer integration, and recorded voicemail drop. The metrics offered by Salesvue is built on the existing Salesforce data which helps the sales team understand which strategies are working and which are not. Sales enablement focuses on creating cadences that optimize the right sales practices. It also improves training and development with automated workflow. Transparency into the sales cadence aligns the sales and marketing team, which leads to profitable results.

Sales Tools for Intent Data

When it comes to getting the contact information of your prospects and then conducting outreach with a sales engagement platform, you may be assuming who is in market for your solution. That’s why intent data as a sales tool is great addition to your sales tech stack. Many would consider this a marketing tool but it doesn’t matter because it helps salespeople more accurately determine who is likely to be in market for your soltuion.

Intent data as a B2B sales tool can be expensive so it’s important to make sure your average deal size can justify the offering. Another thing to remember is that intent data is almost always at the company level, not individual level. This can make targeting prospects tricky when the prospect’s organization is large.

Key Considerations:

  • Intent data coverage for your ICP
  • Buying signals


6Sense is a B2B sales tool designed to help organizations develop, manage and transform the pipeline into revenue. It makes use of AI to anonymously capture the buying signals. It empowers the sales and revenue team with the data and transparency that helps in creating and converting a high-quality pipeline into revenue. It provides insights into buyer behavior by analyzing millions of data points that surface the in-market accounts. These actionable insights help the sales and revenue team move ahead with confidence in their process of converting pipelines into revenue. 6Sense provides AI-based prediction on the buyer’s journey that helps in creating a higher-quality pipeline and enriches the customer experience, thus improving the retention rates.

The Account Engagement Platform provides rich account insight which is delivered directly to the representatives in the CRM. The Sales Intelligence feature offers data and insight to the team which helps in engaging the right customer with the right message at the right time. The in-market and ICP fit predictions help the sales team prioritize the accounts which are actively looking for the products and services and those who are in the process of buying. It discovers the key accounts and decision makers who are engaged and also helps the sales team identify additional contacts if required. AI-driven Next Best Action help understand how to take the conversation ahead by prioritizing the actions and crucial talking points.


Bombara provides intent data for B2B sales and marketing. By researching which buyers are looking for what topics. It aims at helping the sales team close more deals with fewer efforts by providing information on the intent data. Bombara Company Surge offers insights into which companies are looking for the products and services sold by a particular business so that they can be prioritized according to the likelihood of their conversion. It offers a comprehensive view of the intent data by specifying which topics are being searched, which stage are buyers in their journey, and what are their intention.

Using privacy-compliant, Intent Data Cooperative, Bombara collects all the information about the buyers as soon as they become active. It improves the effectiveness of account-based marketing by segmenting activities by the topics of interest and integrating data with the industry-leading marketing automation service providers. Bombora offers account intent insights which help in delivering relevant email to the right contact with the right message. This B2B sales tool also provides information about the competitor business which the target contacts are checking out to accordingly modify the strategy for better conversations. Intent Data Cooperative sends an alert every time a buyer is planning to leave by providing insights into the churn through research signals.

ZoomInfo-Intent Data

ZoomInfo Intent is a machine learning program by ZoomInfo that is designed to keep an eye on and identify the customers and prospects in the initial stage of the sales cycle. It then notifies the business when the prospect is ready to engage. It provides the sales and marketing team with accurate data to connect with the prospects at the right time. It is powered by the  DiscoverOrg platform and it sends call-to-action signals to the sales and marketing team which they can customize according to their business goals and objectives. It diverts the focus of the business on the active companies in the market, which makes identification and reaching out easy. It compiles information about the target business and the key metrics by overlaying intent data with Datanyze.

This B2B specific solution makes use of machine learning technology to provide insights into customer behavior to the sales and marketing professionals. It maximizes revenue growth and retention by providing information on which prospects should the team engage and when and it also identifies new leads depending on the buyer’s signal. The preferencing feature maximizes the relevance of the signals by allowing customers to prioritize companies of certain size, geography, firmographics, industries, and more. 


Demandbase is account-based marketing and B2B Go-To-Market software designed to make B2B smarter by implementing account intelligence throughout the entire buyer’s journey with advertising and sales intelligence. It eliminates account blindness, channel silos, and manual process to surface better opportunities and reduce the possibility of spamming prospects with irrelevant interaction. It empowers sales professionals with intent data to help them prioritize the prospects that are engaged and identify relevant opportunities. Demandbase helps them boost engagement by providing information about the account based on real-time activity, journey stage, business triggers, and more.

This B2B sales tool maximizes the possibility of closing more deals by anticipating the behavior of critical players and ensuring the right message is delivered to the engaged prospects at the right time. It provides an AI-curated database of more than 113 million decision-makers on a global level. It ensures that the data is correct and timely updated by using AI learning for multi-sourcing, triangulating, and validating the data. Demandbase Smarter GTM provides actionable insights that help identify the opportunities, convert spammy interactions into engagement, and align the sales and marketing team toward the objective. The company information feature prioritizes the curated, useful data to minimize the data clutter and it automates hierarchies to assign them to reps and minimize the possibility of conflicts. It provides a clear view of the account by combining the first-party intel with their proprietary data and normalizing it with AI.


Terminus is an account-based engagement platform that is designed to deliver more pipeline and boost revenue growth with its multi-channel approach. It enables B2B marketers to speed up sales pipeline velocity by targetting companies and engaging the decision makers. It provides actionable insights which help the business understand what are the customers looking for. It provides intent data to identify and target accounts that are already in the market and implement multi-channel campaigns. It makes use of firmographics and psychographic data to find the accounts in the market. Intent data is provided through seamless integration with G2 and Bombora. Terminus works with Bombora to instantly target the customers looking for the products and services.

By integrating with G2, it helps businesses by powering the G2 data directly into the account-based management strategy. The intent signals from G2 ensure that the interested accounts are given priority. Account intelligence helps with prioritization, personalization, and coordination. The engagement spike and account insights help in understanding which accounts are engaging with the brand, and when. It combines first and third-party intent data to help the sales and marketing team identify the opportunities. Terminus relationship data keep a track of how the relationships with the customers are evolving and accordingly predicts their level of engagement. The engagement spike feature monitors the web activity to understand how engaged are the target accounts making it helpful with other sales tools like a sales engagement platform.


Leadfeeder is a cloud-based B2B website visitor analytics software that displays information about the company visiting the profiles, which pages are they frequently checking, and how they got there. It generates sales leads from visitors by identifying them through Google Analytics data. It ensures timely follow-up by automatically notifying the users about the visitors. It automatically scores the leads and the most promising ones are placed at the top of the task list, to ensure immediate attention by the users. There are various criteria on the ground of which the leads can be filtered 一 browsing habits, source, location, and more. Uninterested leads can be removed from the user’s monthly quota or hidden from the Leadfeeder.

Leadfeeder is a B2B sales tool that integrates with leading marketing CRM like Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, web CRM and more. New visitors are automatically added to the pipeline and anytime a lead revisits the website, the records have updated with a note. The browsing habits of the users are monitored by integration with MailChimp. It notifies users of the search term with which the company has searched for their business and the browsing habits and page visits are automatically tracked. Some of its leading features are 一 B2B lead generation, contact management, lead management, website analytics,  email management, and pipeline management.

Clearbit (Intent Data)

Clearbit is a B2B data activation platform for marketing intelligence that provides a transparent view of the market, prospects, and customers, enabling them to reach out to and engage the target audience, create customized buyer’s journey and take immediate actions based on the intent signals. Users can combine their data from a different system to define and activate an ideal customer profile. It offers website intent signals and over 100 B2B attributes to personalize the interaction with high-fit accounts. It aims at increasing the conversion rate and improving customer experience by offering more than 50 firmographic attributes to create hyper-targeted ads for the audience ensuring that it drives actionable insights.

Clearbit is a multifaceted B2B sales tool that integrates with various personalization platforms like Google Optimize, VWO, and Custom Fit and combines visitor identification and precise targettng to enhance the experience. The sales alert feature triggers automated workflows that engage website visitors and inform the sales team in real-time whenever any customers intend on making a purchase or going forward with their journey. It segments visitors based on territory and company size and sends real-time alerts to the customer success reps when the engagement is increasing. It offers personalized chats and self-serve meeting schedules to connect with account-based management targets and high-quality leads in real-time.


N.Rich is an account-based marketing platform that offers scalable demand generation by identifying in-market accounts and driving intent. Users can utilize the website and third-party intent data to create reports. It can be used to formulate buyer stage, segment target account list, and offer a personalized advertising experience with native-article, Google, and programmatic video ads. It offers accessibility to various advertising factors, which users can utilize to optimize the ads and garner more clicks, which will increase the chances of lead conversion. Users can choose between firmographic account targeting or account intent dynamic segmentation to filter target accounts into actionable segments.

This sales tool provides 1st party data about the behavior of the target accounts which helps in refining the account-based management strategy. It tells where the intent is coming from and build a persona of who best fits into the definition of interested buyers. Behavioral analytics helps in understanding the engagement and users can engage with warmed-up accounts. It boosts the product penetration rate by allowing users to concentrate only on a certain range of target audiences, which helps reach out to the prospects. It integrates with the leading third-party applications such as Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is a B2B website tracking tool that provides real-time information to help businesses begin a relevant and meaningful conversation with their website visitors. It helps the businesses identify where the visitors are coming from, who they are, what are they interested in, and at which stage of engagement are they in the sales pipeline. Businesses can access the names, job titles, and email addresses of the key contacts and increase their chance of converting them into customers. The visiting customers are routed directly to the account manager, the existing prospects are sent to the sales representatives, thus boosting workflow automation.

Lead Forensics is a sales tool that makes contacting the customers in real-time an easy task by offering lead alerts through various channels like email, SMS, Slack messages, and more. It identifies lapsed visitors in real-time and empowers businesses to modify their strategies to win back their clients. It offers real-time value to all the customers with its matched IP database, which can identify over 1.4 million IP addresses to enhance the visitor match rate. Its intuitive database offers a granular level along with insightful reporting which boosts website visitor intelligence. With the real-time alerts, the sales team will be able to engage prospects at the right time and close more deals.

Visual Visitor

Visual Visitor is a B2B sales intelligence platform that offers anonymous website visitor identification and lead generation services to small and mid-sized companies. Through location and IP address tracking, visual visitors convert website visitors into leads. It shifts the focus from a mass number of visitors to active shoppers which improves the pipeline and allows the sales professional to direct their attention to what matters. It works similar to any search engine except that it includes third-party partnerships and paid data. It makes use of artificial intelligence to collect, normalize, enrich and score data and then provides the sales professional with a highly-targeted list of companies which includes those who have shown interest, are shopping, or are at the beginning of shopping.

Visual Visitor is a B2B sales tool that offers the unlimited user access to the entire company without charging a fee. It tracks the digital footprint of all the prospects through the sales channel and provides a wide range of custom filters to build a strong customer profile. It provides direct dial, email, and other forms of contact for over 540 million contacts in the database. It ensures that the sales representatives reach out to the prospects at the right time with real-time notification alerts. Its per-user lead handling makes it smarter to reach out to the right lead at the right time.


DealSignal is a B2B data service provider that helps sales and marketing teams develop and implement the right strategy using fresh, accurate, and verified data. Users can access more than 600 million global companies and contacts with over 100 points which will include their profiles, verified contact numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, direct phone, and social URLs. It offers various solutions like — intent-based leads, CRM data health, contact discovery, ABM, and sales capture. It partners with Bombora to identify the buyers, prioritize in-market accounts and customize ABM for faster conversion.

DealSignal directs the attention and efforts of the sales professionals towards the accounts that are actively purchasing or are ready to buy. The sales team can customize their lead follow-up by enriching inbound leads with intent data, persona and account fit, verified contact information, and firmographics. It provides accurate and verified information on the account for up to 50 topics to prioritize and engage in-market account-based management accounts. It automatically monitors topics and displays accounts related to them.  This B2B sales tool helps the sales team build pipelines at a relatively faster rate by providing a target account list that matches the ideal customer persona. It enriches the inbound list with intent data that provides information about the accounts that are interested in making a purchase.


LeanData is a revenue orchestration platform that helps businesses improve the buyer’s experience, and boost revenue generation. It offers 4 products —  routing, matching, engagement, and bookit. It keeps track of and manages buyer signals throughout the sales cycle with action nodes. It routes leads and speeds up lead response time with accurate matching capabilities and it offers easy-to-route solutions for complex routing structures. LeanData Flow Builder offers third-party, node-level integration which automates the routing process in Salesforce. SLA automation and reporting enhance visibility and the native-lead routing platform boosts the lead conversion rate. Its no-code smart algorithm ensures high fidelity matching and real-time matching minimizes the possibility of system lag.

LeanData empowers sales professionals with limited to no coding knowledge to create and change complex lead assignment rules. The extensive account matching offers actionable insight into the buyer’s journey and the data accuracy ensures relevance. Audit logs and visual insights help in tracking and correcting routing errors. It minimizes the hours spent in account-based analysis by providing a holistic view of account engagement. With BookIt, prospects can instantly book a meeting with an automatically assigned rep. It offers integration with leading third-party applications like — Pardot, Marketo, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

Sales Tools For Sales Compensation Software – Sales Commission Software

When it comes to sales for tracking commission and sales compensation software, there are many options worth considering. Spreadsheets can work for small sales teams but are still prone to mistakes and can be time consuming to manage. With sales compensation software Revenue Operations can more effectively manage this tedious task.

Key Features:

  • Sales compensation and tracking
  • Integrations that fit your current stack
  • Commission tracking
  • Reporting


CaptivateIQ is a sales commission software that lets businesses create and share custom commission plans and calculate the payoff for the sales team. It empowers the sales managers to keep track of the sales rep’s performance, manage payment inquiries across teams, and calculate and share their payouts. Organizations can create and implement employee assumptions, handle exceptions, add formulas for calculations, manage exceptions, and perform share calculation simulations in real-time.

CaptivateIQ provides actionable insights into trends factoring in different metrics like size, type, and more. Managers of this sales tool can use its logic-based platform to create a commission plan that automates the commission and eliminates the use of pre-defined templates. It connects the sales pipeline and deals with data in real-time and minimizes manual data entry by letting users upload employee information. This sales commission tracking software saves time spent on cleaning the file with an ingestion layer that merges the data into the commission-ready state directly into the platform.


Spiff is a sales commission and commission tracker software that is designed for the revenue and sales organization and helps by automating the calculation of sales commission. Spiff eliminates the time spent on modeling, updating, and managing spreadsheets for paying commission. Managers can design commission plans to suit the complexity of the team. They can add effective dates on any user, plan, or logic system. This sales commission tracking software easily pulls the data from a third-party application and encourages the management of plans and user assignments in the app.

Document management including contracts, signatures, and storage can be done in the app. Sales reps have the freedom to see the statements in their preferred currency while the manager reports the same in a different currency. This sales tool has approvals workflow, the teams can view and manage the statements before they are sent out. Managers can access the commission in real-time with a personalized incentive dashboard that is updated in real-time. Spiff provides fully customizable KPIs to help managers gain insight into the performance and potential commissions.


Varicent is a SaaS-based sales performing and compensation management platform that is designed to support a business through its entire revenue journey with a suite of applications. It empowers an organization with the capability to inform, plan, optimize and pay off the seller’s performance, which results in motivating the sales team and driving revenue. Its single integrated platform manages all the end-to-end processes of the sales performance. This sales compensation management software records the missed opportunity and provides a quicker and more flexible method to make payments to the sellers.

Sales performance management includes — sales entity definition, modeling, payment instructions, sales events and eligibility management, post-pay management, incentive calculation, incentive plan management, pay data integration, dashboard, and reporting. The incentive compensation management help businesses adapt to the market changes, make data-driven decisions, and manage the growing inquiry volume. Varicent automates repetitive admin tasks and offers a self-support service for sellers – thereby boosting visibility, traceability, and productivity.


Xactly is a SaaS-based intelligent revenue platform that is designed for enterprises and offers a wide range of solutions — from territory management incentive compensation management, to pipeline analytics and sales forecasting. It has 3 products dedicated to revenue team performance — incentive compensation management, commission expense management, and employee performance management. Xactly Incent is the incentive compensation management platform that automates, implements, and manages the complications associated with incentive management. Users of this sales tool can configure commission plans with reusable components like rules, quota, and rate tables. They can configure, manage and track different documents and workflow associated with the incentive compensation process.

Xactly provides reports on the customizable dashboard that help track sales and compensation plan performance using various metrics like bonuses, payment information, and more. The commission expense management tool offers integrated workflow and process management by integrating with CRM, HRIS, CLM, and CPQ systems. It comes with a library of pre-built reports and dashboards and offers access to a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for compliance automation.


Palette is a sales commission software that is designed to automate calculations, keep track of performance and help the sales team achieve their quota. It minimizes the possibility of error associated with spreadsheets by automating commission calculation. Users can configure a commission plan based on any CRM element and factoring in multiple criteria like —  opportunities, engagement, deals, invoices, meetings, and more. They can also define the payout schedule, and create conditional payouts based on different criteria. Palette gives access to monthly statements by exporting data to the chosen payroll software. Managers gain real-time visibility on the commission plan and can also track the performance of the team, as to whether or not they are meeting their assigned target.

This sales commission software offers full flexibility over the data by giving managers the freedom to manually overwrite any information. It has pre-defined templates that can be customized to create commission plans. With the commission plan designers, users can set up the most complicated calculation logic, ensuring accurate and auditable commission gets paid on time. Users can A/B test compensation plans and check how they impact cash flow. It lets users run what-if scenarios to forecast future payouts. It is SOC-II compliant which ensures that the data is safe and secure. It also makes use of encryption and implemented security measures to keep the data safe.


Performio is a compensation and sales performance management software that is built by sales compensation experts for the sales compensation professionals. It is an enterprise-grade incentive compensation management software that comes with extensive data capabilities and a library of pre-built compensation plans. This sales tool offers 5 products — incentive compensation, sales performance management, data management, data integration, and reporting. Performio automatically calculates the compensation and lets the user build compensation plans and add new participants with just one click.

This sales compensation software gives users the capability to monitor the process for compliance by automatically tracking calculations and adjustments. The sales performance management embraces the fact that all compensation plans are different and merges it with the pre-built library of components. It minimizes the possibility of error, data manipulation, and cleansing by offering an adaptable, pre-built pipeline that makes sure that data can flow in without any hurdle. It has a library of pre-built data components and it imports that data, thereby eliminating manual pre-processing. The highly configurable reporting system collects data from different sources and provides actionable insights on those to modify the strategy for enhanced productivity.


QuotaPath is a sales compensation and commission tracking platform that aims at maximizing revenue by automating commissions. It provides real-time insights into the forecasted revenue. It automates commissioning to maximize quota attainment. It lets managers create custom plans for anyone in the organization with variable compensation adding components like quotas, rates, tiers, accelerators, and more. The plans do not require any code and are formula-free, which makes it easy to set up the compensation plan. With CRM integration, the data is fed directly into the QuotaPath in real-time ensuring accurate sales commissioning.

The team that uses this sales tool can utilize what-if scenarios to forecast the impact of the deals on the earnings and the rep’s commission which improves sales productivity. The commission tracking software comes with a real-time dashboard that provides actionable insights into the team’s performance. Color-coded formatted leaderboards help managers identify the areas of opportunity and which aspects need training. Eliminate the need to maintain spreadsheets, version control, and folders by gaining data from a single source of truth. It minimizes the possibility of error by providing granular audit trails that reconciles payouts with accruals.


Everstage is a sales commission and incentive tracker software that provides a no-code platform that automates commission and offers real-time insights into the commission plan. Like other sales tools in the category, offers on-demand information on the commission and performance to the reps, which fosters an environment of trust in the organization. Reps have access to their dashboard to track quota attainments and commission payouts. Managers can create, simulate and keep track of the incentive plans in real-time with the plan builder which requires no codes. They are provided with a team-level view to keep track of and analyze the performance of each member of the team.

This sales commission tracking software offers personalized dashboards, smart notifications, and payout simulators help forecast the commission for deals in the pipeline. Its advanced filter for reporting helps managers compare reps through various filters. Managers can create a custom plan or make use of readily available templates to set up a commission plan. Incentive structure can be optimized by simulating and backtesting the draft incentive against real-time data to gain insights before the plan is published. Scenario builders help reps know the impact of opportunities, commission forecast, and anticipate any changes in the deal. It ensures collaboration with proactive notifications, providing audit trails, and keeping a track of the approvals. DocuSign integration and in-built templates automate the contract management, enabling the creation of multiple contracts for different parties.

SAP Commissions

SAP Commissions, formerly known as Callidus Cloud Commission is an incentive and compensation management platform that provides an end-to-end solution for the incentive compensation process, for direct as well as indirect sales forces. Users can create complicated commission plans using simple drag and drop features and preconfigured templates. It minimizes the reliance on IT by giving users the freedom to model, compare, test, and roll out new plans. It offers real-time payment and performance insights and one-click traceability which makes resolving queries quick and easy.

One-click traceability also minimizes the possibility of risk, and payment errors for users of this sales commission software. Commission estimates and leaderboards keep the team focused and motivated. Prescriptive AI recommendations and plan optimization maximize the incentive compensation spend and it offers sales recommendations to identify better opportunities. It minimizes the dependence on third-party intelligence software by providing insights with analytics. The built-in crediting system lets users credit over complicated designations, relationships, and other variables with a drag and drop interface as a differentiator in this crowded category of sales tools.

Oracle Sales Management

Oracle Sales Management is a sales performance management tool that offers a wide range of advanced tools for territory management, incentive compensation, and quota management. Managers can keep track of sales performance with verified data. The sales performance dashboard improve overall sales performance with metrics for individual and the team. Unified clean, and structured customer data ensure accurate compensation crediting.  Users of this sales compensation management sales tool can utilize what-if modeling to analyze and forecast compensation scenarios.

This sales tool prevents shadow accounting by keeping the opportunities up to date and offering complete transparency in the quoting process. Managers can resolve disputes with compensation visibility and dispute management. Sales intelligence tools help calculate the right-sized quota which improves the pipeline results. It offers different methodologies like — top-down, waterfall, and bottom-up to flexibly allocate the target quota. Managers can create territories factoring in different metrics like — geography, product lines, industries, and more. What if analysis helps in optimizing coverage and boosting results. It provides a flexible system to adapt to the changes in territories which could be due to business, market, or other changes.


Kennect is a sales compensation management platform that aims at making sales compensation administration easy with commission automation. It offers 2 solutions — incentive compensation management and sales performance management. In incentive compensation management, it optimizes the commission strategies by providing real-time incentive tracking for the sales team. Reps have their dashboard which is updated in real-time as they get closer to their quotas and goals.

Like other sales tools in this category, Kennect empowers the operations team to create a payout sheet based on the incentive schemes with just one click. With the incentive simulator, the sales team can simulate their performance and accordingly plan earnings and set milestones for themselves. The sales performance management platform provides real-time actionable insights and increases awareness by allowing the team to track their KPIs in real-time. The actionable insights ensure that the sales team is headed the right way and boosts performance. The data-driven insights optimize resource utilization and improve revenue growth.

Sales Tools For Conversational Intelligence and Call Recordings

A conversational intelligence sales tool helps sales managers gain insight into their sales team’s performance by recording, transcribing, and analyzing the conversations with the prospects. These tools make use of conversational Artificial Intelligence to convert speech into text which is then analyzed and organized. It uses natural language processing to understand important information like customer sentiment, objections, talking patterns, questions, and more.

A conversational intelligence sales tool will:

  • Help the sales representative understand whether or not they are staying productive while communicating with the prospects
  • Encourage salespeople to actively listen to the customers/prospects
  • Gives the salesperson the ability to easily access important points from the conversion with the customers
  • Help the sales managers identify and reiterate the practices that are proving fruitful in successfully closing the deals
  • Strengthen the ability of the sales representatives in holding better conversations and winning more business with the right analytics and insights

Key Features

  • Call recording
  • Call scoring and recommendations
  • Call library
  • Alerts


Gong provides AI-driven insights into the customers, deals, and marketing channels by recording and analyzing emails, messages, and calls — voice, and video. It also converts raw data into meaningful analytical reports by pulling out that data from the selected CRM. The AI feature shows the top sales performance strategies which can be followed by the entire sales team. This sales tool helps the sales managers improve the performance of the team by providing personalized coaching.

Another feature of this conversational intelligence tool is that it also tells the sales representatives about the different topics that they should talk more or less about, thus helping increase the close rates. Gong makes for an impressive sales facilitation tool by displaying the customer’s interaction on a screen which helps sellers gauge the deal’s health. The tool provides a warning for the deal that is not going as planned. The revenue intelligence feature breaks down into — deal intelligence, people intelligence, and market intelligence which work together to improve sales performance.

For a deeper dive on what is Gong, we’ve got you covered.


A dedicated conversation intelligence and analysis sales tool, Chorus provides direct feedback to the sales representatives by recording and analyzing the business’s conversation. It seamlessly integrates with the different applications like — Gmail, Outlook, HubSpot, and more and offers insights directly into these apps. Chorus is owned by ZoomInfo. The different add-ons make the company aware of the sales performance, at the macro as well as micro-level. It helps the salespeople gain additional transparency by analyzing and creating a summary of all the calls, emails, and messages from an individual source.

The AI-driven coaching feature works on identifying the top performers which can be followed by the sales team, a feature that’s popular among sales tools in this category. The information regarding how the top performers are working differently is fed to the sellers via an automated coaching function. It makes reporting quick and easy by automatically mapping all the conversations into the CRM that provides notes that anyone can view. This eliminates the burden of having to manually type notes and then run the reports which could be flawed.


Pickle is an AI-based conversational intelligence sales tool that helps the sales team optimize sales performance. Along with the conversational solution that manages the sales team, it also offers a sales intelligence tool that helps in training the sales development representatives. It marks keywords and phrases during the conversation which are then collected, sorted, analyzed, and utilized to better understand the customers. It also summarizes the conversations into 2-3 line paragraphs.

By using this sales tool, the sales team can eliminate the blind spots and boost their sales by better understanding what is leading to revenue loss and what are the areas for improvement. Salesforce and Zoom integrations aim at strengthening the ability to gain insights. Built for SMB, mid-market, and startup account executives, Pickle helps sales leaders with limited bandwidth in boosting their productivity. It optvimizes every aspect of the Zoom meetings and makes it easy for the sales representatives to share their customer’s voices throughout the sales team’s lives.


Wingman is a sales tool for measuring the sales team performance, this offers services like call recording, sales coaching in real-time, and analysis of the sales performance. It bridges the gap between coaching and action by providing real-time sales coaching to the sales representatives. With the Sales Coaching feature, sales managers can pick up the specific calls or a part of them that can be used to train the sales reps. It empowers managers to give scores to the trainees, provide them feedback about their performance and collect best practices to boost the sales performance. The Sales Pipeline feature provides an accurate forecast by summing up all the sales interactions into a single timeline.

As a part of the Sales Coaching Software, it offers contextual cue cards, real-time alerts, and moment bookmarking. It has three noteworthy features — Sales Tapes, Deal Central and Battle Cards. Sales Tapes consist of all the recordings that have proven effective in closing deals. Deal Central makes for all the recording in the sales pipeline, right from interaction to the close. Battle Card helps in delivering the right pitch every time by providing answers to tricky questions. Wingman was recently purchased by Clari. Sales tools consolidating into one offering is going to continue as the number of products expands.


It makes use of conversation intelligence to bridge the gap between insight and performance. It identifies the key factors that affect the results and emulates them across the future conversations to help sales representatives enhance customer experience, make well-informed decisions and improve productivity. To help the team reach their full potential, the software leverages AI and machine learning to extract actionable insights. The Smart Alert feature lets the sales managers set customizable notifications depending on the specified parameters.

This conversational intelligence sales tool automatically identifies the triggers and sends alerts via email. The performance dashboard gives the sales managers, representatives, and executives the ability to keep track of the conversation quality, performance, and sales coaching in one place. The search engine, powered by CRM fields, gives users the freedom to find what they are looking for using Search. With ExecVision, sales managers can identify which keyword or phrase plays a pivotal role in closing the deal or moving it through the pipeline.


This sales conversation intelligence tool helps sales development representatives close more deals and enhance customers’ experience. It helps them minimize the anecdotal feedback and identify the scope and areas of improvement by providing post-meeting analysis which includes the highlight from the transcription along with the sentiment and engagement score. CRM integration provides context to the sales funnels and identifies the latest trends. Sales reps using this conversation intelligence sales tool can identify the room for improvement by keeping a tab of the sales deals by size, team, opportunity name, and more.

Sellers can make use of this CRM integration to automate the documentation and set up alerts to remind them to keep the deal moving forward. It helps improve their presentation skills with insights like — talk-listen ratio, patience, sentiment analysis, and more. It enables sellers to close more deals by providing them insight into which conversations are engaging, and what should be the next step with the engagement and sentiment score. The marketing team can strengthen their competitive strategy by accessing sales calls and keeping a tab on which competitors are being mentioned and what are the sentiments being closely associated with them. is a revenue operations platform that makes use of conversation intelligence to provide the sales team with the insights that strengthen their ability to connect with the right audience, at the right time with the right message. The sales team can increase the representative’s performance and scale the coaching by providing insights that help identify the behavior, techniques, and tactics of the top-performing salesperson and replicate them across the team.

Like other sales tools, conversational intelligence is a feature to their core offering. converts phone calls and Zoom meetings into searchable content which can be used in the future to strengthen the sales coaching process. It eliminates the need to create or manage integration with multiple vendors by working with voice, texts, calls, emails, and other coaching tools. Integration with Salesforce provides better control of the revenue by correlating sales behavior with different outcomes like opportunities, revenue, and more. The AI-powered notifications make it easy to identify metrics that drive the revenue.


This tool is made for the marketing, sales, and eCommerce teams to boost customer experience using AI-based conversation intelligence. The Signal AI automatically classifies the calls, providing attribution when certain stages are met, like — a purchase is done, an appointment is made or a quote is given to the customers. The data received is then sent to Google ads for optimizing campaigns and keyword bidding, which helps get more conversion and minimize the acquisition cost.

The Signal Discovery identifies patterns, customer behavior, and trends by analyzing numerous calls. A company can create automatic signals depending on the actions in the past to detect situations in the future like — IVR problems, customer complaints, high-intent callers, and more. It provides complete transparency into the buying journey right from click to call to conversion. The data-based insights help in optimizing the caller experience and making more sales. The software allows to create a scalable and repeatable quality assurance process through monitoring and scoring the calls.


Intending to improve performance and minimize the acquisition cost, Salesken offers AI-powered real-time cueing to the sales team. It enables sales representatives to make the right move by providing a personalized and empathetic sales pitch. It closes the sales more efficiently by preventing and course-correcting mistakes in real-time. The call recording and post-call data analytics help the sales team identify the stronger areas and the room for improvement to strengthen their performance.

Like other sales tools in this category, it has note-taking features and proprietary algorithms, the calls are processed and transcribed within minutes. It saves time, and money by automating manual and repetitive processes to improve productivity. The funnel prediction feature helps in the forecasting sales pipeline, to avoid the possibility of negative surprises and to enhance transparency. It encourages the team to peer learning by providing a central point of collaboration for all the information and removing any data silos.


It is a real-time productivity suite for the contact centers that strengthen the ability of managers, leaders, and agents in driving revenue and increasing efficiency. It helps agents grow conversion rates and increase average order value with real-time guided selling. A sales development representative can onboard more team members, boost sales productivity, and scale coaching with automated real-time coaching. With its automated workflows, it gives the team the freedom from note-taking and data entry. The Agent Assist ensures every conversation turns into a profitable deal.

This sales tool tailors every coaching using AI to drive the best customer experience. It maximizes the agent’s performance by sending alerts in real-time like — frustration, objections, like, and dislikes. Cresta Insights helps understand the primary performance drivers, and automatically identifies impactful coaching opportunities which give managers the right tool to coach their sales team. Cresta Director increases productivity by a factor of four, using an AI-enabled bot solution.


Avoma is an AI-meeting assistant that automatically transcribes, summarizes, and analyzes conversations in the meeting to derive important notes which help the sales team serve the customers better. It provides a wide range of solutions for sales leaders, customer success managers, and remote teams. The intelligent meeting lifecycle assistant guides throughout the meeting to make them more actionable. Before the meeting, it provides an automatic agenda template, no-show reminders, and agenda collaboration. During the meeting, it lets the users live bookmark and take notes, while simultaneously automatically transcribing and recording the conversations in the meeting.

This sales tool has four products — meeting management, meeting assistant, meeting collaboration, and meeting intelligence help at different stages of the meeting. Meeting management provides a central place for the organizers to prepare and collaborate on all the information. AI-generated time-stamped meeting notes, and bookmarks in meeting assistant save time and encourage active participation. Meeting collaboration shortens sales cycles and closes more deals. Meeting intelligence provides coaching insights to reduce employee ramp time and increase deal rate.


JustCall is a 24/7 cloud phone system that is built for small and medium-scale businesses to scale sales and support teams. It serves different industries like — healthcare, financial service, eCommerce, and real estate. It seamlessly integrates with leading CRM and helpdesk tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, and more to promote work within one platform without having to switch between applications. This conversational intelligence sales tool provides real-time live transcripts that help create a profitable playbook by analyzing key items and conducting a moment analysis.

The AI scoring helps the team understand what they are doing right and which areas need improvement in real-time. This will boost the recruit’s ramp process. Coaching insights on every call helps the sales team get feedback with an actionable plan that will make them perform better. The sentiment analysis feature helps identify the critical emotional triggers and provides live insights into the customer interaction. The AI solution then suggests an appropriate response depending upon the sentiment to enhance the sales process.


It is an AI notetaker and competitive intelligence tool that combines insights from speakers, topics, sentiments, and more to better understand the meetings. It filters conversations by speakers, tracks critical topics, detects sentiments, and compares trends to measure and improve the quality of conversation over time. It encourages team admins to track the performance of each member and train them by identifying metrics like — talk-to-listen ratio, filler words, time spent in conversations, monologues, number of questions asked, and more.

This sales tool boosts transparency across various topics by surfacing how frequently conversations like competitor’s names, objections, pricing, and other topics have been mentioned in the meetings. It strengthens different departments across the organization to make a well-informed decisions. The sales team can leverage it to improve their pitch, train the representatives and close more deals. The recruitment team can hire the top talents by identifying trends across the candidate’s interviews. The product development team can build better products by listening to and understanding the customer’s opinions. Team and customer interactions can help the marketing team understand which message works and which doesn’t, thereby encouraging them to create a competitive strategy.


Outreach is a sales engagement platform with a conversation intelligence sales tool that bridges the gap between the potential revenue of an organization and what it aims at achieving. It automates workflow and guides the team in real-time enabling them to take the right action thereby improving the performance and serving customers in a better way. It provides greater visibility into the pipelines and forecasts by recording buyer’s behavioral data. Managers and leaders are encouraged to change their business tragedy from guessing the future based on past results to changing it using the recommended actions.

The three products— Kaia, Insights, and Success Plan are all devised to help sales representatives, managers and leaders build a robust seller engagement model. Kaia provides in-the-moment coaching to shorten the deal cycle, enhance buyer’s experience, and speed up the seller ramp time. Insights is a reporting and analytics solution that helps the sales team understand the level of interest a prospect has in a particular sales conversation. Success Plan captures data from integrations to create action plans that will yield successful business results.


MeetRecord is a meeting intelligence tool that offers a simple solution to record data from calls — audio and video and analyzes them to create real-world coaching plans and close deals at a faster rate. By providing meeting insights, this tool aims at growing the sales funnel and saving onboarding time. Teams can record and transcribe meetings taking place at Zoom or Google Meet.

Like other sales tools, MeetRecord has a deal intelligence feature helps in understanding what is happening in the customer call and which account needs immediate attention. It seamlessly integrates with the leading applications like — Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more. Every department across the organization can access customer’s voices to promote data-driven thinking. This data can be shared across the team to make a well-informed decision. With the sales coaching feature, managers can leverage data-driven recommendations and they can provide feedback from right within the platform.


Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that aims at helping the sales team generate more revenue at a faster rate. Salesloft has a conversational intelligence feature called “Conversations” that claims to replace other conversational intelligence sales tools. It can help sales teams record, understand, and analyze sales calls. The sales team can automate and customize their journey through multi-channel touch points depending on the deal stage, job role, and more.

This sales tool also provides a dialer and messenger service that is synced with Salesloft and the chosen CRM and it also works with third-party dialers. The deliverability dashboard makes it easy to deliver email with minimized bounce rate. Pipeline management and insights help surface the right opportunity, providing transparency to the sales leaders, and quality data to the sales managers. Forecasts provide real-time viability into the pipeline to better understand the deal health and identify risks at an early stage so that appropriate action can be taken. With Coach-to-Close, managers can quickly identify the deals that are sinking and coach their representatives to close effectively.


Mindtickle is a sales readiness platform that bridges the gap between knowledge and skills commonly found in customer-facing teams like the sales. It provides complete visibility into the sales conversation by tracking and analyzing insights that otherwise get missed. Using AI, it identifies buying signals, topics, themes, and deal risks. It automatically captures, analyzes, and scores sales team interaction with the customers. Deals get reviewed and a forecast is created based on the evidence gathered from real-time data.

Organizations that use this sales tool can create a marketing and competitive intelligence library using the call snippets that show real-life reactions. It provides detailed insights about the competitors and helps businesses create winning strategies and make informed decisions. Managers can make use of in-field data to increase representatives’ productivity. It makes sales enablement accessible by measuring competency tendencies and comparing the team’s performance with important selling skills.

Sales Tools – Sales Demo Software – Interactive Demo – Demo Platform

A typical sales process involves an intro call where a salesperson will conduct discovery. They’ll then usually schedule a second call to provide a product demo. As buyer behavior shifted and the demand for personalized sales interactions increased, many companies have been using sales demo software as one of their sales tools. The idea is that if they can offer a self-serve demo or a more personalized, interactive demo, their conversion rates will increase.

For a deeper dive on Sales Demo Environments.

Key Features:

  • A stable demo environment that doesn’t lag
  • Personalized demos
  • Analytics


Reprise is an enterprise-grade cloud-based demo creation tool that is designed to help the sales and marketing teams develop, run and handle various demos for products and applications. Users can create no-code, custom lives, and guided demos on a single platform. It offers various features like application capture, screen capture, enterprise scale and security, and analytics. With instant capture, it minimizes the dependency on the developers and eliminates the risk of an unstable demo environment. Reprise does not require any code to capture the entire app with all the connected systems and devices.

This sales demo software gives users the ability to edit, customize and anonymize the data. Users can standardize the data flow and keep track of the sales rep’s activity. It makes sure that the right business is connected with the right audience by customizing demos based on industry, persona, and use case. It boosts engagement and ensures better conversion with interactive demos and sharing guided demos with the client. Users can gate their demos which helps in better understanding who is interested in the products and interacting with the leave-behinds. It gives users the power to create demos that look, feel and act like live products. It offers SOC- Type 2 certified security program, and provides users with SOC-Type 3 reports on the website.


Navattic is a demo creation platform that is designed to help the sales and marketing team create, customize and share interactive product demos. It automates demo creation and allows prospects to have an early, hands-on experience with the product. Automated demos make the prospects go down the sales funnel at a faster rate and speed up the sales cycle. Users with no coding knowledge can easily build customizable product tours for new landing pages. It easily integrates with the existing CRM to help the user better understand which features are attracting more leads. This plays a pivotal role in converting website visitors into engaged leads.

Users of this sales tool can build tailored product-led campaigns with specific features and use cases. It boosts lead quality by attracting high-intent prospects. It improves the reach of outbound campaigns by providing users with access to products in the first outbound mail. It boosts retention and shortens the sales cycle by educating customers about the product. It allows leads to look at the product without having to sign up for the demo. Users can keep track of the lead’s interest before going on the call to ensure that the conversation yields engagement and conversion. This sales demo software works as tool that can help with the modern buyer’s journey. is a sales demo creation platform that helps the sales and marketing team create personalized and interactive product demos to speed up the closing of the deal. Users can either create product demonstrations for each prospect or make use of ready-to-go demo templates which are filtered by each use case. Since they are developed without any code, it eliminates the dependency on the other team. Its comprehensive demo process streamlines sales and ensures high demo consistency and quality. The demo insights help in boosting the product demo conversion and optimize the team’s performance by providing data on the prospect’s behavior and journey along with tracking top-performing demos. It eliminates the possibility of loading issues, downtime, version updates, and burning servers.

These sales demos can be personalized for each stage and prospects can try the product at any stage of the sales process. Users can capture the product or software screen at any stage and they can add annotations ensuring that the prospects get the most out of the product demo. Demos can either be shared via link or added to the website, landing page, and presentations. Sales reps who use this sales tool can make use of reusable demo templates to close the deals at a faster rate. Tailor-made demos with guides help enhances the sales experience by letting them walk through the product by themselves.


StoryScale is a sales demo software creation platform where the sales and marketing team can build interactive demos without any coding. It converts product screens into interactive demos which can be used for outbound marketing or can be launched on a website. It helps the business tell its product story to the prospects without the risk involved in a live product environment. The Chrome Extension can be used to capture screens where the users can then add insights and data using the on-screen visual editor and power tools. Users of this sales tool can also add guides, media, and CTAs. These self-driven product demos speed up the sales cycle and increase sales-ready opportunities in the pipelines.

Unlike other sales demo tools which adds screenshot, StoryScale makes use of a live product screen that can be personalized using insights, clicks, and other interactive content. StoryScale insights provide data about usage, conversion, and consumption which boosts the ROI. Users will get notified when prospects check the demo, revisits content, and convert on a CTA. The demos work with various tools like Marketo, and Salesforce to ensure only highly-qualified leads can make it into the pipeline. It offers dynamic variables which can personalize the text to align with the target audience, verticals, and use cases.


Consensus is a sales demo creation tool that aims at enhancing presales and shortening the cycle with interactive, guided, customized, and on-demand video demos. Users can create demos in 3 ways —  single video demo, standard personalized demo, and advanced branching demo. With a single video demo, anyone can access the demo based on the target audience. In the standard personalized demos, users create demos based on the unique interest of the prioritized prospects. With the advanced branching demo, the users are provided with a different section of the demo based on the answers to the questions that are categorized according to the role or the vertical.

Users of this sales demo software can automatically capture videos with Screen Recorder and edit them with basic visual editing tools. The Demo Players make accessing the digital demos and paired content easier on any device including mobile and thus enhancing the digital demo experience. With the SNAP plugin, users can record single video demos and create a vast library of FAQ demos and walk the prospects through the digital demo experience. With the BuyerBoard users of this sales tool can gain insights into how their team is performing and how the team engages with the demo being shared. Links for the prospects can be automatically created and added to the email templates which can be shared with as many prospects as possible. With Content Mapping, viewers can download the content directly from the digital demo that they are watching.


Demodesk is a virtual meeting platform designed for the sales team. It automates the processes, offers support during live video calls, and provides insights into how the organization is performing. It offers 4 products — scheduling, meeting, assistant,  and coaching. It automates scheduling meetings by giving the prospects the ability to book meeting through a professionally looking booking page. Users can identify high-intent leads on the website, qualify them in real-time using screening questions and automate the meetings. It makes use of round-robin rules and lead-to-account matching automation to ensure that each sales representative gets paid for the meeting fairly.

Users of this sales tool can make sure that the right sales development representative hands off the responsibility to an accurate account executive by defining rules and automating the hand-off process, thus eliminating the back and forth. It automatically creates and updates the fields in the CRM as the meeting gets booked and handed off. It integrates with leading marketing applications like HubSpot, Salesforce, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Suite. It makes use of interactive screen-sharing technology to enable collaboration in real time which boosts customer retention and drives activation. The co-browsing experience enhances the onboarding experience. It eliminates the need for downloads and lags with a virtual display that preloads all the data available in the cloud. It gives the participants the freedom to join the meeting instantly with any browser or device.


Gondola is a sales demo creation platform that is designed to help the sales team start interactive conversations backed by data and insights. It offers deep discovery into the rep’s calls and helps them replicate the successful ones, thus eliminating the problems associated with the static script. It allows the users to review and record conversations like text and CRM during the process. Users of this sales tool can create templates catering to the specific sales process and share data such as who is going to join the call, references to the previous conversation, and more with colleagues to build rapport and add context to the conversation.

With the Gondola Browser Extension, users can create tasks, schedule the next call and keep a tab on the outstanding documents. Gondola systemizes the methodology that works for the sales team and offers real-time guidance to help the team better understand their customers. It gives users the ability to create new contacts and record and update the CRM field during live calls. It integrates with leading third-party applications like SugarCRM, Dropbox, Google Suite, Calendar, Zoom, Salesforce, Outlook, and more. It offers a library of resources that can help in preparing the right sales pitch and initiating an engaging conversation. The analytics help in surfacing which technique is working which then helps the sales team scale accordingly.


CloudShare is a cloud computing solution provider that is designed to help companies replicate their on-premise applications. It offers real-time analytics that surfaces insights like engagement, participation, conversion, and more. It minimizes wasted usage by automating cost control. It provides personalized reports and lets the user analyze prospect engagement in real time. Users can show the software scenarios in the real world to the customers, making it useful as a sales demo software. It makes use of a versatile environment to centralize and control the demos. It offers insights into the results of each demo which help understand which demos are performing the best. Sales demos can be canceled or expanded anytime using an automated demo environment policy. Invites, tracking, managing, and analysis are managed by leveraging CRM integration.

Users of this sales tool can view the level of engagement of the prospects on the day to day basis. It helps the user understand the right time to follow up with the prospects, thus increasing the chances of conversion. The dashboard comes with drag-down options which make understanding user engagement analytics easy. ROI can be raised by analyzing historical end-user behavior and opportunity. Self-service trials help in understanding who is the product trial, for how long and when are they using it. With market data and product branding, the trials can be customized. It lets the user build the environment according to the real-world scenarios of the prospects.


Demobox is a codeless and customizable Demo Productivity tool that lets the users customize their demo environment using metrics, dashboards, reports, and more.  It adds data to the SaaS products of the clients, on demand. It empowers the users to showcase the product at the right time to the right prospects making it an effective sales tool.


Demostack is a sales demo experience platform that helps SaaS product leaders boost their growth with custom demos and better storytelling. It doesn’t require any research and development to create customized demos which are ready in minutes. It eliminates the possibility of bugs bothering the system since the demo is independent of the live product. It does not require any trials and the sales cycle is shortened, which helps close more deals. It offers a guided demo, which lets the buyers educate themselves while the sales team is collecting the digital data. It makes use of the latest technology to clone the products into the demo environment by recording all the details and functionalities that can be shown to the prospects as a live demo.

Users of this B2B sales tool can personalize the demo by adding text, images, charts, and data along with various and find and replace with just point and click. It increases the possibility of closing more deals by allowing the users to show the demo in a live video, on a website, or at a scheduled time after the call. It provides a single source of truth to help the sales, marketing, customer service, and the internal team build demo assets. The sales team can create enterprise demos, vertical demos, persona-based demos, company-specific demos, and demo leave-behind. The customer success team can create onboarding guidance and guided demos that showcase new features. The marketing team can use it to build interactive guided demos, request a demo flow, and outbound cadence content. 


Saleo is a sales demo experience platform that is designed to help companies create demos within their live SaaS environment, which are backed by data.  With it, users get complete control over every element of the page be it graphs, metrics, texts, images, tables, or icons that helios create demos that directly address the pain points of the customers. It lets the users create hyper-personalized demos and prevent the possibility of bugs, bad data, or letting a new environment spoil the demo. Data complete live sales demo environment helps the users display their strengths to the prospects thus increasing the chances of closing more deals. It can be deployed in seconds and does not require any coding knowledge.

This is a sales tool with goal to shorten the sales cycle and maximize the possibility of winning by minimizing the time spent on creating demos, thereby improving sales discovery. It minimizes the risk associated with sales operation by testing the product enhancements and configuration glitches before creating demos. The Saleo chrome extension can be used to modify the demo directly into the SaaS product.  Users can create and store a library of demos for different industries, or customer profiles. It helps users gain complete control of the sales cycle by giving them the ability to make changes in the demo in real time.

Sales Tools For Sales Enablement and Content Sharing

When it comes to making sure your prospects are well informed, there are many sales tools worth considering. Not only do these tools facilitate the sharing of important documents and other marketing content, they also provide a data driven way to track their usefulness. These sales enablement tools are also used to coach and train salespeople to more effectively work with potential customers.

Key Features:

  • Content Management
  • Content Sharing
  • Training for Salespeople
  • Data Analytics


Showpad is a sales enablement and marketing platform that aims at boosting sales by integrating training and coaching software with content solutions. The revenue enablement platform helps the sales team by identifying and preparing for the opportunities and initiating conversations that add value, provide insights and engage the buyer. With Sales, Content Management users can minimize the time otherwise wasted in sharing content through inefficient channels and focus on providing content that attracts buyers and helps in revenue growth. It offers targeted, actionable coaching to salespeople to maximize sales performance. It provides detailed engagement insights which help build the right follow-up and removes the guesswork. 

Users of this sales enablement tool can connect their existing CRM or DAM systems or import and synchronize their entire file library. With Showpad Content, content is managed efficiently and the team is quickly notified of any updates. It makes finding the content easy. Sales assets can be managed efficiently using metadata such as tags, granular file permissions, compliance settings, and more. Information can be sent to the direct and indirect salespeople in a hyper-targeted manner. With its smart search and additional filtering, users can quickly identify content recommendations which are based on content chosen by marketing and machine learning. This sales tool helps users initiate a contextually relevant conversation by gathering content around a single topic on a specific page. It enables users to collaborate with the buyers on the go using mobile devices or laptops by finding, personalizing, and sharing the content.


Seismic is a sales enablement platform that makes use of AI to offer training and coaching solutions that empower the sales and marketing team to engage buyers and grow revenue. It offers 6 different products — sales content management, learning and coaching, buyer engagement, content automation, strategy and planning, and enablement intelligence. Content can be managed in one place and sales reps can customize it according to the different prospects. It sends out content in bulk and simplest content production and sharing while ensuring compliance, by making use of automation. With in-app search and in-context recommendation, it makes discovering the right sales collateral easy.

This sales tool gives sellers the ability to customize the content as much as they want. It boosts content approvals and lets the user govern content distribution for an internal and external audience. Its learning and coaching solutions aim at ramping the reps in just 10 days, thus improving the speed-to-competency. It offers interactive sales courses and simulates real-life scenarios with role plays and live recordings. It enables users to connect with the buyer via social media, SMS, or emails. It enhances buyer engagement throughout the sales cycle by providing immersive content to the buyers. It streamlines and simplest the workflow by integrating with various CRM, email tools, collaboration tools, content authoring, and more. 


HighSpot is a sales enablement tool that is designed to help the sales team enhance their performance. It synchronizes, classifies, schedules, and manages the content against the policies and merchandizes using the Spots and SmartPages which ensures that the team always has relevant and up-to-date content with them to initiate the conversation. It makes sure that the content is contextual which boosts the possibility of conversion and makes use of Play Scorecards to identify what is working and what is not. This sales tool uses AI to highlight the top performing, relevant resources in context with the reps existing workflow.

With Highspot, reps can know which content is being shared and with whom. With Spots, content is easily mapped and managed with the existing repositories. Reps get actionable insights on how the product is performing and influencing the sales cycle. With interactive reporting, reps can better pinpoint what is working and take appropriate action on what is not. Engagement Genomics helps in understanding which content is working and resonating with the target audience and engaging buyers. It ensures that the reps are ready to engage with the buyers by providing them with in-context training and guidance alongside the course.  With Rep Scorecards, the team manager can gain clarity into how the reps are performing and offer a comparison into which strategy is working so that it can be duplicated.


Wonderway is a sales performance and training platform that makes use of machine learning to help sales reps ramp up faster and improve the process of closing more deals. Alongside helping the sales team with knowledge and skill improvement, Wonderway also offers knowledge certification to help the company improve its sales and increase its revenue. This sales enablement software works towards the scope of improvement by measuring individual staff performance and identifying the strengths and weaknesses. It boosts the conversion rate by preparing the sales team by closing the skill gap. It identifies the skill gap by running surveys for both the manager and employees to gain complete visibility into the performance.

Wonderway makes use of a sales enablement platform through templates and advice to guide the managers and employees through the process and let them know what is important. It enables efficiencies in training delivery by speeding up the training program and offering targeted repeated training to the specific staff. It offers seamless and consistent knowledge across the globe. It automates sales workforce training processes and offers training in different formats and examination paradigm that includes text, video test, sales strategies, quiz formats, and more. It keeps a tab on the staff performance to optimize the training sessions according to the requirements.


Clearslide is a sales enablement and engagement platform that helps the sales team identify the key decision makers in the prospect’s company and establish a communication with them. It ensures discoverability by organizing suggested content and team collections, facilitating assembly of customized content that is alway up to date. Clearslide provides real-time customer engagement analytics into how every customer is interacting giving the sales reps insights to make a well-informed decision.

This sales tool offer guided selling which aims at boosting the sales and productivity with unique role based content recommendations. It lets the team onboard sales rep at a faster rate with Clearslide Replay recording and performance dashboard that offer complete visibility into the team’s work and progress.


Allego is a sales training and sales enablement platform that makes use of AI to empower the team to create, share interactive training content with the aim to drive productivity anytime. It offers an intuitive interface that makes learning and coaching an accessible process. Its sales content management platform facilitates managing, organizing and governing content from anywhere.

This sales tool has analytics and reporting offers insights into how the content is performing, which is useful in optimizing the content strategy. Its conversational intelligence tool help in understanding how the messaging is being resonated in the target audience, which helps identify the risks in the pipeline which can be course corrected to close more deals and maximize the revenue.


Showell is a sales enablement tool that helps sales team by managing the sales content between marketing, customers and the sales with the aim to improve the sales performance and close deals at a faster rate. It offers a unified platform to empower the team gain control of the sales content, which is updated as the market scenario changes. Users can access sales content anywhere, anytime with any device, even when they are offline.

This is one of the many sales tools in this category that helps to promote sales content collaboration by offering a single tool for marketing, sales, distributors as well as the customers. It provides a tool that helps organizing, sharing, tracking and maintaining sales collateral, even if it’s offline.


Foleon is a content creation platform that aims at helping the B2B companies create interactive content. It lets the users create compelling content enriched with videos and multimedia to boost customer engagement. It comes with a drag and drop editor and Foleon Doc format that lets the user create bespoke digital content.

Foleon offers insight into the customer performance to help understand how the content is performing and what can be done to improve the gaps and optimize the content. Users of this sales tool can create up to date content that scales as the business grows. It seamlessly integrates with a wide range of analytics, content, lead generation, marketing, and security third-party applications.


GetAccept is a sales enablement and digital sales room platform that acts as a unified solution for designing, sending, promoting, tracking, and eSigning contracts. It also gives the opportunity to leverage business collateral, manage contracts and eSignatures, all at one place.

Users of this sales tool can personalize their content and attach case studies which can be then used as professional template and shared across the team. It offers insights into who is consuming the content and how, which helps in optimizing the content strategy. It helps the sale team build trust and boost the possibility of conversion by humanizing the content with video, chats and other forms of proposals.


Modus is a sales enablement, content distribution and digital buyer engagement platform that aims at enriching the buyer’s experience by simplifying the process of content distribution. Its advanced search capabilities help finding the right content and from where is it being accessed. It offers analytics to measure the performance of the content, identify the gaps and improve the content strategy for desirable outcome.

Modus is another one of the many sales tools that encourages collaborative selling and offer insights into the buyer’s intent to help close the deals faster. It lets the user upload, organize and find content with a simple UI. the value based analytics improves return on investment.


Brainshark is a data-driven sales enablement and readiness platform that aims at helping the client-facing team perform their best. The readiness scorecard keeps track of the readiness program along with the other sales performance metrics, offering insights into which team member is performing up to the mark. Team-wide learning and coaching trends help in identifying the skills gaps so that they can be worked on before they hamper the performance of the team.

This sales tool offers content authoring and training let the team convert Powerpoint, Google Slides, and PDFs into scannable voice-enriched presentations. Users can embed hyperlinks,  survey polls, questions and more to make the presentation more interactive.


Bigtincan is a sales enablement platform that aims at helping the sales team enhance the buyer’s experience. It offers a wide range of personalized products to help customer-facing teams enhance the customer’s shopping journey. The mobile-first bite-size training material helps the sales team deliver the right buying experience. Bigtincan XR brings products to life and creates an engaging experience for the buyers, thus enhancing interaction and achieving brand recognition.

This sales tool’s unified analytics and reporting program offers universal insights to help the team make data-driven decisions. The speech analytics software ensures that everybody in the team gets objective feedback. The sales team can monitor different metrics like vocal clarity, pauses, filler words, and more to optimize their script.

Data Dwell

Data Dwell is a Salesforce dedicated sales content management platform that offers insights into sales and marketing efforts to generate effective content and drive revenue. Its centralized content repository acts as a single source of truth for up-to-date and accurate content. It periodically measures and analyzes content performance to calculate precise content return on investment and lets the team make data-driven decisions on the content strategy. 

This sales tool helps the sales team by offering automated content recommendations based on the individual’s buyer persona. Content engagement analytics helps in identifying missed buyer signals to improve customer retention. The search engine provides the tools to look for the right content at the right time.


Mindtickle is a sales enablement and readiness platform that is designed to speed up the ramp time and provide a seamless onboarding experience to the reps with automated learning paths. It helps identify the sales behavior that is working towards revenue generation and customer satisfaction.

Mindtickle lets the sales team define the ideal rep profile, generate programs and monitor how they are working in sales meetings. It offers a suite of tools that aim at enhancing performance, boosting knowledge and scale as per the changes in the industry. It offers tools like sales enablement, content management, and conversational intelligence, all in a single platform.


Allbound is a partner relationship management platform that offers a single intuitive mobile-friendly partner portal for offering real-time access to sales enablement, marketing tools as well as resources. It aims at bringing indirect revenue by digitizing and simplifying the partner lifecycle, right from partner onboarding, and deal registration, to marketing collaboration. It aims at increasing partner engagement by offering prospect pages, targeted playbooks, and training material tailored to individual requirements.

Allbound like many other sales tools, offers integration with leading third-party applications like HubSpot, SugarCRM, Zoho, and more. The partner co-marketing offers a content library, co-branding, content management tool, partner prospect pages, gamification, and market development funds. The partner co-selling and deal management come with deal registration, commission dashboard, integration, and lead distribution.


BiT is a business intelligence tool and cloud-based sales reporting platform that provides the accurate and necessary information required to make a data-driven decision. It aims at helping build a productive and efficient sales team that is powered by data and reporting.

This sales tool provides a user-friendly, intuitive interface and dashboard which provides geographic sales performance. It offers custom report designs, list creation, and insights that help in taking the right decision. It seamlessly scales and integrates with other systems.


Guru offers all the necessary information about the organization that is required to make the sales pitch. The verification workflow and browser extension offer all the critical information that the team requires to do their job. It works toward reducing the administrative cost by automating the onboarding process, and offering a single source of information to the client that they need to know about the company.

Guru as a sales tool streamlines internal communication with knowledge alerts on updates, releases, and more. It ensures that nobody misses out on critical information by capturing and organizing all the necessary details. It helps the team find the right information at the right time.


Docurated is a sales enablement platform that aims at helping the sales team find, personalize and share content. It offers content intelligence for different types of content like images, videos, PDFs, Microsoft Office files, and more to help the team understand how they are performing. It helps identify the opportunities and understand what works with the target audience which leads to optimized content, wise investment in content, and better control over the content lifecycle.

This sales enablement tool offers a single source of truth by storing the content centrally. It comes with Google search capability to help locate information. Users can set predefined user roles and rules to ensure timely content delivery and access via multiple devices. Content can be curated and distributed via various links like email, marketing platforms, CRM, social media channels, and more.


Klyck aims at empowering the sales team by offering a digitized playbook and sales enablement platform. It lets the team create a digital playbook with drag and drop template. It makes sure that the document version history is maintained and the content is always up-to-date. Its proprietary system makes content management easy by combining assets, training practices, references, and more.

This sales tool has an intuitive interface that simplifies content associated with sales and marketing into playbooks. Integrating with the CRM software enhances the quality of content suggestions and facilitates the sales team with content recommendations according to the buyer’s requirement. 

Sales Tools – Power Dialers – Sales Dialer Software

You’ve built your cold call list and are ready to make cold calls. But manually dialing each phone number is time consuming . Given the normal connect rate, the only way to acheive outsized cold calling success is to make as many dials as humanly possible. That’s why when you’re considering sales tools that help you book more meetings, you may want to consider a power dialer or sales dialer software that will help you make more calls than humanly possible.

Key Features:

  • CRM integrations and Sales Engagement Platform integrations
  • Multi-line dialing
  • Voicemail drops
  • Reporting


Orum is a sales enablement platform that gives the team the power to dial multiple numbers in parallel and instantly recognizes when there is human waiting to interact and it then starts the live conversation. It makes use of AI to detect voice mails, filter out bad numbers, and navigate through the phone directory to encourage the sales rep to begin the live conversation.

This is one of the leading sales tools in the category. Orum automates the efforts involved in getting to call prospects, thus saving a significant amount of time. Before the live conversation begins, it offers all the contact details to the reps to keep them prepared. It integrates with leading third-party applications like Salesforce, Salesloft, and Outreach.

Connect and Sell

Connect and Sell offers live conversations on demand by making use of proprietary technology and virtual sales agents. It aims at solving the B2B issues by convincing the decision makers to get on the phone. It prioritizes lead persistence and enhances the response rate of the inbounds. It makes sure that no rep ever misses a follow-up with a closed loop calling process that automatically gets the prospects online.

This sales tool offers automatic CRM data entry and updates. Some of its products include- an advanced dialing platform,  appointment setting, flight schedule, and lead generation.  It is Salesforce certified and offers real-time integration with leading third-party applications. 


Koncert is a multi-channel sales engagement platform designed for the B2B industry. It includes Dialers, Cadence, AI, and Coverage.  With the AI Power Dialer, the teams can make up to 10 calls in a day. The dialing visibility lets the team know information about the prospect in real time. It tracks everything and offers analytics and reports.

As a power dialer sales tool, it also offers remote coaching which includes training the reps while the call connects without letting the prospects hear it by using the whisper mode. It enables the managers to keep track of the outbound calls. Usage of caller ID can be tracked with a heat map. It offers bi-directional syncing with leading third-party applications like Salesforce and Email.


Talkdesk is a cloud-based and end-to-end solution provider of artificial intelligence to enhance customers’ experience. It offers a wide range of automation-first customer experience solutions like workforce engagement, self-service experience, omnichannel engagement, employee collaboration, and customer analytics. Through omnichannel engagement, they offer an integrated suite of applications that give customers the choice to connect on whichever channel they want.

This sales tool preserves the context of the conversation, personalizes them, and enriches the customer experience along with it. With the digital engagement solution, teams can connect with the target audience via SMS, live chat, email, and more through their preferred channel.


Phoneburner is a sales dialer software built with an intuitive, modern interface that aims at closing more deals and getting more business. It eliminates connection delay and lets the team connect with 60-80 contacts per hour. It is customizable and the team requires no special equipment to add new users.

This sales dialer software offers dedicated inbound numbers, and the ability to dial local codes using any phone or softphone. It offers one-on-one expert service helping the customers set up and it aims at enriching the remote sales experience. Some of its features include a power dialer, cadence, CRM, call deliverability, workflow automation, remote dialing, and reporting. is a cloud phone system developed for the sales and support team to help them close more deals and boost the productivity of the sales representatives. It offers more than 100 integrations and requires no setup fee. Some of the services it offers are outbound call centers,  support contact centers, business phone systems, conversation intelligence, remote phone system, virtual call center, SMS software, and SMS automation. 

As a power-dialer sales tool software, it aims at increasing the volume of the sales call by eliminating manual dialing and logging of the data. It ensures that the customers get round-the-clock support with IVR, live call monitoring, smart call routing, SMS bots, and more.


Kixie is a sales engagement platform that aims at enhancing the sales team performance with automated texting and calling for the sales team that works with HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and more. It helps the sales team reach more leads faster, spend more time selling, and less time doing the administrative work.

Users of this sales tool can auto-dial the contacts from the list while simultaneously using features like voicemail drop, SMS template, local presence, and more. The multi-line autodialer lets the team schedule up to 10 calls in one go. The AI-powered local presence, spam detection, and progressive caller ID aim at increasing the call pick-up rates. Some of its other features include analytics, reporting, and voice and text automation.


RingCentral is a cloud-based business phone system that provides a single platform to send team messages, video conferences, and phone calls. It offers a comprehensive messaging tool and customer service to provide professional communication. The call routing capabilities come with routing tools and answering rules that offer a solution to different business needs.

Users of this sales tool can create and manage custom answering rules for web-enabled computers or mobile. Calls can be forwarded directly to mobile numbers, voicemails, or any other type of phone. Some of its other features include call screening, call delegation,  shared lines, vanity numbers, call flip, and visual voicemail. 


Aircall is a cloud-based call center and phone system software that aims at making phone support easy to access and manage by integrating with the leading productivity and helpdesk tools. The teams can create toll-free numbers, claim local and international numbers, and set customized schedules or a smart IVR directory. With VoIP calling solution, users can add a total of 5 people in the same conference call.

Aircall for sales teams is a sales tool that boosts collaboration with shared contacts, shared call inbox, calls commenting, and assignments. The call center features include real-time modifications, call queuing, parallel calls, queue callback, call recording, time-based routing, unlimited concurrent calls, and more.


Dialpad is a cloud communication platform that aims at streamlining business communication and enhancing productivity by offering a single platform to connect the team through voice, video, message, and meetings. It ensures that the customers reach the right person, by giving them the ability to establish routing rules and forward the calls to the specific team or a smartphone.

Dialpad makes sure that everyone is on the same page by letting users create a dedicated page for projects, topics, or teams. Dialpad let the external team connect through 1:1 messaging, threads, calls, and meetings. Looking up files is easy by searching through the keywords.


Myphoner is a cold calling software that offers a click-to-call system that helps in the efficient management of leads while they are getting converted into customers. It helps start-ups, agencies, and freelancers manage outbound campaigns, onboard, coach, and track the performance of the employees.

This sales tool helps with the outbound lead tracking. Leads can be captured from any marketing tool and organized into lists and segments. The status of the activity can be viewed and accessed from the activity log.  It offers a single comprehensible view for calling, emailing, categorizing, updating, and schedule leads. Additions and amendments to the call log can be placed.

Powerdialer is a solution provider for outbound calling that makes use of existing mobile, desk, or landline phones to increase the volume of calls per hour and minimize the time spent dialing and waiting around. It is a cloud-based dialing platform that customers can access and use from any device, any location in the world.

As power-dialer software, this sales tool gives the freedom to contact customers from mobile phones, landlines, VoIP, and other devices. Calls can be tracked and analyzed using different parameters like time of day, geo-location, lead quality, employee performance, sources, and more. Other features like auto dialing, unlimited minutes, flat pricing, and more.

3CX Power Dialer

3CX Power Dialer is a predictive dialer service that makes use of a unique call list or campaigns to automate unattended calls to customers. With its 3CX call flow designer, users can automatically make outbound calls to external numbers. It makes use of text-to-speech to personalize messages to customers.

This power dialer software is available as a cloud service as well as a private self-managed service, making it a flexible sales tool. Built for remote working, it offers features like taking calls in front of the browser, free live chat, an integrated call center solution, and Microsoft 365 integration. It is available as a mobile application for iOs and Android users.

Callback Tracker

Callback Tracker is a communication application that aims at streamlining the customer experience by offering services like a callback widget, live chat software for websites, call tracking, a virtual phone system, bulk SMS, and mass email. The callback widget collects all the leads in a marketing dashboard to nurture the sales leads, enhance customer services and improve the conversion rate.

The live chat software offers a wide range of options to the customers to connect with the business, which leads to proactive engagement and boosts customer service. Call tracking makes use of Google Analytics to track where the traffic is coming from. This sales tool helps in the proper allocation of budget across different channels. The virtual phone system is an affordable solution to  eliminate the need of using expensive pieces of equipment that come with regular maintenance.

Sales Sling

Sales Sling is a cloud-based auto dialer and lead management solution, provider.  It lets  the user monitor the total call and the remaining leads in the active campaign from the dashboard in real time. The integrated web phone system gives agents the freedom to take calls from wherever they want. It also connects directly to the dialer and lets the agents take an inbound call from anywhere in the program.

The list reporting and graph reporting let the reps check different periods to keep track of the historical data. This sales tool also has an appointment board, appointments for outside field reps can be displayed in the calendar as a report, which is updated in real-time to see how many leads the team has.


ReadyMode is a cloud-based predictive dialer that is built for enterprise-grade call center build to connect call centers with more agents in less time. It has a wide range of products like predictive dialer, lead management, CRM, reporting and insights, integration, and compliance. The team can configure the dialer to dial multiple channels in the background. It eliminates data entry by automating tasks and prioritizing dialing lists and email reports.

ReadyMode is a sales tool that makes sure that no call is missed by creating and prioritizing inbound queues and ensuring a strategic distribution of calls to the agents. The lead management software comes with a Caller ID proximity matching and customizes the lead profiles which can be targeted with the predictive dialer.

Hello Hunter

Hello Hunter is a SaaS-based predictive dialer solution built for sales professionals that offers end-to-end solutions for a web app. This sales tool offers predictive dialing service comes with features like advanced dial modes, agent monitoring, voice connection methods, application responsiveness,  reporting, integrated CRM, Switchboard admin, and crystal-clear calls.

There are 4 types of advanced dialing modes which are full predictive dialing, power dialing, manual dialing, and inbound support. The voice connection method includes dial in, dial out, SIP phone, PBX, and Google Talk. The agent monitoring is done through barge-in, whisper, and full call recording. It offers voice broadcasting through distributed calling system that offers features like selectable action keys, modifiable numbers, backup numbers, answers machine detection, calls detailed records, voicemail message drop, metadata, SIP address forwarding, real-time monitor, graphics, and more. 

Spitfire Dialers

Spitfire Dialer is a contact center software that offers cloud, on-premise, and hybrid call center solutions. It offers five different products-  enterprise predictive dialer, cloud predictive dialer, premise-based predictive dialer, hybrid predictive, and IP phone system. The enterprise predictive dialer has 6 different dialing modes- predictive, fixed-rate, quick connect, review, manual, and click-to-dial.

The cloud solution offers training and unlimited tech support and the flexibility to log in from anywhere at a low monthly fee. With the premise-based solution, users get a year of unlimited training and tech support with the server residing in their network and paying only one-time costs. The hybrid solution offers flexibility as the server resides on the client’s network but the agents can log in from anywhere in the world.


FrontSpin is a cloud-based sales communication tool that aims at boosting the reach out to sales and closing more deals. It has a power dialer that prioritizes call lists, pre-records voicemails, and single-click dialing to increase the connect rate with a local presence. Representatives can increase engagement by customized personalized email and getting real-time notifications of clicks and open. 

This sales tool offers an account-based playbook lets set priority calls, email lists, message delivery, social communication, and cadence. It aims at increasing quality lead generation and streamlining workflow. Sales reps can corroborate social steps in their playbook. FrontSpin SMS lets sales reps quickly read and reply to incoming SMS. They can automatically log in to their FrontSpin and CRM.

Monster Connect

Monster Connect is a technology-based sales prospecting enablement platform that speeds up the lead generation process for B2B organizations by providing a live stream of connections with decision-makers. By making use of fast dialing and routing  technology it speeds ups the outbound prospecting process. With its accent-neutral community of dialing agents, it minimizes the call transfer latency to smoothen the prospect’s experience.

This sales tool has a community of live, trained agents that engages with the gatekeepers, know how to differentiate between voice mails and phone prompts, and works towards enhancing prospect experience with minimum call latency. With the focus to increase the closing of more deals, Monster Connect instantly connects the sales reps in real-time to ensure live conversations.

Sales Tools For eSignature Software – Contract Management – Proposal Creation

When it comes to getting a contract signed, sending a PDF as an email attachment creates too much friction. As far as sales tools are concerned, a sales tool that helps close a deal is a no-brainer. There are various sales tools that will help with making it easy for eSignature, contract management, and proposal creation.

Key Features:

  • Digital Signature
  • Templates
  • Creating Documents
  • Tracking
  • Workflow Automation


PandaDoc is a provider of SaaS service that offers web and mobile applications for  creating, sharing, and tracking documents online. It automates the proposals and simplifies the doc process to give sales reps time to sell more and speed up closing the deals. Users can build or recreate existing document processes in the PandaDoc. Time-consuming tasks like data entry get automated and sales reps can make use of ready-to-use templates to create, send, track and close the deals in time.

This B2B sales tool comes with the option to create personalized templates with customized themes fonts, embedded videos, and more. With the interactive pricing table, the recipients can adjust, comment on, and complete the document without having to go through the lengthy email exchange process. Sales reps can keep tabs on what is working and what is not, to ensure optimum content performance.


DocuSign is an electronic signature and agreement cloud service provider that aims at making the modern business environment accessible from anywhere. Right from custom contract generation, signature, business workflow, and document analysis, it automates all the processes to speed up closing deals. It minimizes the turnaround time and enriches the buyer’s experience whilst improving rep productivity.

DocuSign is a sales tool that makes use of AI to perform contract analysis in the pre-execution stage of the agreement process. DocuSign Insights make use of AI-driven contextual search to identify clauses and analytics across all the supplier contracts. It automates the contract lifecycle with a single repository for collaboration, document generation, and workflow. 


QuoteWerks is a sales quoting and proposal software that makes use of the software owned by businesses by centralizing the data and eliminating the possibility of mistakes. It creates quotes and streamlines the sales cycle by searching the data from the source, auto-populating the essentials, creating a bundle and kit by grouping them, and setting prices by adjusting quote margins either by price or line items. The customer information from CRM or PSA is automatically uploaded, which is then sent for peer reviews and quote approvals to the sales managers and executives to make sure that there are no mistakes and that the quote is within the expected margin.

Sales reps who use this B2B sales tool can then create a template and add the necessary information to it before sending the quote to the customer. Quotes are then delivered electronically or via the QuoteValet cloud. After the quote is accepted by the customer, it is converted into an order, which is then sent to distributors, then the PO is created and forwarded to the accounting software.

ConnectWise Sell

ConnectWise Sell is an automated quote and proposal software that acts as a single point of the database for pulling and comparing pricing from multiple distribution partners, consumer catalogs, and the business’s pricing table. Custom templates, real-time pricing, eSignatures, and extensive reporting help the sales team regain control of creating professional quotes. It offers real-time sales quote tracking to help the sales team understand when a customer is interacting with the quote. It helps the sales team understand which and when the next steps need to be taken to close the deal faster.  ConnectWise Sell with ConnectWise Manage automatically converts opportunities and takes the next steps according to the conditional functionality.


Conga is a document generation software that helps businesses create digital documents by making use of pre-built and personalized templates that can automatically populate the data from Salesforce. It shortens the sales cycle by automating and sending sales-driven legal approved contracts to the prospects. On-brand templates can be generated in no time. Products and services can be configured into an accurate quote.

This sales tool speeds up the approval by allowing signatures on any device, anytime and anywhere. It comes with tables where all the data related to the account can be managed. It boosts customer satisfaction by ensuring that the right contact is sent to the right team, which can be tracked and managed in real time.


Juro is a contract automation platform that provides a unified platform for creating, approving, signing, and managing contracts. Juro’s template editor gives the freedom to build automated templates for simple contracts like NDAs, and offer letters.  Features like drag and drop, contract questionnaire, and mobile responsive layout automate documentation.

This sales tool offers approval automation with approval waterfall, no code workflow builder, and conditional approvals based on smart field values. Approvals can be done on any drive, and contracts can be resent for edits. It also allows comments and suggestions. The sales team can negotiate contracts in a browser native editor for flexibility and it gives the users full control over the internal and external versions of the files.


Proposify is online proposal software that is built to help modern sales teams create, send, track, and e-sign proposals, contracts, and agreements. Users can build proposals using branded templates, content, and images from the image library. The design editor can be used to make the videos and images more powerful, which can be then embedded into the documents and shared with the customers.

Proposify is a B2B sales tool that gives the freedom to track internal communication in real-time and send reminders and notifications to keep the system moving. The insights offered regarding the sales close process help in understanding and scaling the process. The sales team can make adjustments according to the insights and enhance the accuracy of forecasting.


Docusend is a document sharing and tracking solutions provider which helps businesses share documents with real-time control and insights, regardless of the location from where the business is being operated. It supports all major file formats and allows sharing of multiple links in one go.

Users of this B2B sales tool can secure files with a passcode, send them through and verify them with links, and restrict access to ensure that only specific people can view the file. They can also set an expiration date alongside turning on and off whether they can be downloaded or not. Document analytics shows every time someone clicks on the links of the file share, which helps in understanding the level of engagement in real time.


Qwilr is a document design and automation tool which offers services like e-sign, analytics, and CRM integration to the business. It aims at helping the business enhance its customer’s experience by using templates, editors, a library of images from Unsplash, modular building blocks, and more. E-signature and a wide range of payment options on a customized page help in closing the deals at a faster rate.

This eSignature B2B sales tool lets users automatically generate sales proposals, contracts, and quotes. The central library of reusable assets helps in creating proposals. The library is periodically updated with testimonials, case studies, and brand assets. It gives admins the power to set permission-based access on the blocks and proactively collaborate with the team. is a CPQ and Revenue Amplification platform that aims at converting deals at a faster rate by automating the workflow for pierce quotes, contracts, and subscription management. It centralizes the buyer’s communication and empowers the leaders to create predictable pipelines by delivering customized sales quotes, automating quote generation, and generating proposals that are on-brand.

The advanced sales playbook let the reps generate accurate sales quotes, making it a useful B2B sales tool. It offers a virtual room where the revenue executives can complete their buying process. With workflow automation and cross-departmental workflows, it eliminates silos and streamlines the internal processes. It executes processes in real-time like capturing buyer’s intent, syncing finalized deal data, and getting the copies signed by stakeholders.


RFPIO is a cloud-based software that automates responding to the Request For Proposal. RFPIO Lookup makes it easy to access response-ready content no matter where the user is working from – Google Chrome, Slack, MS Office, Outlook, and Teams. It aims at increasing the response speed and accuracy in every email, chat, proposal, or conversation. It offers actionable insights which help in making data-driven decisions.

Users of this B2B sales tool can keep track of their files, and manage them from a single platform and they can export all the source files without leaving the application. AI-enabled recommendation engine helps find the answers to all the questions present in the company’s content system. RFP, RFI, and RFQs can be customized either using the company’s branded template or by adding tables, images, and texts and exporting the RFP into the source file.


SpringCM is a cloud-based contract management software that manages all types of documents across desktop, mobile, and partner applications. The contract lifecycle management software organizes, automates, and customizes agreements with just one click. AI and analytics help identify trends, opportunities, and risks for smarter and more efficient contract management. Salesforce gives the users the ability to auto-populate fields in the agreement.

This B2B sales tool gives the legal team the freedom to create and define a library of pre-approved clauses and set conditional rules as well. The document management is partnered with DocuSign which offers the experience of connected apps, powerful integrations, and API in a single platform.


Contractbook is a contract management software that helps small to medium-scale businesses manage their contract lifecycle with a single and automated workflow. Users can create forms from the updated set of templates, sign them with digital signatures and organize them over the cloud.  Docs can be auto-generated by answering a set of questions or templates from the library can be used. The built-in editor lets the user format the doc, add different media formats, and tables and sync the data as well. Users can add comments and tag teammates to take any further action on the form.

Contractbook as a B2B sales tool makes sure that no deadline is missed by letting the team manager keep a tab on the activities of the team. It offers 4 different ways to sign a document including signing with a click, SMS 2-factor authentication, hand-drawn, or using a national ID. Tasks related to contract management can be put on autopilot using no code automated workflow.


Outlaw is a contract management software that aims at simplifying the contract lifecycle. It has a proprietary template management system that ensures high volume contract generation with zero error. The authoring tool empowers the sales team with the ability to take control of the contract, making it a useful B2B sales tool.

The team can create a customized workflow as per the requirements of the business’s processes. It comes with a built-in dynamic clause library that has conditions back in it. The structured variables and data fields come with options to add specific values, set the limit ranges and party assignments, and the smart section reference update with time.


Ironclad is a contract management software that offers an easy-to-use platform to efficiently manage all different aspects of a business contract lifecycle. It manages all different contracts such as legal, sales, finance, HR, marketing, and procurement. This contracting tool makes use of AI to provide a single source of truth for contract management.

This sales tool automates contracts with no-code Workflow Designer and offers approval and conditionality for various contract types. It comes with built-in redlining, editing, and logging capabilities. With Ironclad Editor, the user can accept, and reject changes as well as mention colleagues with the comments. It offers real-time insights into contract relationships, performance metrics, and contract data reporting.


Moxo is a client interaction management platform that offers digital workflows to simplify client interaction. From account onboarding to account servicing and exception handling, it takes care of all the touchpoints involved in the process. Users can build interactive flows to create steps that can be reiterated and sequenced with pre-defined clients and user actions.

Moxo has a B2B sales tool offers third-party integration with tools involved in document collaboration, video conferencing, digital signature, messaging, and more. Businesses can ensure high-value services by creating a customizable modern user experience. It offers a searchable paper trail of the over by providing a 360-degree oversight and real-time insights.


Signaturely is a provider of legally binding electronic signatures that facilitates the safe and secure collection of business documents. Users can either upload a file or save one from the template and edit the fillable fields when required. The templates can be used again and shared with multiple signers. Those who are responsible for the signature can do the same over an email or through the link.

The whole process is guided ensuring that the users sign all the documents quickly. After signing the documents, they can be sent over to multiple signers for their signatures. Signaturely is a B2B sales tool makes sure that all the data be it signatures, initials, dates, checkboxes, or test boxes, are legally bound for safety. It sends automatic reminders to the people who have signed the document in the stipulated time.


SignNow is a cloud-based esignature technology provider that acts as a SaaS platform to help individuals as well as businesses sign and manage documents from their computers.  It comes with a wide range of features such as eSignature tools, documents, templates, fillable fields, team collaboration, security and authentication, API, mobile applications, business cloud, and more.

Users of this B2B sales tool can generate agreements, sign documents online and accept payment with legally binding signatures. It does not require any training or downloads and users can create an account, upload signs, and send documents within seconds. Users can either type, draw, or upload an image of their signature on any desktop, computer, or mobile device. Documents can be organized in a group and automatically routed to the role-based orders.


Formstack is a productivity platform that gives the organization the ability to create a digital workplace with no code forms, documents, and signatures. It offers versatile online forms that do not require any coding and can collect payments, administer surveys, capture leads, and more.

Forms come with a drag-and-drop feature that helps create forms with a user-friendly interface.  The conditional logic lets collect data with smart digital forms that react to the user’s input. It automates the workflow by letting the user collect, review, edit and collaborate on the data provided by the employees and the customers. Some of its other products include — documents, sign, Formstack platform, and Formstack for salesforce.


BetterProposals is a digital document solution provider that lets the user create, send, sign and track documents from one place. It offers more than 200 templates for proposals, quotes, online brochures, client sign-offs, contracts, settlement of work, and more. It offers real-time updates on the status of the proposal- whether it has been read by the client, signed or not, and more.

BetterProposals is a sales tool that eliminates the possibility of manual entry, poorly written documents, and low conversion rates by offering one place for the entire team to manage their task, which works towards improving their performance. It offers CRM integration with third-party applications like Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, Insightly, and more. It is integrated with payment platforms like  Stripe and PayPal which allows quick payment once the agreement is signed.


Concord is a contract management software that aims at simplifying collaboration, management, and storage of agreements. It lets the users create, edit, e-sign, and manage all the documents in one place. It eliminates the need to download, re-upload and email back and forth by letting the users draft and edit the document directly in concord in real-time. It can work with any type of contract and offers unlimited legally binding signatures and storage.

Users of this B2B sales tool can create custom reports to compare the terms and conditions of various agreements. It lets any number of user review and e-sign the contract without any charges. It automates the workflow and offers seamless integration with multiple third-party applications. 


HelloSign offers a legally binding email signature solution that simplifies signing for everyone be the person tech-savvy or not and provides audit trails to ensure the safe and secure signing of documents. The audit trails are time stamped which provides complete visibility and actionable insights into the journey of the paperless document.

HelloSign also offers digital signatures alongside e-signatures. It comes with the tools required to format and fill out the fields in the pdf. It facilitates online contract signing and document signing which extends to word documents as well. Users of this B2B sales tool can create and edit signatures with the signature creator and editor. It also allows the creation of custom handwritten signatures.

Sales Tools For Revenue Operations Software – Sales Forecasting Software – Sales Management Software

When it comes to understanding your sales team’s pipeline, sales forecasting, and overall team’s performance, there are various tools that can help. This is a broader category that is all based on data collection to provide insights. Sales tools for Revenue Operations or sales management help leadership better understand their sales organization’s performance from a quantitative perspective. Many of the sales tools in this category have multiple product offerings or do many different things.

Key Features:

  • Integrations
  • Forecasting
  • Analytics
  • Pipeline Management


Clari is a connected revenue management platform that makes use of AI and automation to identify all the activities recorded in the business process management system which can be content management, conversations, calendar, email, marketing automation, CRM, and more. It offers a single point of clarity by collecting all the fragmented data and then implementing machine learning to offer hyper-efficient workflows and actionable insights to the team.

This B2B sales tool helps identify the data that is important for successful results and offers foresight with the automated forecast process to efficiently manage all lines of the business, no matter how complex they are. It offers enhanced visibility into the team’s performance and these actionable insights help in optimizing the strategy to drive desired results. Clari identifies risks and opportunities in real-time and tells about how the deal is progressing so that the right action can be taken against the target at the right time.


Aviso is an integrated AI revenue intelligence platform that aims at helping the sales team close more deals, boost the winning rate, and enhance the buyer’s journey. It unifies workflow by bringing together deal collaboration, pipeline inspection, predictive forecasting, and actionable intelligence in one place. By offering precise guidance on the important deals and course correcting the deals that are at risk, it makes sure that no sales reps get lost in the CRM.

Aviso is a B2B sales tool that speeds up the sales cycle by implementing AI to consolidate conversations, content, and engagement in one place. Aviso AI offers actionable insights to help the sales rep make the right decision and delight the customers.  It feeds the CRM with AI insights and minimizes the burden associated with non-core licensing.


InsightSquqared is a revenue intelligence, pipeline management, and sales forecasting tool that offers time-based reporting and advanced insight into the data. It is a self-service platform that does not require any code and offers more than 350 out-of-the-box reports. It offers different solutions such as AI Sales Forecasting, RevOps dashboard, interactive reporting, activity capture, conversation intelligence, guided selling, and advanced sales maths. It offers real-time reporting with sales intelligence in a unified view.

The dashboard of this sale tool, offers data-backed answers to all the sales questions right down to the minute level. The central dashboard helps manage pipelines efficiently from one place. The intuitive analysis helps understand the changes and the reason behind them. It lets the users generate reports at any level and offers a single source of truth for the entire company.


ClicData is a data management platform and revenue platform that offers revenue intelligence solutions. It offers a wide range of products in data and connectors, dashboards and reports, and automation and security. It removes the possibility of lost spreadsheets, conflicted versions, and outdated data by offering a single place of truth- where data from applications, files, and databases can be stored.

ClicData ensures data consistency, data quality, and ease of reporting by bringing the data from the entire organization to one place in an integrated and smart data warehouse. It makes data management easy by allowing cleaning, merging, and transforming data with the ETL tool.


Mediafly is a collaborative platform that connects revenue enablement and revenue intelligence to help B2B analyze, forecast, and coach at the best level.  Revenue360 speed up the deal cycle,  prepare sellers, and engage the buyers. It speeds up the pipeline velocity, identifies and captures new revenue, and shifts the trajectory of the deal by connecting sales enablement, content management, value selling, and revenue intelligence.

Like many sales tools in this category, Mediafly has multiple products. Coach 360 helps identify conversational insights and personalizes coaching at scale. With Value 360 users can quantify and communicate values with value sleeping tools and customized ROI calculators. Engagement 360 manages and delivers personalized and interactive content to enhance the buyer’s experience. With Intelligence 360, reps can boost pipeline visibility and improve forecast accuracy. is an AI-powered revenue intelligence platform that helps the sales, marketing, and customer success team identify revenue opportunities to boost sales productivity.  As with other sales tools in this category, it has multiple products. It offers 4 major products which are data platform, account management, opportunity management, and people glass. The data platform aims at increasing deal execution by capturing actionable insights such as signals from activities and engaged contacts. It offers advanced filtering that ensures that the right data is being fed to the CRM. It sends alerts for missing exec engagement and single threading.

The account management platform automatically records contacts and removes any blind spot in the buyer’s journey. It makes sure that no targeting efforts get wasted by identifying the core members of the unit. Opportunity management identifies the leading indicator activities by analyzing historic data over two years. It proactively identifies the performance gap and lets the reps know what should be the next step of improvement. By turning Salesforce into spreadsheets, PeopleGlass simplifies the seller journey into updates and informs the leaders about the forthcoming risks .


Atrium is a data-driven sales management platform that offers analytics and AI consulting to help the sales team improve the performance of the reps. It empowers the sales team with control of their data and offers insights that help them compete and drive desirable outcomes. It teams up with leading technology solution providers like Salesforce, and Tableau to offer predictable, iterative innovation and desirable results.

Unlike many other B2B sales tools, Atrium has a unique advisory option. It offers advisory, implementation, and managed services to financial institutions, media houses, and life science organizations. With the advisory services, they help the enterprise understand where to begin the strategy. It makes use of AI, analytics, and other technologies to help them understand the problem areas, and priority goals. It implements technologies with the existing structure and integrates them alongside customizing them to suit its business requirements. With the managed services, it monitors, manages, and extends the Salesforce platform and other related technologies.


Klipfolio is a cloud-based business dashboard and analytic software that helps businesses understand, visualize and track their KPIs to grow the business. I centralize the data and give the team the power to control and make data-driven decisions with a custom dashboard, reports, self-serve exploration, and analysis.

This B2B sales toolhas pre-built connection with 100+ services, the ability to upload spreadsheets and retrieve data using SQL, and REST/URL queries help create dashboards and reports by transforming the data using functions and formulas. It lets the user build an informative dashboard with pre-built visualizations and dashboard templates that come with pixel-level control with CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and iframes.

Sales Tools For Buyer Enablement – Mutual Action Plan Software – Customer Onboarding Checklists

As sales cycles involve more decision makers and product complexity increases, B2B sales tools that help manage the buying and evaluation process for salespeople are often considered as an addition to the sales stack. Before these sales tools existed, most communication was handled via email. Email comes with specific challenges. Keeping docs organized and sharing items like case studies is a pain. Additionally, managing the buying process with mutual action plan software and then customer onboarding checklists can result in a positive prospect to customer experience.

Key Features:

  • Mutual Action Plan
  • Document Storage and Sharing
  • Analytics


Boxxstep is a buyer enablement sales platform built for the sales team to make them more buyer centric. Like many B2B sales tools in this category, it offers relationship mapping, mutual action plans, and win-loss analysis. With relationship mapping, the sales team will be able to identify the buyer’s behavior which will help in targeting them with the right strategy. Mutual action plans help collaborate and differentiate the buying experience to boost deal velocity and close rates.

Sales teams can create templates of different propositions and understand who is responsible for what. The win-loss analysis helps in better understanding which sales reps did well, and which ones need improvement. The successful strategies can be reiterated for desirable outcomes. The performance feedback helps in improving the win rate.


Accord is a customer collaboration platform that is built for sales leaders to help them understand what works best and reiterate the same for successful outcomes.  It offers buy-in on the entire buying journey by aligning with the buyers on expectations to ensure that the deals are closed at a much faster rate.

This B2B sales tool ensures that deals are done on time and stalling is prevented by letting the sales reps create and share a timeline with the buyer and assigning tasks to the sales reps in the work back plan. Shared resources, timelines, and outcomes ensure that everybody on the team is on the same page. It offers a wide range of playbooks for sales, customer success, mutual action plans, and onboarding.


Recapped is a customer collaboration platform that helps businesses create mutual action plans and customer onboarding checklists. With the mutual action plans, it boosts the time to revenue and standardizes the sales playbook by consolidating all the information in one place. It makes the content accessible and includes all the content and notes in one place.

Recapped is a B2B sales tool that enhances forecasting deals by keeping track of the buyer’s movement — what are they viewing, or doing, in real-time? Buyer Centric Forecasting helps in making real-time data back decisions with Deal Engagement Score. Users can assign tasks to prospects, teammates, and partners. It replaces manual spreadsheets and emails and lets the user send automatic email reminders. offers a sales and buyers enablement platform that helps in closing more deals by offering solutions pertaining to organizing, sharing, and analyzing everything that a buyer and seller require to close the deal. It provides a unified digital sales room where the buyers can access everything they want to evaluate what they are offering, share with stakeholders, and come to a data-driven decision with a single click.

This sales tool provides a single source of truth to manage, track and share content depending on the buyer’s requirement. With the mutual action plan, users can assign tasks, dates, and owners alongside setting reminders to make sure that everyone is on the same page. It offers real-time insights and data to optimize the buyer’s engagement and enhance its effectiveness.


BuyerAssist is a customer collaboration platform that helps the revenue team better understand and deliver according to the customer’s priorities and enhance the buyer’s experience. With collaborative mutual success plans, it lets the sales rep create, track and deliver according to the requirements of the customers. With Guided Sales Discovery Experience, it ensures that sales discovery is streamlined and is confirmed with the client at every step.

BuyerAssist shows all the information that the buyers require in one place. This helps them evaluate and make a purchasing decision. This B2B sales tool is purpose-built project management solution that helps with buyer and seller collaboration.

Sales Tools For Video Conferencing – Cloud Phone – Webinar Software

A core piece of a modern seller’s tech stack is video conferencing software. This category has a clear leader among the many B2B sales tools available. With the shift to remote work, sales conversations via video have exploded in popularity.

Key Features

  • Integrations
  • Screen Sharing
  • Performance


Zoom is a video conferencing software. Users can chat, message, and hold meetings, online events, and webinars. It has a wide range of products which include meetings, a marketplace, Zoom webinars, phone systems, a contact center, events, chats, conversation intelligence, and a whiteboard. It allows collaboration with more than 300UR external non-UR individuals. Participants can share their whole desktop or a single application.

This B2B sales tool comes with a browser, plug-in, and client scheduling option, wherein the co-hosts and schedulers are delegated. Meetings can be recorded and uploaded to blackboard Learn, Box, OneDrive Video, and YouTube. The calling or video meeting sessions can be expanded to accommodate up to 500 participants in the large room and 10,000 viewers in Zoom webinars. 


Webex is a video conferencing, cloud calling, and screen sharing platform that facilitates online meetings, webinars, and web conferencing. For personal and small businesses Webex offers calling, meeting, and messaging. For enterprise-level organizations, it provides a Webex suite with calling, meeting, messaging, events, and webinars. FedRAMP is a Webex service offered to the government.

Webex offers a fully integrated, carrier-grade cloud system to make calls. The meeting solution comes with features that minimize disturbances and amplify voice for distortion-free conversation. The messaging feature allows file sharing, whiteboard, and more. Participants can offer instant feedback with on-screen emojis, animated reactions, and gesture recognition.


GoToMeeting is a web conferencing software that facilitates online meetings, desktop sharing, and video conferencing. It offers a wide range of solutions to enhance communication and collaboration like GoTo Connect, GoTo Contact Center, GoTo meeting, and GoTo Webinar. GoTo Meeting offers secure web conferencing learning and collaboration with students, individuals as well as a small groups. Students can join these meetings via desktop or mobile applications and they adjust to the changing LTE and network conditions.

This B2B sales tool comes with standard security features like password protection and meeting lock which ensure that the video conferencing is taking place in a secure environment. It can integrate with the individual conference room and offer compliant video conferencing services with AES 256-byte encrypted video conferencing.

BlueJeans Meeting

BlueJeans Meeting is a cloud-based video conferencing tool that aims at offering a competitive advantage by integrating with the highest fidelity audio and video performance tools, offering comprehensive security. With Dolby voice and HD audio, it blocks out any distractions and offers audio and visual clarity. It provides an inclusive virtual meeting experience by displaying up to 25 meeting attendees on the screen at one time.

BlueJeans meeting offers breakout sessions, meetings can be divided into smaller groups and the meeting moderator can move the participants between different sessions, if and when needed. Users can tag critical meeting moments, create a reel out of important minutes of the meetings and assign actions to the participants. It offers universal access to help disabled people with automatic, real-time closed captioning, and screen readers.


Fuze is a unified cloud communication and collaboration platform which is designed for the enterprise. It can be used for presence, recent contacts, and profiles. With the presence feature, people know when you are available to have a conversation. Users get automatically notified when someone enters or leaves a conversation. It allows setting up a manual presence and adding custom messages. All the communication history is retained for the users to access later in the Recent List.

With the profile menu, users can set their status, update their avatar, and access a wide range of settings for calls, notifications, meetings, audio/video, and more. To start their communication, all the users have to do is click on the contact ad and select from one of the options — message, video call, or call. The frequent conversations can be kept at an accessible range by marking them as favorites.

It is a virtual meeting platform that simplifies online meetings to encourage collaboration with enterprise-grade security. It makes sure that no attendees miss any call by canceling background noise and offering built-in audio for VoIP and calls. The administration is simplified with GoTo products, hosting, managing, monitoring, and support to users. Users can access meetings from anywhere without having to download an application.

Like other B2B sales tools, offers a wide range of products in — communication and collaboration, password and identity management, and remote access and support. Video meetings come with HD video, preview your webcam, screen sharing, drawing tools, keyboard and mouse sharing, in-session chat, one-click meetings, breakout rooms, and more.


RingCentral is a cloud-based communication and collaboration tool that offers services such as message, video, phone, and call center solutions to businesses. Like other B2B sales tools, it has more than one offering. It offers 3 products for business communication, customer experience, and video meeting. RingCentral MVP is a tool that offers messaging, video conferencing, and phone calls on one platform. Users can message teams, manage tasks, and share files all from a single platform. It boosts connectivity by offering add-ons such as RingCentral Rooms and Webinars. It offers real-time analytics that help make data-driven decisions. With RingCentral Customer Experience, users can simplify the customer journey anywhere, anytime, and from any channel.

RingCentral has AI enabling intuitive tools, customer issues get resolved in real-time and the integrated communication platform enhances the agent’s satisfaction and workforce engagement abilities. With their proactive customer reach, users can send outbound campaigns and reach out to the customers through their preferred channels. Ring Central Video offers free, and unlimited video calling whilst ensuring superior quality of the audio as well as video.RingCentral team messaging allows the users to create group chats with the team and clients. It boosts collaboration and productivity by encouraging file sharing and team management. The advanced meeting insights help the user check out meeting details like key topics, video highlights, keywords, and transcripts and ensure that all the conversations are secured with end-to-end encryption.

Google Meet

Google Meet is a visual communication tool that helps individuals, as well as businesses, connect, collaborate and communicate.  It offers a host of free as well as paid features. The free features include — creating a video meeting, holding conversations for up to 60 minutes, and adding over 100 participants without any additional cost. To access features like live streaming, international dial-in, and recording meetings, users have to select and pay for a plan. It is the Google Workspace Edition or Google One subscription that decides which features can be accessed by which member. Some of the premium meet features include breakout room, polls, live streaming, Q&A, hand raise, noise cancellation, attendance tracking, recording meetings, anonymous joins, dial-in numbers, dial-out, multiple co-hosts, and more.

Its whiteboard integration with Jamboard gives the user ability to hold collaborative conversations and meetings. With Google Meet, users don’t have to open another app and can join the meeting directly from the Gmail app.  To promote a hybrid culture, Google Meet comes integrated directly into the Docs, Sheets, and Slides, which gives the participants the freedom to collaborate in real time. YouTube integration with Meet lets the meeting host directly stream the meeting to YouTube through the activities tab. As far as free sales tools go, Google Meet is solid for teams looking for a budget friendly offering.

Sales Tools For Phone CallingVoiP & Cloud Based Call Center Software


Nextiva is a business communication collaboration software that offers voice-over-internet-protocol services to help businesses grow at a faster rate. It works as a one-stop solution to manage conversations and engage with customers. Nextiva features include unified communication with VoIP, video, and chat. It efficiently bundles with helpdesk software and sales CRM. Users can leverage unlimited calling, texting, and faxing nationwide with 24/7 customer support. This sales tool offers toll-free, virtual voicemail, and auto attendant. 

Nextiva gives the users access to critical customer information, imports contacts, gathers feedback, and tags the topics which help in enriching the customer experience. It has a wide range of built-in business apps and tools like a sales tool, service tool, automation, call pop, analytics, and customer journey. The sales conversation tools combine with the selling tools to offer insightful information about how the product is performing with the target audience, which helps in optimizing and boosting productivity.


RingCentral is a provider of cloud-based communication and collaboration products, and services for businesses. It serves as a single platform for businesses to share messages, video calls, and phone calls through an open API that can integrate with more than 200 business applications. RingCentral offers a wide range of products and services for business communication, customer experience, and video meetings. 

With RingCentral MVP, team messaging, file sharing, and task management become easy. Users can complete their MVP plans with add-ons like webinars and rooms. Theycan even create customized workflows using APIs and new apps with the RingCentral add-on.. It offers self-along with living agent customer support to ensure that the customers get the help they need the first time. Conversational AI, intelligent routing, insights, and analytics help in enriching the customer experience. RingCentral offers insights into the customer experience to maximize optimization..


8×8 is a business phone, chat, video, and contact center platform that aims at making businesses agile with a unified customer and employee experience. The contact center is Microsoft certified and  fills the gap between the organization and the agents. To make sure that the communication is compliant and secure, 8×8 offers end-to-end encryption. It offers unified analytics on the customer’s journey and across every employee interaction to help you make the right decision. 

8×8’s cloud PBX solution makes onboarding employees and managing and calling voice services easier. All locations can be easily managed with the go, analytics, and a single administration platform. This sales tool has been designed to be flexible, while offering quick transition from phone call to chat to screen share. 8×8’s customer-centric design supports all channels and comes with AI-powered self-service. Among its other capabilities, 8×8 includes a business phone, video conferencing tool, team chat, and APIs for video, chat, voice, and SMS.


Five9 is a cloud call and call center solution provider that aims to enhance the customer experience by making use of AI and an open platform with a product suite to transform the contact center. It offers a wide range of products and solutions for customer engagement, employee engagement, and the digital workforce. Five9 makes businesses agile by harnessing the power of AI and the Intelligent Cloud Contact Centre. It eliminates the hurdles involved in switching between applications and looking for information to free up, allowing for a meaningful and positive interaction with the customers. 

Five9 identifies customer intent and captures their information by seamlessly integrating with third-party applications, including CRM, to route the calls. It makes use of advanced customer intention identification and speech-based self-service to automate customer support. It enhances digital engagement by designing a workflow for the customers, from self-service to disposition, making it an invaluable sales tool. Additionally, Five9 enables intelligent routing by setting up skill-based route flaws and rules that make use of data, service context, and customer intent.

Aircall is a call center solution provider that aims at helping businesses work toward a customer-centric approach. Being a cloud solution, it does not require any hardware and can be set up in seconds. Aircall seamlessly integrates with leading third-party applications like CRM, helpdesk solutions, and more to offer uninterrupted service. Users gain real-time insight into the individual, as well as team performance, and assistance in optimizing strategies for improvement. 

With Aircall, businesses can build IVR menus and leverage smart routing rules to direct calls to the right agent. Users can collaborate on calls through shared inboxes, add tags or comments, and assign follow-up tasks to specific teammates. The live insight field  assists by identifying who is calling, who is available, and how long the customer has been waiting. The call system includes various features like call routing, monitoring, analytics, after-call work, queuing, recording, blacklisting numbers, conference calls, and more.


Grasshopper is a  virtual phone provider that offers business lines and virtual phone systems to personal phone lines. It helps businesses focus on what’s important by offering several options, including toll-free numbers, vanity numbers, and local numbers. It even facilitates porting your current number. 

Grasshopper does not require users to purchase any additional devices as it can work with your existing phones. Features like extensions, call handling, and greetings are offered at relatively low prices, making Grasshopper a great sales tool for small business operators. Some of its top features include a mobile and desktop app, call forwarding, voicemail transcription, business texting and VoIP, and wi-fi calling.


Comcast is a global media and technology company that aims at connecting the target audience with moments and experiences that matter through its three business verticals: Comcast Cable, NBCUniversal, and Sky. Comcast Cable is a phone, high-speed internet, and video provider that offers a wide range of services to residential users under the name Xfinity, including wireless, security, and automation services. Xfinity also offers the same services to commercial entities. 

Sky offers video content to a global audience with its pay television services. It also offers services like communication solutions, high-speed internet, phone, and wireless.


Mitel is a telecommunications company that helps businesses of all sizes by offering a wide range of business phone systems and unified communication as a service. Its collaborative tool makes meetings more productive by providing a single cloud application that can seamlessly transition between chat, messaging, and calls, making it a powerful sales too. It makes communication effective by providing a single application for all communication. 

Because it is a web-based application, Mitel saves time otherwise spent on deploying, onboarding, using, and managing software that requires installation. Mitel One comes with widgets that eliminate the need to continuously switch back and forth between different applications, making communication smooth and effective. Mitel is available for both PC and mobile users, and offers numerous features like meetings, home screens, widgets, file sharing, third-party calls, messaging, streams, mentions, and more.


Talkdesk is an end-to-end cloud contact center and CX solution provider that helps businesses deliver an enriched customer experience while reducing the costs associated with customer support. It offers a wide range of products for CX cloud and experience, self-service experience, omnichannel engagement, workforce engagement, employee collaboration, and customer experience analytics. 

The Talkdesk contact center platform aims at modernizing the contact center with a cloud-native customer experience platform that works towards scaling business with low-code, no-code, and customizable code tools. With a wide range of end-to-end CX applications, it automates and optimizes important customer support. AI-powered recommendations, pieces of information, and insights help in delivering a faster, frictionless customer experience. TalkDesk offers more than 60 out-of-the-box integrations with leading customer experience applications and, using AI, it offers rich information to help your business personalize every customer interaction.


WebEx is a provider of video conferencing, cloud calling, and screen sharing that also offering a contact center as a service application. It offers a wide range of solutions for small businesses as well as enterprises. It makes sure that businesses never miss a call by offering a cloud calling system that rings on any device. 

Webex centralizes and secures communication by offering a single app for calling, messaging, and meetings. It lets users manage all communication in one place, eliminating the  time and money waste associated with the physical phone system. Phone menu, extensions, and intelligent call routing features make it easy to take more business calls by directing them to the right lines.


3CX is a provider of business communication solutions and software that offers both cloud-managed and self-managed services. It offers remote working by allowing users to take and manage calls, audio or video, from the browser itself. 3CX seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM and notifies who is calling before it’s answered. 

With 3CX, users can log into their Google or Microsoft account as well as leveraging the Windows or iOs apps for a native experience. It makes sure that no call or chat is missed by notifying the user about the incoming call or text, even when they aren’t on the same webpage. 3CX automatically creates new customer records and logs calls to existing customer records to make call history easily accessible.


Ooma is a standalone device that replaces your current phone service with a landline quality number using a high-speed internet connection and phone service. It helps small businesses, aids in enterprise communication, and acts as a POTS replacement. Ooma is built to also help residential phones and security systems. It offers customizable phone and messaging solutions for businesses of varying sizes and industries. 

Ooma’s wide range of solutions include a VoIP system, hosted PBX solution, cloud phone system, sosoftphonend, virtual phone system, Microsoft direct team routing, Ooma meeting, and more. The all-in-one PTOS replacement solution is built to help businesses maintain accessibility and control over their communication. It offers support to various panels like security alarms, fire alarms, elevator phones, public safety phones, building entry phones, fax machines, and more.

Foundational Sales Tools – CRM – Customer Relation Management Software


Airtable is a cloud collaboration service that offers an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for developing and sharing relational databases. It lets the user store, organize, and collaborate on a wide range of information, be it employee directories or apartment hunting. Bases, tables, fields, records, and views form the five essential building blocks of Airtable. With Interface Designer, even those with limited to no coding knowledge can create interfaces for the most complex set of data, making it accessible, shareable, and actionable. 

Airtable offers different ways to view your data and lets users track resources, events, projects, and more. Airtable automation streamlines and simplifies workflow through automation and by offering a single notification feature that builds a multi-sequence workflow using the trigger and action logic.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a customer relationship management tool catering to small and medium-sized businesses with a prime focus on being a centralized hub for reports, analytics, and marketing. It is easy to use and mobile-friendly, and can help with sales, marketing, and service. Agile CRM’s single-page contact management helps close deals at a faster rate. It keepsthe sales process on track by following the progress of the deal. Its telephone feature offers one-click calling and voicemail automation. 

Agile CRM automates appointment scheduling, invites, and follow-ups, and lets the users share the calendar online. Projects can be easily managed with the drag-and-drop interface, which automates the marketing workflow. It comes with a built-in landing page template and seamlessly integrates social media with your marketing campaigns. Agile CRM offers various other features like email marketing, email tracking, and mobile marketing.


Salesforce offers a cloud-based CRM facility that lets businesses store information about their customers and prospects, handle marketing campaigns, identify sales opportunities, and more in a single platform. Setting up and managing Salesforce does not require any technical expertise, and it makes use of embedded intelligence to automate all the aspects of sales and marketing. Trailhead, meant for small businesses, offers a 360-degree view of the customer lifecycle and automatically captures data including email, phone numbers, support channels, and calendars. 

The in-app tutorials provideintricate and profound details of Salesforce, including the CRM. It enables businesses to run multiple campaigns and gain real-time performance analysis. Some of the ways Salesforce benefits businesses include lead management, analytics, quote to cash, dashboard, quote management, contact management, and opportunity management.


Close is a sales engagement CRM built to help SMBs and start-upsturn more leads into revenue. Unlike other CRM tools that focus on marketing or customer support, Close is solely focused on helping the sales team realize their full potential. For sales representatives, it offers features like call, email, SMS, and video, while providing sales leaders with features like reporting call coaching, custom fields, activities, and integration. 

The call feature comes with a power dialer, allowing for more than 300 calls, and a predictive dialer, which increases the reach rate by quickly assigning available sales reps to active calls. Close imports email from Gmail, Microsoft, or any other email provider in just one click. It chronologically syncs the entire contact history while importing leads to ensure that everyone is updated and on the same page. Close helps improve engagement by letting sales reps personalize their interaction with customers.


Copper is a CRM software solution provider that helps businesses focus on what matters most by eliminating repetitive tasks. It offers a complete view of the relationship history by organizing emails, calls, files, and notes for every contact. Copper ensures that you don’t lose track of recent contacts by suggesting them and automatically captures all data related to their contact, like email and phone number. 

Copper helps businesses tag, filter, and sort leads and customers by any criterion, making it easy to analyze your team’s performance and target specific customers. It tracks and offers a live activity view of every interaction that has taken place with a contact’s profile. Other features of Copper include lead management, contact management, alerts and notifications, favorites, tagging, custom fields, email open tracking, auto-enriched profiles, and more.


Membrain is a sales enablement CRM that aims at helping your sales team execute successful strategies by keeping track of a customer’s behavior and modifying their strategy accordingly. It offers a wide range of products for prospecting, managing sales processes, and tracking account growth, along with three add-on modules. 

Membrain’s comprehensive approach towards simplifying the technology stack requires less customization and comes with a flexible price model. It aims at increasing sales effectiveness and decreasing your technology spend. Membrain goes beyond acting as a central repository system for all customer information and takes care of the salesperson’s entire workflow by identifying and guiding winning behavior, offering sales-enabling content, and offering forecasts on milestone-focused progressions. It has built-in productivity tools and offers native integration and support for various platforms, such as Zapier and Piesync.


Keap is a CRM, sales, and marketing automation solution provider aiming to help small businesses manage customers, customer relationships, marketing, and e-commerce. It helps businesses focus on value-adding tasks by automating repetitive work like lead capture and follow-ups. Keap sends texts and automated email follow up to potential clients as soon as they fill out a form on yourwebsite or social media. 

Businesses can capture lead information like behavior, preferences, and likeliness to buy, and then use their sales and marketing automation platform to quickly convert those leads to customers. It makes sales and marketing automation effective by connecting with over 400 apps with Keap’s Zapier integration. From new lead capture, appointment reminder, and sales nurturing to purchase follow-up, Keap’s sales and marketing automation tool automates every task. Businesses can ensure predictable, repeatable growth with an advanced automation builder that customizes the sales and marketing processes.

Hubspot CRM

HubSpot is a cloud-based CRM that makes use of forms to capture and store different pieces of information about the customers, including lead behavior, level of engagement, customer personal information, and more. It offers a single customer view for tracking lead engagement, website activity, and the client’s relationship with the company. Along with cross-integration with Salesforce, Hubspot offers integrations with more than 1000 third-party applications. It also provides developers with an API to build applications forthe Marketplace. Hubspot comes with built-in analytics that track marketing activities, allowing businesses to create customizable reports. Its automation tools eliminate the possibility of errors associated with manual activities, ensuring that the target is met by followup emails and nurturing leads. Hubspot gives businesses the freedom to segment audiences based on their replies, behavior, and demographic data.


Pipedrive is a pipeline CRM that aims to help businesses make better sales and bolster their relationships with their customers. It creates different sales stages and simplifies the lead-intake process. Pipedrive boosts efficiency by turning clusters of data and spreadsheet information into consumable information. It customizes the sales process and ensures that no lead is missed by providing a simple format for logging leads. 

With customized email template options, Pipedrive makes it easy for businesses to attract prospects through personalized messages. The revenue projection feature allows businesses to quickly identify winning or losing strategiest, helping them quickly pivot. Pipedrive allows communication tracking by offering a visual history of all activities taking place with a contact.


Pipeliner is a CRM system that helps businesses standardize their sales processes and methodology. It focuses on sales management and aims at enhancing user acceptance, data quality, and preventing the spread of misleading or risky information. 

Pipeliner offers a permission-based system, allowing team members to safely share content within the organization. It comes with a wide range of features such as automation, account management, contact management, email integration, lead management, mobile CRM, sales insights, training, opportunity fitness, reporting, forecasting, document management, email integration, and guided selling, making it a comprehensive sales tool.


Apptivo is a cloud business management software suite that works by managing contacts, sales, customer service, and marketing on a single platform. It is an affordable and customizable CRM tool designed for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It offers a wide range of products for sales, marketing, billing, service, procurement, and integration. 

Apptivo’s online CRM software keeps track of the complete sales process and helps you  close more deals from anywhere in the world. Its project management tool encourages te users to collaborate on tasks, manage timesheets, and log expense reports. Some of the other tools it offers include online invoicing, a web help desk, field service, procurement, and more.


Contactually is an intelligent CRM tool built for real estate professionals, and was recently acquired by Compass. It acts as a relationship marketing platform helping both individuals and companies to continue generating business from their network. 

Contactually encourages businesses to offer personalized communication services to their clients. This sales tool helps businesses drive towards growth by identifying new relationships, generating new referrals, following leads, and closing more opportunities at a faster rate. It gives businesses the ability to organize their contact list into multiple categories and establish communication with a different set of audiences accordingly. Users can keep track of the daily follow-ups, schedule events on a centralized calendar, and monitor engagement with critical clients.


CRMNext is a provider of CRM software and cloud CRM solutions that helps businesses speed up their sales and marketing efforts to enrich customer service and experience. It makes use of machine learning and business rules to help marketing efforts yield top-of-the-funnel activity with qualified leads. 

CRMNext ensures that every lead is approached with an automated allocation, qualification scripts, and customized workflow, allowing the sales team to simplify their selling with the help of quality leads and a shorter sales cycle. It provides the sales team with a single platform to capture every lead and referral from different channels, speeding up the process of converting leads into sales by offering smart pipeline management, configurable workflow, and more.


Formely known as FreshWorks CRM, Freshsales is a cloud-based CRM built for the sales and marketing teams. It serves as a single, comprehensive tool to help your sales team check out the best leads, boost contextual engagement, manage multiple pipelines, nurture deals, and drive deals to closure. It keeps track of the complete customer lifecycle, from website visitors to sales-qualified leads, converting them into loyal customers. 

Freshsales’ AI-powered assistant, Freddy, offers a comprehensive view of your ongoing deals, and helps in highlighting and identifying the ones that require immediate attention. Advanced reporting offers actionable insight into the performance of sales with in-depth analytics. Your team can create custom, automated reports to strengthen your customer relationships.


Insightly is a SaaS-based CRM and project management software designed for medium-scale businesses aimed at accelerating sales, storing customer data in one place, and strengthening relationships customers. To ensure that the salespeople are updated on the lead status in a timely fashion, Insightly offers a mobile application that comes with audio notes and barcode scanning.

Insightly includes features like contact management, email tracking, lead management, opportunity management, sales and marketing alignment, and more. It is a comprehensive, cloud-based platform and sales tool that offers projection management, sales, and marketing solutions. It helps businesses boost sales, deliver projects at the right time, strengthen relationships with customers, and securely manage customer data, all in one place.


SugarCRM is an open-source CRM that helps businesses execute effective marketing programs, boost sales, retain customers, and create customized business applications. It is an open-source platform, meaning the source code is available and can be customized by users, developers, or the customers of the product. It is designed for businesses of all sizes, including start-ups, mid-sized businesses, and enterprise-level organizations. 

SugarCRM offers integration with a wide base of third-party applications like QuickBooks, Zendesk, Shopify, Magento, Acuity, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Xpressdocs. Its campaign management software helps users create, execute, and track campaigns across multiple channels, and works towards enhancing the efforts of your sales and marketing campaigns. It manages sales automation, marketing automation, account management, and customer relationship management.


Rollio is the creator of an online virtual AI assistant that aims at helping the sales and service team. It makes use of natural language processing and artificial intelligence to minimize the time involved in inputting data into the CRM system. It helps businesses keep contacts and opportunities up to date by making use of voice/text messages. It eliminates the hassle of manual data entry by letting the users update their CRM via text. It enables process automation and makes the CRM more human by letting the team spend 20-40 hours more per month selling, giving them the freedom to stick to their sales process, all the while feeding important and up-to-date information to Salesforce.


Salesflare is a CRM tool aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses involved in B2B. It automates data input so your team can focus on value-adding tasks. 

Salesflare makes sure that no opportunity gets missed by automating follow-up on every message sent to the client. It automates contact and company info by gathering all required information like LinkedIn and other social media profiles through emails and email signatures. It transfers all the acquired data directly into the address book.


Sellsy is an online CRM and sales management platform that offers services like CRM pipelining, invoicing, time-tracking, helpdesk, ERP, POS, and more. It is aimed at helping small as well as medium-sized businesses save time through email, marketing, pipeline, and sales automation. 

Sellsy helps businesses grow by finding contacts and opportunities to create quotes, thus boosting the probability of sales. It simplifies accounting by offering services like invoicing and payment, purchase entry, and bank reconciliation. It makes payment easy and secure by offering solutions like online payment, eSignatures, and subscription management. 


Tenbound is a research and advisory firm dedicated to helping B2B companies build sales and talent pipelines. It strengthens advisory by offering a host of programs like overall program assessment, manager and rep training programs, coaching, blueprints, consulting engagements, playbooks, and more to drive revenue growth. 

Tenbound offers training programs, both online and offline, to help sales development representatives and managers perform their jobs in an efficient and effective way. All courses were designed to offer a comprehensive overview of the key aspects involved in successfully running a business.


Zoho is a cloud software suite and SaaS application that offers a wide range of applications and suites of software that help businesses modify the way work is done. It offers teams various tools to help them smoothly work in a remote setting like Assist, Meeting, Workdrive, Cliq, and more. 

Zoho includes applications like CRM, Books, People, Desk, and Mail to help businesses scale toward growth. Zoho One, which comprises CRM plus, finance plus, workplace, people plus, IT management, and marketing plus, is aimed at helping businesses connect, manage and automate the business processes throughout the organization.


Zendesk is a customer service software and sales CRM tool that aims at increasing sales by offering customer communication management tools to ensure a better customer experience. It helps small to large businesses  provide effective customer service by offering cloud-based help desk software. 

Zendesk is designed for businesses operating in different industries like retailers, HR teams, enterprises, education, and IT. It offers a helpdesk ticketing system that acts as a centralized hub for conversations, wherein the issues are efficiently resolved by gathering information about the customers. Zendesk’s insights and analytics help business leaders make well-informed decisions to better serve their customers.


Teamgate is a full-process sales CRM platform aimed at helping your sales team and enriching the sales experience. It helps the sales team manage every aspect of the connection, sale, and evaluation process. It offers comprehensive means of interaction with customers and streamlines the sales process. With its integrated sales inbox, users can send and receive messages directly from their CRM account. 

Teamgate ensures smooth, fast, and effortless integration with all the leading email service providers. This powerful sales tool saves time otherwise spent migrating between different communication tools while interacting with the client. Teamgate’s complete suite of tools, features, and integrations simplifies the sales cycle and offers a comprehensive view of what is going on in the sales department, ensuring transparency.


Monday is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses across numerous industries create their applications and work management software. Other than serving as an efficient tool to manage different projects, it can also be used as a CRM to keep track of bugs, manage ad campaigns, manage consumer projects, and perform video production. 

By letting businesses customize their workflow, Monday aims at boosting team alignment, efficiency, and productivity. All work processes, tools, and files can be centralized into one OS. It helps the organizations work towards bridging siloes, connecting teams, and maintaining a single source of truth across the organization.


ActiveCampaign is a cloud-based software platform aimed at helping small to medium-sized businesses by offering customer experience automation, combining the benefits of email marketing, sales automation, and email marketing. It helps businesses connect with and engage customers, thereby optimizing customer experience by automating back-office operations. 

Other than its flagship product, ActiveCampaign offers added specialty sales and service features. Its marketing automation tool lets businesses create workflows to automate tasks like contact updates, email segmentation, and more. It offers out-of-the-box reporting and custom report builder. With ActiveCampaign’s email marketing tool, businesses can create subscription forms, email segmentation, and dynamic content to engage and nurture contacts.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a business application platform that combines the power of enterprise resource planning, productivity tools, customer relationship management, and more to help businesses scale. It is easy to use and deploy and offers complete integration with other Microsoft products to minimize the sales cycle, enhance customer experience, and improve productivity. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365’s relationship sales insight feature analyzes data from your CRM, emphasizing trends and opportunities for the development of customer accounts. Its analytical algorithm offers the most relevant information about a customer’s related data. Some of its other prominent features are mobility, connectivity to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, email integration with Outlook 365, dashboard, smart search, and CRM integration.


Thryv is a cloud-based marketing and CRM software solution that is designed to provide small businesses with end-to-end managed services. It strengthens a business’s ability to manage interactions with clients, manage social media activities on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and run campaigns through email marketing. It gives the power to communicate to the customers by providing them with options. 

Thryv works towards helping small businesses enhance their online presence, strengthen relationships with customers, and simplify payment processing. Some of its notable features include appointment scheduling, billing, reputation management, contact management, marketing automation, automated reminders, invoicing, and more.


ClickUp is a productivity platform that brings teams across the organization together by giving them the freedom to create and manage tasks from one place. It aims at eliminating work siloes by bringing the team to one place to plan, organize, and collaborate on tasks. ClickUp is designed to help teams of different styles and sizes save time by replacing inflexible and overlapping tools. It boasts a wide range of products like docs, tasks, chat, dashboard, whiteboard, and more. 

With more than 15 different views like list, board, and Gnatt, ClickUp makes managing teams, people, and projects a hassle-free task. It gives the user freedom to customize tasks, dashboards, and other fields, thus helping the business scale. With single and multiple signees,  chat view, watchers, email, comments, mentions, proofing, and docs, it improves cross-departmental and client communication.


BQE is an accounting and invoicing software that makes use of a customer-driven approach to innovate and evolve according to the competitive demands of the business. It maximizes productivity and profitability by streamlining manual processes and making projects visible in real time. BQE offers a dashboard-based project management system that ensures quality control and periodic updates in delivering content on time and within the budget. 

BQE’s reporting and analytics tools provide customizable dashboards and automatic reports to offer actionable insights into the performance of projects. It simplifies billing and invoicing by making sure that the client is paid the right way. Some of its other features include time and expense tracking, professional service automation, CRM, project accounting, payment processing, and more.


Creatio is a software-as-a-service platform that offers low-code solutions for project management and CRM. Businesses use it to automate workflow, implement rules, and develop third-party integration. Its low-code platform helps businesses build applications with just a few clicks and offers a consolidated view of apps, connectors, and templates. 

Creatio offers a comprehensive view of the customer profile and customizes engagement to strengthen relationships with the customers. It works towards enhancing company growth by helping organizations analyze and identify patterns in customer behavior and top clients. It provides the tools needed to manage the complete sales cycle, from generating and nurturing leads to successfully closing  deals.


Leadsquared is a sales execution CRM and marketing automation platform that is built to help different aspects of businesses like sales, marketing, merchant management, and field sales. The end-to-end marketing automation software helps make meaningful conversation a standard in the business process. 

Leadsquared takes care of capturing leads, understanding intent, spotting signals, visualizing user journeys, encouraging actions, triggering engagements, measuring performance, and connecting different systems. The field automation feature aims boosts field team efficiency, while the self-serve portal gives customers and vendors the freedom to complete their applications online and manage their profiles.


ConvergeHub is a sales, marketing, and service CRM software solution designed to help small and medium-sized businesses develop and strengthen relationships, attract more prospects, and win more deals. It empowers the sales team to store contact lists, design campaigns, and manage sales activities and leads. Users have the freedom to either import contact details from Microsoft Outlook or enter them manually. 

Alongside the marketing performance metrics, ConvergeHub lets the user keep track of the items that the customer has purchased. Its intuitive dashboard offers information on deals such as lead acquisition, deal acquisition, lead by source, and more, making it an excellent sales tool. It comes with dealer management software that provides information like the sales process, sales stage, deal value, deal type, and more.


OneHash is a provider of free and open-source software as a service that is designed to work as an alternative for sales CRM, interactive live chat, and customized ERP. It offers a wide range of tools to automate workflow, offer enriching customer insights, and boost sales management by replacing the need to manually input data and manage it across multiple channels. 

Using effective market search and a coherent support structure, OneHash simplifies customer acquisition and retention. Alongside CRM and ERP, it also offers HCM, project management and helpdesk solutions. SMEs can make use of it to record all business transactions in a single system.


Nimble is a relationship-focused CRM that helps small to medium-sized businesses grow rapidly with a browser widget and mobile-based sales-force automation. It automatically populates data from contact lists, email conversations, and social media activity, including customer profiles and their interaction history. Nimble offers a host of features like deal management, tracking, task management, alerts, contact, pipeline management, and more. 

Businesses can keep a track of which contacts are mentioning, following, or engaging with them. Nimble provides rich insights to help businesses develop strategies that boost their outreach and follow-ups. It includes a Today Page that provides a holistic view of to-dos, engagement opportunities, and more. By using Rules Engine, Nimble also helps businesses understand user behavior and accordingly prioritize their signals and outreach for maximum benefit.


Nutshell is an all-in-one CRM platform that helps B2B businesses secure more deals with B2B sales and contact management systems. Sales reps can leverage its sales tracking platform to view, manage, and prioritize their leads. 

Nutshell is easy to use and is built for sales and marketing teams that do not want to investtime and resources for a full-time admin to manage the software. This B2B sales tool offers integration with leading third-party applications like Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, and Slack. It is available as an Android and iPhone application to help the sales team create, search and edit contact information while they are in the field.

Sales Tools For Gifting and Direct Mail


Sendoso is a direct mail and sending automation platform that helps businesses strengthen their relationship with customers by offering new ways to engage with them throughout the buyer journey. It aims at maximizing the results of your digital strategy by offering a human-centric marketing approach that helps businesses achieve measurable results. 

Sendoso gives businesses the power to boost their response rate by sending personalized items and gifts, and enriching the customer’s virtual experience. It provides a unified platform to help employees track and manage product sourcing and shipping. Sendoso also helps businesses run effective marketing campaigns. It offers seamless integration with leading third-party platforms like Marketo, SalesLoft, Outreach, HubSpot, Calendly, and more.


Alyce is a corporate gifting platform that aims at helping B2B sales and marketing teams accelerate deals, book more meetings, and reduce their churn rate with business gifting. It offers integration with leading third-party applications like Marketo, Salesforce, HubSpot, Chrome, 6Sense, and more. These app integrations ensure that the right gift is sent at the right time to the right person. The outreach is automated without being impersonal, allowing businesses to easily strengthen customer relationships. 

Businesses can implement Alyce into their business structure to amplify their outbound marketing strategy and enrich customer experience. It follows a human-centric approach to curate a gifting marketplace offering more than 30,000 gifts which can be sorted according to the event and various styles.


Reachdesk is a corporate gifting platform designed to help B2B businesses enrich customer experience and boost their revenue. It makes use of a data-driven gifting approach to ensure that customers, prospects, and other businesses feel valued with a personal touch. 

Reachdesk makes spending money and resources meticulous by offering insights into the impact of gifting, tracking return on investment, and benchmarking performance against peers. It helps your sales team create a memorable sales experience and close more deals. Similarly, your marketing team can use it to build and strengthen their relationship with the customer, thus adding to customer base expansion and loyalty.


Tremendous is a US-based fintech that allows people to pay anyone, anywhere, instantly. It is hailed as one of the easiest ways of offering digital incentives and sending global rewards. Tremendous is built for businesses of all sizes and helps them keep track of and manage incentives at scale. 

Users have the choice to either send bulk payment using Tremendous or by integration with the application programming interface. It does not charge any platform-associated fee and is free to use. It is one of the few platforms to offer cash reimbursements through Bank/ACH and Paypal. Tremendous eliminates the problems associated with paying multiple vendors and has an automated system to take care of any payment-related failure.

Loop and Tie

Loop and Tie is a gift-sending platform that aims at helping businesses boost their brand value and expand their customer base by sending unique, elevated gifts that work towards minimizing the carbon footprint. It offers gifts that are hand-selected for any style and function. 

Loop and Tie’s aim is to help small businesses support and promote craftmakers and artisans. With native salesforce integration, businesses can automate their gift selection with pre-set actions. It helps businesses understand the impact of the gift on the customers by offering granular details through campaign management. With survey and scheduling tools, users can also gift redemption requirements, like completing a survey or booking a meeting. is a global offline engagement platform that helps businesses engage a wider audience and boost brand value by automating and integrating offline programs with a curated, global marketplace. It offers virtual storage to businesses to help them create, host, and manage inventory for their custom and branded items. 

Businesses can generate more leads by making use of’s offline channel in account-based marketing, field marketing, and brand strategies. They can personalize their outreach to boost sales and increase the number of booked meetings, deal velocity, and closed rate with offline sends. helps businesses connect with the right audience at the right time by offering them insights on milestones and opportunities to boost engagement.

Letter Friend

Letter Friend is a handwritten letter service that helps businesses boost their customer loyalty by adding a personal touch to handwritten letters. It gives users the freedom to send letters from any web app or integrate with the CRM. With Letter Friend businesses can increase customer retention, create brand loyalty, and enrich customer satisfaction. 

Letter Friend understands the impact of handwritten letters on customers, considering the time and emotions invested in writing one. It helps boost response rate and also works as a great tool for word-of-mouth marketing.

Sales Tools For Video Prospecting – Video Tools For Sales Prospecting


Vidyard is a visual tool that is designed to help businesses manage their sales and marketing virtually to increase the number of leads, accelerate the pipeline, and win more customers. It offers video creation, video analytics, hosting, and sharing. Vidyard gives users the ability to record videos and screens using web browsers or iPhones in which they can personalize the message for each recipient and add multiple videos within a single playlist. 

Vidyard provides the professionals with the uploader widget to share folder links with  agencies and external users, who can also add videos to the libraries. Users  can take advantage of the video-sharing capabilities to embed videos on their website, create personalized video-sharing pages, and add videos to their email.


Drift is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses automate sales processes to enrich the customer experience and grow loyalty by adding a live chat window. It offers integration with leading third-party applications like Marketo, Pardot, Outreach, and more.  

Some of Drift’s key features include tracking, chatbots, transfers, and routing. It helps businesses communicate with website visitors in real-time, which results in lead generation and boosts sales opportunities. With its AI-enabled chatbot automating the marketing pipeline, Drift aims at increasing customer engagement. It also offers actionable insights to help generate reports that assist in improving business performance and facilitate improved decision-making.

Warm Welcome

Warm Welcome is a client communication tool that offers screen recording, interactive videos, and video emails. Users can make use of video chat to communicate with clients in real time or through a recorded video bubble. They can also enhance the customer’s buyer journey by sending personal video emails to a targeted audience. 

Warm Welcome helps businesses stand out by giving them the ability to personalize every email with a video signature. Users can utilize video emails to help build and strengthen customer relationships. It even has a video page that can be used to add video testimonials and share content.


Dubb is a video sales system that can be used by businesses across all industries to send personalized and trackable videos. It aims at increasing conversion rates by making conversation more interactive. Businesses can use value-driven video emails, SMS, LinkedIn, and website communication to attract the ideal client profile. 

With Dubb’s video, automation, and client journey tracking, businesses can improve sales processes and simplify and scale by using best-in-class practices. The conversion-based sales process can minimize the sales cycle processing, streamline client onboarding, and speed up deal-closing, making Dubb a valuable sales tool. 


OneMob is a video engagement platform for Salesforce that aims at increasing customer engagement and conversion rate by helping them connect with buyers using a personal video viewing experience. It gives users the freedom to send personalized video emails from any device. 

OneMob gives businesses the ability to help prospects better understand their customers by encouraging them to create a library of content. This B2B sales tool helps businesses optimize their sales and marketing strategy and make well-informed decisions by offering insights on which content is performing well and getting the most attention.


Loom is a video messaging tool that makes use of patent technology to craft and instantly share video messages. It lets users record their camera, microphone, and desktop simultaneously. Loom’s desktop, mobile, and chrome extensions work on every device and recipients don’t have to log in or create an account to view the shared videos. 

It makes sure that the team stays connected and collaborative with interactive features like time-stamped comments, emoji reactions, and more. Loom provides the user with a wide range of features to help them make the video more creative and engaging.

Hippo Video

Hippo Video is a video personalization and distribution platform that is designed to help businesses hit their sales and marketing targets with personalized video workflow. Its AI video generator, Humanize AI, turns texts into AI-defined videos with AI voice synchronization,  saving time otherwise spend recording videos. 

Users can personalize their videos by adding creative elements like images, links, or forms and can send them directly through any tech stack, be it Gmail, Outlook, or LinkedIn. Hippo Video works towards helping businesses boost their engagement and close sales deals by giving them the ability to track video views and clicks.


BombBomb is a video email marketing platform that is designed to help businesses create and send tailored messages to e-masses. This sales tool allows businesses to add a human touch to emails and messages, strengthening client and referral partner relationships. 

Businesses can use video messaging to create potent outreach strategies that will help keep the prospects engaged throughout the process. With BombBomb, you can boost replies and responses at the time of prospecting and help realign and engage conversation with unresponsive leads. 

Sales Tools For Email Warm Up – Email Warm Up Services


Mailwarm is an email warm-up tool that ensures that B2C emails  are actually opened rather than ending up in the spam folder. It does so by creating perfect email activity, boosting the reputation of the email, and ensuring that the email deliverability is high. 

Mailwarm offers integration with more than 10 email services providers like Gmail, Yahoo, AWS, and more. It monitors and warms up the email, strengthening the relationship of the business with email servers. It provides easy-to-understand statistics, user-friendly monitoring, and exportable reports.


Warmbox is an email warm tool that aims at increasing email deliverability and enhancing the reputation of a business’s emails to ensure they get land in the inbox instead of the spam folder. It offers integration with leading third-party applications like Yahoo, Gmail, AWS, and more to help facilitate the warming up of the inbox from any email service provider. 

By warming up cold email campaigns, Warmbox helps businesses increase their deliverability and reputation, reach leads, and close more deals. It works on enhancing email reputation by sending realistic emails from a business’s inbox, removing them from the spam folder, opening and bookmarking them, replying to a certain part of the email, and increasing the possibility of positive interaction with the customers.


Gmass is a mail merge and mass email tool designed to help businesses schedule emails, send out mass email and mail, merge campaigns with Gmail, and more. Users can leverage the free account, which has a cap of 50 emails in a 24-hour period. It helps businesses maximize their response rate by sending personalized cold emails in a sequence. 

With Gmass, users can also schedule email or send mail merge with Gmail. It comes with a built-in verifier that aims at enhancing deliverability by validating the list. Gmass is the only mass email service provider that lets businesses search the recipients to whom the message is to be sent with a build email list button.


Mailreach is an email warm-up service that is designed to help businesses enhance their email reputation and improve their deliverability. It makes use of email addresses to automatically start email conversations with thousands of inboxes. Mailreach sets generating positive and realistic engagement to the email on autopilot. 

By warming up the account email, Mailreach ensures that the email account is ready to send campaigns with great deliverability. It boosts reputation and increases email deliverability by positively interacting with the emails. To protect businesses, it sends a human, natural warm-up email which is then gradually automated. Follow-up emails are sent as per the smart rules to maximize the efficiency of the email warm-up.


Allegrow is designed to help businesses warm up, boost and monitor domain reputation, and keep a track of the past spam rate. It optimizes senders’ reputations and makes use of technology for inbox placement to ensure that no mail lands in the spam folder. 

Allegrow offers insights into the email spam folders to ensure that only effective mail outreach techniques are being practiced. It makes sure that no email will slip through the cracks by offering real-time data. This tool also boosts transparency by giving the users the ability to keep track of the data across different marketing campaigns and demand generation programs.

Warm Up Your Email

As the name suggests Warm Up Your Email is an email warming-up tool designed to help businesses land their email in the inbox, enhance their reputation, and boost email deliverability. They receive the email and ensure positive interaction to boost the sender’s reputation. It connects with the email to start the interaction process and warm it up. 

To ensure that the designed email with desired content is sent at the right time, Warm Up Your Email gives users the freedom to configure the daily volume along with the subject and body of their emails. The intuitive dashboard provides information on which emails have been sent, opened, and replied to.


Folderly is an email deliverability platform that is designed to help supercharge email performance and boost the sender’s reputation. It works by identifying pitfalls, resolving them, preventing the possibility of more pitfalls, and making sure that the email reaches the customer’s inbox. 

Folderly makes use of AI to increase open rate and click rate and enhance email deliverability. It works by identifying the root cause behind failing email deliverability. AI-powered automation then resolves issues pertaining to domain infrastructure and mailbox. To make sure that the email lands in the inbox and not in spam, Folderly maintains the domain health and the technical infrastructure.


Maropost is an eCommerce and marketing automation platform that is designed to help B2B and multi-channel eCommerce businesses by offering them an all-in-one solution for eCommerce, inventory management, order management, and ship labeling. This B2B sales tool aims at simplifying the way businesses connect, market, and sell products and services to their customers. 

Maropost offers multi-channel cloud automation that automates all the marketing requirements like email, SMS, audience segmentation, and more to offer unprecedented deliverability. It ensures that businesses offer outstanding customer experience by sending trigger emails, unique coupon codes, and notifications via SMS and mobile at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

QuickMail AutoWarmer

QuickMail AutoWarmer is an auto-warming tool that offers free auto-warming services for accounts with up to fifty inboxes. It works by boosting the sender’s reputation even when the campaign is running. QuickMail AutoWarmer can even help a senders recover from a bad reputation within 1-2 weeks. 

It automatically unspams messages, which tells the ESP that it is not spam and a reply is required. QuickMail removes any suspicion from the email by slowly and steadily increasing the volume of the email being sent. Replies on their network of inboxes are automatically archived, thus eliminating the manual task. It allows businesses to use multiple inboxes to ensure that the load is evenly spread.


OutreachBin is an outbound email warm-up and automation software that uses cutting-edge tools and technologies to ensure that emails reach the inbox, the sender’s reputation is maintained, and deliverability is ensured. Users can automate their prospecting list sequences, allow-up, and customize different steps of the email as per the business’s requirements. 

OutreachBin makes use of customization and personalized messages to boost revenue. It is an easy-to-use platform that keeps the domain and mail inbox safe, and helps businesses engage with prospects and turn cold email lists into clients. This sales tool is suitable for professionals across industries like sales reps, founders, entrepreneurs, agencies, or small businesses looking for leads.


Lemwarm is an email warm tool by Lemlist that automatically warms up the email domain and boosts the open rate. It ensures that the email is exchanged with real people to maintain the reputation and a high open rate. 

Lemwarm acts as a deliverability booster that ensures the email lands in the primary inbox instead of the spam folder. It also keeps the newsletter and transactional emails out of the spam folder. It monitors and increases the domain reputation and provides businesses with significant opportunities to grow online.

Sales Tools For Website Conversations – Website Chatbot – Conversational Marketing Chatbot


Intercom is a customer engagement and management tool that is designed to help businesses enrich the customer experience by allowing them to manage all interactions such as chat, messages, and more, from a single place. It is especially built for start-ups that are planning to scale their business. 

Intercom makes use of bot-based algorithms, targeted emails, push and in-app messages, and an integrated help desk to acquire, engage, and manage customers. It boasts a wide range of features like CRM integration, routing, scheduling, chat volume management, and more. It can also be used as a mobile application to respond to leads through Mobile or iOS apps.


Drift is a conversation cloud tool that is designed to help businesses connect with customers using chat, email, video, and more. With the conversational marketing tool, your customers will be empowered to start the conversation on their own. 

Drift helps businesses identify the right content to answer buyers’ questions and nurture them into developing strong relationships. Businesses can live chat with target accounts by leveraging the assistance of AI bots which convert 50% of the conversation that takes place after-hours into the pipeline.


Tidio is a live chat and chatbot plugin that is designed to help businesses automate sales, contact visitors, and convert them into customers. This sales tool offers real-time monitoring which helps businesses understand the shopping and website behavior of customers. This empowers you to reach the customers at the right time with the right product. 

Tidio gives businesses the freedom to manage all their inboxes in one place and offers email integration with which all conversations can be tracked and monitored. With the shared inbox, all the messages will be handled in one place and businesses will be able to respond to and collaborate with customers and teams in real-time.


Olark is a live chat software designed to help the sales and customer support team enrich the customer experience. It aims at helping businesses derive lessons from every online interaction to optimize their strategies regarding serving customers. The chat feature works in real-time which means that the customers will be responded to instantly which will boost customer engagement. 

Olark gives businesses the freedom to organize their customer data by storing structured notes and chat transcripts either in Olark or in the CRM. The live chat insights help businesses by giving them the opportunity to better understand their customers and optimize their products and services.


Exceed is a conversational marketing and sales platform that is designed to help yoursales and marketing team better utilize their time by automating the lead conversion journey into sales-ready meetings. This ensures that no qualified opportunity is missed and the team is not spending time chasing unqualified leads. 

Exceed offers an AI assistant, which works alongside the team to ensure that customers are engaged and all the queries are solved in real time with a human-like approach. Once the qualified leads are ready to talk sales, the assistant automatically informs the sales team and books a demo. Exceed helps the team achieve their sales quota and boosts productivity by focusing more on qualified leads, making it an invaluable sales tool.


Conversica is a cloud technology solution provider which offers AI-driven lead engagement software to help your marketing and sales team, along with a suite of Intelligent Virtual Assitant for businesses. It aims at helping businesses boost their revenue and productivity by offering a Revenue Digital Assistant that works alongside the team to offer a more human-like conversation experience to customers. 

Conversica growth workforce combines the power of AI to drive pipeline and help businesses convert and retain customers while growing their consumer base. Human-like conversations also provide actionable insights that businesses can use to optimize their products and services according to the customer’s growing requirements.


LiveChat is a live chat and help desk software designed to help businesses better serve their customers and expand their consumer base. It helps your customer support team deliver a personalized experience and boost sales with a smart customer service platform. 

LiveChat offers seamless integration with leading third-party messaging applications to help the support team connect with customers on their preferred platforms. It makes use of automation and asynchronous communication to nurture leads and provide 24/7 customer support. It lets your support team reach out to prospects on  high-intent pages in real time and offers them customized engagement and conversation according to their customer data.


Trengo is a customer service software solution designed to help businesses better serve their customers by offering an omnichannel communication platform that unifies different messaging channels such as WhatsApp, chat, email, social media interaction, and more, all in a single view. It provides a shared inbox to manage each communicable channel and enhance the customer experience. 

Trengo’s customer satisfaction survey provides businesses with metrics to help determine customer satisfaction. This can help in identifying  areas of opportunity and growth so  strategies can be optimized accordingly. Trengo automates omnichannel conversations and offers apps for seamless mobile and desktop experiences. is a business messaging platform that is designed to help businesses add a human touch to the customer experience by gathering conversations, data, and knowledge in a single place. It centralizes all conversations from live chat, SMS, Instagram DM, and more into one inbox to boost collaboration and enrich the customer experience. automates repetitive tasks and helps close more deals by offering a complete timeframe of customer activity and browsing history It encourages businesses to build and grow unlimited databases of contacts and organizations. The co-browsing feature offers real-time assistance with shared browsing and lives chat. This sales tool eliminates the need for plugins required for browsing with customers.

Zendesk Chat

The Zendesk chat software is designed to help businesses connect with and respond to customer queries in real-time. It lets the customers chat with support agents in real-time within their web browser. Users can also keep track of the conversation history, which they can reference when the topic arises and build long-lasting relationships with the customers. 

With its self-service portal, Zendesk Chat allows businesses to ensure that customers are provided with assistance any time of day. This helps increase efficiency on both sides of the customer relationship. By building personalized interaction, Zendek Chat boosts customer acquisition, making it an invaluable sales tool.


GoSquared is a CRM platform that is designed to help businesses better understand and communicate with their customers. It offers a suite of integrated products like analytics, live chat, a customer data hub, and more to help businesses grow online. 

GoSquared helps manage the lifecycle of subscription customers while providing a multi-channel messaging platform that improves user engagement and retention. Real-time web analytics help in understanding customer and accordingly developing strategies for better results. It has live chat intelligent software which works by encouraging more customers to sign up. is designed to help businesses offer real-time support with a free live chat support service for the website. It gives businesses the ability to monitor visitors’ activity, like which pages they visit, how often they check the page, which topics they look for in the knowledge base, and more. also provides a complete conversation history and helps managers keep track of customer performance by letting them know when and where the team responded to them. It has tools like ticketing, knowledge base, live chat, video add-ons, and more to better meet the needs of your customers..


Freshchat is a customer support service platform offered by Freshworks designed to help businesses offer real-time, 24/7, personalized customer support service using a bot and human assistance across multiple and familiar channels. By offering unified and contextual conversational engagement, this tool makes it easy for the sales, marketing, and support teams to have intelligent conversations. 

Freshchat unifies different messaging channels like WhatsApp and SMS, and personalizes self-service across the website and multiple marketing channels. It simplifies and enriches the customer experience by offering no-code, easy-to-build chatbots. Freshchat boosts next-generation messaging by using native AI, which offers actionable insights that help in optimizing strategies.


LiveAgent is a customer support software solution that is designed to help your customer support team enrich the customer experience by delivering exceptional customer service. It boasts some powerful features like SLA, automation, live chat, social networking, messaging, call center, IVR, contact forms, and support center. 

With an all-in-one help desk solution, LiveAgent aims at bringing personalization to the customer experience. It is rated the number 1 live software for small to medium-sized businesses and has one of the fastest chat widgets on the market. LiveAgent makes use of the power of the omnichannel universal box, real-time live chat, built-in call center, and more.


ClickDesk is a live support solution provider designed to help your team enhance customer service, increase lead generation, and close deals at a faster rate. It aims at boosting the customer experience, encouraging sales, and maximizing support efficiency by letting visitors chat with customer support in real-time. 

ClickDesk utilizes video chat software for customer support to increase sales and retention. To ensure that your customer support team stays at the top of their game and is updated with recent queries from visitors, the ClickDesk support system is integrated with live chat tools. It also offers social media integration and a mobile app for online support.


HelpCruch is a customer communication platform designed to help the sales and  marketing teams boost their conversions and sales with an improved support system. It is a powerful and intuitive tool with features like live chat, email campaigns, and website pop-ups. It also provides detailed metrics regarding campaigns and a knowledge base to help the team make well-informed decisions. 

HelpCrunch can be used both for customer support and marketing and can be programmed to house both emails and chat conversations. Its marketing campaign can either be used in an automated or manual way, through email or chat widget. Users can check how a message is performing by keeping track of metrics like sent, opened, clicked, replied to, and more.

Sales Tools To Update the CRM – CRM Updater – Tool to Update Salesforce


Dooly is a sales enablement platform that is designed to help revenue teams win more deals and close more opportunities by collecting information and providing the necessary insights to close business deals. By pushing meeting notes to Salesforce, Dooly automatically logs into the activities and updates the fields, accounts, and opportunities in real-time, minimizing time wasted on manual entries. 

Users have to enter details on the field only once, which gets updated in Salesforce. Notes, fields, and activities all get synced in real-time with Dooly. This impressive sales tool can automatically identify new contacts from the meetings and update them in Salesforce.


Scratchpad is a Google Chrome extension designed to help salespeople quickly update their Salesforce data. It gives sales representatives complete visibility and control over every update on Salesforce. By offering forecasts, Scratchpad equips sales leaders with the tools to make the right decision. It boosts unified sales collaboration and helps move the sales pipeline in an efficient manner. 

Scratchpad combines all data from notes, spreadsheets, tasks, pipeline management, chat, and more. It makes viewing and updating pipelines simpler, and allows sales reps to send actionable alerts to the team, like  missed opportunities.

Sales Management Software – Sales Gamification – Sales Performance Management Software


Veelo is a sales enablement platform designed to empower businesses to help their teams perform at their best  with built-in training, content management, and sales coaching. It helps sellers reach their potential by making use of machine learning and brain science approach. 

Veelo offers an easy-to-use, intuitive workflow that offers a seamless connection with email, mobile, and CRM. It had built-in enhancements tools that boost productivity and reduce reliance on manual work. This sales tool makes use of technology to help sellers identify opportunities and while providing them with the tools required to win deals at the right time.


Atrium is a data-driven sales performance management tool designed to help businesses make informed decisions toward enhancing the team’s performance. It specializes in AI consulting and offers services to businesses working with Salesforce, Tableau, Snowflake, and MuleSoft. 

Atrium provides guidance and support by offering data-driven insights that help businesses make the right decision. It offers advisory, implementation, and managed services to businesses working in the financial, media, and life sciences industries. Businesses can use Atrium to identify their specific needs and create a roadmap. With their multi-cloud and analytics expertise, businesses can create and implement the right solution.


Ambition is a sales management software solution provider that offers performance intelligence, coaching orchestration, and sales gamification solutions. The performance intelligence tool provides sales leaders with the data, insights, and metrics they need to create strategies that deliver results. The data this sales tool provides helps sellers execute their strategies effectively. 

Ambition’s coaching instruction helps sales managers build coaching programs that align with reps and teams across the organization. It automates documentation and minimizes time otherwise spent on manual preparation to optimize visibility. This helps the managers create a holistic coaching plan that helps the organization reach its peak revenue.


SalesScreen is a cloud-based sales performance management solution designed to help employees improve focus, stay motivated and perform better with the use of gamification. It has a recognition module wherein managers can reward and recognize their employees through custom announcements, events, and badges. 

SalesScreen seamlessly connects with your CRM and analyzes the pipeline to identify if the business has enough leads and what steps can be taken to ensure that the sales reps are able to achieve their goals. SalesSurround offers real-time notifications on all devices regardless of the time. 


Spinify is a sales gamification software and sales competition tool that is designed to enhance employee engagement and productivity by implementing a leaderboard approach. It aims to help employees enhance their performance by using gamification and motivational psychology. 

Spinify enables managers to recognize employees for their achievements with badges and personalized videos. It has an easy-to-use gamification tool that is built to boost motivation and grow sales. Badges and scoreboards help build a sense of competition. The gamified metrics and targets help keep track of employee performance and what motivates them and inspires them to do better.


SmartWinnr is a sales learning and coaching solution that provides a unified platform to drive sales learning, sales coaching, and sales gamification. Users can create a wide range of contests like on-spot competitions, long-running contests, tournaments, leagues, and more. 

SmartWinnr offers seamless integration with various third-party applications like Salesforce, SAP, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and more. It automates the sales incentive calculator process and offers real-time visibility and transparency into the process. Different data sources can be linked together and users can utilize formula builder to create complex formulas based on the incentive plan of the organization.


SetSail is an AI-powered platform that is designed to help businesses drive more revenue per sales representative by making use of data and behavioral science. It offers complete and actionable sales data along with complete visibility into the data. This sales tool makes use of machine learning to detect buying signals and productivity patterns. 

SetSail collects all the input from different sources by integrating with major customer engagement tools and capturing all contacts, emails, and meetings the sales team has ever had. It completes the sales data by adding contact details, capturing signals, and automatically connecting the contacts with the right opportunity and target.


LevelEleven is a sales performance management solution for gamification and coaching designed to help SaaS businesses motivate, engage, and coach their human resources with techniques and strategies that yield desirable outcomes. Businesses involved with Salesforce can use this sales tool to hold their teams accountable and build trust. 

With personalized scorecards, real-time TV broadcasts, and a data-driven approach, LevelEleven aims at fostering a strategic environment that drives revenue growth and strengthens customer retention. It makes use of gamification to hold sales contests that can motivate the sales team to perform better. LevelEleven also helps the sales team identify and work on the behavior that is responsible for driving better revenues.

Zoho Motivator

Zoho Motivator is a sales gamification tool that is designed to improve sales by creating realistic goals on a daily basis. The goals, such as the number of phone calls in a day, can either be assigned to an individual, team, or the entire organization. 

Zoho Motivator also facilitates keeping track of performance on a daily basis. It collects data from the business’s Zoho CRM account and creates an environment of healthy competition to boost sales productivity. Managers can assign and track different KPIs for different sales reps and gain actionable insight into how each sales rep is performing.


Hoopla is performance management and motivation platform which is designed to enrich workplace engagement and communication. It offers seamless integration with leading third-party applications like HubSpot, Slack, Microsoft, Outlook, Salesforce, and more. Businesses can use this to hold sales contests with on-site as well as desk-less employees. It lets the managers assign targets to individuals, or group of employees, and track their progress on the leaderboard, the data of which can be used to recognize the achievers. Businesses can use Hoopla Raydiant mobile app to communicate with the onsite as well as offsite employees, enabling them to send messages like an emergency, news, or any achievement.


ClickPoint is a web-based lead management and sales engagement platform that is designed to help sales representatives close more deals at a faster rate. It is built to help small to medium-sized businesses along with enterprises contact more prospects. It offers omnichannel marketing outreach which includes text, emails, and dialing. 

Businesses can configure the ClickPoint system for multiple sales channels. This sales tool includes a dedicated specialist assigned to each account to boost implementation and the customer experience. ClickPoint’s advanced prioritization technique comes with a wide range of features that ensure maximum ROI from every lead. The tasks are evenly distributed moving from one salesperson to another based on the criterion. is an AI-powered conversation tool that automates two-way communication to help businesses generate more leads. It is designed to help businesses engage and qualify new prospects, book new meetings, and automate outreach with the existing base of customers. helps businesses create two-way personalized conversation campaigns that drive them toward the desired outcome. 

It ensures a business that no opportunity gets missed by providing human-guided AI conversations. With’s visual analytics dashboard, businesses can gain actionable insights into conversation performance to optimize campaigns and maximize growth opportunities. It seamlessly integrates with the leading marketing automation platforms, CRMs, call center software, and more.

Sales Tools For Lead Management – Lead Routing Software – Lead Distribution – Calendar

Chili Piper

Chili Piper is an inbound lead conversion and scheduling app providing meeting lifecycle automation designed to help businesses connect with buyers at a faster rate and generate more revenue. With its Concierge facility, businesses can instantly qualify, route, and schedule inbound leads. 

Chili Piper’s Instant Booker feature lets users book one-click meetings from anywhere, and users can automatically assign leads, route meetings, and sync everything with their CRM. Businesses can add multiple users on the platform and keep tabs on upcoming meetings through the calendar. Chili Piper offers seamless integration with leading third-party applications like Salesforce, Zapier, HubSpot, Gmail, and more.


Calendly is a leading scheduling tool that is designed to help businesses across all industries schedule meetings. It is used to book appointments, schedule classes, sync meetings with the team, and more. 

Calendly seamlessly integrates with existing calendars and meeting rules to give control of the booked appointments to the users. It minimizes the possibility of making last minute bookings by letting the user set a buffer time between appointments and the scheduled notice period. When a user sets the schedule, it automatically updates the calendar and sets the meeting location for the user.


Affinity is a next-generation CRM designed to help businesses working in industries that are driven by relationships. It makes use of relationship intelligence to empower the team to get their next opportunity by making use of the network. Affinity automates data entry while ensuring that relationships are strengthened and businesses approach connections with a warm introduction. 

Affinity helps businesses save time and money by eliminating guesswork and reducing  reliance on manual task, thus minimizing the possibility of error. This frees up time  that can be spent on meeting contacts and deal-making, and enriches the customer profiles by providing actionable insights.


SalesWings is a software designed to help businesses create a B2B studio for the salesforce marketing cloud. This B2B sales tool gives marketing cloud customers the ability to prioritize the leads, automate the lead qualification process, and align marketing tactics with sales. 

SalesWings offers actionable insights into lead behavioral data, like the website activity, which helps businesses better understand the need and sales-readiness of leads, contacts, and prospects. It is hailed as a flexible and intuitive lead scoring tool dedicated to the marketing cloud. SalesWings’ intuitive set of tools includes user-input-based point scoring, lead tagging, lead insights, built-in predictive lead scoring, and more.

Troops is a sales platform that is designed to help businesses automate their workflows by connecting their system of record with messaging applications. Its revenue communication platform provides real-time updates, actionable insights, and coaching tips to strengthen your bottom line. 

With its web-based inline editor, Troops lets users view, edit, and upload similar fields across multiple CRM records at the same time. With Troops Signal, users get real-time and customizable notifications, insights, reminders, and information regarding any situation that could impact the growth of the company. Troops also facilitates the collaboration of cross-functioning teams by transforming slack channels into intelligent, account-based collaboration hubs. Troops was purchased by Salesforce.

Sales Tools For Better Email Copy – Email Writing Assistant – Email Writing Software


Lavender is a sales email assistant designed to help businesses close more deals by  sending personalized emails and providing conduct coaching to the sales representative with email AI. Lavender’s email assistant works by identifying problems in templates, sequences, and 1:1 emails,and offers solutions to fix them. 

The Lavender coaching dashboard offers insights into which strategy is giving desirable results and which one is not. It seamlessly integrates with Outlook or Salesloft to analyze historical data that can be used to build benchmarks. Lavender also provides information about recipients, like their social data, contacts, and more to understand how they make their buying decisions and how their strategies be optimized for better results. 


Grammarly is a cloud-based online writing assistant designed to help businesses across all industries make their writing more clear and effective. It makes use of artificial intelligence to detect and rectify mistakes by offering suggestions. Grammarly can be  installed as an app or an extension to your browser to check for grammar, plagiarism, spelling, and more in real-time on various platforms like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Facebook. 

Grammarly helps users improve their grammar and communication skills by offering explanations for the changes it suggests. Businesses can customize Grammarly for their own use by creating a dictionary, selecting a preferred language, and turning it off on certain websites.

Sales Tools For Human Intelligence For Selling To Companies


Full Contact is a privacy-safe identity resolution company designed to help businesses identify people and optimize their processes, keeping safety and security as their priority. It offers 4 products: Resolves, Identify, Enrich, and FullContact Private Identity Cloud. It offers a comprehensive view of siloed customer data across the enterprise. 

FullContact facilitates the mapping of incomplete and fragmented data to ensure appropriate engagement at every point of interaction. From marketing campaigns to the training fraud model, every process is optimized using an identity graph. FullContact ensures that the customer and prospects engage in real conversations by offering professional and personal insights linked to numerous offline and online identifiers.


Emissary is a sales intelligence tool designed to help your sales and marketing team shorten the sales cycle, identify more opportunities, and close deals at a faster rate. It can be used across all the different stages of the sales cycle, and it offers insights that can be used to prioritize accounts and close deals. 

Emissary assists in account planning by hyper-targeting accounts to uncover opportunities, and understand the personalities responsible for building and strengthening long-term relationships. It facilitates sales enablement and strengthens the sales process by utilizing account intelligence and offering actionable insights into how and when to navigate procurement.

Sales Tools For Technographic Spend Data – Technographic Data


Intricately is a marketing and sales intelligence tool that is designed to help businesses find new opportunities for revenue generation. It provides a forecast of the territory potential and helps the sales and marketing team identify the prospects that are most likely to make a purchase. 

Intricately offers deep insights into product adoption, IT spending, and more to help businesses simplify the process of identifying prospects. This sales tool provides a comprehensive view of sales and marketing teams and processes to ensure they are working with the right prospects and a script that has been tried and tested to yield desirable results. 

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